Hells Angels arrive at Hilton clubhouse as police keep watch

Members of the Hells Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang are gathering at their Hilton clubhouse - along with a large contingent of police.

Rentals cars and Ubers have been dropping off men who have been both wearing and carrying their patches for the last two hours.

Police are expecting gang members to be going on a ride around lunchtime but nothing had been confirmed with the gang.

Other cars carrying ice, water bottles and beer have been backing into the gang’s Paget Street HQ. WA Police began mobilising in the area on Friday in preparation for the club’s “national run”.

Gang crime squad officers set up roadblocks at both ends of the Paget Street and began questioning bikies as they arrived at the clubhouse, checked their licences and took their photographs.

One man was strip-searched and then taken away by officers after a sniffer dog allegedly indicated he had illicit drugs on him, although it is understood no drugs were found.

Investigators searched the BMW 4WD that the man and two other gang members were in, even crawling under the vehicle to ensure there were no secret compartments.

The Hells Angels quietly established a presence in WA in late 2016 and are believed to have only about a dozen members locally.

Australia - BNN.