Narcos stockpiling so-called "pink cocaine" on island mecca

This narco ring had a fleet of luxury cars with custom built modifications to move product far and wide, stockpiling a trendy synthetic drug on the island of Ibiza for an expected flood of tourists to its famed night clubs when pandemic restrictions lifted. Let me tell you about it.
The Mob Reporter here with news of a series of arrests and seizures announced this week in Spain, tackling a sophisticated trafficking ring described by police as one of the most active in the country, who used clever hiding spots to move cocaine, meth, and so-called “pink cocaine” — which isn’t cocaine at all.
Regular viewers of my channel — more of whom should get around to subscribing, by the way — will know I love exploring car traps. They’re special compartments built into cars, trucks and boats. Some are sophisticated. Mobile works of automotive art. They require a combination to unlock the hydraulics but unlike locks, these combinations are sequences of car controls.
In this case, announced last week, a four-month probe by two federal police agencies in Spain unravelled the tricks of their trade.

Spain - MR.


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