3 men with 20 Molotov cocktails arrested on way to Netherlands

Three men from Antwerp were arrested last week at a police checkpoint on the E19 outside the Netherlands because they had a box of 20 ready-made Molotov cocktails in their car.

The men were members of the Brotherhood Sin Miedo, a motorcycle club from the Netherlands that has spread to Belgium, according to the Antwerp Gazette.

The owner of the car was later arrested as well, and the four suspects remain in jail after a petition for one of them to be released but monitored via an ankle bracelet was denied.

Credit: Belga

It is not yet known what the men were planning to do with the Molotov cocktails.

Dutch media suggests that a rise in such “brotherhoods” is in response to the recent banning of some criminal motorcycle gangs like No Surrender and Satudarah. Several ex-members of these gangs are said to have joined “brotherhoods,” instead, and that these clubs have similarly aggressive logos and branding.

The Antwerp public prosecutor’s office is not commenting on the case at this time.

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