November 20, 2018

STATEMENT - No Surrender MC La Familia

We shall hereby with following STATEMENT inform about, that THE WORLD BOARD of No Surrender MC LA FAMILIA GERMANY have decided to move away from No Surrender MC Holland and everything related to No Surrender MC Holland.

We will now walk our own way and we have NO problems with the now-sitting National Board of No Surrender MC HOLLAND.

Our bottom rocker will NOT be Holland - but will have a different name which we will inform about in the near future.

We will not remove any members or have any rival issues towards No Surrender MC Holland. We will also keep it Old School and will follow The Old School Bylaw´s, because we clearly know how we do NOT want it, and therefore do we have a different vision  

Love & Respect



Germany - MC & Gjengkriminalitet


  1. Anonymous11/26/2018

    This is ridiculous ! No honor no loyalty and no respect. That's what NS is all about. Oh, and no motorcycles... Having a bunch of patches on your cut doesn't make you a man!!! this club is a joke

  2. Anonymous11/26/2018

    Stealing the coloor of a club ! Not riding bikes at all ! Klaas Otto tried to invent something new, and nowadays These turks simply use his color. Who in this world is stupid enough to be part of this wannabe gangsters! ?

  3. Anonymous11/26/2018

    I totally agree with the above !! What the fuck is this shit? Those la familia guys don't want to play by the rules of their motherclub, so they just take the club signs and use them by themselves to create some sort of streetgang. Get rid of that MC Patch. Because you are not part of a Motorcycle Club. Thats as embarassing as it can be. Shame on you !

  4. Anonymous11/26/2018

    Nennen sich selbst große Outlaws und 1 Prozenter aber fahren nicht einmal Motorrad *lach*

  5. Anonymous11/27/2018

    Die beanspruchen keine Gebiete, die wollen nur die ungeteilte Macht in Facebook. Interessiert doch kein Schwein...

  6. Anonymous11/28/2018

    Hoe kunnen twee Mc s dezelfde naam hebben maar met elkaar niks te maken.

    Als iemand je club la familia noemt hoort deze naar Italië !

    Men merkt van allebei hebben jullie duidlijk geen verstand !

    Niet eens motor(rijbewijs) en dit noemt zichzelf Mc s!

  7. Anonymous12/06/2018

    What about other clubs out there? They should end this tragedy by taking away their cuts and give them some good old ass kicking! Do something. Those immigrant kids are wearing 1% patches!!! Booo shut the fuck up you filthy pieces of shit. Support your local Red & White