May 26, 2018

Police raid Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang clubhouse in Brisbane

POLICE have used tough new anti-gang powers for the first time against a Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang clubhouse in Brisbane. At around 7.4pm on Friday, officers from Taskforce Maxima raided the property on Gympie Rd, Lawnton, to search for prohibited items that relate to “disorderly activities” as defined in the Peace and Good Behaviour Act.

Prohibited items include things such as liquor, drugs, firearms, drinking glasses and entertainment systems.

This is the first time these search powers have been used.

Inside the Rebels Outdoor Motorcycle Gang clubhouse on Gympie Rd in Lawnton.

During the search, police were able to establish that the premises was being used as a club house for the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

Items seized included a pool table, Rebels paraphernalia such as flags, vests and belts, an entertainment system, lighting system, band equipment, a cash register, a large quantity of liquor and drinks price list.

Police will now provide this evidence as part of a restricted premises application to the Brisbane Magistrates Court to have the location declared a restricted premises.
Alcohol seized during the raid on the clubhouse.

A “Banned by the Queensland Government” sticker.

Ten people were detained including nine patched members of the Rebels Brisbane chapter. Two members were wearing Rebels vests which were seized.

Nine consorting notices were issued to the nine Rebels members. The nine members were also served Public Safety Orders under the Peace and Good Behaviour Act.

An order is issued by a commissioned officer who is satisfied that the presence of a person poses a serious risk to public safety and security. The PSO means the nine members are prevented from remaining or entering the premises until May 28.

A pool table and other entertainment equipment was seized.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said it was the first time police had invoked new powers under laws passed by the Palaszczuk Government last year to target organised crime gangs operating in Queensland.
“Officers from Taskforce Maxima established Operation Quebec Nebulous to investigate intelligence that the Brisbane Rebels OMCG chapter was operating a club house in a shed at a location that was supposed to have been an industrial premises used for car repairs,” Minister Ryan said in a statement.

Mobile phones, cash and other items.

“Last night they were able to establish that the premises was indeed operating as a club house thanks to new search powers granted to police by the Palaszczuk Government.
“New powers to issue public safety orders were also used by officers for the first time. Each of the nine patched members of the Rebels OMCG who were in the shed at the time police arrived were issued with one.”

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