November 17, 2018

Iron Order MC and the Biker Code of Sharia Law


  1. Anonymous11/19/2018

    Right on you are 100% correct
    The Subculture has devolved on to stupidity. So many guys join clubs to be famous not to be brothers so few now have any understanding of what I thought was like. The current crop haven't a clue about sticking together, helping each other out, NOT talking shit about each other
    ...It saddens me that it has become that way. That it the price or noteriety. I have had many oldsters say that Don is spinning in his grave.. so ok the are still guys put there doing this back in the day the old clubs where hated by everyone. So what's old is what's new "if you can't be well liked ..Be well HATED" ....

  2. Anonymous11/20/2018

    100% correct! The historical "TRUTH" is there never was any so called protocol for asking permission. Those that bend a knee to such BS should no longer be AMERICANS! To cater to such crap is unconstitutional and these fools perpetuate it!!!