Narcos caught smuggling fabric made from cocaine yarn

Narco groups caught in large police probe — one was soaking textile fibres in cocaine in Colombia, and then using a clandestine lab near Toronto to extract it, turning it back into saleable blow. Let me tell you about it.
The Mob Reporter here with news of gangsters in and around Canada’s largest city engaged in a battle of wits with border guards and police, trying to find clever ways to sneak dope into North America — and who found out the hard way that they lost. with a flurry of raids and arrests.
The end came with a flurry of raids and arrests. The Ontario Provincial Police and York Regional Police, north of Toronto, announced Project Southam on July 15, 2021, targeting significant international cocaine smuggling operations with 44 search warrants at 25 locations in Toronto and a dozen smaller cities and towns around it, including Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Vaughan, and Oakville. Police allege two distinct organized crime groups ran high-volume smuggling schemes: One importing coke from Colombia concealed in textiles, and another flying it from the Caribbean. The textile importation scheme seems a notch above the typical plot. It required chemistry.
All in all, police arrested 21 people with another who is considered a fugitive. Several of those arrested have a history of previous charges. Two were linked to a pharmacy in Hamilton, west of Toronto, that was raided by police some years ago for allegedly redirecting legitimate narcotics to the blackmarket. A co-accused in that case was linked to the Musitano crime family, a once-powerful Mafia clan in Hamilton. When police moved in on their targets, there was one suspect they couldn’t find. Sukhjit Dhaliwal was still a wanted fugitive at the time I’m recording this. He stands accused with conspiracy to export cannabis.
Once again, we see how the underworld needs the upper world to truly thrive. A mortgage broker and the owner of a pharmacy helped the gangsters launder their money. Police allege drug proceeds were used to buy a $1.5 million house.
Investigators made it clear they hope to make further announcements stemming from Project Southam as more information is chased down and evidence is followed. It seems that, just as with the fabric used to mask the cocaine, there are still some threads to pull.

Canada - MR.


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