Bikies arrested in major Police raids across the Gold Coast

Eight people have been arrested following a series of raids across the Gold Coast targeting an organised crime syndicate.

The syndicate has been under investigation since last year for alleged involvement in drug trafficking, vehicle re-birthing, fraud, money laundering and firearm offences.

More than 100 officers from State Crime Command-Organised Crime Gangs Group, the Gold Coast District and Australian Federal Police were involved in today’s operation.

Search warrants were carried out on 15 properties across the Gold Coast including in Cooolangatta, Southport and Yatala.

Firearms including a pump-action shotgun and a pistol were seized during the raid, along with a vehicle, drugs and phones.

Another five guns were located in the back of a vehicle.
Methamphetamine, cocaine and steroids were among the drugs allegedly found. The eight people arrested are facing a total of 22 charges including weapons and drugs offences.

Detective Superintendent Roger Lowe, Organised Crime Gangs Group says their investigation has been running since September.
“Our investigations are centred on this organised criminal syndicate which operates across south-east Queensland, into northern New South Wales, and their alleged involvement in trafficking dangerous drugs, re-birthing of vehicles, substantial fraud, and other serious crime,” Det Superintendent Lowe said.

A 33-year-old Lone Wolf bikie gang member from Southport is among those arrested and charged with trafficking in dangerous drugs.

Police say his arrest is linked to the alleged seizure of 8.3 kgs of ice in Brisbane last month.

He’s due to front Southport Magistrates Court tomorrow.
Det Superintendent Lowe says they will allege several bikies from several different gangs are allegedly involved in the syndicate.
“Whilst this operation is targeting the organised crime syndicate, our investigation suggests that this syndicate crosses over a number of outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Lone Wolfs, The Hells Angels, The Mongols and some links to the Rebels.”
“It’s not uncommon for OMCGs to cross over and do business with each other in the unlawful activities. They’re really governed by greed and their involvement in illicit drugs and weapons.”

A 28-year-old member of the Mongols was also arrested on drugs and weapons charges and will front Beenleigh Magistrates Court tomorrow.

More charges are expected to be laid in coming days.

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