B.C. will soon restrict non-essential travel outside of health regions


CTV is reporitng that "The provincial government is working on regulations that will restrict the non-essential travel of British Columbians outside their own health regions. Speaking at a news conference Monday, Premier John Horgan said regulations are being developed by the public safety minister that will restrict movement within the province."

That is illegal and immoral. It violates the mobility rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights. Bonnie Henry is a lying freak and John Horgan is a POS. Fight The Fines - Rebel News.

People need fresh air and exercise to stay healthy. Heat and sun kill Covid. This has nothing to do with a virus. This is a dirty political agenda designed to break the law. Canada Health Alliance.

"If you live in the Fraser Health area, by all means, take a few days, get outside, perhaps go to a campground in your local area. But do not try and book somewhere outside of your area because the tourism operator in that community will not book your passage."

Fascism and Communism are the same thing. ANTIFA built the Berlin Wall.
It's time to elect the People's Party provincially within BC. Pride cometh before the fall and great shall be the fall thereof. John Horgan is just another lawless sleazebag. Fire him.

Canada - GO/DW.

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