Hells Angels show up at fatal shooting in Maple Ridge

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Police are on scene after a body was discovered beneath the Golden Ears Bridge in Maple Ridge Sunday. The discovery was made just before 11:30 a.m. just west of Wharf Street and Hazelwood Street.

The Maple Ridge Fire Department called for the RCMP shortly after arriving on scene. Inspector Vishal Methura, regional duty officer for the Lower Mainland district, said police discovered a man lying face down, deceased."

"Several men wearing Hells Angels insignia arrived on scene, crossing the police tape to talk to investigators." LOL I gotta tell that one to George Christie. Whatever happened to we don't call 911?

Not in BC. In BC the HAs have the Po Po in their pocket. They have Wolf Pack drug dealers in witness protection that get police escorts when they sell cocaine. Now that's f*cked up.

While I was out at Harrison soaring with the eagles the pigeons came home to roost. Give it up for the red, white (and blue). The new po po hoes yo. The new Hells Angels support gear have just added another color to their team. It's the boys in blue.

Kim Bolan is reporting that since the compromised BC Gang task force won't arrest Hells Angel
associates for drug trafficking, Manitoba has to. Manitoba confronts illicit drugs while BC doesn't.

Canada - GO/DW.


  1. Anonymous11/19/2018

    Man, the truth be known; All the Big Boys are in with the cops. Well at least the local cops.


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