Courts ‘incompetent’ in Hells Angels case

A ‘Hells Angels’ case with 89 defendants, has been referred to the Central Criminal Investigation Court (TCIC) after the courts of Lisbon and Loures declared they were territorially incompetent to carry out the investigation phase.
A source from the Criminal Investigation Court (TIC) of Loures and defendants’ lawyers told Lusa that the case went on 10 October for distribution at the TCIC, in Lisbon, after the TIC declared it was territorially incompetent for the instruction, an optional phase required by approximately 70 of the defendants and aimed at deciding by a criminal investigation judge whether the case follows and in what manner for trial.

If the instructional decision (whether or not to bring the defendants to trial) is not made by 18 November, 39 of the defendants (34 in pre-trial detention and five under house arrest) will have to be released, as they will have reached the maximum period of pre-trial detention in these cases (1 year and 4 months) on that day.

In the meantime, at least four of the defendants, some non-Portuguese, were separated from the main case due to delays in translating the indictment into their mother tongue and notifying the defendants promptly.The defendants were charged by the prosecution with criminal association, attempted murder aggravated using a weapon, injury to physical integrity, extortion, theft, drug trafficking and possession of weapons and ammunition, among other crimes.

The prosecution’s indictment said that in March 2018 the defendants went to the Mesa do Prior restaurant armed with knives, axes, sticks and other weapons to attempt to seriously injure or even kill six other bikers of the rival Red and Gold group, which belongs to the Los Bandidos structure.

The defendants entered the restaurant armed with hammers, iron bars and wooden pipes, iron chains, axes, knuckle dusters, batons and knives, to eliminate or seriously injure, various Red&Gold members.

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