Statement - Rock Machine MC Canada

As the World Vice President of the Rock Machine MC Canada shall I hereby inform everyone in the MC World about the following.

We have for years been watching and been witness to Suat Erköse have been destroying our great name and history in the Rock Machine MC by claiming he is the World President of The Rock Machine MC, and through the internet have been selling our Rock Machine MC patches to everyone who wanted to join him and believe in his lies about he is the World President of the Rock Machine MC.

The truth is, that Suat Erköse years ago with a former fake canadian Rock Machine (Jean Emard) have made a paper with our Eagle signed by Jean Emard stating, that Suat Erköse is the World President of the Rock Machine MC for life.

Rock Machine MC Canada have NOTHING to do with Suat Erköse or all the countries following him as so-called Rock Machine MC chapters.

Rock Machine MC Canada do NOT regonise any countries outside Canada beside Belgium for being an AUTHENTIC Rock Machine MC country approved by our Mother Chapter in Quebec, Canada.

World President of the Rock Machine MC is Mario Dube, who have been a member of the Rock Machine MC Canada since 1994.

So with this statement shall we the ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC Rock Machine MC Canada verify, that all Rock Machine MC Chapters outside Canada beside Belgium are 100% fake.

Read: Socalled World President of Rock Machine MC announce Rock Machine MC Canada is OUT IN BAD

Love & Respect

Stephane Potvin
World Vice-President
Rock Machine MC, Canada

Canada, Quebec - 12/28/2019.

Canada - MC & Gjengkriminalitet


  1. Excellent very informative

  2. The Truth12/28/2019

    Mario Dube is not President of RMMC Worldwide. Mario Dube is a junkie and is currently being held in Protective Custody. A junkie cannot be a 1%er and I did not make the rules. Mario Dube claims to be an original RM but I have yet to see the proof because he never was one. Stephane Potvin claims to be the VP of RMMC Worldwide yet he has a fake patch set with Hell's Angels script on his Facebook Profile and Cover. These guys are a phony as a three dollar bill. Truth is no one speaks for RMMC in Canada because the club is fractured. Fault can be spread around. Truth Suat and Emard have done much damage to the club but other individuals have also played a major part here in Canada.

  3. Lucifer12/29/2019

    Todays MC Clubs have junkies all over. But this Suat is a fucking joke and why Rock Machine Canada haven´t stopped this idiot for good, I don´t understand. Suat is a fucking internet-biker selling patches to everybody... Fucking idiot.

    1. The Truth6/25/2020

      The only one who goes by Lucifer is Little skinny Hunt Jr up there in Peterborough, read my comment again. Just where do I disagree with Suat being a problem. Calling me an idiot for encouraging the club here in Canada to get it's shit together doesn't change the fact that you and daddy were going to bring a chapter here to Canada for Suat. Junkies are human garbage and should be treated as such. Why do you think the club in Canada has such a bad rep. You need to read up on Lennoxville son.

  4. im a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces 10 plus years and a mma fighter with 84 fights over a 15 year period with a 72 win and 12 loss record who joined the Rock Machine i was a respected member for close to 10 years and rose quickly through the ranks then the jean earnard or JF they call him (i assumed JF was short form for JUST a FAKE) I heard rumors of suat being a former police officer so i did what any good 1%er would do i passed along the message to other chapters that the rumor is not yet confirmed so do not act on it but while i am looking in to the accusation keep him on the back burner and do not share any club business or information until the rumor can be confirmed or disproven JF decided to go behind my back team up with police constable suat and have me thrown out of the club with no vote i was a NOMAD JF nor Suat were nomads JF claimed to be a NOMAD not sure how because he was not in the club long enough to pass the prospect stage let alone the manditory minimum 5year as a full patch then you have to be picked and sponcered by another NOMAD and the vote has to be made by the entire NOMAD chapter and it has to be a 100% yes if even 1 NOMAD votes no you do not get NOMAD status these two clowns used the internet to spread rumors about myself and CRITICAL J claiming all kinds of laughable things witch have all been disproven they had no proof not one piece of paper work on myself or CJ they got stephan martin from trenton ont to steal my patch while i was out of town and claimed they banged me out and took it LMFAO i responded by posting my new address on the internet and invited all and any to come by and we will film the fight not one person took me up on the offer because of the childish bs and internet warriors with there lies 99% of the ontario members 18 in total quit instantly and some just retired and some went to other clubs the Ontario members i personally brought in were mostly all ex military or MMA fighters pure WARRIORS we had a good thing going and 2 guys with some computer skills and good imaginations destroyed it all call me stupid but i thought we took care of business on the street not on the internet oh almost forgot that loyal brother JF was also on the computer hitting on my girlfriend behind my back filling her head with bullshit witch she believed not sure how she was at a bar with me when i got surrounded by 10 members of a rival club who surrounded me and told me they wanted to talk out back and i stood my ground and walked out side to what i assumed would be my end but i did not hesitate or think twice luckly they im assuming out of respect for standing my ground i can only assume nothing happened just a short conversation then we came in and they send a round of drinks for me and my former girlfriend . its cool JF did me a favor my new girl that i got with litterally the next day stood by me through all the rumors and hard times and is still beside me
    former RMMC NOMAD INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT 1%ER RUDE BOY and that title was not only earned through blood sweat and jail time but i was actually nominated for and voted in after CRITICAL J stepped down from the position shout out to all the real ROCK MACHINE i miss and love you LOVE AND RESPECT 1%ER RUDE BOY


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