Satudarah threatened to commit a "slaughter" in Geleen

The Satudarah chapter in Geleen threatened to commit a slaughter in the city if the police raided the outlaw motorcycle gang's clubhouse. Messages intercepted by the police show that the motorcycle gang threatened to throw hand grenades into a bar with a hundred or more people inside, was revealed during the first hearing against seven members of Satudarah Geleen on Monday, reports.

Ten Satudarah members were arrested in Geleen last year. The trial against seven of them started on Monday. The other three will be tried in January. They are suspected of, among other things, membership to a criminal organization, extortion, deprivation of freedom, weapons possession, money laundering and various drug crimes.

The ten were arrested after the police secretly filmed 28 Satudarah meetings in their Geleen clubhouse over a period of six months. The police and confiscated large sums of money, weapons and motorcycles.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Satudarah was extremely violent in their attempts to extort people. Sometimes people came forward to report this to the police, but later retracted their statements out of fear of reprisals. Some club members were also heavily beaten after they did something the club management did not like. They were thrown out of the club, had their motorcycles confiscated and were fined 5.500 euros.

The Public Prosecutor will demand sentences against the seven suspects on Tuesday.

Holland - BNN.