Intimate tour of a biker meth lab 🏍️

Here’s the closest you’ll likely get to an outlaw biker meth lab; an insider tour of a large, clandestine drug lab along with the wild story of who might be behind it.
The Mob Reporter here with news of a major development in a long-running police investigation targeting Australia’s outlaw biker clubs, that turned up the lab, a distribution alliance between rival bikers clubs, and ties to a brash biker boss living in exile in the Middle East, in apparent fear of arrest in his homeland.
The place was a dump. Made for business not for pleasure, and a dirty business at that. The lab was in the hinterlands, a rural, sparsely populated area called Mangrove Mountain, about 55 miles due north of Sydney, one of Australia’s largest cities.
Police said those arrested were senior members of the group — including biker club officer holders, called bikies in Australia. It was working under an apparent agreement between two homegrown clubs, the Comanchero Motorcycle Club and the Nomad Motorcycle Club.
It is suspected that at its root, it might have something to do with Mark Buddle, once a Comanchero national president. Buddle has been the focus of intense police interest for years. So much so, that he feels more comfortable living abroad. With close associates and friends from the Comanchero being of Middle East descent, that’s where he headed.
The Comanchero are a homegrown club in Australia. It was started by Jock Ross, a former soldier from Scotland, in the mid 1960s. Its name came from an old western, starring John Wayne, called The Comancheros.

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