The Most Bikers Go TERRIBLY WRONG Documentary

Brett Kaos Pechey makes a dramatic shift to Rock Machine gang after being the most celebrated biker in Bandidos and brothers for life biker gang. There is a hidden reason behind his decision and everyone is shocked to know that he made such a bold move.
Why would Brett take such a decision? Did someone threaten him or did he make up his mind on his own? Brett Kaos Pechey was not an ordinary man. He did not lead a life with peace. There was no ounce of normalness in his day to day life. He was the most wanted man in the list of police officers. He has a unique look to him with his broad shoulders and tattoos all over his body including his face. He used to post pictures of him holding guns on social media. He lead a life full of violence and he enjoyed every part of it. The reason he was doing all these uncommon and uncivilised criminal activities was because of his involvement in a notorious gang. Bandidos is not the regular biker gang you see in your hometown. They ride bikes but their minds were fueled with revenge and criminal activities. They made headlines almost all day due to their notorious involvement in various crimes. No one could stop them. They were internally very strong and it was hard to get membership in the gang. No one dared to go out of the gance once entered. They stayed loyal and gave their life to the welfare of the gang.