MC Drama

I don't give a rat's ass about celebrity gossip. Recently I gave a shout out to Ben Affleck because I thought celebrity gossip had no place in real news. If you want celebrity gossip, watch TMZ. That's their thing. That sure as hell ain't my thing. You won't find it here.

Likewise, I don't give a rat's ass about MC drama either. Recently I made a post about the Rock Machine after Suat Erkose shared private text messages calling out the former world president of RMMC. Suat is obviously a clown and RMMC Europe is splintering into fragments to get away from him. Private text messages are private. As soon as you post private text messages, no one is going to text you because they won't trust you. The Hells Angels just don't do that.

This is why the Hells Angels don't have any rival MCs in BC. Everyone who rides a motorcycle in BC recognizes that the Hells Angels are the real deal and everyone else is a cheap imitation. The Outlaws, Mongols and Bandidos are legitimate but they don't exist here. The Mongols are huge in LA but there just isn't the Latino population here to warrant it. I don't think any of those groups will ever take root in BC because the only way they could get recruits is from former HAs who have been kicked out or loser wannabees that never made the cut. People who ride motorcycles in BC just want to ride motorcycles. They don't want to sell drugs or pimp crack hoes. It's the young plastic Millennials that want to sell drugs and they don't ride motorcycles.

Canada - GO/DW.