September 30, 2018

Crazy Shocking Motorcycles 2018

Summer is OVER and OUT.

Thoughts on Mixed Race Motorcycle Clubs Are we still living with the Jim Crow Tag in the biker scene

Histories Mysteries - The Hells Angels MC

Frank Hanebuth Hells Angels MC Hannover

Former Hells Angels member Patrick Sirek & Prospect Eddy Vaes going to Harley Customs & Repair shop

Steven Skinner worked for the Hells Angels and Larry Amero

Colombian authorities say a Nova Scotia man who is awaiting trial for a 2011 murder in Lake Echo, N.S., was allegedly one of the ringleaders of a drug cartel that paid people to smuggle liquid cocaine in their bodies to Canada, the U.S. and Europe."

"The Colombian attorney general's office also says Steven Douglas Skinner murdered an accomplice in that country and then escaped to Venezuela. Skinner was arrested on a beach in Venezuela in 2016 and extradited to Canada, where he is facing a second-degree murder charge in the death of 20-year-old Stacey Adams. Adams was shot dead in the driveway of a home in Lake Echo in 2011. Skinner, from Cole Harbour, fled the province soon after the killing and was on the lam for five years before he was caught in Venezuela."

So Skinner is charged with a murder in NS but he is also accused of murdering an accomplice in Columbia. What Canadian drug dealer was murdered in Columbia around that time? Frederic Lavoie. Frederic Lavoie was murdered and dismembered in Colombia May 12 2014. This appears to be Skinner's accomplice that he murdered in Columbia.

Let's be clear. Skinner is from Nova Scotia and sold drugs for the Hells Angels. Just because I buy drugs from the Hells Angels, that doesn't make me a member of the Hells Angels. If I sell drugs for the Hells Angels and buy cocaine from Mexico, that does not make me a member of the Mexican cartel. If I sell drugs for the Hells Angels and buy cocaine from Columbia, that does not make me a member of a Colombian cartel. Skinner did not work for the Mexican or Colombian cartel. Skinner worked for the Hells Angels. His accomplice was from Quebec.

The drug ring was run by the Hells Angels. This is the same drug ring Larry Amero and Rabih Alkhalil were involved with. So they killed another accomplice two years after they were busted. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Canada - GO/DW.

September 29, 2018


2018 Daytona Beach Bike Week

Video shows attempted assassination of Hells Angels member

Newly released surveillance video shows the moment an Ontario man disguised in a burka tried and failed to assassinate a Hells Angels member in a packed food court at the Vancouver International Airport in April 2015.

In the video, Knowah Ferguson, the 18-year-old would-be hitman, is seen approaching a table where his target, Damion Ryan, a Hells Angels member dressed in white, is sitting.

Ferguson lifts one of the two handguns he was carrying in his purse to the back of Ryan’s head and pulls the trigger, but nothing fires, and Ryan can be seen trying to swat the gun away before fleeing on foot.

Few of the bystanders appear to have noticed the attack, which unfolded in seconds.
Ferguson, who was carrying a Glock and a .45-caliber handgun, told his accomplice, who has not been identified in court records, that he tried to get the second gun out of his purse after the first gun jammed.

The pair later torched their getaway car — and the burka — before returning to a Vancouver motel to await their next assignment.  They were arrested a few months later, in June, in a stolen truck with a cache of firearms.

Ferguson pleaded guilty to attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 11 years in prison last month on the two charges. According to court records, Ferguson, who had no previous criminal record, was motivated to carry out the hit by a promised $200,000 payout.

Though he maintained that “the overall plan…was instigated and designed by (others)” and that his role was simply to “execute,” the judge derided him for being an “active and eager participant who was ready to take a life.”

Video Link To assassination attempt on Hells Angels Member

Canada - IT.

Russian Mafia Compilation 2018

Compilation of Mafia in Russia. Do not try this at home!

Russian Mafia Compilation 2018
You will see cars like AMG, M cars, G wagons etc..

Russian Mafia 2018

Russia - MC & Gjengkriminalitet/Youtube

What is going on with Kinfolk Motorcycle Club? A M/C acting like this in public? Not good

Politiet´s nye forklaringsformand Jørgen Bergen Skov lyder næsten som Danmark´s tidligere Statsminister Poul Schlüter

Et netop afsluttet pressemøde fra København´s Politigård omkring den store "MYSTISKE" aktion fra i går, og som i skrevne stund stadig fortsætter, den må nok få størstedelen af DANMARK´S befolkning til at skraldgrine - for Chefpolitiinspektør Jørgen Bergen Skov lød nærmest, som DANMARK´S tidligere Statsminister Poul Schlüter, da han engang sagde - der er ikke fejet noget ind under gulvtæppet.

Man siger, at der findes ingen dårlige forklaringer, men kun dårlige undskyldninger. Det må så siges, at det forstod Chefpolitiinspektør Jørgen Bergen Skov så i den grad at lave om på, for magen til dårlig forklaring skal man lede længe efter, og troværdigheden hos det danske Politi har bestemt ikke fået fem stjerner med pil opad, men nok mere fem SURE og INDEBRÆNDTE rødglødende smileys med nedadgående pil i raketfart.

Vi handler, som man gør, når et menneskeliv er i fare sagde Chefpolitiinspektør Jørgen Bergen Skov, og lad os så lige holde fat i den udtalelse - for det må så være et meget vigtigt menneskeliv vi her snakker om, og et menneskeliv af så stor betydning, at det må da vedrøre hele NATIONENS SIKKERHED, at dette menneske reddes for enhver pris, for vi har da i vores tid i bande- og rockermiljøet set og hørt om mange liv i fare, men ALDRIG set så stort et opbud af Politi, for at forhindre noget - eller sørge for sikkerheden for de personer, som har været i fare.

Mon ikke Chefpolitiinspektør Jørgen Bergen Skov godt ved, at han lige for lidt siden stod og rundsnakkede hele den danske befolkning, og hans forklaring om hvordan politiet håndterer situationer om menneskeliv i fare, så fremadrettet kommer til at skabe problemer på 112, når fru. Hansen ringer og siger, at hr. Hansen vil slå hende ihjel, og har kidnappet deres gadekryds Buller, og sidst er set kørende i deres Lada årgang 1976 på Valby Langgade, og politiet ikke indsætter hele aktionsstyrken for, at redde gadekrydset Buller og afspærrer det hele og alt i lille Danmark - selvom Chefpolitiinspektør Jørgen Bergen Skov nærmest gav sit ord på, at det gjorde man, når et menneskeliv stod på spil.

Nu skal vi her på MC & Gjengkriminalitet så ikke gøre os til eksperter, men en af tre muligheder er nok kun grunden til, at gårdsdagens aktion fandt sted og fortsat finder sted i Danmark:

-1. Royal Kidnapning.
-2. Terror
-3. Pis og Papir.

Danmark - MC & Gjengkriminalitet

Hier fliegen die Fäuste: Polizeieingriff! | Achtung Kontrolle | kabel eins

Mongols MC - Harbor Party - Now this is how The Mongols Party

Good parties never ends. Let´s go back to 2010 and take a look how The Mongols MC Nation PARTY.

Life is ONE big Party - Hooah

USA - MC & Gjengkriminalitet/Youtube

Most dangerous gang

A look in to the Mongrel Mob Australia

Edmonton police constable suspected of leaking information to Hells Angels

Officer arrested Thursday and suspended without pay, police say

An Edmonton police officer has been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, city police said Friday.

CBC News has learned the female officer, a constable who worked out of downtown division, is suspected of leaking information to a Hells Angels associate.

The officer is not in custody.
In a media statement, police said the officer was arrested Thursday morning and has been relieved from duty without pay "pending confirmation from the Edmonton Police Commission."

The officer has been provided support and assistance from the employee and family assistance section, police said.

ASIRT issued a statement Friday afternoon confirming the investigation is ongoing. It said no charges have been laid.

EPS said it will not provide further comment because ASIRT is leading the investigation. ASIRT said no further information will be released at this time.

Canada - BN.

N.S. man awaiting murder trial was Colombian drug cartel kingpin, say authorities

This photo of Steven Skinner's arrest on a beach was shared by Venezuelan police on social media. (Twitter)

Colombian authorities say a Nova Scotia man who is awaiting trial for a 2011 murder in Lake Echo, N.S., was allegedly one of the ringleaders of a drug cartel that paid people to smuggle liquid cocaine in their bodies to Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

The Colombian attorney general's office also says Steven Douglas Skinner murdered an accomplice in that country and then escaped to Venezuela.

Skinner was arrested on a beach in Venezuela in 2016 and extradited to Canada, where he is facing a second-degree murder charge in the death of 20-year-old Stacey Adams.

Adams was shot dead in the driveway of a home in Lake Echo in 2011. Skinner, from Cole Harbour, fled the province soon after the killing and was on the lam for five years before he was caught in Venezuela.

Morfhox cartel dismantled

In a news release issued Wednesday, the Colombian attorney general's office said Skinner teamed up with another man named Daniel (El Loco) Barrera to create a drug trafficking and money laundering network called Morfhox.

The cartel convinced seniors, mothers and foreigners — mostly Venezuelans — to ingest latex capsules filled with liquid cocaine and then travel abroad in pairs to deliver the drugs. Morfhox supplied the travellers with passports, airplane tickets and clothes as well as money for expenses.

The mules were promised that if they delivered the narcotics to their destinations in North America and Europe, they would receive additional payment when they returned to Colombia.
The attorney general's office in Colombia said Wednesday it broke up the Morfhox cartel after four years of investigations. Twenty-seven people are facing charges, including conspiracy to commit a crime, trafficking, manufacturing and possession of narcotic drugs, money laundering and homicide.

A large quantity of cash, four firearms, ammunition and emeralds were found during the investigation. Forty-six properties, four businesses and 12 vehicles have also been seized.

The Colombian authority also alleges Skinner assassinated an accomplice in Sabaneta, Antioquia, which is near Medellin.

There's no word yet on whether Skinner could be extradited back to Colombia to face more charges.

Skinner's trial in Nova Scotia for the killing of Adams is scheduled to begin Sept. 3, 2019, and is expected to take 20 days.

Eric Taylor and Cheryl Schurman, the Crown attorneys prosecuting Skinner for the Adams homicide, said Friday there was no agreement when he was extradited to Canada that he could be sent back to South America.

They said they were not aware of the charges against him when he was brought to Canada.

Canada - CBC.

September 28, 2018

Full Action HD Movie - Mafia Movie - Crime Movie - Nitti.

Stor polisinsats i Danmark – misstänkt kidnappning

En mycket stor polisinsats pågår i Danmark. All trafik från Själland stängdes av. Polisen jagar en Volvo V90 med svensk registreringsplåt. Enligt uppgifter till Aftonbladet rör det sig om ett kidnappningsdrama – ordern från dansk polis är att bilen måste stoppas till varje pris.

Strax före klockan 14 meddelades att Öresundsbron stängts i riktning mot Sverige. Anledningen är en ”speciell händelse”.
– Jag får hänvisa till Danmark. Jag vet bara att den är stängd på begäran av dansk polis, säger Anna Göransson vid polisens ledningscentral.

Vid 15 meddelade Köpenhamnspolisen att Öresundsbron och centralstationen skulle öppna och vid 16-tiden flöt trafiken som vanligt igen på bron.

Källa till Aftonbladet: Kidnappning

Enligt uppgifter till Aftonbladet är orsaken till polisinsatsen en kidnappning i Danmark där en svenskregistrerad Volvo efterspanas. Ordern från dansk polis är att bilen måste stoppas till varje pris, enligt Aftonbladets uppgifter. Den efterspanade bilen är en hyrbil från Stockholm.

Köpenhamnspolisen har gått ut med att de eftersöker en Volvo V90 med svenskt registreringsnummer; ZBP 546.

Hyrbilen är efterlyst

Tre personer med koppling till grov kriminalitet tros befinna sig i bilen. Vittnen ombeds kontakta polisen om de ser personerna och ska absolut inte närma sig dem på egen hand, skriver Köpenhamnspolisen.

Den svarta Volvo V90 med registreringsnummer ZBP 546 som söks är noterad som efterlyst. Bilen är registrerad på en hyrfirma i Stockholm, fordonet är avställt sedan den 24 september i år. Aftonbladet har sökt företrädare för hyrfirman. 

Trafiken helt stängd från Själland

All sorts trafik från Själland, Danmarks folktätaste ö där Köpenhamn är placerat, stängdes av polis. Stora bältbron, som förbinder öarna Själland med Fyn, var avstängd liksom färjetrafiken mellan Helsingör och Helsingborg samt till och från Tyskland.

Tågtrafiken mellan Själland och Fyn har öppnat igen, uppger tågbolaget DSB på Twitter.
Vid 16.30 meddelade Köpenhamnspolisen på Twitter att alla transportförbindelser är öppna igen eller är påväg att öppnas.

Sweden/Denmark - AP.

Hells Angels about SEK rampage

Hells Angels zur SEK RANDALE bei der öffentlichen Weihanchtsfeier in einer Düsseldorfer Kneipe, bei der Hells Angels Member unter vielen anderen und Szenefremden Gästen ebenfalls gefeiert haben.
In der folgenden Pressekonferenz stellte man es so dar, als wären die Bilder auf denen das Chaos und die Schäden dokumentiert wurden fingiert bzw inszeniert um den Einsatz in ein falsches Licht zu rutschen und zeigte allen enstes Bilder auf denen außen wie innen alles absolut sauber und ohne jeden Schaden nach dem Einsatz hinterlassen worden sei. Dumm nur das viele Besucher und vorbeikommende Bilder und Videos gemacht haben, auf denen klar zu sehen ist was während dem Einsatz alles zu Bruch ging und wie man mit den Leuten in der Kneipe umgegangen ist.

Germany - MC & Gjengkriminalitet/Youtube

Iron Order Truth Crew. What are they about and how are they helping the biker scene? Your thoughts?

Anti-bikie laws passed by Tasmanian Parliament after Upper House wrestles with details

Anti-consorting laws designed to combat outlaw motorcycle gangs gaining a foothold in Tasmania have passed through State Parliament.

The state's Legislative Council agonised over the legislation late into Wednesday night before holding a final vote on Thursday morning. The House of Assembly then ticked off on changes made by the Upper House on Thursday afternoon.

The quick passage of this bill, which was only tabled in Parliament 10 days ago, follows legislation passed at the end of August to outlaw motorcycle gang members from wearing colours.

The Government hopes the anti-consorting bill will disrupt organised crime groups such as outlaw motorcycle gangs by making it illegal for a convicted offender to consort with another convicted offender within five years of being given an official warning notice.

Five amendments to the bill made by the Legislative Council were accepted by the House of Assembly on Thursday, including one that would allow a court to issue a stay on a warning notice if it was being appealed by the recipient.

Police Minister Michael Ferguson described the amendment as unnecessary and unwarranted and said he was "not happy" about it, but reluctantly agreed to ensure the bill would pass.
Tasmanian Parliament House  

Upper House agonises over bill

Debate in the Legislative Council inched forward late into Wednesday night, with individual words in the legislation being singled out and objected to by Labor and independent members alike amid widespread concerns about civil rights, unintended consequences and the powers of law enforcement authorities in relation to a number of clauses and sub-clauses.

Leader of Government Business Leonie Hiscutt told opponents the Government was "very disappointed" by their stonewalling, repeatedly defending the legislation as having "the most safeguards of all the state and territories in the country".
"Police have done an enormous amount of work on this ... there's still misunderstandings of the bill," she said.
In an at-times emotional marathon sitting, independent member for Huon, Robert Armstrong, who identifies as Aboriginal, warned members they could "put the whole Aboriginal community offside" with the debate over a particular sub-clause involving traditional Aboriginal definitions of family.
"I'm not quite sure how to put this across because I've got to be careful," he said.
"It's a very sensitive issue and you could put the whole Aboriginal community offside. I just warn people ... don't dig too deep here."

'We're between a rock and a hard place'

Ms Hiscutt told the House the Tasmanian Bar had raised concerns about "possible inequities" if the bill was expanded to include a broader definition of family "to include extended family such as uncles, aunts, cousins of Aboriginal people only, creating an inequity between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people".
"It would not be appropriate to allow the extended definition of family for one race of people but only immediate family member relations for others."

Ms Hiscutt said it was important not to offend but that a "broader concept of extended family" would widen the defence substantially, rendering the proposed consorting laws ineffective. But she also said "if it's the tradition, it will be respected".

Labor accused the Government of failing to consult with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community over the proposed legislation, demanding proof it had spoken with Aboriginal leaders.

Independent MP Rob Valentine told the House the issue was "a very sensitive thing" and "in a sense it puts us between a rock and a hard place".
"I'm going to support the Government's amendment ... at the end of the day, it will be the Government that will have to deal with how they've chosen to go forward on this," he said.

Tasmania - NET.

Police claim bikie extortion victims left with bruising

Detectives are appealing for any possible victims of extortion following the arrest of a member of the Black Uhlans Criminal Motorcycle Gang at Agnes Waters yesterday.

Police will allege the man attempted to extort funds from two Agnes Waters men over several weeks before assaulting them.

Both victims received bruising as a result of the assaults.
Police will allege that the man was a member of the Ayr chapter. Detective Senior Sergeant Tony Anderson, Officer In Charge of the Gladstone Criminal Investigation Branch said: "We believe there could be more victims and would encourage anyone who believes they have been a victim to contact police."

A 41-year-old Ayr man has been charged with two counts each of extortion and assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of grievous bodily harm. He is due to appear in the Gladstone Magistrates Court this afternoon.

Australia - TB.

CREED 2 Trailer #2 NEW (2018) Sylvester Stallone Rocky Movie HD

September 27, 2018

Project Forseti informant facing 26 weapons charges

A former informant who helped Saskatoon police bring down organized criminals in the Project Forseti case is now facing 26 weapons-related charges.

Noel Harder, 39, was arrested Tuesday evening after police received reports of a man driving an SUV with a gun.

Police said in a release Wednesday morning they found the SUV parked near the intersection of Powe Street and Rayner Avenue around 5:45 p.m. and conducted a high-risk traffic stop.

The driver was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun, ammunition, a knife, an imitation firearm, bear spray, an axe and an undisclosed amount of fentanyl.

Harder was vice president of the Fallen Saints motorcycle gang and was working with the Hell’s Angels when he began working with police in Project Forseti.

The former cocaine dealer recorded conversations with other gang members, leading to raids in January 15 (link is external) and charges against 14 men.

Harder later sued the federal government (link is external) and RCMP for breaking promises when he was placed into witness protection, claiming officials endangered his life.

When reached by phone Thursday, Harder’s lawyer Tony Merchant said he wasn’t aware of the charges against his client.
“As I understand it, (Harder) had indicated that for his own defence he needed to have a weapon and the prosecutor knew that,” he said.

Harder is expected to make his third court appearance Thursday afternoon in Saskatoon Provincial Court.

Canada - BN

3 in custody in 2016 double murder; known gang member arrested Tuesday

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office says three men have been identified in connection with a 2016 double homicide in Apache Junction.

According to PCSO, 31-year-old Clint Wendelschafer, a known motorcycle gang member, was arrested on Tuesday near Ellsworth and Adobe roads in Mesa. He was wanted for his involvement in the murders of 51-year-old Keith Andrew Long and 45-year-old Renae Gardner in May 2016.

Long and Gardner were asleep when they were shot and killed at their Apache Junction home. PCSO says their bodies were eventually dumped in separate places; Long's body was found in a canal in San Tan Valley and Gardner's body was found along the Beeline Highway.

During the investigation, officials learned that 33-year-old Nicholas Douglas of San Tan Valley and 41-year-old Demian Blu of Apache Junction were at the scene at the time of the murders. Several days later, Blu and Douglas reportedly went back to dump the bodies and clean up the scene.

Wendelschafer is facing charges of assisting in a street gang and conspiracy to commit murder. Blu is in PCSO custody for burglary, assisting in a street gang, concealment of a body, and hindering prosecution of first degree murder.

Douglas is in Arizona Department of Corrections custody for an unrelated weapons offense.
All three will face additional charges.


�� PEPPERMINT (2018) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p

Peppermint is a revenge story centering on a young mother who finds herself with nothing to lose, and is now going to take from her enemies the very life they stole from her.

MC & Gjengkriminalitet - Youtube.

Former president of Bandidos biker gang gets life in prison

Jeffrey Fay Pike, the 63-year-old former national president of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization, was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison by a federal judge in San Antonio.

The sentence, plus 10 years, was handed down months after Pike was convicted on numerous racketeering and drug trafficking charges. Pike received his sentence a day after former Bandidos national vice president, John Xavier Portillo, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 20 years in federal prison, a release from the U.S. District’s Attorney’s Office said. “As I have said before, this prosecution shows that the Department of Justice has the tools to strip away a veneer of legitimate activity to expose and punish underlying criminal conduct. Others—and not only those involved in violent activity—should take note,” stated U.S. Attorney John F. Bash.

In May, jurors convicted Pike and Portillo of multiple counts, including murder, conspiracy to commit murder and assault with a dangerous weapon, all in the aid of racketeering.

Pike was convicted of several narcotics and firearms charges as well, according to the release.
Jurors found the pair guilty of conspiring to conduct the affairs of a criminal organization through racketeering acts.

Those acts included directing and sanctioning members of the Bandidos to commit murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault, extortion and drug trafficking, the release said.

Evidence revealed during the trial showed in 2006, Pike and Portillo ordered other Bandidos members to murder and kill Anthony Benesh, who was attempting to start a Texas Chapter of the Hells Angels in Austin.

According to the release, jurors also found that Portillo and others killed Robert Lara in January 2002 in Atascosa County as payback for killing a Bandidos member.

Pike, Portillo and others also conspired to murder and assault members and associates of the Cossacks Outlaw Motorcycle Organization, who were at war with the Bandidos, according to court testimony.

The trial showed the Bandidos were also engaged in trafficking illegal narcotics in an agreement with the Texas Mexican Mafia.

The investigation and conviction was a collaborative effort among federal, state and local authorities.
“The sentencing rendered today is the result of the outstanding partnership between the FBI and all our law enforcement partners,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs. “This effort demonstrates our ongoing commitment to prevent gang violence and criminal activity from poisoning our communities. It also sends a clear message that we will relentlessly pursue and prosecute the leaders and members of these violent criminal enterprises.”



Motorcycle Clubs Are Not Gangs - But you can't convince the FTW Police of that. We suspected this is all about show as far as the Law was concerned. Creating or trying to create Public Panic seemed to be the goal with the ATF / Star Telegram media blitz. Which included visits to the local businesses encouraging them to put up signs no colors. Predicting total doom with 300 to 700 iron horse riders shootin up the town, yahoo!!! All we needed was a Sgt Swanton type to appear.

Although we're still waiting to see what statistics might say about the whole affair it looked pretty tame as thousands of tourist couldn't be kept away by the threat of rain or the Mongols MC. Matter of fact tourist seemed to take it all with stride as they stopped for pics with Mongols who were happy to oblige. At least that's what we saw in the stockyards. A typical day waitin for the next cattle drive.

There was some nasty behavior though. Not by the MC's. As we were driving past Wilson Leather Goods we saw this mass of police cars and a whole bunch of PO's kind of hanging around. Since our mission was police behavior we decided to see if we could nudge on inside for a look see.

Inside was some riders from Vagos MC  from various part of the country. Apparently they were being detained and profiled for existing. Welcome to Texas. We heard later two of their prospects were arrested for having weapons. Not knowing the difference between street gangs and motorcycle clubs the police promptly sent them to jail. Since the law claims gang members can't posses guns even if the have a LTC. In Texas you can carry in your vehicle. Still not knowing the difference between MC's and gangs it just gives them an excuse to violate your Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights.

Inside the police demanded hands up against the wall, One rider was away from the wall with his hands up. Not sure if there wasn't a spot on the wall for him or he did not hear. A FTW police officer drew his gun on him and Jeff Wilson little grand daughter started crying. We did see that kind of action was necessary since he was trying to comply.

So we promptly pulled out video phones and went to work. It got real goofy when more cops and cars came in mass as if something had really gone down. Cars lined a whole city block with lights flashin and radios blairin makin a big ole scene. All we needed was a helicopter and 6 x 10 glossy pictures it would have been Alice's restaurant all over. .

It gets better! We " the customers" became hostages. Yep, wouldn't let us leave. Cops willing to pull guns, AR 15's and crying kids. What next? Of course we tried to explain MC's are not street gangs "again" and how they could be classified as gangs themselves.

I did give some thought to calling Sheriff Waybourn but instead we opted for escape out the back door where we promptly ran into more cops who threatened to take our phones a evidence for their investigation. I asked what investigation?

Wasn't really an investigation of a crime going on. It was profiling and data mining of Bikers and they didn't seem to care for anyone from out of town. Shades of Waco it was.

We left that cop and his buddy blabbing, threatening and continued our escape through the alleyway and adjacent street only to take more pictures out front..

Our Mission accomplished...


Murder Trial Of Man Accused Of Killing New Jersey Radio Host Underway

Hitman revealed in 2012 he killed April Kauffman, nephew says

During a fishing trip in the summer of 2012, Francis Mulholland pointed to a picture of April Kauffman and told his nephew that he'd killed the radio host and veterans advocate for money, jurors in the murder trial of Ferdinand Augello were told Wednesday.

But Timothy Sarzynski never told authorities until this year after charges were announced.
“We stopped at a Wawa, he brought out a magazine cover and pointed to a picture on it and said he did that,” Sarzynski told the jury during the eighth day of the trial.

Sarzynski identified the person on the cover as April Kauffman. He said he didn't report it because he didn’t believe his uncle, who he said often made up stories.
“He told me he walked into her bedroom, shot her twice in the back of the head and was paid $50,000 to do so,” Sarzynski said.

Sarzynski of Levittown, Pennsylvania was one of several new witnesses to take the stand Wednesday and give testimony relevant to the murder of April Kauffman, but nothing related to the man on trial, Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello.

Augello, 62, is accused of hiring Mulholland to kill April Kauffman in 2012 at the request of her husband, James Kauffman. Mulholland, 46, died in October 2013 of a drug overdose in his home in Lower Township.

According to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, James Kauffman, a local endocrinologist, and Augello, a sign maker and retired Pagans motorcycle gang member, were involved in an OxyContin drug ring that April found out about and threatened to expose. In order to avoid a costly divorce and keep her quiet, the doctor paid Augello thousands of dollars to find someone to kill his wife.

Augello is also charged with conspiring to kill James Kauffman while he was in jail in late 2017, and also with racketeering for his role in the drug ring.


Tidligere Bandidos-topp tiltalt for å ha laget hasjplantasje

Tidligere Bandidos-topp Lars Harnes er sammen med tre andre tiltalt for å ha bygget og dyrket opp en hasjplantasje med flere hundre planter i Fet i Akershus.

Politiet avdekket anlegget i desember 2015, skriver Dagbladet. Inne i en enebolig hadde man installert tekniske løsninger for varme, vanning og lys. Til sammen ble det funnet 1,8 kilo marihuana og 277 cannabisplanter. Det totale beslaget tilsvarer til sammen 13 kilo marihuana klart til bruk.

Harnes' forsvarer, Øyvind Bratlien, sier at hans klient rett og slett ikke skjønner hvorfor han er tiltalt i saken.
– Harnes hadde allerede sittet i varetekt i fire måneder i en annen sak da plantasjen ble oppdaget. Han har svake bånd til saken som helhet, og jeg personlig ser heller ikke hvorfor han er tiltalt, forteller Bratlien, som ikke ønsker å tilføye noe ytterligere om saken på nåværende tidspunkt.

De tre andre tiltalte er i alderen 38–50 år. Saken skal opp i retten 6.–12. november.

Norway - NRK.

September 26, 2018

Euclid mayor fires officer who placed gun to man's head during bar brawl with Hell's Angels

Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail has fired a city police officer after he pulled out a gun (link is external) during a fight with suspected members of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang at a Willoughby bar last month.

Todd Gauntner, 32, was charged with using a weapon while under intoxication in an incident that happened in the early morning hours of Aug. 24 at Frank and Tony's Place on 2nd Street in Willoughby, Willoughby police said.

Gauntner and two other men -- Dustin Wolf, 28, and Bradley Peterson, 39 -- got into an argument that turned into a physical brawl police said.

Officers went to the bar about 1 a.m. to investigate a report of a large fight involving several men. A bartender told the investigators that someone pulled out a gun and put it to someone's head, according to a Willoughby police report. Gauntner did not use his department-issued gun in the incident, the report says.
"You initiated the incident with the two men who were alleged members of the Hell's Angels organization by making disparaging comments to them," Gail wrote in the one-page letter dated Sept. 17. "You also had the opportunity to remove yourself from the situation but failed to do so...You put yourself and many bar patrons at a significant risk of substantial harm due to your reckless behavior."


Why most bikers do not like cops

Sons of Anarchy actor Paul John Vasquez passed away at 48

Paul John Vasquez, Sons of Anarchy actor is no more!
Currently, Sons of Anarchy family is shaken after the demise of one of their members, Paul John Vasquez, who appeared as Angel Ganz in two episodes of the famous biker drama in 2011. This tragedy came just months after Alan O'Neill passed away of suspected alcohol overconsumption. Rest in peace Paul and Alan!

Osmanen Germania: Rocker-Aussteiger packt aus - die ganze Reportage

Frauenhandel, Waffen, Drogen: Aussteiger des Osmanen Germania Boxclubs packt aus.

Nach den bundesweiten Razzien gegen den Osmanen Germania Boxclub in der vergangenen Woche hat sich ein Aussteiger bei stern TV gemeldet und über die Machenschaften der Gruppierung gesprochen. "Frauen verkaufen, Drogen und Waffen-Geschäfte" seien dort an der Tagesordnung gewesen, sagt der Mann namens Cebo. Als er sich dazu entschloss, den Club zu verlassen, hätte das dramatische Auswirkungen gehabt: "Ich sollte umgebracht werden", so Cebo. stern TV hat das frühere Clubmitglied nun getroffen und mit ihm über den Club und seinen Ausstieg gesprochen. Zu Gast im Studio ist am Mittwoch Sebastian Fiedler vom Bund deutscher Kriminalbeamter.

Halifax Pimp jailed for trafficking underage girls

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A year and a half after a teenage girl escaped barefoot and crying from his basement, a 34-year-old Nova Scotia man has been sentenced to just under six years in prison for luring and trafficking two underage girls. In a written Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling released Monday, Justice James Chipman accepted a joint recommendation from lawyers and sentenced Leeanthon Oliver to eight years in prison, less 840 days spent on remand. Oliver made contact with the two girls, both from Pictou County, on separate occasions in early 2017, befriending them online before transporting them to Halifax and forcing them into prostitution." The girls were both 15 years old. This guy is a dirt bag. 

Canada - GO/DW.

Bandidos-sønnens historie: Vokste opp uten pappa

Det kan ha vært vinteren 1997, da Mats Moe var rundt sju år. Det året folk nynnet på «I'm a Barbie girl» og det var snørekord flere steder i landet.

Ingenting av dette opptok Mats, en lyshåret gutt fra Lillestrøm. For han var på vei til faren sin i Ullersmo Fengsel. Som vanlig måtte han og mamma sjekkes med metalldetektor for å komme inn på besøksrommet.

Der ventet pappa, Lars Harnes. En mann avisene snart skulle omtale som en av de farligste i Norge. Men som sjuåringen Mats gledet seg til å se igjen.
– Mitt første minne om pappa er at han er i fengsel, og at jeg besøker han, sier Mats Moe, som i dag 28 år, og med i NRK-serien «Uten Pappa».
– Jeg syntes ikke det var noe problem, det var jo bare sånn det var. Pappa satt i fengsel, drev med motorsykler og var med i en slags gjeng. Og så ringte han hjem og snakket med meg hver søndag.

De første årene sa de voksne til Mats at faren var bortreist når han satt inne. Eller var på ferie. Det var Mats for liten til å få med seg.
Mats Moe som barn
Foto: privat
Det han husker er en mamma som alltid var ærlig og sa det som det var. Som alltid minnet han på at det faren gjorde ikke hadde noe med han å gjøre.
– Men jeg fikk ofte spørsmål. Fra folk utenfor familien som sa uff, så vanskelig å ha en far i fengsel.

De mente det måtte være fælt å ha en pappa som hadde gjort disse grusomme tingene, sier Mats.
– Jeg ble påført en skam jeg i utgangspunktet ikke hadde.

Innimellom var faren til Mats ute i frihet. Da prøvde de å feire jul sammen, de dro til Disneyland i Paris. Og de kjørte bil, med et balltre liggende lett tilgjengelig ved girspaken.
– Det var til «negere og sopere», sa pappa. Jeg forsto jo at det ikke var helt greit, eller vanlig.

Men Mats var aldri redd for faren sin. Verken den gang eller nå. Men hvem balltreet skulle brukes på, festet seg.

Faren min er tøffere enn din

Å ha en far som virker avskrekkende på andre, kan absolutt ha sine fordeler. Det skjønte Mats ganske tidlig. Så det hendte han trakk pappa-kortet.
– Ingen kunne slå meg i «faren min er tøffere enn faren din».
Lars Harnes
Foto: NTB scanpix
– Så noen ganger ba jeg han hente meg på skolen. Da kom pappa gående inn i skolegården i den sorte Bandidos-vesten. Klart de andre ungene ikke turte bølle med meg!

Det var en trygghet i det. Det var i 1999, da Mats var 9 år, at folk flest i Norge ble klar over hvem faren hans var. Lars Harnes i Bandidos håndhilste på Kjell Magne Bondevik. De var begge med i en antivold-kampanje.

Bildet av de to, den dresskledde statsministeren og den svartkledde MC-lederen med gullkjede og hestehale, vakte oppsikt.

Ranet på pappaperm

En augustmorgen i 2004, sto tv’en på hjemme hos Mats da han sto opp. På nyhetssendingene snakket de om et ran mot DNB på Aker Brygge.
– Jeg husker jeg lo og sa til mamma, hvor dumme er folk egentlig. De måtte jo skjønne at de kom til å bli tatt.

Da han kom hjem fra skolen senere på dagen fikk 14-åringen vite at faren var arrestert for ranet.
– Det var nok da jeg for første gang forsto alvoret. Og omfanget.
Lars Harnes, Bandidos
Foto: faksimile / Dagbladet
Fra nå av skrev avisene mye og overskriftene ble mange.
«Ranet på pappaperm». Den tittelen husker Mats godt. For det var han som hadde søkt om at faren skulle få ekstra permisjon. For at de to skulle få være litt mer sammen.
– Jeg kjente meg nesten litt skyldig. Mamma og jeg ringte til og med Dagbladet for å minne dem på at det faktisk var barn involvert i dette.

Men det var flere overskrifter i vente. Som den gangen Mats var med en kamerat og familien hans på tur, på danskebåten. Han hadde mobilen avslått mens de var utenfor landets grenser. Da han skrudde den på igjen, begynte den å dure.
– Det tikket inn med meldinger og anrop uten stopp. Hele Drøbaksundet inn mot Oslo. Jeg klarte ikke få hørt eller lest, telefonen gikk helt i lås.

Da Mats gikk av ferga i Oslo, så han det alle hadde forsøkt å advare han om:
Faren hans i bar overkropp på forsiden av avisa.
Lars Harnes, Bandidos
Foto: faksimile / VG
– Norges farligste person, tror jeg det sto. Klart jeg ble litt lei meg. Oppgitt. Hele tiden nye ting.

10 spørsmål til pappa

Da Mats begynte på ungdomsskolen fjernet han det ene etternavnet sitt. Han strøk Harnes. Fra da av var han Mats Moe.
– Jeg ville eie historien min selv. Jeg ville bestemme om og til hvem jeg fortalte om pappa.

Årene på ungdomsskolen var tøffe. Mats var mye sint, deprimert, frustrert. Ikke bare på grunn av faren som var inn og ut av fengsel.
- Det var mange ting, ja det var tre år med bare faen og helvete. Gratulerer til den som klarer å komme seg unna ungdomstida uten et par traumer, sier Mats.

I tillegg var det et skap som var godt lukket. Han hadde ennå ikke fortalt til noen at han var homofil.

Ikke til seg selv engang. Det skulle ta noen år før han kom ut av skapet. Og den aller siste som skulle få vite det, var faren hans.
Mats Moe med kaffe
Foto: Patrick da Silva Sæther
Før den tid skulle Mats ha fullført dramalinjen på videregående og søkt Teaterhøgskolen fem ganger.

Og til slutt komme inn.
– Pappa var faktisk den som støttet meg hele tiden i ønsket om å bli skuespiller. Når avslagene kom, var han den som hadde trua: Ikke gi deg, Søk igjen.

Det er bare noen måneder siden Mats Moe gikk ut av Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. Den nesten uoppnåelige Teaterhøgskolen. 800 søkere, Kun 8 studenter tas opp hvert år.

På skolen jobbet han fram en egen forestilling om faren. Basert på 10 spørsmål som Lars Harnes hadde svart på. Skriftlig, fra cella i fengselet..
– Jeg ville finne ut hvem denne personen jeg kaller pappa er.

Scenen ble omgjort til en celle. Nøyaktig like stor som en ekte fengselscelle. Fra sengekanten snakket Mats med pappa. Stilte de vanskelige spørsmålene. Som hva han tenker om å ha en familie.
Mats Moe, forestilling
Foto: privat opptak
– Det eneste han ikke klarte å svare på var hvorfor han fortsetter å begå kriminelle handlinger.

Ble kalt Tony Soprano

For å finne ut mest mulig om faren leste Mats avisoppslagene på nytt. Overskriftene han hadde sett som barn.
– Jeg leste at pappa var Norges svar på Tony Soprano. En gangster ute, og en pliktoppfyllende familiefar på hjemmebane. Som gikk på foreldremøter, hjalp barna sine med lekser og stilte på dugnad.
– Hæh! Foreldremøter? Det har da vel aldri skjedd! Eller dugnader!
– VG ble min «Tore på sporet». Det var viktig å få lov å grave i min egen historie. Det har gitt meg en ro.

Teaterstykket handler om en pappa og en sønn, Lars og Mats. Men like mye om fengsel og straff. Om hva det gjør med mennesker å leve isolert fra samfunnet, bak murene.
– Jeg tror pappa har lært mer av å ha en sønn, enn å tilbringe årevis av livet i fengsel. Vi bør diskutere hvordan straff i dag egentlig fungerer, mener Mats Moe.

Han vet at faren er stolt av det han gjør. Men Lars Harnes har aldri sett sønnen sin på scenen. Han har sittet inne.
Mats Moe på scenen
Foto: Patrick da Silva Sæther
Av samme grunn blir han neppe å finne i salen på premieren på Bør Børson på Innlandet Teater i oktober. Der spiller Mats Moe sin første rolle som profesjonell skuespiller.

Den siste samtalen

For tre år siden, ringte faren til Mats fra fengselet for å gratulere han på 25-årsdagen.
– Han spurte om jeg hadde det fint, og hva jeg skulle gjøre på dagen min. Da passet det å si det: Jeg skal ut og spise middag med kjæresten min.

Det var mer enn seks år siden Mats hadde kommet ut av skapet. Vennene hans maste. Du må jo si det til han snart, at du er homofil og at du har fått deg kjæreste.
– Jeg prøvde lenge å unnskylde meg med at han ikke trengte å få vite det. Siden vi hadde så sjelden kontakt.
– Hvem er hun, spurte pappa, på telefonen.
– Det er ikke en hun, men en han. Ha det, sa jeg. Og la på.

Det ble en kort samtale, men nå var det sagt. Mats gikk ut med kjæresten og tok en shot med tequila før middagen..
– Pappa var den siste som fikk vite. Etter det har vi ikke snakket sammen. Men jeg vet han aksepterer det, selv om det ikke passer helt inn i hans liv og verden.

– Vi er veldig like

Mats Moe har et vennlig, direkte blikk. Lyseblå øyne, under en blond lugg. Du har kanskje allerede gjort det, sammenlignet bildene av Mats med bildene av faren hans. Det har Mats gjort selv også.

Mange ganger.
– Jada, jeg vet vi ligner. Herfra og ned er vi prikk like faktisk.
Mats Moe, nærbilde
Foto: Patrick da Silva Sæther
Mats viser hvordan de har sittet med passbilder av faren og han. Holdt hånda over, sett etter likheter.

Å ligne på pappa synes han er uproblematisk
– Vi er veldig like på mange måter. Og samtidig veldig, veldig ulike.

Begge er uredde og bestemte. Med en sterk rettferdighetssans. Og begge har et kraftig temperament.
– Han er jo en fin fyr inni der et sted. Men hans måte å se verden på er vanskelig å forstå.

Nå er Mats med i NRK P3s nye serie «Uten Pappa». Der oppsøker programleder Mikkel Niva faren han ikke har sett på mange år. Hvert femte barn i Norge bor i et hjem uten biologiske far (SSB).
– Jeg sa ja til å bli med i programmet fordi det retter seg mot unge folk. Jeg tror jeg selv ville likt å se serien da jeg var yngre. Vi snakker for lite om dette.

Mats har valgt å ikke ha kontakt med faren sin de siste årene, men Lars Harnes har sett tv-programmet Mats er med i og lest denne reportasjen. Han ønsker ikke å gi et intevju, men har gitt denne kommentaren via sin advokat Øyvind Bratlien:
– Harnes har aldri ønsket å være en offentlig person. Når han likevel er det, ønsker han på ingen måte å være privat.
– Harnes er stolt av sin sønn og hans valg i livet. Han er veldig glad i han og støtter også dette prosjektet, men han ønsker ikke å medvirke.

Når Bandidos-sønnen har klart seg, blitt skuespiller og er fornøyd med livet, da er det vel en solskinnshistorie?
– Ja, men ikke fordi jeg har masse kontakt med faren min. Jeg har ikke sett han på tre år. Det er en solskinnshistorie fordi jeg har tatt et valg. Jeg har valgt på hvilken måte jeg ønsker at han skal være en del av livet mitt.
– Jeg er glad i pappa, jeg er det. Men jeg har bestemt meg for ikke å bruke tiden min på å vente på han mer. Det er mitt valg.
Mats Moe, i parken
Foto: Patrick da Silva Sæther

Norway - NRK.

September 25, 2018

'Bring it on you f------ Fink dogs... you f------ maggot scumbag pieces ...

A Nomads bikie who posted an expletive-laden rant on social media wasn't encouraging violence and warfare between his gang and the Finks, a Sydney court has been told. James Kenneth Quinnell is one of five Nomads fighting a bid by NSW Police to severely restrict their movements in an attempt to end what they say is a violent turf war with the Finks in the Hunter region. In the NSW Supreme Court yesterday, the Police Commissioner's lawyer, Mark Tedeschi QC, showed a video, uploaded onto Instagram and made by Mr Quinnell weeks ago and after 30 shots were fired into his home in February."All you f------ Fink dogs, you f------ maggot scumbag pieces of f------ s---, bring it on ya f------ dogs, ya f------ Fink dogs ah?" the sergeant-of-arms of the Newcastle chapter said. Quinnell says he was 'just having a bit of fun' with his f-word social media post to the Finks. Picture: AAPBut he and Newcastle City president Bradley Bowtell, national president Dylan Patrick Brittliffe, member Blake Kevin Martin and sergeant-at-arms Newcastle City chapter, Kane Benjamin Tamplin testified they did not b...

Texas Jury Says Its Illegal for Any Bandido To Possess A Weapon

A jury in El Paso, Texas decided Friday that it is illegal for a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club to possess a weapon in the state. DT, a member of the BMC in El Paso, was arrested October 16th, 2017 on his way to work for Unlawful Carrying Of A Weapon. Although it was conceded by all sides that DT had no felony record and was not a convicted criminal, the prosecution argued, and the jury agreed, that merely being a member of the Bandidos was enough to consider an individual a gang member prohibited from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

DT’s case is just one in a long list of similar incidents. The MPP believes that successful convictions such as DT’s further embolden law enforcement across Texas and other states to continue their campaign to disarm the Bandidos and other motorcycle clubs and their members based solely on association.

DT’s case represents only one case in a lower court. The legality of motorcycle club members in Texas possessing weapons will ultimately depend upon successful judicial opinions at the court of appeals level or higher, setting precedent against what the MPP believes is an unconstitutional application of Texas law.

The attempt to disarm individuals because they belong to an organization in which other members have committed crimes, regardless of personal guilt, is an extremely dangerous slippery slope that could ultimately impact many sectors of society far beyond motorcycle clubs.

DT’s Story

DT was on his way to work last October when he was pulled over for a traffic infraction. When the El Paso officer asked whether he was carrying a weapon, he indicated he was legally transporting an unloaded firearm. DT does ranch work, and ranchers often carry firearms to defend against predators and snakes threatening livestock.

DT was informed that it was illegal for a member of the Bandidos to possess a weapon in the state of Texas because they were considered a criminal street gang. He was charged under Texas Penal Code Sec. 46.02, UNLAWFUL CARRYING WEAPONS. He paid a $1,500 bond and was released.

Until this incident, DT had no criminal record – other than a DUI a decade ago. He is a combat veteran, serving in the Army, 1st Calvary Division for 5&1/2 years, 2 of them in Iraq.

DT went to trial last Thursday, September 20th. The argument on both sides was fairly straightforward. He explained to the MPP, “The state is trying to just simply say me being a member of the Bandidos MC is enough to justify me being a gang member. My defense is saying they have to show me specifically [involved] in acts to prove me…a gang member.”

The next day, the jury deliberated and agreed with the prosecution. In this jury’s opinion, being a Bandido is enough to prohibit an individual from legally possessing a weapon in the state of Texas, even if the individual has no criminal record.

What Does DT’s Case Mean For Everyone Else?

Independent of the personal impact on DT, his case has implications for others. His trial does not set precedent for others because it’s a lower court decision. If the case is appealed, however, the outcome of that trial would set precedent for others in the El Paso court’s jurisdiction.

But even if this trial doesn’t set precedent, this conviction is likely to embolden law enforcement to further embrace this tactic in El Paso and across the state of Texas. As reported directly to the MPP from victims of blatant and obvious mass profiling, the same day the jury in El Paso handed down a guilty verdict, members of another 1% club having a gathering at the Stockyards in Fort Worth were warned that it was illegal for members of motorcycle clubs to possess weapons in Texas even if those members held valid CWP’s.

Indeed, the Motorcycle Profiling Project has repeatedly reported on the rising trend in some states to revoke the Second Amendment rights of MC members, and how MC members are being arrested for unlawful carry without legitimate cause. The MPP has even issued a travel advisory warning all motorcycle club members of what the MPP believes is an unconstitutional application of Texas law.

Why The MPP Thinks Texas Statute is Unconstitutional “As Applied.”

This statute as it is being applied violates fundamental 1st Amendment liberties and the doctrine of personal guilt. To permit the government to impose restrictions on any person “who wears the insignia of [a motorcycle club], without regard to or knowledge of that individual’s specific intent to engage in the alleged violent activities committed by other members, is antithetical to the basic principles enshrined in the First Amendment and repugnant to the fundamental doctrine of personal guilt that is a hallmark of American jurisprudence.” see Coles v. Carlini 162 F.Supp.3d 380 (2015)

But that is exactly what is happening in Texas. The idea that the government can impose a restriction such as prohibiting the right to posses a weapon in a shall issue state, based solely on association, is completely inconsistent with constitutional principles.

Properly applied, wouldn’t the state have to show that an individual specifically participated in the criminal acts referenced? This interpretation of Texas Penal Code Sec. 46.02 would both preserve the 1st Amendment right to associate and the doctrine of personal guilt.

Why This Could Mean The End of Clubs As We Know Them?

If this trend continues in Texas, California, and New York, how long before it spreads to other states? If gang laws themselves are any indication, the tactic could spread coast- to-coast.

According to the National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2017, 99%+ of MC members strongly support the 2nd Amendment and only 2% of the members of even 1% clubs have a felony record. How many individuals that currently have a legal right to posses weapons would knowingly sign away those rights to join a motorcycle club?

If you’re in a motorcycle club this does not sound far-fetched because it’s happening now. If you’re not in a motorcycle club, do you know someone who is? That’d make you an associate. And even if you don’t associate with MC members, it’s important to understand that protecting the most subversive speech and associations is the highest constitutional priority on which all other expression and associational rights depend upon.

Justice Black explains in Yates v. United States, 354 U.S. 298 (1957):

“Doubtlessly, dictators have to stamp out causes and beliefs which they deem subversive to their evil regimes. But governmental suppression of causes and beliefs seems to me to be the very antithesis of what our Constitution stands for. The choice expressed in the First Amendment in favor of free expression was made against a turbulent background by men such as Jefferson, Madison, and Mason – men who believed that loyalty to the provisions of this Amendment was the best way to assure a long life for this new nation and its Government…. The First Amendment provides the only kind of security system that can preserve a free government – one that leaves the way wide open for people to favor, discuss, advocate, or incite causes and doctrines however obnoxious and antagonistic such views may be to the rest of us.”