Pagan's Motorcycle Club member beats Hells Angels associate with bat

What officials called the rising violence of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club was highlighted Wednesday at a New Jersey State Commission of Investigation in a video released by the Essex County Prosecutor's Office.

It shows the vicious beating of a Hells Angels "hang-around" by a member of the Pagan's Motorcycle Club who goes by the name "Hellboy."

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The assault happened on April 24, 2018 at a gas station on Elizabeth Avenue in Newark, a short distance away from the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club's chapter headquarters.
Pagan's Motorcycle Club patches
Pagan's Motorcycle Club patches (Photo: New Jersey State Commission of Investigation)

In the video, Robert W. DeRonde, now 55, of Rahway, beats Jeffrey Shank with a red baseball bat.

DeRonde is joined by three other men who were not identified at the hearing. One beats Shank with what appears to be an ax handle. Shank had just left the Hells Angels clubhouse, authorities said.

He wound up with a punctured lung and broken bones, including a broken collarbone, officials said at the hearing.

DeRonde was sentenced to four years in state prison in July for the assault. No one else was charged.