November 30, 2017

PowNews Flits - No Surrender baas Henk kuipers reageert over de arrestat...

Welkom terug op ons kanaal. Een eigenwijze kijk op het nieuws zoals u dat van PowNed gewend bent. Rauw commentaar, eigenzinnige reportages. De vinger op de zere plek. No surrender baas Henk kuipers reageert over de arrestatie van zijn zoon. Veel kijk plezier!

Captain Henk Aflevering #8

Skottlossning i Malmö – minst två skadade

Minst två personer ska vara skadade efter skottlossningen. Polisen uppger att de är inne i ett ”intensivt skede”.
– Larmet kom in om att man hört höga smällar, och det är ett flertal personer som ringer, säger Rickard Lundqvist vid Malmöpolisen.

En av de skjutna dog av sina skador, enligt uppgift till Aftonbladet. För den andra ska läget inte vara livshotande. Brottsplatsen ska vara Eriksfältsgatan i stadsdelen i Hermodsdal. Enligt uppgift till Aftonbladet satt de två männen i en bil när de blev beskjutna.
– Vi har tagit en bil i beslag av den anledningen, säger Stephan Söderholm vid Malmöpolisen.

I nuläget är ingen frihetsberövad misstänkt för dödsskjutningen.

Sweden - AP.

Rock Machine responds to Insane Throttle about the rumors and our last story about them. *Must See*

Insane Throttle did a piece on the Rock Machine a couple weeks ago concerning allegations of Patch Selling, Internet Startup chapters and the overall rumors that Rock Machine M/C has started down the path of an internet club from its origins of a battle hard club of the 90’s. We received information from not only looking at some of the evidence that was on the internet, but we also interviewed a former member as well as multiple emails from people that claim they were tricked into sending in money for patches they didn’t receive.

Today we release the response from the Rock Machine. A United States Nomad who is also a former President of the Rock Machine here in the United States has responded to questions that Insane Throttle has asked the Rock Machine. This Rock Machine Nomad is an official spokesman for the Rock Machine and wanted to tell their side of the story, as everyone knows, we here at Insane Throttle always give an opportunity for all sides to be told.

Insane Throttle recently did a piece on Rock Machine and Suat. Suat claims to be the World President for the Rock Machine. Insane Throttle has talked to many who were ex-rock machine, and those who were not apart of Rock Machine. It is general knowledge that Suat has been selling patches over the internet or worse taking money from those in the states and never sending the patches. How do you as a Nomad for the Rock Machine USA respond to these allegations?

Rock Machine: Suat was a thorn in our side for months here in the USA, when we first attempted to start a charter here we were pulled in many directions. The different factions all pointed us in a different direction. We did speak with Suat, we spoke to members of Canada and we eventually spoke with the members out of Australia. The non-Suat faction out of Canada agreed to allow us to open through Australian. We started with 5 guys as a probationary charter spread throughout the East coast. This obviously created animosity with Suat.

We had a few situations where we turned guys away and they contacted Suat in an attempt to open chapters through him. Two of the three original members were very active with social media and immediately fed into the Suat bashing. Since those members removal from the club we have reached out to Suat and did broker a deal that we would not feed into this internet bullshit, nor would we publicly bash him as long as he agreed not to recruit in the United States. Whatever anyone says bad about the man he has kept his word with us and we do keep an open line of communication with him to this day.

Any issues he has or we have are easily handled with a phone call. We are aware of the horror stories with people from the United States sending money to Suat for patches and never receiving them. I personally have never seen actual proof of this and probably wouldn’t entertain anyone’s complaints.

If you are stupid enough to think you can join a 1% club through the mail you deserve to lose your money! We have 6 active charters in the United States and anyone is welcome to knock on our door and state their intentions. No one in this country will fly a Rock Machine patch without coming in the correct way.
“It was a combination of them and a wife of another member from New York. She recently fabricated paperwork on another one of our guys. It’s been ridiculous. The problem with the Iron Order Truth Crew site is we know for a fact that they are in bed with law enforcement. One of the pics they use against us was taken by the task force while everyone was standing in front of my house. There is no way anyone should have a copy of that picture”.

Insane Throttle: During our research for the piece we did on Rock Machine, one thing that we noticed is on Facebook, club business is out there for all to see. A. Why is that? B. Does Rock Machine USA see why such sites like “Iron Order Truth Crew” would talk about the Rock Machine as they do?

Rock Machine: I want to make it clear to anyone listening that the Iron Order Truth Crew Facebook page is heavily influenced by law enforcement. They have a number of anonymous administrators all with different agendas. They have been baiting a number of clubs in an attempt to cause people to say or do things that can help aid current investigations or create new investigations.

My advice to anyone is to run as far away from that page as possible. We are aware of who the main contributors are on that page and it comes back to disenfranchised former members. The biggest issue we have had with that sight has come from the wife of a former member, (now the current USA Satudarah president) who are actively working for the New York State police gang task force. (We have paperwork). Some of the photos that sight has used against us were taken by state and federal authorities. Strange that the photos would go from a government-owned camera to that sight?

Regardless of that sight, I agree 100% that too much club info is on social media. The United States members are no longer allowed to feed into any social media nonsense. The only club business we are allowed to put is party info and shout-outs to friends.

Insane Throttle- Rock Machine was a powerhouse in Canada in the 90’s, most who are within the M/C world knows of the Quebec War against the Hells Angels. How did the Rock Machine go from a stellar reputation to the reputation it now has of people thinking that Patches are just mailed to someone for a price?

Rock Machine: Rock Machine MC in the 80’s where legends. There was a small group of guys who took on the biggest dog on the block and fought them to the death. It would be impossible to even attempt to compare to that era. In all fairness, I don’t think any club could compare to the brotherhood, loyalty, and honor that members of all real clubs had in those days. Now it is standard practice to show up for church one night a week, maybe make an event here and there and as soon as you make your patch it comes with a diamond. The club scene as a whole has changed. I have seen well-respected clubs hand full colors to guys. It’s just a whole different atmosphere. I cannot stop patch selling internationally but I can assure you it will not happen with our club here in the United States.

Insane Throttle: While talking to a former member of Rock Machine for our piece, Insane Throttle asked him “Why if the club is so splintered, and the evidence of that split is everywhere on the internet, why wouldn’t the USA chapters break off and form their own club using the Rock Machine name and different patch to try and salvage the Rock Machine Name? After all, if the USA chapters were granted by Canada, then the USA chapters have every right to do so to salvage the reputation of a once great name.

Rock Machine: the former member you spoke with is an internet gossip queen and had no right to talk to anyone concerning the current state of affairs with this club. I came from the biggest club in the world and would never speak on behalf of them. The former member in question has since moved on to a new club and should put more effort into figuring out how to fix the issues his new club has! As far as salvaging the Rock Machine name we are trying.

We did consider changing the patch and a few other things but in the end, we decided to stay on course. In order to disassociate ourselves from the internet drama and inner fighting we have pretty much isolated ourselves, our attitude is we are Rock Machine USA, we answer to no one accept the USA, we cannot control what happens in other countries. The vast majority of our members here are restricted from gaining access to other countries. We cannot jump on a plane and run around the world cleaning up messes. The only way we can attempt to make changes is by leading by example.

Despite what is said through the internet we run a tight ship.
Everyone from the nomads to the hangarounds throughout the country knows each other on a first name basis, we know each other’s families, extensive background checks are done, everyone comes in as a hang around, prospect or probationary and no one person makes the decision as to who joins.

It starts with a hang around period and application that’s sent to the nationals, upon approval the membership fee is then sent to nationals and only after that can someone prospect or come in probationary. Probationary is only used when starting new charters or for members who have come from established doom and clubs.
Insane Throttle: This question goes back to the clubs business being on the internet, and why a lot of people do feel that Rock Machine is now a mail order club. In Germany, you have the Red Rock Machine and the Blue Rock Machine. How is it that your German brothers are allowing this SUAT to bring the name of the Rock Machine down to where it is now?

Rock Machine: The issues in Germany make no sense to me. I can’t speak as to the mindset of the members there. Changing the eye color of the patch does nothing to change the problem.

Badmouthing each other on the net is even worse. This is why we have the attitude of worry about the USA. I can assure you that there will never be two rock machines in our country regardless of the eye color. The internet fighting overseas sickens us here.

Insane Throttle: After our article, we had many former members contact Insane Throttle. One of the biggest questions we had for them, How is it that the Rock Machine is Canadian in origin and you now have people in Europe and Australia claiming to run the club. Where does the USA Rock Machine stand on this issue?´´

Rock Machine: As I stated before, we personally don’t care who claims to be in charge, it goes back to the different factions. We keep in contact with all the different factions, leaders etc. at the end of the day, we answer to ourselves. If another country doesn’t like something we do they are welcome to contact us and voice any concerns they may have.

We have some countries/factions we are friendly with and some we disregard. Either way, we do keep the communication open. I had a recent situation where a Canadian member didn’t agree with an issue here in the USA. He sent an aggressive message voicing his concern. Simple response was ‘fuck yourself’. We will not be dictated to by anyone. If you do not live here, then you don’t understand how things operate here. Demographics play a large roll in politics. This shows with all the major national clubs here in the USA that has branched off to other countries, the failure rate is extremely high.

You cannot expect other cultures to live up to your expectations. There are members of the big five in other countries who have openly gay members, don’t have bikes, cooperate with law enforcement, all things that would never fly here in the United States. In our case, it’s reverse, when we have members in other countries who don’t have bikes, clubhouses and regular church meetings telling us what to do it doesn’t sit well.

Insane Throttle: Do you as a current Nomad of the Rock Machine and former USA President see any future for the Rock Machine if it stays on the path it is now on under this SUAT?

Rock Machine: I really can’t speak for the club worldwide, I don’t see the club folding but if they don’t turn it around soon they will continue to do more damage. I can say the USA will be here for a long time. Under the current leadership, we have formed a number of good relationships with well-respected clubs, we have managed to gain the respect of the majority of the clubs who we share areas with and have gone from a club of 5 guys to six solid charters. Our goals were pretty simple starting this, stay small and tight. So far we have stayed on course. We have had clubs from the midwest and west coast contact us looking to come our way. We have gracefully declined. All great guys but we lose the closeness we all share now. We are all within 10 hours of each other. I would rather concentrate on expanding within that distance.
The Rock Machine in the 1990s were engulfed in a bloody turf war known as the “Quebec Biker War” against the Hells Angels where over 160 people died

Insane Throttle: How do you think the members of the Rock Machine USA can salvage the name of the Rock Machine?

Rock Machine: The only answer I can give is to stay on course, hopefully, if we continue to lead by example the other countries will follow suit. We do not advertise our business in the USA but I can say that we have met any challenge put before us. Despite what is put on the internet we have not backed down, we have held our areas and operate as a true 1% club. Eventually, the jilted ex-members, ex-members wives and law enforcement will get sick of attempting to drag our names through the mud and move on to other things. At that point, it hopefully is smooth sailing!

Insane Throttle: This website “ Iron Order Truth Crew” obtained the Rock Machine USA club website information and changed it to give a black eye to the Rock Machine. What are your thoughts on this issue? Why is it that an ex-member according to their site, sold the information to the site to this Facebook Page?

Rock Machine: I cannot stress this enough, the Iron Order Truth Crew page is influenced by law enforcement! I’ll be happy to speak with anyone offline about this, but anything I say concerning this sight just helps aid current investigations. As far as the website hack it was never sold to the iron order truth crew.

The former member who you recently interviewed was the same person who owned the rights to the club website. He personally changed the sight and is in direct contact with iron order truth crew. He was always an internet gossip queen, has dozens of fake profiles and uses them regularly.

Unfortunately a little over a year ago we had a leadership change and he didn’t agree with it.
Long story short he turned into our biggest headache. He’s easily behind at least 80% of the badmouthing that we deal with on the web. Look how fast he contacted you to do his interview. Like I said before, I would never do an interview with the club I was once a member of. He agreed to go away and stop acting like a child after we confronted him over the website issue which he promptly fixed.

Some people can’t help themselves. He’s now a member of a ‘well established’ shitshow club down in Florida. On a side note, it’s awful strange that all the clubs targeted by the Iron Order truth crew have one thing in common, they have all had issues with his new club. I am not going to put his name out there because I don’t want to start another round of internet bullshit.

Insane Throttle: What is the overall future of the Rock Machine?

Rock Machine: Despite the rumors, I think the future looks good for us here. We will continue to deal with any bumps in the road, as we have done. We have learned from past mistakes, made provisions to avoid future mistakes and can hopefully get out from under the ‘patch selling’ rumors that have surrounded us. Our plan is to continue to move on as we have. Hopefully the longer we are around and more established we become the more people will see the rumors aren’t true. Unfortunately, only time will tell at this point. As far as we are concerned we are committed to finishing what we started, there is no turning back at this point!

USA - Biker News.

Hells Angels-medlem drept i Karlstad

En mann (48), som skal ha vært fullverdig medlem av motorsykkelbanden Hells Angels, ble drept utenfor klubbens lokale i Karlstad tirsdag kveld.

Ved halv syvtiden tirsdag kveld fikk politiet melding om et mistenkelig kjøretøy ved en adresse i Karlstad, Sverige. Ifølge lokalavisen NWT skal et par som var ute og spaserte, ha sett flere personer slepe en person etter bena. Politiet, som ikke vil kommentere opplysningen, visste at Hells Angels har holdt til på adressen, og rykket ut.

Etter et kort søk fant politiet fant en livløs mann liggende i et hjørne på gårdsplassen. Ifølge Aftonbladet skal han ha blitt slått i hjel med et kubein. Dette har politiet ikke bekreftet.

Ifølge svenske aviser er mannen 48 år gammel, flere ganger dømt for vold og mangeårig medlem av Hells Angels.
– Vi kan bekrefte at han var medlem av Hells Angels, sa Christina Hallin, ved politiet i Värmland til NWT.

Politiet har gått ut og bedt de som kan ha sett noe av interesse om å melde seg, men sent onsdag kveld var stadig ingen pågrepet.´

Kastet ut av kommunen

Ifølge NWT har motorsykkelgjengen ligget i en husleietvist med kommunen. Den ble derfor kastet ut fra sine lokaler i Härtsöga ved Karlstad. De husløse «englene» flyttet derfor tilbake til sitt gamle klubbhus på Hedvägen i Karlstad. Det var der den døde ble funnet.

Politiet har foreløpig ikke sagt noe om mulige mistenkte eller hva som kan ligge bak drapet. Det er helt uvisst om rivaliserende bander har vært involvert.

Brutal indre justis

Det har tidligere vært bråk med Hells Angels i Vest-Sverige. I 2001 ble to menn funnet drept i et grustak ved Falkøping. Ifølge Expressen var de blitt drept på en Hells Angels-gård og fraktet ut til grustaket. Et supportmedlem ble dømt til en lang straff for å ha vært med på drapene.

Flere som skal ha blitt kastet ut av Hells Angels-klubber i området er forsvunnet. Det er mistanke om at de er blitt drept.

Sweden - AP.

November 29, 2017

Former Rock Machine USA Member speaks out on Suat. “Don’t send money to him, you will loose it”

Suat Erköse - WP, RMMC
Welcome to the second in a series Insane Throttle is running on the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club.

After running our story about the Rock Machine and how it has become a Mail Order club, Insane Throttle received numerous emails about the World President Suat who is out of Germany. In those emails we were told (And shown receipts) of individuals sending $300 over to Germany to this individual Suat.

In exchange for the $300, the individuals would receive a patch and inclusion into the Rock Machine Motorcycle Club. Turns out these individuals never received the patches from him. They were out the $300, a scam it seems to get money out of them.

Now we all know that sending money to someone to be apart of a club sounds like non sense. But in this day and age it’s becoming the normal thing to do. Insane Throttle also received another email from a former member of the Rock Machine here in the United States. He agreed to an interview as long as his location wasn’t identified, he has now since joined another motorcycle club since leaving the Rock Machine.
SUAT of Germany Alleged World President of Rock Machine MC. We have included a link to his World Rock Machine Facebook page to show readers what is happening
Suat Erkose personal facebook

Insane Throttle: Insane Throttle is digging deeper into the Rock Machine M/C, you were a former member (Location masked for privacy but verified that he was indeed a Rock Machine Member) of a chapter of the Rock Machine here in the United States. What was your motivation for seeking membership in the Rock Machine?
Nitro: It’s a bit of a complicated story I’ll try to shorten up. I was interested in RM when it first started here. It closed down before I could actually get around anyone. I met a few former members who were interested in starting it back up. They did. They invited me to come around because they knew me and knew I wasn’t satisfied with the clubs in the area.

Insane Throttle: How long were you a member of the Rock Machine? And how did you become a member ?
Nitro: Almost 3 years. I came in as a probationary member under the national president who had just received the OK to reopen by Australia and Critical J. NOT Suat. Suat even went so far as declaring us to be fraudulent on his Facebook page.

Insane Throttle : Insane Throttle has learned that Suat, who claims to be the World President out of Germany, has been selling patches and Rock Machine gear here in the United States, we’ve received numerous emails from individuals who claimed that they were told to mail in $300 to Suat and they would receive full membership into the Rock Machine. Have you as a former member of the Rock Machine, heard of these types of things going on with Suat?
Nitro: Yes. He attempted to open a Las Vegas chapter with Two guys in Nevada. We promptly handled that situation. Suat finally agreed to knock it off as long as we didn’t publicly talk shit about him. He was hoping we would embrace his bullshit world (Facebook) chapter because we were the largest and most held together Country.

Insane Throttle: In research that Insane Throttle Biker News has been doing concerning the Rock Machine, on many social media platforms we’ve noticed a lot of club business being put out over the net. We have seen what appears to be a lot of inside club fighting concerning Suat from Germany. Why is the Rock Machine publishing their business in public? Is this something that led to your decision to leave Rock Machine?
Rock Machine leader Joseph Strachan
Critical J. Alleged real International President of the Rock Machine when they restarted in 2010

Nitro: There are so many factions of RM it would make your head spin. Three or four different factions in Canada that patch in members instantly and say the other factions are fake is exactly what you will get by doing things instantly like that. The Situation is the same in Europe and Australia. A lot of us left the club due to internal reasons that would simply not be fixed.

Insane Throttle: Insane Throttle was told and confirmed through Facebook posts that many of the Rock Machine chapters have posted, it appears that the club has splintered. Some of the chapters are wearing Red under the eye of their eagle center patch, some are wearing Blue eyes under their center patch. What is the reasoning behind this, and what do you think led some chapters to switch from what the original Rock Machine decided on back in 2010?
Nitro: That’s part of the problem; confirming things through Facebook. The only Blue RM reside in Germany.

Insane Throttle: Many on the internet have said that the United States Rock Machine receive their patches just by paying a fee. Was this your experience as a former member of the Rock Machine United States? If not what is the real process of becoming apart of the Rock Machine in the United States?
Nitro: It wasn’t. We WERE doing background checks on potential members. At first, we were bringing in guys that wanted to leave their 1% nation to join us. We had ex Vagos, Mongols, Hells Angels, Chingalings, To name a few. We would let in members of 1% Support as Probationary. We had guys from the Avengers, Kingsmen, Sadistic Souls, Wrecking Crew, all over from Florida up to Connecticut. We didn’t want fresh guys to start or weekenders. We needed guys who would fight because we realized we would have to. Everyone can say they will make a stand but to actually do so is something else. We soon after began prospecting people who wanted to come around in the states where chapters were started. It did cost $400, as with any club you join it costs money, and this was to pay for a background check and your patch set.

Insane Throttle: As you know, Rock Machine use to have a fantastic name in the Biker World, especially in Canada where it is originally from. What do you think the Rock Machine can do to get their name back after all that is being said about them now?
Nitro: Shut down. The founder is a Hells Angel now. The only real deal RM aren’t even at the club anymore. The internet has ruined the club in every other club’s eyes. That or make some very violent headlines.

Insane Throttle: We noticed with a lot of clubs if things start going bad, membership has lots of fighting within the ranks, some decide to carry on the name of the club by splitting off, they still retain the name, but make changes to the patch and restructure. Is this something the Rock Machine in the United States should do?
Nitro: No, because it hasn’t worked for them yet. It hasn’t worked for anyone.

Insane Throttle: With what Insane Throttle has learned about Suat, by conducting research and receiving information from former members, How do you think SUAT keeps getting away with what he is doing to the Rock Machine Name? One would think that the membership would see that there is a problem and vote him out. Especially since it’s now known has been selling patches through the mail to those in other countries. What are your thoughts? Why is he getting away with it in your eyes?
Nitro: Because Suat recruits the absolute bottom of the barrel. They know he’s a former police officer. They know he snitched on Bandidos. They know he snitched on Rock Machine that went Blue Eye, they simply do not care. They only want that patch. They do not care who is “World President” it could be Rue Paul for all they care as long as they have their diamond. You can’t change the minds or win the hearts of people like that because they know they are wrong but this is all they have left. The ones who haven’t tarnished themselves beyond salvation usually trade their patch to another club. Some of us had to humble ourselves and restart from the bottom with an actual legitimate club. Very few are willing to give anyone from RM a chance now.

Insane Throttle: Finally, you’re now a member of another motorcycle club. What would you tell others about your experience as a Rock Machine Member here in the United States? What would be your advice to the current membership of Rock Machine here in the United States?
Nitro: Everyone who wants to put on any patch should be a man first. If you want to join RM then do so. See first hand. If you are new to club life it’s an easy patch for you. You will learn nothing from anyone of worth and just hear regurgitated stories that don’t even belong to the storyteller, you will learn third-hand knowledge about how to prospect, you will see more cars than bikes, and you will be annoyed by how many churches are held over group chat or text messages. If you aren’t fresh, well you will recognize the fuckery and either embrace it and try to work on it like a few did or get immediately frustrated and move on like more did. The old saying “It is what it is” comes to mind. Rock Machine is only still around today because every other club out there has gone to anonymous Facebook pages to post false paperwork or embarrassing photos of a club instead of actually shutting them down. Stew on that one. If you manage to get out and find a club willing to accept you, make sure it’s a real club, not another of what you just came from. Do the right thing and do shit correct and it will be more rewarding for you in the long run.

Insane throttle wants to thank Nitro for reaching out to us and giving us a better understanding of the situation with the Rock Machine. Some might ask why Insane Throttle would do a piece like this.

After receiving emails like we have, we thought it very important to warn people here in the United States about this scam. It is evident that this man Suat in Germany, claiming to be the World President of the Rock Machine M/C is just taking peoples money. What is most important to know for those who are looking to be apart of a club, go out to a club that is around your area, don’t fall for the mail order game. If you do not feel you have the time to put into prospecting for a club, then join up with a 1 piece patch club that don’t ask for the level of commitment that a 3 piece patch club does, no shame in a 1 piece patch club at all. Insane Throttle has reached out to the National President of the Rock Machine here in the United States, at time of this article publication he has not reached out back to us. Rest assured we will be fair and publish his side of the story if he ever gets back to us.
Rock Machine Club House in United States. Facebook Page

USA - Biker News.

November 28, 2017

Police raid Tribesmen MC properties looking for drugs

Police are searching several properties in Canterbury as part of an investigation into suspected drug dealing by Tribesmen Motorcycle gang members. Detective Senior Sergeant Jason Stewart confirmed police, including members of the armed offenders squad, raided properties in central Christchurch and Ohoka and Sefton, both in North Canterbury, about 7am on Tuesday.
"We are doing search warrants . . . in relation to the Tribesmen MC and more specifically in relation to the dealing of methamphetamine," Stewart said.

Stewart said more information would be released on Tuesday afternoon. The Tribesmen MC is a relatively new gang to Christchurch. It is understood it recently bolstered its numbers by patching over members of another gang.
Police searched several properties linked to the Tribesman Outlaw Motorcycle Gang in North Canterbury on Tuesday, ...

Police searched several properties linked to the Tribesman Outlaw Motorcycle Gang in North Canterbury on Tuesday, including this property in Ohoka.

New Zealand - BN.

November 27, 2017

What is Paul Teutul Sr. doing in 2017? New season of American Chopper

Paul Teutul is the famed motorcycle designer from American Chopper who made awesome designs in the show. But what is he doing after the show ended in 2012? Is he appearing in American Chopper new season in 2018? Find out by watching the video.


Outlaw Motorcycle Gang “smitten” with Tasmania after weekend’s national run in Devonport

The Bandidos will try to meet the Mayor of Devonport today for a “debrief” about the bikie gang’s national ride at the weekend.

The national spokesman for the Bandidos, who goes by the name Grey Norman, said he would seek out a meeting with Steve Martin to canvass his thoughts on the club’s presence during the run.

The national run, which kicked off Friday morning in Devonport, came under close scrutiny by local and interstate police.

Bandidos started arriving last week ahead of the ride which peaked with about 250 members this weekend.
About 140 were expected to depart aboard the Spirit of Tasmania last night with others leaving via flights over coming days.

Police, who conducted a tight monitoring operation and had liaised with the Bandidos leadership for months before the ride, said there were no major incidents over the weekend. About six Bandidos returned positive drug readings at roadside tests while police received some noise complaint and detected a few minor traffic violations.

Footage of a Bandido coming off his bike at speed has been posted to YouTube and another crash happened at Penguin.
“They stayed in side the parameters set by police who deployed significant resources,” Western Commander Jonathan Higgins said.
“The police operation went to plan.”

The Bandidos said they were pleased with how the run went.
“It’s not cool and staunch to praise the police but at the end of the day we were grateful in the way they assisted us in our motorcade,” Grey Norman said.
“I never heard a harsh word spoken by either side.”

The Bandidos have been based in Devonport since last year and are setting up prospect chapters in Hobart and Launceston. Mr Norman said he knew of no other chapters planned for Tasmania.
“I’m not aware of any expansion strategy but I would like to think it’s possible,” he said.
“A lot of us are absolution smitten with the place and want to come back.”

He wanted to meet Devonport’s mayor in order to open “lines of communication”.
“If there are any opportunities to improve our relationship with the community we will seize the opportunity,” he said,

Tasmania Police regard the Bandidos as an “organised crime gang” which, like other Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, use tactics such as toy runs and charity rides to engineer a cloak of acceptability among the community.

Asked whether the Bandidos were on their best behaviour in Tasmania to enlist a level of community support Mr Norman replied:
“We don’t need to put on any performance to ... this is our how we roll.”

Australia - BN.

NSW Cops follow Bandidos to Tasmania and back

THEY once roared along NSW highways in their hundreds, inspiring anxiety as they brazenly sported their bikie colours in an act of defiance to the police and public. But the once infamous and fear-inducing annual national bikie run is now all but dead with the Bandidos the latest outlaw motor cycle gang to be run out of town by dedicated NSW cops.

And when at one time hundreds of bad boy bikies had virtual free rein across thousands of kilometres of Australian roads, they are now confined to a remote 45km stretch of bitumen on the north coast of Tasmania. Tough 2012 anti-consorting laws designed to target the gangs ban people from associating with two or more convicted criminals, and the aggressive tactics of NSW Police’s anti-bikie Strikeforce Raptor have resulted in the outlaws having to travel more than 1300km to saddle up for their once vaunted rite of passage in Tassie.

Bandidos during a police operation at Penguin. Picture: Chris Kidd

Gang members did not wear their colours as they rode through NSW because of the stringent consorting laws, which have led bikie numbers to drop in the state. They are banned from wearing them in Kings Cross and most licensed premises. Bikies are able to congregate openly in Tasmania due to a lack of the consorting laws used in NSW and Queensland. However, even on the Apple Isle Raptor officers were waiting for them, to ensure the formerly fearsome roadhogs were riding in accordance to the rules of the road.

NSW Gangs Squad boss Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace said wherever NSW bikies go her Raptor officers will follow.
“We will travel anywhere to keep an eye on them and let them know we are around,’’ Supt Wallace said.

Bandidos during a police operation at Penguin. Picture: Chris Kidd

The Bandidos, the second biggest club in the country held its national run with 300 members riding from the small Tasmanian town of Devonport to nearby Burnie on Friday. Weeks before the Rebels, Australia’s biggest club, was also forced to head south for its national run.

On both occasions Raptor officers — complete with their own marked highway patrol car — dogged the gangs, working closely with their Tasmanian counterparts to monitor the gangs and share intelligence.

NSW Police, along with Victorian officers, made sure the Bandidos trip south would not run smoothly, starting a four-day operation by targeting what the bikies hold dearest — their motorcycles.

Bandidos assemble in Burnie after riding from East Devonport. Picture: Chris Kidd

During a series of random breath tests at Albury on Wednesday police stopped 28 motorcycles and three cars, issuing 35 traffic tickets, ruling 14 motorcycles defective, including 10 which were towed.

They also issued dozens of consorting warnings.
Several raids on homes, hotel rooms and a brothel were also carried out. During a search at Corowa officers found a Taser, homemade mace, 37 cannabis plants and cannabis. Two vehicles were also towed for not being roadworthy. No charges have been laid.

On Friday when the bikies finally made it to their destination, a tiny Devonport clubhouse, police were again lying in wait. The small building in a quiet residential street in East Devonport is home to the local Bandidos chapter, which is believed to number just two members.

Bikes were checked for roadworthiness. Picture: Chris Kidd

And when the Harley-riding bikers arrived Tasmanian Police and several Raptor officers were waiting for them at the top of the street. The Bandidos have been trying to establish a foothold in Tasmania. Initially bottom dwellers in the Bandidos hierarchy, Devonport’s Mersey River chapter was upgraded from “hang around” status to a prospect chapter midway through this year. Prospect chapters are also being established in Launceston and Hobart, though clubhouses are yet to be opened.
The only time the beaten down bikies were able to experience any degree of freedom was on the overnight ferry from Melbourne, where 30 of them donned their colours and roamed the decks of the Spirit of Tasmania whining about losing their motorcycles in Albury.

Police stopped the Bandidos in more than one place. Picture: Chris Kidd

The diminished bikie run kicked off at 10.30am on Friday, lasting only 45 minutes to Burnie where the bikies then hit the local pubs and cafes. The gang, started 50 years ago in Texas by a dock worker and named after Mexican bandits, then turned into a tourist sideshow, posing in a large group on the beach. “Wouldn’t Raptor like this photo,” one of them yelled out as they grimaced for the camera.

When the bikies started the return leg at 1pm police brought them to a halt just 10 minutes in, again painstakingly checking their chariots for any signs of defects. Several were breath tested. No problems were detected.

Sniffer dogs were also deployed during the operation. Picture: Chris Kidd

While no arrests were made in Tasmania, Supt Wallace said the operation was part of a national strategy to tackle bikies.
“There is a lot of co-operation between us and other police and we find joint operations like this helpful especially intelligence gathering,” Supt Wallace said.
“Over the past decade, the NSW Police Force has dedicated significant resources to targeting and disrupting the activities and ‘businesses’ of outlaw motorcycle gangs, with great success.
“The success of last week’s operation is a testament to the planning of Tasmania Police and the solid working relationships and information sharing­ between jurisdictions.”


ONCE bikies rode in packs up and down the NSW coast and all over Sydney, oblivious to the road rules as many rode without helmets or fear of the consequences. Most weekends it was not uncommon to see 30 of them, all wearing colours, in your rear-view mirror as they brazenly zigzagged between traffic up and down the highway.

And occasionally you would see hundreds of bikies riding along in formation when a club got its members together for a national run. There is no denying it’s a spectacular sight to see 500 Harley-Davidsons tearing up the road with riders decked out in their full colours, jackets emblazoned with skulls and daggers.

The roar of the machines, the sheer numbers and air of menace they exude may seem exhilarating or even romantic to some, but it is also intimidating to others. Thankfully it’s now a rarity to see large groups of bikies riding together and anything that discourages their intimidating public displays can only be a good thing.

Australia - BN.

Kvinne tiltalt for drapstrusler:

SVENSK DRAMA: En kvinne er i Sverige tiltalt for å forsøke å bestille drap på en ishockeyspiller. Dette bildet er et illustrasjonsbilde. Foto: NTB Scanpix
SVENSK DRAMA: En kvinne er i Sverige tiltalt for å forsøke å bestille drap på en ishockeyspiller. Dette bildet er et illustrasjonsbilde. Foto: NTB Scanpix

Det er SVT som viderebringer den spesielle historien fra svensk ishockey og toppdivisjonen SHL.

En ung kvinne fra Örnsköldsvik er tiltalt for forsøk på å bestille et drap på en ishockeyspiller. Hun anklages også for å ha drapstruet flere av mannens familiemedlemmer. «Hells Angels og Bandidos vet hvor du bor», var blant budskapene.

Kvinnen og den mannlige spilleren skal ha møttes et par ganger,  og kvinnen ble etter hvert i overkant betatt. Da kvinnen ble avvist skal hun blant annet ha ringt mannen minst ti ganger daglig og bestilt sexleketøy i ishockeyspillerens navn - til hans adresse.

Dette eskalerte videre til trakassering og drapstrusler mot både mannen og hans slektninger.

Kvinnens terrorisering skal ha pågått fra januar til oktober i år. Saken tok en - om mulig mer - alvorlig vending da hun forsøkte å bestille drap på mannen via sms-kontakt med en tredjepart.

Kvinnen nekter for alle anklager, opplyser hennes advokat til Expressen. Hun er foreløpig varetektsfengslet.

Mannen som spiller ishockey på øverste nivå i Sverige, forteller at han synes hele saken er trist.
- Først trodde jeg det bare var tomme trusler. Men det er tøft. Det verste er drapstrusler mot familiemedlemmer, blant annet mot barn, sier ishockeyspilleren.

Sweden - DB.

November 24, 2017

Redemption - George Christie Jr.

If you have the time then spend your evening together with former Hells Angels MC president George Christie Jr. - Saturday, December 9th from 7pm to 9pm.

USA - MC & Gjengkriminalitet.

Captain Henk Aflevering #7

In aflevering 7 van Captain Henk reizen we af naar Spanje en zijn we getuige van het ontgroeningsritueel dat nieuwe leden van No Surrender dienen te ondergaan. En dat is pijnlijk, heel pijnlijk…

The TRUTH about Mongols MC Nation

Well one thing is for sure about the TRUTH about Mongols Nation - Mongols MC Baghdad is FAKE and NOT a part of THE GREAT MONGOLS MC NATION.

On Facebook have a guy called Mohammed Jabari Mohammed posted pictures showing him in Mongols MC Full Patch.

If you look at his Facebook-profile you then will see, that he also claims to be a Police Officer - WHAT THE FUCK?

Also have the "Mongols MC Iraq Baghdad" made a public Facebook-page - BELIEVE it or NOT.

What is wrong with people now-a-days??????

Iraq/Baghdad - MC & Gjengkriminalitet

Marc Bordage, one of Quebec's most wanted, nabbed in downtown Montreal

Marc Bordage was one of nine people were never found during Operation SharQc, a roundup of more than 100 biker gang members in April 2009. A man who was on the lam for more than eight years was arrested in downtown Montreal on Thursday.

Numerous reports said the Sûreté du Québec arrested Marc Bordage on Thursday afternoon, though the police force would not confirm his name when asked. Bordage was one of nine people never found during Operation SharQc (link is external), a roundup of more than 100 biker gang members in April 2009.

He was apprehended near Phillips Square by SQ officers with the help of the Montreal Police special weapons and tactical squad. He was wanted for 22 counts of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, trafficking illegal substances and offences benefiting criminal organizations. Bordage was living in Sherbrooke at the time his arrest warrant was issued.

He’ll appear in at the Montreal courthouse Friday. However, it is unclear which charges will be laid on him, since there was a stay of proceedings for many of those rounded up as part of Operation SharQc (link is external).

In April 2009, almost every member of the Hells Angels based in Quebec was arrested and charged with the conspiracy, which involved the gang’s bloody war with rivals in this province between 1994 and 2002. When the case began, 156 people — gang members and their associates — were listed on one indictment.

In 2011, 31 people who were only charged with drug trafficking on the indictment, saw their cases placed under a stay of proceedings after Superior Court Justice James Brunton ruled it would take the Crown too long to actually bring their cases to trial.

Canada - BN.

Tasmania Police monitor Bandidos as national run begins on Bass Highway

Tasmania Police has advised the public that a large group of Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club members have hit the road on Bass Highway this morning.

The group have departed Devonport on the way to Burnie as part of their national run visit to Tasmania with police closely monitoring the 200 or so members.

Tasmania Police said stated a large group of motorcyclists can be intimidating to many members of the public and its aim was to minimise disruption to commuters and the general public.

Tasmania Police monitoring the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club on Friday morning. Picture: Tasmania Police. The Bandidos will ride along the Bass Highway to Burnie and will return to Devonport via the same route on Friday afternoon. Tasmania Police will continue to monitor the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club members for the duration of their in the state.

Australia - BN.

November 23, 2017

OMCG member arrested in connection to the murder of Johnny Salafia, NSW

A member of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) has been arrested by detectives investigating the murder of Johnny Salafia near Ulladulla, NSW Police say. Police and emergency services were called to a home on Kings Point Drive, Kings Point, about 10.30pm on Sunday 23 June 2013, following reports of a shooting.

On arrival, officers located the body of 38-year-old, Johnny Salafia, at the front door. He had been shot in the head and chest. Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad and Shoalhaven Local Area Command established Strike Force Hobler to investigate the circumstances surrounding Mr Salafia’s death.

Following extensive inquiries, Strike Force Hobler detectives, with the assistance of Strike Force Raptor and the Public Order and Riot Squad, executed a search warrant at a home at Surfside, north of Batemans Bay, about 6am today (Thursday 23 November 2017).

A 42-year-old man, who is a member of the Rebels OMCG, was arrested at the home and taken to Batemans Bay Police Station, where he will be charged with murder.

Australia - BN.

Gangland figure Toby Mitchell due for prison release

GANGLAND figure and former bikie enforcer Toby Mitchell was due for release from prison this week.

The Herald Sun understands Mitchell has spent much of his jail term in Fulham Prison, near Sale, in Gippsland.

His stint behind bars was incident-free and he was regarded as a model prisoner.


Several sources confirmed that Mitchell’s was to be released this week. He was jailed in June, 2016, for serious drug offences (link is external).

The tattoo parlour operator had been busted nine months earlier with 500g of cocaine and methylamphetamine in his Range Rover hire car. The drugs were found in a footwell of the vehicle during a search by Australian Federal Police agents.

One witness said she saw hard man Mitchell stepping out in Melbourne’s Southbank today with friends. The former Bandido appeared relaxed as he got back into the swing of life as a free man, the observer said.

Mitchell pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing a drug of dependence, possessing an illegal baton and possessing drugs. There was some puzzlement Mitchell was able to escape with a 20-month sentence.

At the time, the ex-kickboxing star had been on bail for assaulting a cyclist in a road-rage incident at Docklands (link is external).

Mitchell — one of the Melbourne underworld’s most prominent figures — has been shot twice in the past (link is external), both times when he was associated with the Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang.

In November, 2011, he was ambushed at Brunswick and suffered extensive injuries at the hands of a gunman.
Mitchell after getting bail from the Magistrates Court. Picture: Jay Town

Mitchell is one of the Melbourne underworld’s most prominent figures. Picture: Mark Stewart

Mitchell lost one of his kidneys, his gallbladder and three-quarters of his liver. In March, 2013, he was again wounded when a Bandido-affiliated clubhouse at Melton was peppered with bullets in a drive-by attack.

That case was not believed to have been an attempt on Mitchell’s life. Mitchell later quit the Bandidos. At the time of his 2016 arrest, Mitchell had reportedly been in plans to outline his life story in a tell-all TV interview.

It is unclear whether that will now go ahead. Mitchell is known for his love for the good life, flaunting his expensive tastes on social media during spells outside prison walls.

He is understood to maintain a connection with the City of Ink tattoo parlour in South Melbourne.
Among his business partners is close mate and former Richmond footballer Jake King.

Australia - BN.

November 22, 2017

Frikjent for å truet med å skyte familien og at Hells Angels skulle knekke alle bein på dem

Mannen var tiltalt etter Straffeloven (1902) § 227 første straffalternativ for i ord eller handling å ha truet med en straffbar handling som kan medføre høyere straff enn 6 måneders fengsel, under slike omstendigheter at trusselen var skikket til å fremkalle alvorlig frykt.

Grunnlaget for tiltalebestlutningen var at han i august 2015 i en biltur skal ha sagt til sine barn at han skulle skyte «hele hurven».

Med dette mente han deres mor og hennes nærmeste familie, og også at han skulle sende Hells Angels etter dem fordi det er folk som knekker alle bein i kroppen på folk. Hovedforhandling ble holdt 15. november 2017.

Påstand om 120 dagers fengsel

Tiltalte møtte og erkjente seg skyldig/ikke skyldig/delvis skyldig etter tiltalebeslutningen. Retten mottok forklaring fra fire vitner, og det ble foretatt slik dokumentasjon som framgår av rettsboken.

Aktor la ned påstand om at tiltalte dømmes i samsvar med tiltalebeslutningen til fengsel i 120 dager, som en fellesstraff med en betingede del av den straff han ble idømt ved Indre Finnmark tingretts dom av 11. desember 2014.

Bistandsadvokaten nedla påstand om at tiltalte dømmes til å betale en oppreisningserstatning med 20 000 kroner for hvert av barna. Forsvarer la ned påstand om at tiltalte frifinnes, subsidiært at han anses på mildeste måte.

– Svekker bevisverdien

Skyldspørsmålet vil i denne saken bygge på om retten kan være sikker på at barnas forklaringer er dekkende for hva som skjedde. Ut fra tiltaltes tidligere domfellelse, samt hans melding til barnas mor jula 2014, der han i beruset tilstand kommer med svært negative karakteristikker både av barna og av deres mor, synes det sannsynlig at han også i sinne kan ha handlet slik barna forklarer.

Etter rettens mening er det imidlertid en del forhold som svekker bevisverdien til de foretatt avhør. Det gikk først over 1 uke før barna forklarte seg om hendelsen til sin mor, og avhøret ble først foretatt 3 måneder senere.

I avhøret kommer det ikke klart frem i hvilken grad hendelsen har vært et tema for samtaler barna imellom, samt i samtaler med mora. I en slik situasjon kan det ikke utelukkes at barnas oppfatninger kan ha blitt noe påvirket i tiden frem til avhøret ble tatt.

Det har videre kommet frem at far snakket samisk, og at de fremsatte trusler derved har blitt fremsatt med samiske ord og begreper. Når barna på enkelte punkter ikke husket helt, eller forsto hva som ble sagt, så kan det heller ikke utelukkes at det kan ha oppstått misforståelser av betydning.

Dette særlig fordi barna under avhøret ikke ble spurt om hvilke ord som ble sagt på samisk knyttet til skyting og «Hells Angels». Samlet sett mener retten at det derfor ikke kan utelukkes at barnas forklaringer i det tilrettelagte avhør er påvirket av feilkilder i den grad at det er en rimelig tvil knyttet til skyldspørsmålet.


Tiltalte skal etter dette frifinnes for tiltalebeslutningen, og skal dermed ikke dømmes til å betale saksomkostninger.

I forhold til utmålingen legges til grunn at handlingens art her dreier seg om trussel, hvilket er blant de minst alvorlige straffebud det gis oppreisning for. Det må imidlertid tas hensyn til at handlingen her er skjedd mellom nærstående.

At bakgrunnen for handlingen er en konflikt med den tidligere samboer og begått under sinne, sannsynligvis mest rettet mot henne, kan ikke gi grunnlag for å lempe på oppreisningsnivået.

Retten mener derfor at oppreisningen passende kan settes til 20 000 kroner for hvert av barna, slik bistandsadvokaten har lagt ned påstand om.

Norge - NRK.

Darwin Rebels outlaw bikie club president Andy Summerfield and Shannon Althouse plead guilty to ordering armed reprisal attack

THE baby-faced president and tattoo-covered sergeant-at-arms of the Darwin chapter of the Rebels bikie gang pleaded guilty on Tuesday to ordering club minions to take part in a brutal reprisal attack.

President Andy Summerfield and sergeant-at-arms Shannon Althouse pleaded guilty to ordering an attack on Tyrone Kerslake on October 5 last year, only for their underlings to mistakenly carry out the attack on Kerslake’s flatmate.

Crown Prosecutor David Morters told the Supreme Court the duo were spotted on security cameras at Bunnings and Mitchell’s Outdoors buying hatchets, machetes and balaclavas on the day of the attack.

A police raid on the pair’s house at Essington Ave, Gray, found burnt remnants of balaclavas, a bloody axe with Summerfield’s DNA on it and Rebels paraphernalia. The duo had been nearing the end of pre-trial proceedings, during which the court heard Althouse remained the sergeant-at-arms of the local chapter, signing letters from jail with his club title, while Summerfield had been on remand in Alice Springs.

Mr Morters said the victim, Bradley Jewell, lived in fear of reprisal attacks, suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and still had physical scars from the attack, which saw an axe go bone-deep into his neck, chipping a vertebrae.

The victim also nearly lost fingers in the attack as he tried to fend off the Rebels henchmen.
An ambulance crew found him covered in blood on the grass in front of the McCourt Rd, Yarrawonga industrial complex where he was attacked. The duo, who exchanged a knowing glance and a wink before pleading guilty, will return to court on December 1 for sentencing proceedings.

Australia - BN.

November 21, 2017

Texas Motorcycle Clubs show what biker meetings are about after Twin Peaks Mistrial

The sound of their motorcycle exhaust pipes will get your attention, but bikers say they do not want to cause fear or intimidation. Bikers across Texas said they have had enough with law enforcement calling them corrupt and criminals. They said since the deadly Twin Peaks shooting happened in May of 2015, there has been a bad stigma attached to their motorcycle clubs.
"We're totally involved in our community, but you never hear about that. All you hear is about is the crap when they bust some of the big boys," Wolverine Motorcycle Club member Mike Drutter said.

More than 100 bikers, including veterans, showed up at Scooters Bar and Grill Sunday in Garland for a Region 2 Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting.
"The COCI was started for righteous reasons. We work legislative issues, and we work charitable issues," Mel Moss of Sons of Liberty Motorcycle club said.

They also discussed biker's rights, and encouraged bikers to show comradery toward one another. In less than five minutes, they raised $660 in a hat for a biker who is battling health issues. Drutter said despite negative opinions, they are actually good people.
"If a family is in need we're right there for them. If someone gets hurt, we're there for them," Drutter said.

The latest motorcycle news to hit the state of Texas was the mistrial of Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal. Drutter said since the Twin Peaks shooting, motorcycle clubs have been given a bad rap by both police and the public, and that they are viewed as criminals.
"This whole label of gangs and organized criminal activity is crap. The worst my people do is get arrested for a speeding ticket every now and then," Drutter said.

When Moss heard that the Twin peaks trial was a mistrial, he said was elated. He feels the state presented a weak case and the second trial for Jake Carrizal will have the same outcome.
"Abel Reyna made multiple, multiple blunders along the way. Of course we're not going to tell him what they are. I think he's his own worst enemy,” Moss said.

Moss said after the Twin Peaks shooting happened, bikers started to take a stand. They felt the police were not telling the whole truth about the shooting.
"And it became an issue that we followed and we continue to follow, because we feel that it’s our job to expose the truth of it all,” he said.


Prosecutors Charge California Hells Angels Members

Federal prosecutors in San Francisco have charged nine members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang with running a criminal organization responsible for multiple robberies and assaults and one murder.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal prosecutors in San Francisco have charged nine members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang with running a criminal organization responsible for multiple robberies and assaults and one murder.

The U.S. Attorney's office and FBI announced the charges on Monday. Most of the defendants are members of the group's Sonoma County chapter in Northern California (link is external).

The head of the FBI's San Francisco division, Jack Bennett, said their crimes were intended to instill fear in parts of the city of Santa Rosa. Four of the defendants are charged with conspiracy to commit murder for a 2014 slaying at a Hells Angels clubhouse in Fresno, California. The indictment also includes multiple charges of intimidating witnesses.


November 19, 2017

Out in Bad Standing: Pitt by No Surrender MC

Finks bikie enforcer kicked out of two countries in one day

Possibly with his Fink tail already firmly between his legs after being refused entry to a gang holiday in Bali, bikie enforcer Jesse Johnston got off a plane at Sydney Airport only to be met by more authorities.

This time the 22-year-old, who likes to go by the social media moniker Alphonse Fink, denied he was a member of one of the most feared bikie gangs in Australia and just wanted to head home to the Central Coast.

But, after Australian Border Force officials found clothing sporting the gang's distinct "rat Fink" emblem, Johnston was told his entry was being denied and he was deported to his native New Zealand. Because, despite his denials, Johnston had been quickly moving through the national ranks of the Finks and, despite his age, was already the sergeant-at-arms of the gang's Newcastle chapter.

Johnston, a former kickboxer, had emigrated across the Tasman at least three years ago.
Johnston, a former kickboxer, had emigrated across the Tasman at least three years ago. 
Photo: Supplied   

However, Johnston's double knock-back on Monday is not isolated.
Along with a second Finks member was also deported upon his return from Indonesia on Monday, authorities have kicked 160 bikies out of the country in the past three years. Tougher laws introduced in November 2014 gave authorities more power to revoke residency visas and deport troublesome bikies.

Australia - SMH.

November 18, 2017

Politiets mistanke: Satudarah-rocker førte kniven

Det var et westernlignende slagsmål til et boksestævne 27 oktober i Herlev, der der fik konflikten mellem Satudarah og Bandidos til at bryde løs. Under slagsmålet fløj kasteskyts gennem luften, mens konferencieren forsøgte at tale folk til ro.

På et tidspunkt under urolighederne blev to navngivne Bandidos-folk angrebet med kniv, og værst gik det ud over en 46-årig tidligere drabsdømt rocker, der blev kvæstet af knivstik i maven. Efterfølgende valgte politikredse landet over at bruge rockerloven til at lukke de to klubbers tilholdssteder.

I en aktindsigt til Ekstra Bladet fra Midt- og Vestsjællands Politi om baggrunden for lukningen af klubhusene, beskriver politiet, hvordan de formoder, at gerningsmanden, der første kniven under masseslagsmålet i Herlev, er tilknyttet Satudarah MC West Area.

En afdeling, der er hjemmehørende på den københavnske vestegn, men endnu ikke har et klubhus. Ifølge Ekstra Bladets oplysninger består Satudarah MC West Area blandt andet af tidligere Bandidos-folk, der i forvejen har et anspændt forhold til deres tidligere 'brødre' i Bandidos.

Rivaler skød tilbage
I samme aktindsigt kommer det frem, at det dagen efter masseslagsmålet i Herlev kom til skudveksling et sted i Ballerup mellem de to rockerklubber. Her beskød to Bandidos-medlemmer to rivaler fra Satudarah, men løb fra stedet da et af de to Satudarah-medlemmer skød tilbage.

Få dage senere blev der skudt gennem vinduerne i Bandidos Coast Towns klubhus i Køge. Politiet vurderer, at der også var forsøgt at sætte ild på klubhuset, da der blev fundet en knust flaske med en afbrændt klud og sodskader på klubhusets dør.

I politiets begrundelse for at lukke klubhusene hedder det blandt andet, at angreb på ejendommen vil være til fare for personer, der bor i eller befinder sig i nærheden af ejendommen. Ekstra Bladets erfarer, at der i øjeblikket forhandles om fred mellem rockerklubberne, og der ikke har været konfrontationer de seneste dage.

Sådan er konflikten forløbet:

Her følger de episoder, som Ekstra Bladet har kendskab til, og som angiveligt knyttes til konflikten mellem Satudarah og Bandidos de sidste par ugers tid:
27. oktober: Ved et boksestævne i Herlev kommer det til masseslagsmål. To navngivne Bandidos-folk stikkes med kniv. Den ene såres lettere i benet, mens den anden kvæstes langt mere alvorligt af knivstik i maven. Her er tale om en 46-årig, tidligere drabsdømt rocker. Politiet mistænker et medlem af Satudarah West Area-afdeling for at have ført kniven.
28. oktober: Mindre skærmydsler i Ballerup, hvor parterne jagter hinanden. Det indkluderer en episode, hvor hvor to Bandidos-rockere skyder efter to Satudarah-folk, der skyder tilbage.
Desuden er der om eftermiddagen skud mod en kiosk med spillehal på Tempovej. To mænd på scooter affyrer skud og flygter på en scooter. Ingen bliver ramt.
Senere samles over 50 figurer udenfor Værebo Centeret i Bagsværd. Mange af de unge bar veste med Satudarah-rygmærke.
29. oktober: Rockere jagter atter hinanden på den københavnske vestegn. Det foregår ved, at rockerne i bil kører rundt og leder efter personer, der tilhører modpartens klub.
Om aftenen affyres der skud mod privatboligen til en ældre Bandidos-veteran, der bor ved Nørre Alslev på Falster. Udover rockeren er også hans kone og børn hjemme, da der bliver skudt mod huset. Ingen bliver ramt.
30. oktober: Om eftermiddagen overfaldes og tæskes en 46-årig Bandidos-rocker i en kiosk på Søborg Torv af en gruppe mænd. Rockeren får blandt andet kørt en skåret flaske rundt i ansigtet.
To Bandidos-rockere jager en bil ved Hundested. De påkører bevidst bilen, hvor en bror til et Satudarah-medlem er passager. De to gerningsmænd bliver set løbe væk fra stedet, og den ene skulle have haft en pistol i hånden.
Senere samme aften finder politiet våben ved en tøjcontainer ved Værebroparken i Bagsværd - et kendt hjemsted for Satudarah-folk. Samme aften er  15-20 maskerede figurer samlet foran Værebo Centeret. De mange forsamlede udviser konfrontatorisk adfærd og kaster sten efter politiet. En person anholdes.
Ved en ransagning af en lejlighed i Værebro Parken finder politiet en revolver.
31. oktober: Sent om aftenen forsøges Bandidos' klubhus i Køge antændt, men det mislykkedes, da den kastede molotov-cocktail, ikke antændes.
1. november: Fem-seks personer opsøger en tattoobutik i Køge i åbningstiden, der udsættes for hærværk med køller, mens der er kunder i butikken. Ingen personer kommer til skade.
Fire-fem biler med maskerede personer observeres ved et autoværksted i Klippinge på Sydsjælland. Værkstedet er tidligere ejet af et Bandidos-medlem. Anmelder er af den opfattelse, at de maskerede personer har relation til Satudarah.
2. november: En café i Brøndby-området opsøges af en håndfuld mænd, der med slagvåben kommer ind og begår lettere hærværk på inventar. Ingen tilstedeværende kommer til skade. Samme dag er der slagsmål mellem fire-fem rockere på en café, der ligger i gågaden i Helsingør. Her trækker en af rockerne en pistol, som han slår med. Samme aften affyres der skud mod Bandidos' klubhus i Hvidovre.
3. november: En tatovørbutik i Ballerup udsættes for hærværk af en gruppe mænd ved 11.30-tiden. Her kommer en kvinde lettere til skade, da overfaldsmændene slår hende. Senere går det ud over en tatovørforretning i Frederikssund. Ingen personer kommer noget til.
4. november: Ved 05.45-tiden om morgenen rykker brandvæsnet ud til en bil, der brænder i en carport ved Satudarahs klubhus i Egedal. Bilen udbrænder, men ellers sker der ingen skader på klubhuset.
5. november: To tatovørforretninger i Aalborg er udsat for lettere hærværk. Og fire mænd forsøger ved 20-tiden at stikke ild til et Bandidos-tilholdssted på Egegårdsvej i Rødovre. Det bliver ved forsøget, og brandvæsnet får hurtigt bugt med den mindre brand.
6. november: Der sættes ild til en tattoo-butik i Holbæk ved 22-tiden, hvor ilden når at gøre en del skade. Ved 23-tiden blev der stukket ild til en lignende forretning i Vordingborg. Brandvæsnet var hurtigt på stedet, og derfor nåede ilden ikke at gøre voldsom skade. Politiet opdager et par udbrændte molotov-cocktails, der ligger ved Bandidos' klubhus i Hvidovre. Eneste skade er et smeltet nedløbsrør.
7. november: Et par timer efter midnat stikkes der ild til en tatovør-forretning i Birkerød, hvor et vidne så tre unge mænd i dynejakker løbe væk. De knuste en rude, hvorefter de forsøgte at antænde forretningen, der dog slap uden store skader.
9. november: Efter midnat kastes der muligvis to molotov-cocktails ind til Bandidos' klubhus i Randers. De lander i gården og gør ingen skade. Samme nat forsøger man at sætte ild til Bandidos' klubhus i Køge. Ilden er hurtigt slukket. To personer ses køre fra stedet i bil. Sent om aftenen er der opgør i Faxe, hvor maskerede mænd, bevæbnet med slagvåben og et enkelt skydevåben. Der affyres skud, som rammer en kiosk.
11. november: Midt på aftenen forsøges der at sætte ild til en privatbolig i Stensved, Sydsjælland. Der er ingen beboere beboere hjemme, da to mænd kaster én, men muligvis flere, molotov-cocktails gennem et af husets vinduer og stikker af. Brandvæsnet er hurtigt på stedet. Men huset får en del brandskader.
Tidslinien er baseret på oplysninger, politiet har offentliggjort, aktindsigter samt en enkelt retsbog.

Denmark - EB.