Errol Gildea is on the run

Errol toy boy Gildea, one of the three Australian Hells Angels charged with drug trafficking in Thailand appears to be on the run. This is a picture of Errol with the Eight Demons MC Indonesia as they went from being a support club to a hangaround club to a prospect country in HAMC: I wonder what they had to do to earn their stripes? With Erol's preferences, one can never be sure.

Errol Gildea is on the left, Oeh is on the right (he's in a Thai prison now for crystal the meth bust) and a member of the Eight Demons MC in the middle. An Errol sandwich. Now that is scary.

According to the HAMC official website, Indonesia is a prospect country and Philippines is a hangaround country. The pictures above and below confirms that Indonesia is a hangaround country. What a f*cking ponzi scheme. Kiss our ass and who knows what else, and we'll let you sell our drugs as long as you pay a tax. They take all the prostitutes money so these guys are just waiting for the dog to be thrown a bone. So if the Hells Angels openly run prostitution now, are Erol's boy toys sanctioned? You're running that kind of prostitution now too? Wow.

The boy toys that wear lipstick Errol is giving patches to in Thailand is none of my business. If the homophobes in the club cap them like they did Ali, that won't solve the problem. If you don't want them in the club, don't let them in. Letting them in and then capping them because you changed your mind is bad business. Then lying about it after the fact is sleazy.

Bandung is a city in Indonesia. Word is Cambodia is next on Erol's wish list because of the prostitution and corrupt police. So not only are the Hells Angels living off the avails, now they appear to be running under age gay prostitutes in Asia. Anything to make a buck. Anything? How low will you go? What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key words there are consenting adults. Prostituting minors is human trafficking and Errol is at the root of it.

Is the local clown Blair Curtis Stephens involved with all that? He does look a little creepy.

The Eight Demons MC has charters in Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Philippines.

Canada - GO/DW.


  1. Where is he? Back in Australia?

  2. Explain why they didn’t go after the bitch? He was responsible for the VLAD laws. He tried to help his friend in QLD kill an innocent women who was forced to go to the AFP in 2009 and nobody did a thing. They fled like cowards after the EU also joined the show and no more presidents to be in Australia. The AFP got the biggest powers on earth to go after organised crime their didn’t have before and he still sends death threats to somebody never connected to that world because he couldn’t cop his own action which resulted in affecting every criminal in oz? He’s just a mule and nobody killed him after how many death he’s responsible for? He doesn’t exactly make a trillion a year hence just a drug mule…explain why this person was even born?

  3. The answer to why he was born was to give authorities greater powers.

  4. Courtesy of Errol’s%20part%20in%20the%20fight%20against%20organised%20crime_%20it's%20worth%20doing%20mor.pdf

    Again his fault. A WOMAN WENT TO THE AFP THEY WERE GOING TO KILL I REPEAT WITH NO CRIMINAL BACKGROUND OTHER THAN A SPEEDING TICKET. THEY STILL BLAME AND HER TURN TO TAKE HIM DIWN WITH A RED FLAG NOTICE WHOEVER WANTS HIM! NOT PROTECTED IN OZ! My turn. 3 deaths threats for a tough mc redneck where OZ forgets any crimes under the HA’s in QLD had to be authorised by redneck once until even the HA’s thought having state presidents was a danger to even then which speaks volumes.

  5. I’m waiting for a theoretical physicist to break NvsNP to prove he was purely born to be a criminal to give authorities greater powers using the butterfly affect. It’s easy to prove seeing they made try overturn these laws yet to date and he may look in the mirror and know what his purpose in life always was.

  6. In May 2019, a court in Utrecht issued a verdict that made the Netherlands the first country to completely ban the Hells Angels. The presiding judge of the court called it "a danger to public order and the rule of law". Other countries such as Germany had banned local chapters, but never before the entire club.

    He will be remembered as the biggest fuck up to criminals inserted not by police but by his birth as the biggest infiltration tool by god (he believes in the devil yeah?)

  7. Wouldn’t be surprised if he started the Cold War too. I can’t wait till they solve PvsNP to check…

  8. So this AFP happened in 2009 September where he is playing knock off innocent women and next min public enemy number 1 is labeled by Australia by some guy never heard of called Hakan who flees not long after this women tells the AFP to go away and fast forward 2021 Australia had a secret cartel but ppl were scattered world wide I think being spied on by spy agencies for spy reasons courtesy of Errol. I wouldn’t not be surprised if spies were playing proper stuff behind everybody seeing everybody found out. Is it his fault Cold War by his birth that he became the most useful tool on earth? So if a nuke hits anybody blame Errol if this escalates…I can even pin point certain events. Redneck bloody Errol gave the AFP a finfisher reason where it went on and advanced criminal tech where governments had to advance theirs to keep up and brink of Cold War. Think about it


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