Dusty Swanson returns to Edmonton after Greek Murder

CBC is reporting that "A Canadian Hells Angels prospect sentenced to a 15-year prison term in Greece for his involvement in the beating death of a Greek citizen has returned to Alberta after serving just a few years of his sentence. Shortly after being released from a Greek prison, Dustin Swanson returned to the Edmonton area and started working as a tattoo artist at Three Monkeys Tattoo & Lifestyle Apparel in Spruce Grove. "

"Swanson's companions - Nick Dragich and Brent Koziak - were patched Hells Angels, which means they were full members. Swanson was handed a 15-year sentence. Dragich and Koziak were sentenced to eight-year terms after being found guilty of having been accomplices in the attack. All three men appealed, but only Dragich and Koziak were successful. The two patched members each paid €20,000 to be released on bail. They were later deported by Greek police who cited public safety concerns, according to Georgoudis."

Nick is huge and has a background in MMA. Nobody likes a bully.

Canada - GO/DW.