This Navy SEAL Serial Killer Was INSANE... (*DISTURBING TRUE STORY*)

Ben Sifrit, a former Navy SEAL and his wife, Erika Sifrit, embarked on a gruesome weekend getaway in the sunny seaside town of Ocean City, MD. The story went mainstream in 2002, around the time the incidents occurred and has since resurfaced among popular podcasts, including the Joe Rogan Experience. While in Ocean City, MD the Sifrit's would spend the afternoons at the beach and the nights at clubs looking for potential victims. On May 24th 2002 while boarding a resort bus on 143rd street in Ocean City, the Sifrit's didn't have exact change to purchase the bus ride. Nearby passengers and couple Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley covered the Sifrit's fare. The couples hit it off and made plans to go out together later that night. Around 11pm the couple made their way to Seacrets nightclub. Where Joshua Ford, an army veteran and Ben, bonded over the military.. sharing stories of BUD/s and the SEAL Teams- while Martha Crutchley and Erika gossiped over shots. Both couples raged through the night.. and after last call the Sifrit's invited the couple back to their vacation rental, at the rainbow condominiums. What happened next, is only known to the Sifrit's. But what is known is Joshua Ford & Martha Crutchley were never seen again.