Biker gangs Hells Angels, No Surrender still banned in NL, courts rule


The courts in Arnhem and Leeuwarden on Tuesday upheld the bans on motorcycle gangs Hells Angels and No Surrender in the Netherlands. According to the courts, the continued existence of these biker gangs is a danger to public order and civil bans are therefore justified. In both rulings, the courts referred to the violent nature of the gangs, reports.

“There have been frequent, sometimes very serious violent incidents and possession of weapons involving members of Hells Angels, both worldwide and in the Netherlands,” the court in Leeuwarden said. “This is a structural situation, which cannot be separated from the culture of violence that exists at Hells Angels.”

The court in Arnhem described No Surrender as “a very closed organization with a military character”, according to the newspaper. “Brothers, who must adhere to struct rules that revolve around loyalty, brotherhood, respect and honor. In that there is a tradition of intimidation and violence, which is guarded outwardly by a strict vow of silence.”

Both Hells Angels and No Surrender can still appeal to the Supreme Court against these rulings. The Supreme Court recently definitely banned Satudarah in a similar case.

Holland - BNN.