George bikers unite against controversial international biking club

Satudarah MC has allegedly been banned in some European countries due to their links to organised crime and their tendency toward violent behaviour.

More than a hundred bikers from various clubs and chapters around the country gathered in George last Saturday to hand over a memorandum to the George police on behalf of the Western Cape biking fraternity, reports George Herald (link is external).

The memorandum consists of a list of grievances about an international biking club, Satudarah MC, that recently started up in George.

Bikers from across the country came together on Saturday morning 27 October to hand over a memorandum to the George police.

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Advocate Hein Maré, who represented the group on Saturday, said: “This initiative was introduced and driven by the Motorcycle Association of the Western Cape (MAWC) and backed by the South African National Biker Council Alliance (SANBCA). It was not started by any individual club or chapter.”

The aim of the gathering was to bring the alleged danger that Satudarah brings to the region, under the attention of the police and the greater George community.

According to the memorandum that was presented to George Vispol Commander Col Michael Taylor, Satudarah MC has been banned in some European countries due to their links to organised crime and their tendency toward violent behaviour. The memorandum further states that the club was banned by a district court in The Hague, Netherlands, due to a “culture of violence” and criminal links.

Maré said: “Satudarah is known as the Netherlands’ most feared biker gang. They frequently make headlines across Europe due to alleged involvement in drug trafficking, extortion, and murder. Raids at their homes and clubhouses happen regularly and their highest ranked members are constantly in and out of prison,”

In Australia, they have also come under the scrutiny of law enforcement in their attempts to establish themselves. According to an article on, (link is external) the Australian government swiftly moved to make it illegal for the club to wear their patch (colours) or to gather.

They have also been shut down in Germany due to criminal activities and violent tendencies.
During the hand-over of the memorandum in front of the George Magistrate’s Court, Maré continued: “It is imperative that the South African police service takes a definite stand against these motorcycle clubs like Satudarah MC to prevent the occurrence of organised crime on a vast scale, further damaging the already volatile image of motorcycle clubs in South Africa. All motorcycle clubs and organisations are ad idem that legislation be instituted to regulate motorcycling clubs in South Africa and therefore we request the attention from the authorities to ensure urgent intervention in this matter.”

Police acknowledgement
Southern Cape police spokesperson Capt Malcolm Pojie acknowledged receipt of the memorandum, saying: “We will certainly study the demands/context and possible suggestions. We are aware of the existence of such club and are currently monitoring the situation. Should any criminal acts be committed, such acts will be investigated as such.”

Satudarah MC responds
In a press release to the George Herald, representatives of Satudarah say they simply want to be left alone to do what they enjoy – riding their bikes.
“All the allegations made in the memorandum allegedly happened with our club according to the internet reports. Those are all overseas. Yes, we are not a small club, so there are bound to be one or two incidents, but we as Satudarah have been in South Africa for more than two years now and have not been involved in any criminal activity or convicted of anything. Please feel free to Google it.
“Also, please Google and see for yourself which bike clubs, for example the Macs, have been involved with criminal activity and serious crimes and brought terror to the community, for example in Johannesburg. The local biking community knows us and for any who don’t, we are not like previously mentioned clubs that force and bully other clubs to close.
“We at Satudarah would like to be left alone to enjoy what we love and what connects us all. Riding our bikes, spending time with like-minded people and enjoying life.”

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