Violent New Zealand street gang rapidly growing on Gold Coast declared ‘identified organisation’

A NOTORIOUS New Zealand gang which is rapidly growing on the northern Gold Coast has been declared an “identified organisation” in Queensland.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath announced in Parliamentary estimates committee this morning that the Mongrel Mob — an organised street gang based in New Zealand that has a network of more than 30 chapters throughout the country — would be declared.


The Mongrel Mob has been growing rapidly on the northern Gold Coast with a clubhouse set up in Coomera recently.

The Mongrel Mob has been rapidly growing on the Gold Coast. Photo: Supplied

It is an organisation with the attributes of an outlaw motorcycle gang with violent initiation processes, Nazi insignia and motto and members who outside Queensland have been involved in murder, armed robberies, extortion, home invasion, firearms and drug offences.

Inside the Gold Coast Mongrel Mob clubhouse.

Gold Coast chapter members have been actively posting photos on social media wearing Mongrel Mob vests surrounded by club paraphernalia.

The gang also has a strong presence in Eagleby but as late as yesterday, the Police Minister’s office told the Gold Coast Bulletin it was not aware of plans to declare the gang an “identified organisation”.

However, just hours later, Ms D’Ath revealed the plan in estimates committee.
Ms D’Ath said the declaration, to be approved by Governor in Council today, targeted a gang widely described as one of the most fearsome in the World.
“Today’s declaration is further proof that Queensland’s regime to combat the threat posed by criminal gangs and organised crime is the toughest and most effective in Australia,” Mrs D’Ath said.
The Mongrel Mob in their Gold Coast clubhouse.
“The Police Commissioner has advised there is evidence of Mongrel Mob activity in Queensland and we are acting to prevent it from establishing a foothold in the state.
“QPS has advised Mongrel Mob members have recently displayed their colours in public in Brisbane, Logan, Rockhampton and the Gold Coast.”

Mrs D’Ath said the declaration meant Mongrel Mob and its participants were now subject to the tightest laws in Australia to restrict the ability to intimidate and recruit. The gang claims it offers a surrogate “family” for young men, most of whom are often alienated from their Family.

A majority of members are from New Zealand’s Māori, European or other Polynesian ethnic groups.
The Mongrel Mob Gold Coast chapter
New Zealand police have been attempting to crackdown on the gang for decades with members previously clashing with bikie gangs including the Hells Angels in large gang-related brawls.

The Mongrol Mob has also been targeted in investigations into organised methamphetamine supply and distribution operating across New Zealand.

LNP Shadow Police Minister Trevor Watts is stunned by Labor’s slowness about acting on bikie gangs.
“Staggering it has taken Labor so long to act,” Mr Watts told the Gold Coast Bulletin.
“This is another demonstration of Labor being soft on crime and failing to keep Queenslanders safe.”
“This along with today’s QONs revelations, clearly show the bikies are back better than ever under Labor.”

Leading criminal lawyer Bill Potts said making a gang an identified organisation meant they couldn’t wear colours in public.
“The theory is it effectively de-fangs the club’s capacity to associate, to organise and to project both intimidation and to recruit other people into the organisations,” he said.

Mr Potts said the “jury was still out” on the effectiveness of the new laws.
“And I would look be looking forward to seeing a review of the effectiveness of the legislation, not just anecdotally but using hard statistics to demonstrate that in fact this works,” he said.
“It’s a balance between individual rights and the rights of the community to feel safe.
“Making announcements, even arresting people from time to time is not a true measure of either the problem or its effectiveness.”

Mr Potts said the Crime and Corruption Commission quietly and efficiently gathered significant evidence and they made recommendations which he believed the government was responding to.
But he said he still had considerable concerns whether members of these organisations “in fact represent a significant and ongoing threat to our society”.
“They are involved in criminal activity — there is no doubt about it — but the statistics around that level of criminality are in fact quite opaque and I don’t think thoroughly explained,” Mr Potts said.
Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate also weighed in saying criminal gangs were not welcome in the city.
‘We have zero tolerance (for outlaw gangs) so I’d say to them move on, we don’t want you,” he said.

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  1. They have an associate working at bp coomera nthbound m1 shona Hughes and the mum working at tip top bakery burleigh heads with mmm(mighty mongrel mob) tattooed on the forearm
    mavis louise Hughes who live near pimpama.the brother Tony kiwara has sons ,Adam karetu and dallon karetu who are patch members.tony lives in Sydney's mount Druitt.mavis Hughes and shona Hughes tried extort me at my house by I kicked them out .

    1. It’s not good to lie, Mr Kupa.


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