Bandidos deny link to huge ice bust

An outlaw bikie gang with a clubhouse in Geelong has issued an extraordinary statement in which it denies any involvement in a huge international ice shipment bound for Australia.

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club says it "refute(s) any involvement whatsoever, in this or any other matter concerning ice."

US police last week seized more than $1 billion worth of the drug in containers that were about to be shipped to Australia.
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Australian Federal Police believe Mexican drug cartels are behind the shipment and have said that Australian bikie gangs are almost certainly among the potential customers.

But the Bandidos have told the Herald Sun they "shared a sigh of relief that these drugs never reached our shores."

Club spokesman Grey Norman told the paper the Bandidos view ice as "an insidious scourge on humanity" and that they "vehemently" distance themselves from it "in every way, shape and form".

He said ice was not tolerated within the Bandidos organisation and anyone breaching the chapter would be instantly dismissed.

The $1.29 billion dollar haul is the largest in US history and would have led to more than 17 million hits if it had made it onto Australian streets.

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