STATEMENT - Bikers Against Child Abuse, Texas

BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE, TEXAS - have asked us to publish this STATEMENT on behalf of them. This is the official press release from B.A.C.A. regarding the story released by kvue and The Statesman in response to this heinous event. Thank you for all your support.

[Rodriguez Criminal Case]

[Austin, TX, July 25, 2018—]

“The B.A.C.A. Nation is deeply saddened and distressed to have learned that two of its former members, individuals licensed by the State of Texas as foster providers, were charged with numerous criminal acts against the children the State entrusted to their care.

The reported actions of these individuals not only violates the core of our organization's mission, which is to empower abused children to not fear the world in which they live, but it violated the very trust afforded foster providers and  caregivers.

Each and every member of the B.A.C.A. organization  is thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to be involved with children. This vetting process includes going through criminal background checks on local and federal levels, and strictly adhering to policies, procedures and the code of  conduct, which ensures its members are never alone with a child.

The moment B.A.C.A. became aware of the allegations, local and State Leadership moved swiftly against these individuals and removed them permanently from the organization.

B.A.C.A. Lock
Texas State Public Relations
Agency/Court Liason, Medic, Public Relations
Bikers Against Child Abuse

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