CRINGE: Old men caught plotting a narco ring

Three senior citizens were caught red-handed as they planned their smuggling operation to get drugs across the channel into England, and it sounds exactly like you imagine it would. It’s pretty cringey.
The Mob Reporter here with the inside story of a trio of British pensioners plotting to haul cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy in from Europe for Liverpool gangsters and how they were caught by a covert police probe.

The case of the old codgers, though, is just one in a flood of truckers bagged at the border trying to haul their sus loads across the channel into the United Kingdom, one of Europe’s largest markets.
Brian Wright, 73, owns a moving company; he plotted with Alfred Rumbold, 65, from Kent, and Mark Youell, 64, from Essex. They weren’t just talkers. These guys were really doing it. But it didn’t go well. How did the plot fall apart? Someone hooked them up with the hottest underworld fad — encrypted phones used mostly by criminals to communicate in secret. Alas, these systems were penetrated by police, allowing investigators to secretly monitor calls and texts. When Youell and Rumbold were arrested, police seized phones with two encrypted apps — EncroChat and Sky ECC.

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