Former Kinfolk Member Speaking OUT!

A year ago I was part of a well established club, I could see what the club was becoming, I watched Brothers make false accusations against each other and use fallen Brothers to step on to make that next rung on the ladder. 

I had been talking to Kinfolk MC about things before I left. I had Brothers that were put out bad standing for bullshit reasons that you would not believe! 

But THEY were my Brothers not the piece of cloth they wore! That patch is a battle flag so to speak, it is NOT your Brother! 

It takes flesh and blood to be a Brother! 

But with what I was seeing, I no longer wanted to be a part of that! I grew up in this world, literally! Kinfolk MC had those beliefs and values when they started and contrary to popular belief Chopper Dan did not start it! He was the first NP but had different motivations that is why he is no longer part of it!

That club is known WorldWide for an unbelievable status of snitches! But that very day a Prospect that I had loaned a bike to called me and claimed that it had been stolen! I have texts showing and making it obvious that they were definitely responsible!

Also that Prospect admits to being a DEA snitch And that his Brother in law and chapter President has called the cops and he was getting the DEA involved and would do whatever was necessary to help them find it!

When it was recovered 5 months later, I lost it because I filed no report and would file no charges so I would have to Pay to get possession of it again. It was recovered chopped to pieces and in a river!

Since it was not in NCIC as a stolen bike so charges accrued to an unreasonable amount when it was finally available to me! Why? Because I am no snitch! 

The day the announcement went out that my status was "Bad", the cops showed up at my house showing me text from higher ranking officers that my status was bad and ordering SOS, BOS, and BOSR on me.

They used the fact of my bike to try and convince me to turn over information on the former club!

Let's think about that! How did they get this information? How could it possibly be me?

I was out and communication had been severed with me so I was not privilege to those text! Tells me it smells like a rat! I brought Kinfolk to Mississippi and had no intention of getting caught up in the bull shit so I kept to myself and my Kinfolk Brothers. In May one of my Brothers got hemmed up in a bar by 7 of the former club and affiliates. When i got the text i hauled ass up there, if my Brother is in it then I am in it! 

The highest ranking was STUPID enough to take a sucker punch in a bar with cameras and cell phones going while wearing cuts! 7 of them plus the bar owner were beating on me but I still knocked one of the bitches out! And still walked away with my cut and slept in my own bed that night! Yes I got beat down and lost two teeth but as the page has proven for me I was already having dental work done and working on Dentures so they saved me some money.

I have smoked for 40 years and teeth and gums were done! But now the feds have the video and shows them and they have identified them and keep trying to get me to confirm it but I keep telling them I don't know there names! After 6 months still no arrest! If I was snitching then why no arrest?

But every time the HATER PAGE makes me famous the feds call or show up trying to provoke my emotions to fuel me! So makes one wonder who the real snitches are! No one on the page willing to identify themselves but have a vast knowledge of what's happening! They keep trying to get attention to issues that shouldn't really be discussed Let that sink in!!!

As far as Shane Mauldin goes I don't know enough to comment on the matter but I do have a brain, the so called evidence they are providing looks like a booking sheet you get when you are arrested or the paper you get when you make bail! I see no investigation report, no hearing evidence, no plea bargaining agreement, no disposition of the case! I can tell you if you went to a day of divorce court hearings here in the U.S. that half of the cases heard that day will have these types of allegations in them and often with NO MERRIT!

It's an angry spouse fueled by emotions! Just use your heads people! One of the oldest thoughts in the MC world is if you really want to know about us then sit down and get to know one of us! 

But keyboard warriors like these run their dick suckers and are bringing everyone down! This world is destined to fall if things keep going the way they are and allowing them to bring it to our door step! Wear your patch with pride and stick to yourself!

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The truth needs to get out! The biggest downfalls in this world are the HATER Pages! They fill those heads of the unknowing with more bullshit than Sons Of Anarchy or Mayans do! Every club has it's issues and every club at some point is a pop up club! Everybody at some point becomes unhappy with the things in their life! Job, car, home, relationship! 

What do we do when we aren't happy with the current situation? We find one that fits us better! If someone is unhappy with the club they are in then lay your rags down and find some place you fit in better! The idea that another club starting is a disrespect to you or your club says more about you than it does about them! Every move like that does nothing more than fuel the feds and lawmakers! 

You are creating a WELL KNOWN environment for Juries that if someone starts a club then this is the parameters you must fall in! And STUPIDITY like the HATER PAGE exhibits and promotes has caused such a negative effect on the MC world is why even the Christian motorcycle clubs were arrested and held at Waco! It makes young guys think they have to do stupid shit to be able to wear a 1%er diamond! And now so does the public! Quit worrying about what someone wears!

It's no ones concern unless it's yours! Keep this world the mystery it was always supposed to be! 
When someone's charges get increased to "GANG RELATE", you have no one to blame but yourself! If you quit worrying about what someone wears then when the prosecution asks you what you had to do to earn that Diamond you are wearing you can respond with " buy it and sew it on"!

Let people think what they want! It's club business what and how you earned it! Which the truth of it is all that's required these days is X amount of days and some signatures and knowledge! The old myth of doing illegal activities to earn a patch are just that! A MYTH!!! 

But with DUMBASSES out here screaming you didn't earn that, it keeps the public thinking it requires illegal activities to earn a patch! Get that kind of shit out of the public! Promote what these clubs are doing to help their communities! Make that well known and shut down the stupid ass keyboard warrior bullshit!  

Much Honor, Love, Loyalty, and Respect to you all!

USA - Ex. Member Kinfolk MC/MC & Gjengkriminalitet - Stockholm.