Downfall of Rock Machine MC Canada


The attached is a true account of the current situation with the Rock Machine MC Canada as told by the ones who were there . 

The Decline of Rock Machine MC Canada the home and birth place of the Rock Machine MC has reached the point where it cant be fixed . With so many guys having there own self serving agendas and putting their businesses ahead of the club without showing any brotherhood its time to pack it in.

This in light of the recent release of a draft constitution and the arrest of members in Hamilton with multiple different club patches and leaderships failure to correct any mistakes .Once was strong now is a joke.

If you want to know exactly what happen well here it is told by the ones who were there. Since retirement from the Rock Machine these members have had visits, death threats and all other forms of harassment. ALL THEY WANT IS TO BE LEFT ALONG .

So this is your Rock Machine MC Canada today.

FORMER National SGT. AT ARMS - OUT BAD STANDING from Red Devils Canada for theft

OUT BAD STANDING from Outlaws MC Canada for attempting to stab his chapter president. Stole money from Rock Machine MC Canada to use to pay off his ex wife. Conspired to remove the National P and VP to increase his power and wealth. Sent death threats to members who did not side with him.

When an attempt was made on an officers life, he (acting as National Sgt. Of Arms ) ordered everyone not to do anything . Then turn around and issues a death threat toward that member. Used information to blackmail bothers.

Threatened members families saying he was calling CAS on them. Gets caught driving 180 kmph in downtown London, get pulled over then members of the BEU let him go with nothing. Opened up a chapter in a town agreed upon that we would not open, never checked any of the guys out, and the Pres of the chapter ratted out a member and the Outlaws MC on gun charges. Released confidential club information to the media.

Chapter President - Was given sensitive information which he gave to Brad

Tennett to assist him in obtaining a power position within the club. Then goes into hiding.

Chapter Arm – Conspired with Tennett and Twist for a power role

Coward with no knowledge of how to protect his brothers. Repeatedly lied about have a large crew he was going to bring with him.

Chapter Arm – Everything above

Want the existing Leadership to go in order to increase his drug sales within the club. Joined Loners MC while still a member of Rock Machine MC. Sent death threats to members while building his own interests.

Quebec President – Secretly conspired to help remove the Leadership in Ontario to increase his power

Was caught messing around with another members wife. No honor, No sense of brotherhood.

Self Nominated National Pres. - Self proclaimed himself as Canadian National President

Has no motorcycle or license. Is a convicted and current drug addict.

Enforcer - Proclaims to be an enforcer but has no license or motorcycle, has never paid dues or attended a meeting unless picked up and dropped off

Self Nominated Nomad President - Self proclaimed Nomad President of Canada, claim he was given the title by Quebec but no one can vouch for it.

Has done absolutely nothing since he has so called been placed in charge. Did not earn his position as a Nomad or earn any of the patches he wears. Has taken credit for work that other members have done. Found in possession of Fentanyl. Has absolutely no business or experience in a position of power. Has absolutely no idea how to run a chapter let alone a national membership.

Self Proclaim National Pres. - Another self proclaimed National President

Current drug addict. Changes the colors without any form of vote. Sent members to other members homes as a way deal with issues putting the members families at risk. Opened chapters and filled it full of drug dealers and gangsters. No bikes within the chapter at all.

Canada - MC & Gjengkriminalitet/ TBM Canada.


  1. Anonymous1/11/2022

    "The original logo was a yellow eagle's head." Dennis Watson from 'Gangster's Out Blog' is wrong on this. The original patch was white on a black background. The only reason the patch was changed to red and gold was because the Rock Machine became a prospect club before patching over to Bandidos MC.


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