Taghi ordered motorcycle gang to kill 50 people, key witness says

According to Tony de G., key witness in the extensive assassination trial around motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh, there were about fifty names on a list of assassinations that had to be carried out. So there was “enough work for a whole period”, main suspect Delano R. allegedly told the key witness. All but one of the names on that hit list is said to have come from alleged top criminal Ridouan Taghi.

The key witness spoke about this on Wednesday, the third day of the substantive treatment of the trial, called Eris, in the extra-security court in Amsterdam-Oosdorp. Eris revolves around multiple assassinations and attempts thereto. The Public Prosecution Service thinks Delano R. acted as a kind of “murder broker”. He is said to have accepted assassination orders and then distributed them within the motorcycle club.

The lawyers of various suspects have serious doubts about the statements of the key witness and their reliability. In his own words, De G. “played with his cards completely open” in his statements and “spared no one”.

De G. turned witness after he was arrested in Spain for the murder of Jair Wessels, who was shot dead in Breukelen in July 2017. 

Holland - BNN.