History of The Rock Machine MC

Rock Machine MC - once a BIG Canadian Outlaw Motorcycle Club was formed in 1986 by Salvatore Cazzetta, a former friend of Hells Angels Quebec Chapter President Maurice "Mom" Boucher, and competed with the Hells Angels for the street-level drug trade in Montreal.

Salvatore Cazzetta
In approximately 1982, Salvatore Cazzetta was a member of the “SS”, a white supremacist motorcycle gang based in Pointe-aux-Trembles, on the eastern tip of the Island of Montreal. Fellow SS member Maurice Boucher became friends with Cazzetta and, as leaders of the gang, the pair became candidates to join the Hells Angels when the gang expanded into Canada.

Future Rock Machine leader Fred Faucher later said, “Sal once told me, ‘Those guys [Hells Angels], they operate their club in such a way that I didn’t want to join them'” Rock Machine members chose not to wear Hells Angels-style leather vests that could easily identify members, and instead wore rings displaying an eagle insignia   The official Rock Machine club motto is “A La Vie A La Mort”, or “To the Life To Death.

Maurice "Mom" Boucher

When the Rock Machine became a probationary chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle club in December 2000, after being an official hangaround club for eighteen months, Bandidos national officer Edward Winterhalder was put in charge of overseeing the transition by Bandidos international president George Wegers. The original version of the Rock Machine (1986 to 1999) in Canada changed their colors from black and platinum to red and gold in May 1999; their colors remained red and gold until they became Bandidos in December 2000.

After the few remaining Bandidos members in Canada quit the organization and Bandidos Canada was dissolved, ex-members of the Mongols and the Bandidos reformed the Rock Machine in 2007, adopting the original black and platinum colors as their patch. As of 2008, the latest incarnation of Rock Machine claims to be a club of motorcycle enthusiasts that is not involved in criminal activity.

The Rock Machine was reopened in early April 2008 by several disgruntled members of the now-defunct Bandidos Canada “No Surrender Crew”, who reorganized it as the Rock Machine Canada Nomads. The move was intended as an insult towards the Bandidos US national chapter and Bandidos National President Jeffrey Pike in particular, but gained unexpected momentum.

Around 2012 some of the originals were locked up on various charges, The International President Critical J took over the reigns and started spreading the Rock Machine throughout the United States. Those early members in the States followed the Winnipeg Chapter who was the bona fide representatives of the Rock Machine.

Inter-party fighting within the Rock Machine MC and arrest of most of the chapter in Winnipeg led to the demise of the club. Right now a guy named SUAT out of Germany claims to be the World President of the Rock Machine. SUAT was a former police officer, has worked with law enforcement, still till this day to gain full control of the Rock Machine.

Suat is very well known for selling Rock Machine patches through the internet. Many former members from The Rock Machine MC Canada and Rock Machine MC USA are pretty pissed about this, because Suat is destroying the name and legacy of The Rock Machine MC.

Rock Machine MC is now broken down into Red and Blue (Color under the eagle eye on back patches). Those who wear Red are those who got their patches and chapters through Suat. For only $150 you get yourself a patch and chapter.

Read: Former Rock Machine USA Member speaks out on Suat. “Don’t send money to him, you will loose it”

An example for that is "Rock Machine MC Norway" - Suat´s boys. Norway was shut down
last year in October by the former European President Terje Østby - when they decided to patch over to The No Surrender MC.

Some former members of the Norwegian Rock Machine MC then re-booted the Norwegian Chapter in the begining of 2018, because they couldn´t be with the rest of the former crew from Rock Machine MC Norway into The No Surrender MC.

They got their patches through Suat, and even made their own patches in Norway. Now they are history once again, because they didn´t fit in. The 25th of september they once again decided to shut down (Rock Machine MC Norway er et afsluttet kapitel ). But some of them forgot to leave in their patches and are still running around pretending being a part of the Rock Machine MC - but they are FAKE AS HELL.

Canada - MC & Gjengkriminalitet/Tony B.