Gangsters' secret drug lab in the middle of nowhere

Police arrested seven men in what appears to be a sophisticated drug operation based in a remote clandestine laboratory hidden from prying eyes in the middle of nowhere, where they’re accused of strange alchemy: reconstituting liquid cocaine.
One alleged gangsters was arrested wearing this: a T-shirt featuring an iconic scene from The Godfather, the classic Mafia movie! The Mob Reporter here with news of an amazing discovery in the rural bush of Australia, outside of Sydney.
In a remote and intensely rural part of southeastern Australia, police discovered a large sophisticated clandestine laboratory. Police allege that they were using the lab to extract liquid cocaine, reconstitute it and refine it. Four men were arrested and charged in the Sydney raids and three at the rural property.

They ranged in age from 33 to 54. All in, police say they seized Aus$4.7 million in cash, 430 kilos of coke, 30 kilos of it in brick form and 400 kilos in liquid form. Police also seized two Harley-Davidson motorcycles, some cars and two air rifles.

Australia - MR.


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