NS Police shot suspect dead before alerting the public

The police are taking fire from the discrepancies in their reporting of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia. There are many. I will take this into two directions. First is the obvious contradictions. One report said that Gabriel Wortman first shot his ex and her boyfriend then went on a rampage shooting various people he knew and did not know.

Another report claimed he took his girlfriend to a party then got mad at her after the party, tied her up and started to abuse her. These two different reports contradict each other which comes as no surprise because the media is accepting calls from anyone who claimed to know the suspect and will print whatever lies they tell them because they want to get the exclusive.

Since Blaze is spamming me with bullsh*t about this case first pretending to be from Nova Scotia and personally knowing the suspect, it comes as no surprise that he too is contacting the local media in Nova Scotia and telling them lies. He lies for the police in court. That is what he gets paid to do. This brings us to the murder of Brandy Sarionder on the West coast.

The Hells Angels murdered Brandy Sarionder for setting up a new strip club in competition with theirs after they kicked her out of her own club. They made it look like a suicide and had someone contact the media claiming to be her friend. The fake friend told the media Brandy was broke and depressed because she wanted to open a new strip club but was unable to do so. The media printed that even though it was a lie. Brandy did open a new club called the Granville strip that bragged about having the world's tallest stripper pole. Business was booming.

Business at the new club was so good, HA trolls were making fake reviews complaining about the long lines out front saying the strippers there were all old and weren't as good as the Orange Number 5 which was a Hells Angels dive in the DTES. This is where we do the math and connect the dots putting statements to the test of believability. The accusations about Brandy were false.

Likewise, the contradictory statements about Gabriel Wortman fail the test of believability. The police still refuse to answer whether or not he had a valid firearm licence.

The second point I'd like to make is that the police shot the suspect. Let's remember the last time the police committed an extrajudicial execution of someone they thought had shot a cop here in Surrey. Hudson Brooks was being chased by a mob who had previously killed one of his friends. He was frantically running to the community police station for help. He was screaming they're trying to kill me. A rookie cop commanded him to stop running and he keeps running past her. She pulls out her gun and accidentally shoots herself. She radios in saying she's been shot. Then later admits she shot herself. Dispatch set the wolves loose and they shot Hudson Brooks dead because they thought he had shot a cop. He hadn't. They murdered and innocent kid.

I'm not saying Gabriel Wortman was an innocent kid. I'm saying an American intelligence agency framed him and they are using compulsive liars like Donnie McWhirter to perpetuate that lie. Gabriel Wortman did not shoot 23 people. That is what I am saying.

Flip over to the Boston bombing suspects. The police shot one of the suspects dead because they were throwing pressure cooker bombs at them. Oh really. How much does a pressure cooker weight? About the same as a shot put? They couldn't have thrown them very far. It's not like a hand grenade. The police's claim did not make sense. At the Boston Bombing two Blackwater contractors were seen wearing similar backpacks. Those were the prime suspects not the two kids from the boxing gym. Graham Fuller funded the Chechen terrorists.

9/11 was a game changer. We didn't know about Operation Northwoods before 9/11. We didn't know the American Intelligence agencies were willing to kill Americans on American soil as a pretext for war. Now we know better. Now we know about Operation Gladio. We also know about Watchtower as well as Operation Fast and Furious. We can see much more clearly now.

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