June 16, 2018

Owner's daughter disputes portrayal of Elm Mott bar as biker hangout

Proprietors of an Elm Mott bar that a local man patronized before he was found beaten nearby are pushing back against law enforcement officials’ statement that the bar is known to be frequented by members of the Cossacks motorcycle Group.

Ginger Gregory, daughter of the owner of MacDaddy’s Pub in Elm Mott, said the 45-year-old man, who was found injured off the bar’s property, was drinking at the bar and had left on foot. Law enforcement officials have said the man was wearing a Bandidos support group T-shirt and that a rivalry between the Bandidos and Cossacks may have led to his assault.

However, Gregory said the bar does not allow motorcycle club members, and she does not believe the incident was connected to the establishment.
“The only club members that come to the bar are from the VFW 121, and the other people that come in there that ride motorcycles are just people that ride motorcycles,” Gregory said. “They are not affiliated with anyone, and my dad owns the bar and I think it is an understanding that my dad will not put up with any motorcycle club.”

Deputies were called to an intersection near Leroy Parkway and East Long Street shortly before midnight June 9, where the 45-year-old man was found beaten (link is external). A McLennan County Sheriff’s Office incident report states the man suffered several lacerations and injuries to his head. He was taken to a local hospital while authorities continued to investigate the reported assault.
Deputies went to MacDaddy’s Pub, where the owner of the bar allowed officers to review surveillance video. The videos showed no evidence of a disturbance at the bar or outside when the man left the area on foot, the report states.

At the hospital, the man told deputies he did not know the people who attacked him, but he “believed that it could have been the Cossacks,” according to the report. He said two men approached him when he was walking on East Long Street and attacked him, the report states.

During the assault, the man saw a pair of headlights pull up and at least two other men get out of a vehicle. The two other men joined in on the assault, kicking an punching him, the report states.
“(The man) stated that he believes the reason he was attacked was he was wearing a Bandidos support club T-shirt,” the report states.

Gregory said witnesses watched the man leave the bar and walk across the parking lot.
“There were two people standing outside when the victim left the bar and they were out there as he walked across the parking lot and were there for a good five minutes after he crossed the parking lot,” Gregory said. “My personal opinion is that he fell in the ditch, because nobody saw anything.
“When those two people came back into the bar, four other people were leaving. They got into a car and drove in the direction where he was found.”

Gregory said the assault has no connection to the bar and the bar is not considered a “biker hangout.”
McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy David Kilcrease said the exact location where the assault took place is not known. He said investigators continue to look for suspects in the aggravated assault.
“The victim said he was at the bar and there were people known to him as members affiliated with the Cossacks,” Kilcrease said. “That is what was reported to us, and it is a part of our investigation.”


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