Europe's "most active cocaine gang" — Dutch narcos backed by mercenaries

The important Holland—Spain—South America nexus in the international cocaine trade is finally being seriously challenged. And deeply exposed. The Mob Reporter here with news that after years of a cat-and-mouse game, police in Spain and the Netherlands leaned in for a full frontal attack on what police claim is “the most active criminal organization” for bringing cocaine into Europe.
There were simultaneous raids in two cities in Spain and in four Dutch cities, including the capital of Amsterdam and the major port city of Rotterdam. Eight people were arrested — including some designated as H.V.T.s — meaning high value targets, those considered elite criminals wanted by European police agencies. Police say one of those arrested is a boss within the network.
The bust will no doubt hurt the network. It is also clear it didn’t destroy it. Other leaders remain. They are out there, likely looking over their shoulder and changing the channel on their encrypted phones — but are they changing their ways?

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