20 to 30 suspected outlaw motorcycle gang members involved in alleged assault north of Guelph

Ontario Provincial Police are looking for members of the public to come forward with information after an Arthur altercation. 

In a news release, police say 20 to 30 suspected outlaw motorcycle gang members took part in a brawl outside a business on Aug. 18, around 11:10 p.m., leaving “numerous” people with injuries. 

“All parties left the scene prior to police arrival,” police said.

The OPP ask anyone with information to call them at 1-888-310-1122, or submit a tip to Crime Stoppers. 

“At this time, there are no public safety concerns and the incident seems to be isolated. The investigation continues,” the release continues.

“The presence of motorcycle gangs in any community should be a concern. Citizens should minimize contact with gang members and report any OMGs activity to the police.”

Canada - BNN.


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