One dead in biker-related shoot-out in Amanzimtoti

A man was shot dead and one seriously injured in a shooting incident along Commercial Road in Amanzimtoti at about 6pm on Wednesday evening, 11 March.

Four men wearing Hell’s Angels club colours arrived at a motorbike repair shop, following which an altercation took place that included the owner.

One of the four was fatally wounded inside the shop, while a second who was wounded in the neck, was transported to hospital. It would appear the remaining two fled the scene, although there is no confirmation that they arrived or departed on motorcycles.

Although the motive for the shooting is unclear, it is confirmed that members of the Hell’s Angels visited the shop on 29 February at which time an altercation with one of the shop’s employees took place.

All services were on scene and the owner of the shop was detained by police.
“At this point it appears to be an isolated incident involving individuals wearing the same club colours, but who are not members of any locally based motorcycle club,” said ward 97 councillor, Andre Beetge who attended the scene.

South Africa - BNN.