Wanted: 'Dangerous' Mongols gang member Brodie Collins-Haskins wanted by police

Police are hunting a patched Mongols gang member who is wanted for a raft of alleged violent and dangerous offending.

Australian national Brodie Collins-Haskins has a number of "significant" warrants out for his arrest for alleged offending including assault, possession of illegal firearms, supplying methamphetamine and money laundering.
"Police believe that Collins-Haskins is actively avoiding arrest," said a spokesman.
"Collins-Haskins is a patched member of the Mongols gang.
"Over recent weeks police have arrested five people linked to this organised crime group in relation to serious drug dealing, firearms and money laundering offences.
"Collins-Haskins is considered to be dangerous and should not be approached."

Police say he has connections throughout New Zealand including in Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously bla bla bla.

The Mongols - who have links to Australia and the United States - are believed to have about 20 patched members in New Zealand under the leadership of a 28-year-old man deported from Australia in 2018.

In April legislation was passed banning Mongols members from setting foot in schools, courts and other government buildings while wearing their patches.

The Mongols are the second outlaw club hit with the ban; the Comancheros were also banned in 2018.

The gang are believed to have been involved in a violent Bay of Plenty turf war against the Mongrel Mob in January, using semi-automatic weapons in tit-for-tat shootings and engaging in suspected arson.

The gang also took part in other serious criminal activity that included supplying and distributing illicit drugs and violent assaults, blackmail and extortion.

Police had earlier warned that the Mongols and other Australian newcomers - such as the Comancheros and Rebels - would radically change New Zealand's criminal landscape, as they brought hardened gang warfare experience with them.

Police Minister Stuart Nash said in April that authorities would hit the Mongols Motorcycle Club - considered by Australian law enforcement to be one of the five worst outlaw motorcycle groups in that country - head on.
"Australian-based gangs like the Rebels MC first started arriving in 2008 and soon became well-established," Nash said.
"Since 2015, more than more than 1800 offenders have been deported from Australia. They are bringing a level of professional organisation and business skills to the meth trade which has not been seen before."

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