The Truth About The Bastard Page The Iron Order Truth Crew Original

What´s wrong with the people behind the keyboard of Kinfolk Ratbusters?

Their former page was SHUT down monday not long time after we published the story about Former Kinfolk Member Speaking OUT! 

The Never Ending Story About The Truth About The Truth About The Lies And Keyboard Warriors must stop once and for all, because what have been published now on the new Facebook-Page called Iron Order Truth Crew Original is some sick SHIT.

Take at look at the Picture to the right. What the F*** and WHO the F*** do they think they are going public with a picture like that?

And it do NOT stop with only that picture on their new page - NO F****** WAY. They also go public with a list with names of all President´s from Kinfolk MC - WHAT THE F***?

On the list they NOT only go public with all names of all the President´s from Kinfolk MC, they also have shared all private phone-numbers, email-address, etc. to all the President´s, and are GOD DAMN proud of it.

Proud of WHAT you F****** BASTARDOS?

We have the list with all personal information about each President, but? We will NOT go public with it, and have now removed their phone-numbers and email-addresses, because you do NOT share that kind of information in public -
NO F***** WAY.

USA - MC & Gjengkriminalitet


  1. Anonymous11/12/2018

    Iron Order Truth Crew Original has been around for a few years now. Was called Iron Order Truth Crew at first. Allegedly started by out bad IO members and some others that left. Same kind of shit stirring pages as the other old Truth pages. They just need to go away. A convenient place for haters. None of their business what the fuck anyone is doing.

  2. Anonymous3/16/2019

    Late to comment. But the Iron Order Truth Crew page was originally started by Rusty Ford. President of the Shreveport Chapter of the Bandidos MC. He is also a National Member. This news from the mouth of a RNG member. The page has been handled by numerous profiles all fake and maintained by the RnG Puppets or Ass kissers and cowards as are known in the MC world. A real classy bunch of folks; NOT. It is no wonder they are on the verge of imploding with members like this. Well, allegedly the page is going to be shut down soon. You would think they would have better things to do. And they want folks to respect them. Good luck with that wish.


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