This Happens When The Underworld Wants You Gone: The Ahmad Crime Family

The notorious Ahmad crime family is a notorious family of brothers who are deeply involved in the Underworld. They have an extensive history of engaging in activities such as extortion, drug running, and murder. These criminals have no qualms about shooting each other over money, drugs, power, or sometimes just for the thrill of it. Such incidents are nothing new to the streets of Sydney, where Gangland executions have become a common occurrence. But what happens when the underworld is done with you and wants you gone? Let’s zoom in on three brothers of the Ahmad family: Walid Wally Ahmad, Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad, and Ahmad Rock Ahmad. Unlike many other underworld figures in Sydney, the Ahmad Brothers made a conscious effort to maintain a low profile and stay away from the public eye. However, this did not mean they were unknown to Sydney's law enforcement. On the contrary, the family is so notorious that everyone in the area heard from them or their brutal actions.