It´s with great regret, that we The Rock Machine MC now have to make this STATEMENT that we can´t accept Terje Østby, No Surrender MC in a text message on October 22 this year to a female person close to our World President Suat Erköse is trying to hang our World President out as being behind a killing in Norway, where the trial starts on 6 November in Norway.

As a proof for our STATEMENT we publish the two messages Terje Østby has sent to this female person, where his name and time appears and what he ask this female person to do.

Our reason for our STATEMENT is because we are aware that Terje Østby in the future case is not even charged with ordering the killing, but for personal reasons will try to hang our World President out to stand behind this order, despite the fact that our World President has never been charged with anything in Norway.

We also want to emphasize with our Statement that we in no way have problems with the No Surrender MC World as a club, but our problem is with Terje Østby alone and as long as Terje Østby is a part of the No Surrender MC Norway, our clubs will not have any friendship.

Love, Loyalty & Respect

Rock Machine MC Europe
National Secretary, Johnny Englund


  1. Jan-willy schjerven10/28/2018

    You gays inn RMMC SWEDEN dont know the hafe of the truth. Way are you protecting this idiot? Weired that you in SWEDEN agreed that SUAT have to go down as world pres this week. And know you turnd around. It has not been showd enything to the police or lawers. It is you RMMC makes this public.

  2. We did not have a meeting last week
    The meeting we had last month was about the friendship with no surrender its sad that one person destroy everything
    I dont like whriting in media
    Now im forced to do it
    Im tiered of all the bullskit about Rochmachine that is publish everywhere
    SGT Europe Jampe 1%er

  3. Really love this blog. You all are kicking ass with the truth over on the other side of the pond. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you. Just trying to keep our readers up to date with stories from all over.

  4. Anonymous10/29/2018

    Terje er en kar som hopper fra klubb til klubb for kunn egen vinning. Han er søppel i mine øyne,så hvorfor han har blitt beskytte har jeg aldri forstått ..

  5. Anonymous8/04/2019

    What the hell is wrong with you guys. Hanging each other out like little pussies. And to you guys, declaming to be presidents, wise presidents and Sgt. (you should protect your guys and club) : You know better than to take this in public? Scary to see what is written. As a lady, I have more balls than all of you together.


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