September 30, 2017


5 of the freakiest fighters in the history of fighting. Which freak do you think is the weirdest?

10 Conor McGregor Secrets He Doesn't Want You To Know!

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Hells Angels Niagara - History In Plain Sight

A tour of the raided and seized Hells Angels MC Clubhouse property in Niagara Region. The center for their importation of illicit drugs into Canada until the Police busted them in 2009. An interesting building one might drive right past when in fact it is History In Plain Sight.

Terrified Canadian Neighbors Call Cops After Private Party Went Too Far

CALGARY – CANADA – a raucous gang party that brought 1,00 people last weekend shows men and children flashing guns while others party and drink in the middle of residential streets as police idly sit by.

Men are seen flashing handguns and semi-automatic weapons. Some scenes appear to show boys or teens pointing guns directly at the camera. Hundreds of people crowd in the streets among lines of cars, drinking, smoking and dancing as the blue lights of police squad cars flash in the background.

Other scenes show men drinking on the hood and through the sunroof of a car driving down the street.
“Sheer madness, chaos, bedlam, insanity!!!!!” she wrote on Facebook. “It was literally like ‘[a] calling in the National Guard and SWAT team’ situation. It was a party riot.”
“It’s not just an inconvenience, it’s very dangerous,” a neighbor said. “When you have that many people drinking, getting high, anything can happen.”

The rwdy parties organized by an Canadian millionaire,  known to be the leader of multiple drug raids and “high security clearance” cases. He became famous after starting a live feed brandishing his latest gun collection and dangerously waving it and corking the trigger at random passerby.  He plague the 3-acre park several nights a week and in some cases rage on until 6 a.m., with police and park district workers not doing enough to alleviate the problems they bring, neighbors contend.

Meanwhile, a neighbor who preferred not to be named said he agrees police haven’t done enough to address the problem, and neighbors say they’re largely on their own.

Canada - Fantasia

Stor politiaktion på Østerbro efter skud mod politi

En civil politibil fra Københavns Politi blev fredag aften ramt af flere skud på Nørrebro i København. Senere på aftenen var politiet massivt til stede på Strødamsvej på Østerbro i København i forbindelse med skudsagen.

Ingen personer blev ramt ved skudepisoden, men der sad to betjente i bilen, oplyser vicepolitiinspektør ved Københavns Politi Rasmus Bernt Skovsgaard.
- De har det okay efter omstændighederne, men de er selvfølgelig chokerede, siger han til TV 2.

- De skød ikke tilbage mod gerningsmændene. Jeg har ingen kommentarer til, hvorfor de ikke skød tilbage, udover at vi efterforsker, hvad der skete, tilføjer Rasmus Bernt Skovsgaard.

Politi massivt til stede

Det er endnu uklart, om gerningsmændene bevidst gik efter at skyde på politiet. Flere unge mænd blev set flygte fra stedet på knallert.
- Vi har ikke fået fat på gerningsmændene endnu. Men vi har gode spor at gå efter, siger Rasmus Bernt Skovsgaard.

Skyderiet fandt sted kort før klokken 19. Omkring klokken 22.30 er politiet fortsat massivt til stede i Mjølnerparken, hvor skyderiet fandt sted, og i området omkring Nørrebro.
- Der er rigtig mange politifolk til stede herude, og der foregår en intens teknisk efterforskning. Det kan vi sige, fordi der er masser af sporhunde herude, og der går politifolk rundt med meget skarpe lommelygter og lyser på jorden, siger TV 2's reporter på stedet, Olav Christensen.

Mjølnerparken er et alment boligbyggeri, hvor der hen over sommeren har været adskillige skudepisoder og voldelige overfald i forbindelse med bandekonflikten.

Efterforsker på Østerbro

Københavns Politi var fredag aften til stede på Strødamvej på Østerbro. Det skete i forbindelse med efterforskningen af skudepisoden på Nørrebro, oplyser vagtchef Lars Westerweel.
 - Det har en sammenhæng med aftenens hændelse (på Nørrebro, red.), og mere vil jeg ikke sige på nuværende tidspunkt, siger vagtchefen til TV 2 lørdag morgen.

Denmark - Tv2.

Prozess gegen Hells Angel in München

Als der Münchner Hells Angels Mitglied Lothar H. (54) den Gerichtssaal betritt, wird es still. Alle starren auf die Tattoos des Hünen. Im Gesicht prangt der riesige Schriftzug Hells Angels. Der Rocker des Hells Angels MC München grüßt lächelnd seine Freunde im Publikum. Dann wird es ernst.

Wollte er einen Mann töten?

Die Staatsanwaltschaft München wirft Lothar H. versuchten Totschlag und gefährliche Körperverletzung vor. Er soll im Oktober 2016 im Bahnhofsviertel in München Oleg A. (32) niedergestochen haben. Laut Anklage wollte das Opfer neben den Wagen des Rockers pinkeln. Lothar H. soll ihm das Messer zwei Mal in den Bauch gerammt haben. Außerdem verprügelte er laut Anklage einige Monate zuvor einen Kneipengast.

„Unser Mandant macht heute weder Angaben zur Sache noch zur Person“, erklärte Anwalt Stephan Lucas (45, verteidigt den Rocker gemeinsam mit Santosh Gupta und Wolfgang Kreuzer). „Der angeklagte Sachverhalt ist so nicht nachvollziehbar. Die Staatsanwaltschaft ist am Zug, die Vorwürfe zu beweisen.“

Die Ermittler gehen davon aus, dass Lothar H. in jener Nacht zufällig auf das Opfer traf und im Gerangel das Messer zog. Oleg A. erlitt eine fünf Zentimeter tiefe Stichwunde. Einen Tag später stellte sich H. der Polizei – bestritt aber den Messerstich. Der Prozess wird fortgesetzt.

Germany - Bild.

No Surrender founder to press slander charges against prosecutor, mayor

, founder of outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender, is pressing slander charges against Breda chief prosecutor Charles van der Voort and Bergen op Zoom mayor Frank Petter, his lawyer Louis de Leon confirmed to AD. The reason for the charges is recent publications in the Volkskrant and the Telegraaf in which Van der Voort linked Otto to two assassinations and Petter called him a professional criminal.

De Leon is convinced that these publications are "directed by the highest level of the Public Prosecution". According to him, they form part of a well-though-out media campaign to turn public opinion against Otto. "That's trial by media. We would greatly appreciate a judicial review. They're speaking out of turn with these accusations", the lawyer said to AD.

Otto is officially facing charges of extortion, money laundering, arson and threats. In the Telegraaf, prosecutor Van der Voort said that Otto is not currently in custody "for the cases everyone thinks".

He drew a parallel with the so-called Passage Process against in Amsterdam. According to the prosecutor, it took a long time for the concrete charges of assassination to be on the table against Holleeder. He hinted that the same is now happening in the case against Otto. "We are on our way to get that done."

It has long been known that the police considers Otto a suspect of the murders of Peter van der Linde in Breda this year and in Molenschoot in 2015. The Prosecutor also spoke about two of Otto's ex-girlfriends dying under "suspicious circumstances", and that he treats women in a humiliating way.

According to De Leon, Van der Voort making these accusations in public, does not suit his function. "It's not done that a prosecutor taunts someone without proof. Certainly an authority figure  must adhere to the principle that someone is innocent until proven otherwise." According to De Leon, Otto had nothing to do with Van der Linde and Van Houten's murders. "Peter van der Linde was his friend. He was greatly affected by his death", he said to AD. About the prosecutor's statements over Otto's ex-girlfriends, De Leon said: "Those cases have already been investigated and led to nothing. Otto was in the car when one of the women committed suicide. He was in custody for a few days for investigation and then sent home."

Talking to the Volkskrant, Bergen op Zoom mayor Petter called Otto, among other things, a "professional criminal" that has grown almost too big to prosecute. "I'm not saying my client is a clean slate, but his criminal record does not justify such typing."

Prosecutor Van der Voort told AD that he "awaits" the charges against him. A spokesperson for Mayor Petter refused to comment.


September 29, 2017

A KickBack Day for the CAMARADAS MC

Bikie gangs in Sydney: ‘Eric the Wolf’ charged with kidnapping

THE alleged head of the Lone Wolf Bikie gang known as “Eric the Wolf’’ has been arrested and charged with kidnapping a drug dealer who weeks later was shot dead in front of his fiance in Western Sydney. Erkan Keskin appeared via video link in Central Court yesterday to face a string of charges including kidnapping, lying to the crime commission and demanding menaces with intention to steal.

The charges relate to the alleged kidnapping of Mehmet Yilmaz, 29, prior to his murder outside the home of Commanchero bikie Tayan Chandab at St Marys on September 9 last year. Keskin has not been charged with his murder.

No one has been charged over the murder which is one of eight gangland slayings being investigated by a dedicated Homicide Squad Strike Force known as Osprey. It was launched days after Mafioso kingpin Pasquale Barbaro was shot dead at Condell Park last November.

Police released CCTV following the murder of Mehmet Yilmaz.

“The charges relate to an alleged kidnapping of Mr Yilmaz in the weeks before his murder,” a police spokesman said.

Homicide detectives arrested Keskin at his luxury Kent Street apartment on Thursday morning.
“Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad established Strike Force Estop to investigate the murder of Mehmet Yilmaz at St Marys on Friday 9 September 2016,’’ police said yesterday.

Keskin, a former Turkish soldier lodged a bail application in Central Court yesterday. He is also charged with revealing conversations with the crime commission. In opposing bail police said they believed there was a danger to witnesses in the case.
“I have concerns for witnesses involved, serious concerns,’’ said Detective Senior Constable Matthew Shenke from the NSW Homidicde Squad.

The court also heard Keskin was already on bail in relation to drug charges in Queensland. A further hearing to determine bail will be heard next week.

Australia - BN.

Majority of Dutch outlaw biker gang members have criminal records: study

Over half of outlaw motorcycle gang members in the Netherlands have been convicted of a violent crime and a third have a criminal record with more than 10 convictions behind his name, according to a study Leiden University published on Thursday, ANP reports.

Especially members of the larger biker gangs Satudarah, No Surrender, Hells Angels, Bandidos and Trailer Trash, have long lists of crimes on their record, according to the researchers. In addition to violent crimes, biker gang members are also often convicted for capital offenses, drug trafficking and illegal arms possession.

For this study, the researchers looked at the criminal records of over 1,600 motorcycle gang members and 500 members of so-called sports clubs that are registered in the police systems. How complete the image created by this data is, is hard to say. "But you will only have to to apply a small correction, if at all", researcher and criminology professor Arjan Blokland said. "Everyone who has ever been reported by a neighborhood police officer or pulled over in a traffic check, is listed."
Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Alex Schmitt

Blokland believes that a ban on motorcycle gangs, like the ones the Public Prosecutor is currently working on for and the , may be useful. "I do not dare to predict whether members will actually behave less criminally. But the fact is that the jackets and image of their clubs are currently explicitly focused on committing crimes", he said, according to the broadcaster.

Holland - BN.

26 Common Prison Tattoos and What They Mean

Scorpions Motorcycle Club plans to rebuild clubhouse after devastating fire

As the investigation continues into the fire that destroyed (link is external) a local motorcycle club's headquarters, members are making plans to rebuild.
"We're waiting on the insurance people. The guys in the club will clear out the debris. We'll check the concrete — I'm sure it will have to be replaced," Scorpions Motorcycle Club president Chris Page said. "We have electricians, carpenters and plumbers in the club. We will build on the same footprint."

The clubhouse, located on Milford Road in Lyon Township, was destroyed by an early morning fire Sept. 22 that is under investigation by the Oakland County Sheriff's Department arson unit. The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms answered a request to bring a dog trained to alert for accelerants and chemicals to the scene — the sheriff's office dog wasn't available.
"The cause of the fire is pending. It's under investigation as a suspicious fire. The dog indicated accelerants (were present), but until the test results come back, we can't say for sure," said Lt. Mark Venus, head of the Lyon substation.

The Scorpions had been based in Detroit since forming in 1965. In 1999, the club bought a small vacant farmhouse with a garage in Lyon Township as a clubhouse for a new chapter. Currently, the Lyon chapter has 33 members.
"I joined the club 32 years ago. I moved out this way, so I started another chapter," Page said, adding the Scorpions have 18 chapters spread from Traverse City and Monroe to Illinois, Virginia and Texas. "We ran into these guys in Texas who had a Scorpions Motorcycle Club, but not the same logo. We became buddies and merged."

Over the years, club members had added two additions, a bandstand and deck to the garage. The front of part of the original building, which is still standing, will have to be torn down, Page said, due to smoke and water damage.
"We've had weddings, funerals and graduation parties — all my kids had their graduation parties here," Page said. "If a friend needs a clubhouse, we open the door instead of them paying $1,000 to rent a hall."

The fire at the Scorpions clubhouse came a couple of days after a suspicious fire destroyed the Street Royalty Motorcycle Club on Detroit's west side. Page, who owns a Brighton tattoo parlor, said the clubs are on good terms and he doesn't believe the fires are connected. At the Scorpions clubhouse, a piece of heavy equipment was found on-site and had apparently been used to move a large safe, which hadn't been opened.

Since the fire, Page said he'd been contacted by people offering donations to help get the clubhouse rebuilt.
"I didn't realize everyone likes us. I got a call from a Plymouth chili cook-off who wanted to donate.

We don't need it — I said give it to an abused women's shelter," Page said, adding when club parties have too much food members donate it to a group on Cass Avenue in Detroit. "We get clothing donations. We sent a lot of stuff downtown."


GOTTI (2017) Official Trailer - Starring John Travolta as John Gotti

The new GOTTI movie trailer. Gotti out in December 2017 follows infamous Gambino family crime boss John Gotti’s (Starring John Travolta as Gotti) and his rise to become the “Teflon Don” of the Gambino Crime Family in New York City. Following the Life and Death of John Gotti Spanning over three decades and recounted by his son John Jr. Gotti (played by Spencer Lofranco), GOTTI 2017 examines Gotti’s tumultuous.

September 28, 2017

Life Inside the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club

“Big Pete” James, of the infamous “biker gang” that started in Chicago, talks about why people misunderstand these groups and what he loves about riding on IL-173.

As a child, Peter James loved playing Risk with his family. Only twelve years old, he appreciated the strategy involved in commanding armies and taking territory from his opponents. One night, during a game, James’s father asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.
“Boss,” James replied. A few decades later, he was a boss, all right—Chicago’s regional vice president of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

Just like Risk, the “Big Four” motorcycle clubs have competed for territory throughout the United States for the past 50 years. The Outlaws are the oldest, founded on the outskirts of Chicago in 1935, and still based in the Great Lakes region. The Hell’s Angels are the largest, with chapters in more than 50 countries. The Pagans claim most of the eastern seaboard, and the Bandidos hold sway in the South, primarily in Texas. All four are considered “outlaw motorcycle gangs” by the FBI, subject to prosecution under the federal RICO Act.

Peter James has since left the Outlaws, but in a new book, The Last Chicago Boss (link is external) (St. Martin’s Press, co-written with Kerrie Droban), he reflects on his time in Chicago’s most infamous motorcycle club. If you’re hoping for an exposé on the inner workings of an organized crime syndicate, you’ll have to stick with fiction like Sons of Anarchy, but James’s story is nonetheless an interesting look at life in a tight-knit—sometimes violent—Chicago-area motorcycle club.

We recently spoke with him about biker culture, the impact of motorcycle gangs on TV, and his favorite local rides.

What do most people misunderstand about motorcycle clubs?
Not everybody that joins a motorcycle club is a criminal. They just have a certain philosophy of life, an “outlaw” outlook. I look at rules as suggestions: Most of them are pretty good, but if there’s one I don’t think pertains to me, then I don’t believe I have to follow it.

Are there criminals? Yes. There’s documentation all over the place. I’m not going to deny that. But as times have changed, views have changed. Same with the mob, the Chicago Outfit.

Given the criminal allegations against the Outlaws in the past, were you ever worried about the legal ramifications of writing this book?
This has happened to me in other interviews… I get asked a question, and it’s not as simple as the question makes it sound. I could go on for a half-hour about the reality of what I lived [with the Outlaws] versus what you’ve seen and heard. And therein lies part of the problem.

Even [last year] in the Sun-Times (link is external), that was a fair article, but what it spawned was incredible. Some guy wrote a blog saying I was intimidating federal witnesses. Well, if that was true, I would be in prison. You don’t intimidate federal witnesses and just get up and walk around. I did get a call from a few law enforcement agencies asking what I was trying to do. And I was like, “What do you mean? I’m just answering questions.”

How did real motorcycle clubs react to Sons of Anarchy?
One of the worst things that could ever happen to motorcycle clubs was Sons of Anarchy. Jax, the main guy, he’s not a biker. He’s a serial killer. What that show spawned, for a guy like me, was a big headache. New groups started to form their own little clubs and throw some silly patch on their jackets, guys with no understanding of club history or protocol. It turned into a free-for-all.

I’d tell them, “Look, you guys have no clue. You might as well just put on Bulls jackets and ride around. You might be OK here in Chicago, but if you decide to ride into Indiana or Wisconsin, and you have this on, people there might not like you. You’ve got to live with the stereotype. If you walk into a bar with colors on, you better be willing to defend them. You’re saying, this is who I am.”

What’s your favorite bike? What should people know before they buy?
My personal favorite is the Harley Heritage Softail (link is external). I’m a big guy, so I needed a big, rugged bike, but I didn’t want to be on a “bagger,” with a big pizza box on the back and bulky saddlebags and windshields. I might as well be in a car. At least then I’d have air conditioning. If you’re gonna go buy a bike, what I tell people is to sit on every model and swing your leg over.

Whatever model puts the biggest smile on your face, that’s the one you should buy. The other important thing is that you feel safe. If you get on a bike and you can’t put both feet on the ground, you’ve got a problem.

Any favorite places to ride in and around Chicago?
You go where there’s the least amount of traffic and the smoothest roads. One of my favorite rides was to go east on 290 onto Lake Shore, then go north and turn around at Sheridan and ride all the way back down, then take I-55 south to 355, then take that down to Lockport.

I live in the western suburbs near La Grange, and one of my favorite rides was down Archer Road toward Lockport, but that’s changed a lot because of new developments. Sometimes I feel like a wild animal whose habitat’s been taken away.

If you go up US-41 on a Sunday toward the Wisconsin border, there are hundreds of bikes. And then IL-173 toward Richmond, that’s a nice ride, and there’s a ton of places along there to stop, bars and burger joints.

What do you think about while you’re riding?
If I’m leading a pack, with like 25 or 30 bikes behind me, I’m thinking about how to keep the pack moving, making sure everybody stays together and stays safe. But when I’m by myself, or with just one other brother, that’s when I let my mind wander.

Riding a motorcycle isn’t as dangerous as some people think, but if you make a mistake, it’s unforgiving. If you think of the road as a jungle, the trucks are the elephants. They do whatever they want to do. Cars are like the lions, they don’t pay attention to anyone else. And then we’re the gazelles. If we’re not fast enough, the elephants and the lions will do us in. That’s why I tell people, you better have good tires and good brakes. You’ll lose a leg if you don’t pay attention.


Police raid Hells Angels MC chapter, seize club jewelry, drugs, money and guns

Police in Spain raided the Costa del Sol chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in August 2015, seizing 100 kilograms of marijuana, two guns, 20,000 euros in cash and a wide array of HAMC jewelry, logos, patches, books and mementos, including personal items of a member named “Nando.” Also found in the raids is a cool motorcycle, but one not decorated with the famous Hells Angels’ deaths head logo, but of the No Surrender MC, a fast-growing Dutch outlaw motorcycle club that had as its nucleus former Satudarah members and former Hells Angels member who was out in bad standing. No Surrender has a presence in Spain. The police probe in Málaga by La Guardia Civil, a national police force, was codenamed Operation Celestial and was a year in the making. Police said several full-patch members and more associates of the Hells Angels were arrested. Authorities allege the group was a criminal organization that moved large quantities of hashish by land to other European countries, mainly Denmark and the Netherlands using trucks and passenger cars for transport.

Patrick Sirek was former Hells Angels member of Chapter Tongeren in Belgium

Hells Angels biker charged in shooting dies of brain aneurysm

The Hells Angels biker charged with shooting a man who dared to move a parking cone outside the infamous gang’s East Village headquarters (link is external) died of a brain aneurysm, his lawyer said.

Prosecutors dismissed the assault case against Anthony Iovenitti, 52, Wednesday in Manhattan Criminal Court due to his August passing while on a motorcycle road trip.

Defense lawyer Ron Kuby said the biker ​​“died doing what he loved most, riding motorcycles with his brothers.”

Iovenitti had faced first-degree assault and weapon possession raps for allegedly shooting 25-year-old David Martinez in the stomach Dec. 11, 2016. Martinez had moved a cone outside the notorious E. 3rd St. clubhouse so he could park. Kuby previously said that NYPD surveillance video showed Martinez kick Iovenitti in the head before the biker fired a single round at him.

Martinez, who suffered a severed colon and damage to his spine, said he had forgiven Iovenitti.
“I’m pas​t that moment of revenge, of anger, of what I was feeling in the hospital bed when I couldn’t move, couldn’t walk, couldn’t use the bathroom by myself,” he said.
“My condolences to his family, to his friends,” said Martinez​, adding, “My blessings go out to all the Hells Angels.”


4th Bandido gang member admits to role in killing Hell’s Angels rival

A fourth member of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization pleaded guilty Wednesday for his role in the killing of an Austin man who tried to start a chapter of rival group, Hell’s Angels.

Norberto “Hammer” Serna, Jr., 35, pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting by using and discharging a firearm during and in relation to the shooting death of Anthony Benesh at a hearing in San Antonio’s federal court.
Three other Bandidos have also pleaded guilty to similar federal charges (link is external).


September 27, 2017

Bandeleder kræves fængslet for trusler - medlemmer af banden var mødt talstærkt op foran retten

Mens flere end 50 medlemmer eller tilhængere af bandegrupperingen Loyal to Familie, LTF, var mødt op foran Københavns Byret, hvor de blev visiteret af bevæbnet politi, sad gruppens ledende medlem Shuaib Khan onsdag på anklagebænken i retssal 23. Tiltalt for trusler mod en politimand, som visiterede ham ved Blågårds Plads natten til den 1. august. Politimanden var i en gruppe af seks betjente, der en efter en visiterede en gruppe på 8-10 formodede bandemedlemmer.
- Dig, du har attitude, men det har vi også, sagde Shuaib Khan ifølge tilstedeværende politifolk, der også mener, han blandt andet sagde "Pas på din ryg" eller noget i den retning.

Shuaib Khan selv nægter sig skyldig i trusler. Ifølge anklagemyndigheden kom de ikke fra Shuaib Khan alene, men fra hele gruppen, idet Khan er leder af banden. Det har forsvarer Michael Juul Eriksen senere bekræftet:
- Der er ikke nogen, der bestrider, at Shuaib Khan er leder af LTF, lød det fra forsvarsadvokaten.

Visiterede folk i opgang

Tilbage på Blågårds Plads var betjentene ikke i tvivl om, at Shuaib Khan tidligere er dømt i flere grove voldssager.
- Stemningen, da vi ankom, var, som den plejer. Men da vi begyndte, blev den hurtigt mere ond, siger betjenten, der ifølge anklager Henrik Bergqvist blev truet af Shuaib Khan.

Betjenten, der har et karakteristisk skæg, var indkaldt som det første vidne i retssagen.
- Proceduren var, at vi trak dem, der skulle visiteres, ind i en opgang, hvor de blev visiteret, og derefter fik de lov at gå. Men folk stimlede sammen foran opgangen i en flok, sagde politimanden.

Politimand var ikke populær

Politiets visitationszone er oprettet som følge af den verserende bandekonflikt med LTF på den ene side og en eller flere grupperinger omkring det tidligere Brothas på den anden, og indenfor zonen må politiet uden videre visitere personer eller køretøjer for våben eller andre genstande.
- Min opfattelse er, at han er et af de toneangivende medlemmer af LTF, hvis ikke den toneangivende. Den største chef i den gruppering, det er min opfattelse, sagde politimanden, der skal have været mål for truslerne.
Shuaib Khan blev ligesom de andre medlemmer af LTF visiteret en efter en i opgangen, mens han ifølge både politimanden og den anden betjent, der var til stede, gav udtryk for, at den forurettede politimand ikke var populær i gruppen.
De andre politifolk var ok, men det var han ikke.

Ændret stemning

Hverken bandelederen eller hans kammerater havde våben eller andet ulovligt på sig, men efter visitationerne ændrede stemningen sig, fortæller en af de andre betjente, der var til stede på Blågårds Plads.
- Stemningen skiftede fra halvdårlig og flabet til det ubehagelige. Du skal passe på, sagde Shuaib Khan, og så kiggede han meget intenst på ham (den forurettede politimand red.), fortæller vidnet.
Efter fire politifolk med forholdsvis enslydende forklaringer om ordvekslingerne og det, de opfattede som trusler, har afgivet forklaring, var det tre medlemmer af LTF's tur i vidneskranken. Og de fortalte samstemmende historier om, at de kender den skæggede betjent for, at han har en dårlig attitude og visiterer langt mere krænkende end sine kolleger.

Visiteret nøgen

Den første fortalte, at han skulle tage alt tøjet af i opgangen, hvorefter han måtte sætte sig på hug. Og at betjenten lyste med en lygte på hans kønsdele.
- Jeg står splitternøgen i den opgang, det er vildt ydmygende. Døren går op, der kommer folk ind og ud. Han har visiteret mig flere gange før, på samme ydmygende måde, sagde vidnet, der "er blevet visiteret 50 gange,” men aldrig på samme måde af andre.
- Jeg lagde mærke til, at de andre politifolk var i chok over den måde, han behandlede mig på, sagde bandemedlemmet.

- Husk hans ansigt

De to sidste LTF-medlemmer fortalte efter tur, at det var dem, der sagde ting til den skæggede politimand. Ikke Shuaib Khan.
- Jeg siger, husk hans ansigt, husk hans ansigt. Men det er ikke trusler. Husk hans ansigt, det er ham med skægget. Det er bare for at provokere ham, lød det stort set enslydende fra det ene LTF-vidne.
- Han er åbenbart speciel, han kan godt lide at se os nøgne. Jeg siger, de skal huske ham. For når de ser ham, så skal de bare gå deres vej. Så undgår man at blive trukket ind i en opgang og lyst op bagi, sagde det andet LTF-vidne, der blev ført ind i retten af bevæbnet politi, da han også selv sidder fængslet.
- (Det andet LTF-vidne red.) har lige været inde. Han har sagt præcis det samme, som du siger lige nu. Er det noget I har aftalt?, ville anklageren vide.
- Nej, jeg vidste ikke, at han ville være her, sagde det sidste LTF-vidne.

Shuaib Khan fulgte selv opmærksomt med i de tre LTF-medlemmers forklaringer. Med smil og nik, da de satte sig på vidnets plads i midten af retslokalet. Under de fire politifolks forklaringer, sad han opmærksomt og tog noter.

Det forventes, der falder dom i sagen 9. oktober

Denmark - TV2.

Prosecutor wants to ban Satudarah MC in Netherlands

The Public Prosecutor is soon going to court to try and ban outlaw motorcycle gang Satudarah from the Netherlands, the prosecutor's national office confirmed to AD.This follows the

Satudarah global leader Angelo M. and his brother Xanterra M. were arrested in Tilburg. A club member from Maastricht was also arrested. They are in restricted custody, which means they're only allowed contact with their lawyers. According to AD, the police are also hunting a fourth Satudarah member - Michel B. who is active in Enschede. The arrested Satudarah members are suspected of participating in a criminal organization that is involved in extortion, arms possession and drug trafficking, according to the Prosecutor. In November last year, the Public Prosecutor filed a civil procedure from the Netherlands. That case will appear in the court of Utrecht on Tuesday. Whether that will be an important 'test case', Wim de Bruin of the national office could not say to AD. "It's still too early."


Previously, the Public Prosecutor also tried to ban the Hells Angels, though that case failed.
Michael Ruperti, a lawyer that represents several Satudarah members in Noord-Brabant, called this action by the Public Prosecutor "pure rabble-rousing", according to the newspaper. Ruperti acknowledged that some individual Satudarah members are convicts, but that does not mean that Satudarah as a whole can be regarded as a criminal organization, he added. "That means that all Satudarah chapters and members work together structurally to commit criminal offenses. That is quite the accusation and, moreover, has never been demonstrated", the lawyer said.

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Life in Appalachian Prison LockUp HD Documentary 2017

Third member of Bandidos pleads to homicide charges from 2006

SAN ANTONIO - A man faces life in federal prison after pleading guilty to a charge in connection with the murder of Hells Angel Anthony Benesh, which took place in 2006, the Department of Justice said Monday.

Jesse James Benavidez, sergeant at arms with the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization (link is external), San Antonio Centro Chapter, pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and abetting using and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime -- specifically, murder in aid of racketeering, officials said in a news release.

Benavidez is the third member of the group to plead guilty.
In 2006, Benesh was trying to start a Texas chapter of the Hells Angels in Austin, according to court records cited in the release.

Members of the Bandidos group warned Benesh to stop his activities and stop recruitment, which Benesh ignored, officials said.

Benavidez and others then killed Benesh on March 18, 2006, outside an Austin restaurant to protect the power, reputation and territory of the Bandidos enterprise, the release said.

Johnny Romo, Bandidos national sergeant at arms, and Bandidos Centro Chapter member Robert Romo pleaded guilty Friday to related federal charges for their roles in the homicide.
Benavidez remains in federal custody. Sentencing is scheduled for May
28, 2018 in San Antonio.

Johnny Romo and Robert Romo also remain in federal custody. Their sentencings are scheduled for May 14, 2018, and May 21, 2018, respectively, officials said.


September 26, 2017


Two very different events brought hundreds of bikers to Kelowna on the weekend

Hundreds of bikers were on the streets of Kelowna this past weekend for two very different kinds of events. The Salvation Army held their annual Motorcycle Toy Run Sunday, with 127 volunteers riding in formation from Kelowna to Lake Country and back. This is the 32nd year the Salvation Army has brought the ride to Kelowna.

Bikers from across the province were also in Kelowna last weekend for the Hells Angels annual Poker Run. Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey confirmed out-of-town bikers, many showing the colours of outlaw biker gangs, were in Kelowna for an annual competition where players collect a card at several checkpoints. Prizes are awarded to players with the best poker hands at the end of the event.

One neighbour says more than 100 bikes were parked outside 871 Ellis St. Saturday night. She worried that the increased presence was related to the murder of a rival gang founder in Kamloops late last week (link is external). O'Donaghey says the event is legal and there were no incidents.

The Hells Angels clubhouse on Ellis Street was a stop on an annual poker run.
Image Credit: SUBMITTED

Justice Barry Davies describes the Hells Angel's clubhouses in B.C. as “safe havens” used to plan and commit crimes, and the Kelowna property has been a target of the civil forfeiture office since 2012.

A bid to quash the seizure was dismissed in February 2016 in a Vancouver courtroom, and forfeiture proceedings were expected to begin again in Vancouver this year.

According to their own website, there are ten Hells Angels' chapters in B.C. (link is external) 

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Police swarm Head Hunters clubrooms in Ellerslie

Police swarmed the Head Hunters Motorcycle Club clubrooms in Ellerslie this morning after restraining a senior gang member's property worth $6 million. Police said they had executed search warrants at various locations in Auckland with the support of other government agencies, including the Serious Fraud Office, Customs, the Ministry of Social Development and Inland Revenue.

The execution of the warrants followed an investigation into alleged accumulation of criminally derived wealth by a senior member of the Head Hunters gang, police said. This investigation is known as Operation Coin, and has used the powers under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act to target those deriving income from criminal activity.

Police were last week granted restraining orders from the High Court in relation to various properties worth $6 million controlled by the senior Head Hunters member, a 62-year-old beneficiary. Detective Superintendent Iain Chapman, head of the Police Financial Crime Group, said a "significant amount of work" had gone into the operation.

"Police are committed to ensuring that people cannot accrue wealth and assets as a result of criminal behaviour, at the expense of the safety of our community," he said. About 15 police officers and seven police cars were this morning stationed outside Fight Club at 232 Marua Rd.

A Herald photographer at the scene said both ends of Marua Rd were cordoned off while uniformed police searched the gang's premises.
Police talk to club members after cordoning off Marua Road in Ellerslie while raiding the Headhunters Motorcycle Club clubrooms. Photo / NZ Herald
Police talk to club members after cordoning off Marua Road in Ellerslie while raiding the Headhunters Motorcycle Club clubrooms. Photo / NZ Herald

Gang members appeared to be co-operating and no one had been arrested, the photographer said.

There was also a Customs officer present.
Around six officers were later seen leaving the scene, while others remained inside and outside the building. Police dogs were brought out of cars, while the doors to the gym were pulled closed as officers searched the property. Traffic is flowing freely along Marua Rd.
Police talk to Senior Head Hunters gang member Wayne Doyle. Photo / NZ Herald
A worker from a neighbouring business said police arrived this morning and blocked off the road.
He said police officers hid beside the trade factory before they descended upon the Fight Club.
Police then began searching cars and talking to occupants of the club. The man said he has worked at the neighbouring business for one-and-a-half years and never had any trouble from anyone at the property.

Other neighbouring businesses said they were only made aware of the raid when police arrived at the property. They were not aware what it was for and had no complaints about the Fight Club. A resident nearby on Marua Rd said she felt safe living in the area and had never had any trouble with the club, apart from the odd loud motorbike.

Police are seeking any information from the public or professional bodies who are engaged in the financial affairs of the Head Hunters gang.

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September 24, 2017

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September 23, 2017

Scorpions MC Detroit Clubhouse Arson Fire (2017)

An 2:15 minute TV news clip about the arson fire that burned down the Scorpions MC clubhouse in Lyons Township (Detroit, Michigan) on September 21, 2017, with 5 minutes of raw footage shot from a helicopter after the fire had been extinguished.


Stellungnahme : Tim K.
Der Brothers MC Germany hat offiziell Tim K. Sgt-at arms World seines Amtes enthoben.  Und das ist somit der sofortige Ausschluss aus der Bruderschaft.

Tim K. der sich öffentlich gerne von Drogen und sogenannten "Geschäften", wie er sie nennt, offiziell distanziert und Frauen angeblich vor widerwärtigen "Ausländern" beschützen möchte, rettet gerne arme Prostituierte aus den Fängen der skrupellosen Bordelle, um sie dann wiederum für sich selbst arbeiten zu lassen auf privater Ebene mit gemütlichem Ambiente.

Er selbst bezeichnet sich als sugar daddy.
Dazu wird natürlich nicht mit Whisky gegeizt, Kokain für davor und dann einen Marihuana Joint zum entspannten runterkommen.  Aber das alles war nicht der Grund, wieso wir uns jetzt von ihm in jeglicher Form distanzieren.

Dass er ein Spiel in der Öffentlichkeit treibt, wussten wir alle und solange er einen Vorteil aus seinen
Machenschaften ziehen konnte, war es uns gleich, denn er war schließlich unser Bruder in den Farben.

Wir standen ihm loyal zur Seite.
Als Dank für unsere Treue hat uns Tim K. belogen und betrogen, wo er nur konnte. Tim K. hat mit dem sogenanntem Ponzi-Schema versucht seine Brüder über den Tisch zuziehen, indem er ihnen sogenannte Geschäftsmodelle vorgestellt und sie zur Investition motiviert hat, in denen er allein der Profitträger ist.

Ich spreche hier explizit von den "seriösen" S.-Coins.
Bis heute warten einige Brüder auf ihr Geld.  Das ist zwar moralisch verwerflich und so etwas macht man nicht, aber auch das ist kein Grund ihn der Bruderschaft zu verweisen.  Weil niemand zu etwas gezwungen wurde.

Jetzt kommen wir aber zu dem Teil, in dem Tim jeden seiner Brüder verraten und vorallem Dingen beklaut hat.  Tim K., der sich auf dem Rücken der gesamten Nation bereichern wollte und die ganze Zeit in die eigene Tasche gewirtschaftet hat.  Hierzu kommt, dass er diese Tat vertuschen wollte und einige Brüder untereinander ausgespielt hat.

Um so einen internen Zerfall der Bruderschaft anzustreben und seine Gräuel, in dem Tumult untergehen zu lassen.  Auf das sie unbemerkt blieben.  Außerdem können wir belegen, dass er Spendengelder unterschlagen und diese die Bedürftigen nie in dem Maße erreicht hat wie es von uns vorgesehen war.

Nur durch Glück sind einigen Brüdern die Ungereimtheiten aufgefallen, die wir durch Tim K. perfides Spiel erleiden mussten.  Dieses jedoch konnten wir aber noch im letzten Moment verhindern.

Als das Kartenhaus langsam zu zerfallen begann bekamen wir Informationen aus sicheren Quellen, dass Tim K. nach wie vor für die Polizei als V-Mann agierte.  Spätestens jetzt wussten wir, wer der Maulwurf war.

Als wir Tim K. mit all dem konfrontieren wollten, hat er sich in sein Clubhaus eingesperrt und die Polizei gerufen.  Allein diese Haltung war ein komplettes Schuld Eingeständnis.  Nicht nur, dass er jegliche Regeln der Bruderschaft gebrochen hat, sondern jede Regel, für die ein Rocker steht.

Tim K. ist weder ein Rocker noch ein Bruder, er ist ein Dieb und ein feiger Heuchler.  Auch uns wurden die Augen geöffnet, nach der Kirche ist man immer schlauer.

Einmal Bulle immer Bulle.
Brothers MC World Wide

Brutal fight between bikers and truckers

Wild brawl erupts between motorcyclists and truck drivers on Oklahoma country road with one motorist wielding a shotgun, another repeatedly punching a rider and one flashing his belly
A wild video shows a fight between motorcyclists and people in pick up trucks in the middle of a road near Oklahoma City.

Konaam Killed in Kamloops

Global is reporting that Konaam Shirzad, one of the founding members of the Red Scorpians, before they were taken over by the swine flu, was shot dead last night in Kamloops. I can tell you the UN didn't do it so do the math.

Konaam was in the news January of this year after the police used percussion grenades to execute a search warrant at the gym he owned. I kid you not. The police didn't find anything which supports my personal theory that he left the life.

Blaze the fly sh*t woman beater claimed Konaam had kicked the Wolf Pack out of Kamloops so that would provide you with a motive. Chalk up one more for the big red machine. Konaam was solid. The cub pack sucks. Money doesn't buy respect yo. Any kid can pull a trigger.

Canada - GO/DW.

BREAKING: 2 Bandidos plead guilty in 2006 Austin killing, feds say

Two leaders of the Bandidos motorcycle club pleaded guilty Friday to charges related to the killing of Anthony Benesh III outside an Austin restaurant in 2006.

Johnny Romo, 47, and Robert Romo, 45, both of San Antonio, pleaded guilty to two charges related to murder, racketeering and using a firearm in relation to a violent crime, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Justice.

According to court records at the time, Benesh, 44, was allegedly trying to start a chapter of the Hells Angels in Texas and was warned by members of the Bandidos to desist. He received multiple threatening voice and text messages indicating that he should stop wearing the insignia of the Hells Angels.

Benesh didn’t heed their warnings, and on March 18, 2006, he was with his two children outside a Northwest Austin pizza restaurant when he was shot and killed by a single bullet in a sniper-style attack, authorities have said.

According to the DOJ statement, the Romos and other men killed Benesh “to protect the power, reputation and territory of the Bandidos enterprise.” The Romos were indicted in March along with two other men, 40-year-old Jesse James Benavidez and 35-year-old Norberto Serna Jr.

The Romos face sentences of up to life in prison. Their sentencing hearings are scheduled for May next year.


Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Gang Attacks Man At Hidden Valley Restaurant

A motorcycle gang is being investigated for a brutal attack on a patron at a local family restaurant.Willie’s Sports Café on Schmarr Drive in Hidden Valley was full of customers – some of them children – Thursday evening when the attack took place just before 8:00 p.m.

Officers and deputies from the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department, Hidden Valley Rangers, Greendale Police Department and Indiana State Police responded to a report of a fight involving several subjects from the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club.

The outlaw biker gang is notorious for violence and drug dealing.
According to Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Lynn Deddens, the responding officers located the 45-year-old male beating victim outside the restaurant near it’s volleyball court. He was bleeding from a laceration over his eye.
“Witnesses stated that several men attacked the victim and then left the scene prior to officers’ arrival,” said Deddens.

The victim has not been named publicly.
The police response forced the restaurant to shut down temporarily Thursday night.
“It’s disappointing that these individuals would carry out an attack like this in a family oriented setting with children present. We can assure our citizens that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in our community,” said Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office investigator Shane McHenry.

The case is under investigation by the Dearborn-Ohio County Special Crimes Unit. No arrests have been announced. It is unclear if investigators have identified any suspects.

Steve Van Wassenhove is the owner of Willie’s Sports Café. He tells Eagle Country 99.3 his entire staff is shocked and deeply saddened by the incident last night.
“We are a family restaurant and have never witnessed anything like this in the 12 years we have been operating. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim of this senseless attack that took place outside the restaurant. We will be working closely with police to help with their investigation and to ensure that an incident like this never occurs again,” said Van Wassenhove.


September 22, 2017

Two Hells Angels Acquitted of Beating and Robbery Charges

Two Hells Angels were found Not Guilty of charges related to a fight in 2013, at the Rockford Hells Angels clubhouse. The fight sent one man to the hospital. Jurors took just a little over an hour to reach their verdict.  Thomasz Lech and Jose Vielma Junior were found Not Guilty of Armed Robbery and Aggravated Battery charges. The 2013 beating and robbery left the victim with stab wounds. The duo's defense attorney argued successfully that the prosecutions case was largely circumstantial and eyewitness testimony implicating the two men was unreliable.
"My clients indicated that they were innocent throughout and there was no charges that could have been supported by the state that would show that they, in any way, did anything wrong, other than being a Hells Angels Motorcycle Club member, which is still legal in the state of Illinois," said Defense Attorney Patrick Campenelli.


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September 21, 2017

Real MC Supporters Don't Talk Smack About Other MC's On Social Media Sites

REAL MC SUPPORTERS DON'T TALK SMACK ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. A subject i've been meaning to touch on since i started this youtube channel, real MC club supporters and support crews DO NOT talk smack about other clubs on social media, as i've said numerous times in my videos, the MC's DON'T have middle men or women speaking on their behalf - PERIOD.

26-årig anholdt efter skudepisoder på Nørrebro

Københavns Politi har natten til torsdag rykket ud til to skudepisoder på Nørrebro i København. Den første skudepisode fandt sted på Heimdalsgade, hvor der blev skudt efter en tilfældig person, der kom ud af en butik. Personen, som efter politiets overbevisning intet har at gøre med bandekonflikten, blev dog ikke ramt af skud.

Københavns Politi har en patrulje til stede i området, som opfatter, at der bliver afgivet skud. Betjentene jagter derfor gerningsmanden til fods gennem Esromgade hen til Den Røde Plads ved Nørrebrogade, hvor han affyrer flere skud.

- Her er der en svensk kvinde, der bliver ramt og en mand, der bliver ramt af et strejfskud. Kvinden blev efterfølgende kørt på sygehuset, hvor hun straks blev opereret. Hendes tilstand er nu stabil, lyder det fra politiinspektør Poul Kjeldsen fra Københavns Politi, som påpeger at også disse to ramte tilsyneladende er tilfældige ofre.

Det lykkes herefter politiet at standse gerningsmanden - en 26-årig mand med tilknytning til bandemiljøet omkring Blågårds Plads i København - på Krogerupvej. Under eftersættelsen af gerningsmanden affyrer politiet to advarselsskud. Den 26-årige bliver efterfølgende anholdt.

Politiet har i løbet af sommeren været massivt til stede på Nørrebro på grund af mange skyderier. Nattens skyderi er dog det første i en måned. Skudepisoderne vidner om, at bandekonflikten i København ikke er et afsluttet kapitel, siger politiinspektør Poul Kjeldsen.
- På trods af at politiet er massivt til stede ude i området, så vælger de stadig at afgive skud. Vi anser altså stadig konflikten for verserende. Vi er glade for, at vi har anholdt denne her person, som vi sigter for de her forhold.

Den 26-årige anholdte vil blive fremstillet for en dommer senere i dag.

Denmark - TV2.

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Lawyers question former Hells Angels club president about stealing from Rockford chapter

The former head of a Rockford motorcycle club testified today that he had heard rumors after he was attacked that he was stealing from the Hells Angels.

But that’s not the reason Josh Johnson, 47, said fellow members gave him for wanting him out of the Rockford chapter before they attacked him. Johnson testified that he and a friend were accused during their weekly club meeting on June 27, 2013, of working with the police.

“They didn’t accuse you of stealing?” asked John Palmer, one of the defense attorneys for five members of the Rockford and Chicago branches of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club who are on trial this week for allegedly beating, stabbing and shocking the former president with a stun gun.

“No they did not,” said Johnson, who was questioned by defense lawyers for hours today.
Christopher Lawson and Richard L. Todd, both of Rockford; John R. Savalick of Pecatonica; Jose P. Vielma of Countryside; and Tomasz Lech of Crestwood are charged in the beating at the Hells Angels’ clubhouse, then located at 1109 Rock St., Rockford. Johnson’s wallet and keys were stolen, and he testified this week that three TVs, two laptops and his daughter’s iPod were stolen from his home while he was in the hospital.

Hells Angels on trial over beating, stabbing of former Rockford club president

A former Rockford man testified today that he was beaten, stabbed and shocked with a Taser because fellow members of the Hells Angels accused him of working with the police. Josh Johnson at the time was president of the Rockford charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Members told Johnson “you’re out bad.” Then he was “beat with a hammer. He’s beat with fists.  He’s kicked.

You’ll hear he’s stabbed four times in the back. And he’s tased,” Winnebago County Assistant State’s Attorney Joe Lesner told jurors during opening statements in the trial of five members of the Hells Angels. Johnson also had his wallet and keys stolen and his then 11-year-old daughter was taken without his permission, Lesner said.

The former club president testified today he was beaten repeatedly with an axe handle and a hammer or bat, stabbed in the back and left side and tased multiple times during a club meeting — which Hells Angels refer to as “church” — on June 27, 2013, at the Hells Angels’ clubhouse, then located at 1109 Rock St., Rockford.

But defense attorneys for the five men countered that Johnson — a mixed martial arts fighter and jiu jitsu practitioner — had been kicked out of the club and some of their clients were defending themselves from the man who outweighed them.“The evidence is going to show that Josh Johnson was no longer suitable to be a member of the Hells Angels,” one defense attorney, Chris Humphrey, said. “The evidence is going to show our clients did what they had to do to defend themselves.”


Another puppet club replaces the Devil's Army in Langford

The Times Colonist is reporting that a new motorcycle club called the Savages is operating out of the Langford clubhouse previously used by the Devil’s Army. The Savages are believed to be a puppet club of the Nanaimo chapter of the Hells Angels. About 100 bikers including full-patch Hells Angels rumbled through Langford on April 1 during a memorial ride for Mike Widner, a prospect for the motorcycle gang who was killed in March in what police believe was a targeted hit. On April 30, bikers rode from Nanaimo to Victoria in the annual ride in memory of Michael (Zeke) Mickle, the Nanaimo Hells Angels president who disappeared in 1993 and is presumed dead." Zeke was killed after trying to tax the Vietnamese grows. They said no.

Canada - GO/DW.

Imran «Onkel Skrue» Saber med utbrudd i retten

OSLO TINGRETT: Et stort sikkerhetsoppbud var på plass da saken mot Metkel Betew, tidligere Bandidos-topp Lars Harnes og elleve andre tiltalte startet i Oslo tingrett. Før rettssaken startet kom Imran Saber med et utbrudd mot retten.

Sikkert i retten
STOR SIKKERHET: Det var flere politifolk utenfor rettssal 828 da rettssaken mot Metkel Betew og den tidligere Bandidos-topp Lars Harnes startet i Oslo tingrett onsdag.
Foto: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Nokas-dømte Metkel Betew (39), Lars Harnes (49) og de elleve andre står tiltalt for drapsforsøk, narkotikainnførsel, våpenanskaffelser og planer om ran av et verditransportfly på Gardermoen.

Metkel Betew nektet straffskyld da aktor leste opp den lange tiltalelisten mot ham, deriblant drapsforsøk på heleridømte Imran Saber (39), ofte kalt «Onkel Skrue». Også Lars Harnes nektet straffskyld for drapsforsøket.

Et stort sikkerhetsoppbudet gjorde at retten kom i gang noe forsinket. Men allerede før rettssaken var i gang ble det bråk fra sal 828 i Oslo tingrett.
– Glem Eirik Jensen-saken. Den kommer til å blekne. Det er deres skyld at det er gjort flere drapsforsøk mot meg, ropte Imran Saber, alias «Onkel Skrue», som hyttet neven mot påtalemyndigheten og slo i bordet.

Både NTB og TV2 fikk med seg utbruddet i retten.
Sabers bistandsadvokat Sol Elden, sier det ikke er naturlig for henne å kommentere utbruddet nå.
– Vi får se om han sier noe mer når retten skal ta for seg drapsforsøket, sier hun.

Imran onkel skrue Saber
Politiet mener Harnes og Betew planla å drepe Imran Saber, bedre kjent som «Onkel Skrue».
Foto: Privat

Begynte å spane i 2014

Rettssaken kommer etter en større politiaksjon mot Betews omgangskrets i august 2015.

Allerede da Betew ble sluppet ut av fengsel i 2014 etter å ha sonet en forvaringsdom for Nokas-ranet i 2004, begynte politiet å spane på ham. Politiet mistenkte at 39-åringen planla nye straffbare forhold.

De fulgte med på en rekke møter mellom ham og Lars Harnes, og ved hjelp av helikopter og lydbom kunne de følge med på samtalene. Det førte til at Harnes ble pågrepet i garasjeanlegget ved boligen til Imran «Onkel Skrue» Saber i juli 2015. Politiet mener Harnes hadde planer om å drepe Saber.

Da han ble pågrepet skal han ha vært innpakket i nylon fra strømpebukser, latekshansker, tape og finlandshette for å unngå å legge igjen DNA-spor på stedet.

Våren 2015 infiltrerte tre danske undercover-agenter miljøet rundt Betew. De ble etter hvert inkludert i innførselen av store mengder narkotika fra Nederland til Norge. Den store politioperasjonen har ført til en tiltaleliste på 14 punker.

Ber om 18 år med forvaring

Alle, unntatt Lars Harnes, er tiltalt for mafiavirksomhet, altså organisert kriminell virksomhet.
Påtalemyndigheten har varslet i tiltalebeslutningen at de mest sannsynlig vil be om 18 års forvaring for Betew under rettssaken. For Bandidos-toppen Lars Harnes vil de be om 14 år med forvaring.
Lars Harnes
Den tidligere Bandidos-toppen Lars Harnes er tiltalt
Foto: null / NTB scanpix

Norway - NRK.