Comanchero bikie Mark Buddle extradited from Turkey to Australia

Australia's 'most wanted man', bikie boss Mark Buddle, is back in Australian custody. The Comanchero was secretly extradited from Turkey as part of major drug importation and murder investigations after he fled the country six years ago. Mark Buddle is currently being held in Darwin on federal drug charges after allegedly importing more than 160 kilos of cocaine into Melbourne last year. He's accused of being involved in a transnational criminal syndicate operating out of Turkey and Hong Kong. The Commancheros boss has long been suspected of being involved in large-scale drug importations before he eventually fled the country in 2016. At the time detectives attempted to question him over the 2010 murder of security worker Gary Allibon in Sydney's CBD. Since then he's been on the run and has moved between Dubai, Greece, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. His freedom came to an end at his new home in Cyprus three weeks ago. It's believed he had been leading the Comancheros while living overseas. Buddle was expected to face Darwin Magistrates Court today - the Australian Federal Police will apply for his extradition to Victoria. If convicted of drug charges, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.