July 31, 2018

Tom Cruise Forces James Corden to Skydive

I Went To Jail For Murder! Am I rehabilitated?

Joining an M/C is serious business.

Top 7 Motorcycle Clubs the Feds Say are Highly Structured Criminal Enter...

Most Dangerous Motorcycle Gangs in USA. Notorious American Biker Gangs
7. The Mongols
6. Vagos
5. Sons of Silence
4. The Pagans
3. Hells Angels
2. The Outlaws
1. The Bandidos

Biker landscape changing as Outlaws boss freed on charge

The president of the London Outlaws motorcycle club has walked away from a charge of organizing a hit on a member of the rival Hells Angels, The Free Press has learned.

The Crown withdrew the charge against Ryan Daigneault, 42, Thursday, one week before he was supposed to go to trial for counselling to commit murder.

Related firearm charges against co-accused Daniel Tranquair, 31, also were withdrawn.
The sudden release of Daigneault could change the already shifting biker landscape in Southwestern Ontario, with police warning recently of increased tensions between the two clubs.

The Hells Angels will not be pleased Daigneault was freed and will push for retribution, they say.
“The Hells Angels will lose credibility if nothing happens,” one longtime Outlaw biker said.
“This is a serious matter. There have been threats on both sides. This could be dangerous for the public, if it gets out of hand.”

Another insider said retribution was likely, but a full-out war could be avoided.
The two clubs might be more interested in making money off the lucrative drug trade than starting large-scale trouble, he said. Peace might also come if the Hells Angels believe police charged an innocent man, a third biker source suggested.

But the Hells Angels already arranged an assault on Daigneault while he was in custody at Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre on the charge, several independent sources from inside and outside the jail, said.

London police confirmed at the time there was an incident, but said they received no request or complaint that would prompt an investigation. Daigneault and Tranquair were charged in October. Tranquair was charged with possessing a restricted firearm and transferring a firearm.

Police did not say who the intended target or targets were. But sources and court documents indicated two local Hells Angels were potential targets. According to court documents, Tranquair was released soon after the charges were laid.

But Daigneault, identified by sources as the president of the London Outlaws, remained in custody for several months, getting bail only recently. Daigneault and Tranquair were scheduled for a two-day trial starting Aug 2.

Daigneault could not be reached for comment. But his partner, Stacey Scaman, provided a comment via Facebook messaging.
“Just happy that his whole ordeal is over and we can move on,” she said.

It was not immediately clear why the charges were withdrawn. A spokesperson for Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General said he could not provide comment at this point.

The Outlaws have deep roots in London. But they struggled to keep membership up after the sweep of Hells Angels through Ontario in the early 2000s and the large police operation, called Project Retire, that put many Outlaws members behind bars in 2002.

Many biker experts had them gone for good from London.
But local Outlaws opened a new clubhouse and started a puppet club called the Filthy 15 last year. Just two weeks ago, Outlaws turned up at the Friday the 13th ride in Port Dover for the first time in years, police said.

A few days before the event, OPP warned spectators that tensions between the two clubs were increasing. Soon after, the OPP’s biker enforcement unit announced it was investigating two incidents involving threats and intimidation between Hells Angels and Outlaws members.

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Former Hells Angel now trying to help youth avoid his poor choices

A tale of an outlaw biker, who falls from grace and end up addicted to drugs on the streets of East Vancouver. It sounds like a script meant for Hollywood; instead, it was Joe Calendino’s life story.

Calendino was a full patch member of the Hell’s Angels before falling into a life of drug addiction on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. During his journey through recovery, he decided he wanted to help others avoid the choices he made which got him into trouble, so he wrote a book, outlining his life’s journey, and was at Chapter’s bookstore in Kamloops on Saturday signing books and meeting fans.
“I got kicked out of the club, made a lot of poor choices. I was even a handful for the Hell’s Angels,” Calendino said. “[I had] lost everything to the lower east side of Vancouver, which is ground zero for addiction. In walked Kevin Torvick when I was on a prison floor after getting caught with $10 worth of crack cocaine, and I just looked up at him and said I never want to see a kid go through this.”

His novel titled “To Hell and Back: A Former Hell’s Angel’s Story of Recovery and Redemption” outlines Calendino’s rise through the ranks of the infamous motorcycle club, as well as his fall into the drug addiction. Calendino, who spent his younger years in Kamloops says he wrote the book to help youth make better choices than he did.
“It’s not about the club. It’s about Joe Calendino’s story, and then the fall. The pain on the family with addiction, and then the rebuilding of a man. And then from there, the building of an organization that’s building awareness nationally.”

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July 30, 2018

Bacchus gang's 'criminal organization' designation could lead to more prosecutions

The Nova Scotia prosecutor who handled the extortion and intimidation case against three Bacchus Motorcycle Club members calls a judge's declaration that the club is a "criminal organization" a landmark decision that may lead to similar prosecutions in the future.

Crown attorney Glen Sheuer said it's the first time an outlaw biker gang in Nova Scotia has been found to be a criminal organization under the Criminal Code, and he believes it's the first conviction of its type in the province.
"One club has been found to be a criminal organization in this particular situation," he said. "It confirms the appropriateness of the police looking at this type of activity in similar organizations and may lead to more prosecutions in the future."

In June, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski convicted Patrick Michael James and David John Pearce, both of Dartmouth, N.S., and Duayne Jamie Howe, of Grand Desert, N.S., for threatening, harassing, intimidating and extorting a man who tried to bring a chapter of the Montreal-based Brotherhood Motorcycle Club to Nova Scotia.
The offences happened between January and September 2012.
In his written decision, released last week, Rosinski also declared Bacchus a criminal organization because it encouraged members to commit crimes in order to maintain the club's dominance in Nova Scotia.
A man wears a Bacchus vest during a gathering January 21, 2017, in Charlottetown. (Mathieu Bernier/Radio-Canada)

The designation is considered an aggravating factor at sentencing. Scheuer said he "certainly may" seek stiffer sentences because the men committed the crimes to benefit the club.

He would not say how much time he will ask the judge to impose when the men return to court for sentencing in October.

Bacchus, which has ties to the Hells Angels, is the largest motorcycle gang in Nova Scotia.
Julian Sher, an author who has written several books on the Hells Angels, said the convictions will disrupt Bacchus's activities and their normal routine in Nova Scotia.
"The other thing they have to worry about is every time there are convictions, and especially a serious court case like this, they have to start worrying about snitches," Sher said.
"They have to start looking around and worrying who is the next member who might be snitching on them, because now they have much more of the full force of the law coming down on them."
Author Julian Sher has written several books on the Hells Angels. (Julian Sher)

Designating individuals as part of a criminal organization in this particular case sets a precedent. However, any future criminal cases of this kind will have to be decided on their own merit.
"Precedent doesn't matter," Sher said. "Every time a new case comes to court this does not mean that Bacchus is automatically a criminal organization the next time. It does not mean that it's illegal to join Bacchus, they haven't been banned."
Scheuer agrees and said Rosinski's ruling can be used by other courts to guide how they assess these types of groups and decide whether they meet the definition of a criminal organization.

The trio were charged in September 2012 after RCMP searched four locations, including the Bacchus clubhouse on Hogan Road in Nine Mile River, N.S. They seized vests displaying the "1%" patch, a designation that openly boasts it is an outlaw biker gang.
Bacchus member Duayne Jamie Howe is one of three men that will be sentenced in October. (CBC)

In 2014, Manitoba became the first government (link is external)in North America to formally list a motorcycle club — in this case the Hells Angels — a criminal organization.
Similar designations have been made in Ontario and British Columbia.
According to Sher, these decisions are rare across Canada.
"It's significant because the laws were brought during the height of the biker wars back in the 1990s (link is external) when police and the justice system wanted an extra tool to fight what they considered was a much more severe threat to law and order and the security and safety of ordinary Canadians," Sher said.
"The purpose of this law was to say there's often times where crimes are committed by an organized group, an organized gang, it could have a name, it could be informal, that is doing things in a much more structured systematic way, or they're doing things not for their personal benefit but for the benefit of a larger gang or organization."

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Biker Angle - Mongols Motorcycle Club move into Texas- The Hysteria on t...


July 29, 2018

Mayans M.C. (Sons of Anarchy Spin-Off) Season 1 Comic Con Panel | SDCC 2018

The first season of Mayans M.C. makes its way to San Diego Comic-Con 2018.
The Sons of Anarchy spin-off panel features Kurt Sutter, Elgin James, Norberto Barba, JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Michael Irby, Carla Baratta, Antonio Jaramillo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, Danny Pino, Emilio Rivera, Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero, and Vincent Rocco Vargas.

Another Indigenous woman found dead outside Merritt

Cabin Radio is reporting that "A Northwest Territories woman whose body was found by a driver beside a highway in British Columbia has been identified as Brittany Martel. The 27-year-old, from the Hay River reserve, was living in West Kelowna. Her body was discovered on Sunday, some 125 km west by road, on BC’s Highway 5 (the Coquihalla) south of Merritt. A driver discovered Martel’s body while stretching their legs outside their vehicle during traffic created by a collision on the highway."

On July 3rd Global reported that "Last Friday, police issued a report that Brittany Martel, 27, of West Kelowna, hadn’t been heard from since June 14 when she was in Surrey, that her last social media post was June 22 and that her cellphone wasn’t working. At the time, it was believed she was planning to hitchhike to the Northwest Territories. On Tuesday, though, West Kelowna RCMP said that Martel, from Hay River, N.W.T., had been located and is safe and sound." Not.

They put Robert Pickton in jail and women kept dying because he didn't act alone. He wasn't even the prime suspect. He was just an active participant. Last year, Wendy Margaret Carlic, a missing and murdered Indigenous women advocate from Whitehorse, was murdered before she could testify at the new missing women inquiry. The Finian Commission.

Canada - GO.

Hells Angels gather in Niagara Falls

Hundreds of Hells Angels descended on Niagara Falls on Saturday to attend the funeral of one of their own.

Zavisa Drecic, a member of the Woodbridge chapter of the Hells Angels, died July 12 of a heart attack at the biker gang's clubhouse.

The 53-year-old was a former member of the Niagara chapter of Hells Angels.
The funeral mass was held in Vaughan on Saturday morning and then a procession of 400 motorcycles and more than 100 vehicles made their way to Fairview Cemetery in Niagara Falls where Drecic was laid to rest.

It is mandatory that Hells Angels members from across the province attend the funeral of a fallen member. Saturday's service at the Stanley Avenue cemetery was also attended by members from clubs from Quebec as well as eastern Canada.

Police were on hand to monitor the gathering.
"We're here to ensure traffic flow and safety to the public," said Niagara Regional Police Det. Sgt. Shawn Clarkson.

Biker funerals are well known for the number of members they draw to communities where they are being held, often featuring long processions of bikers.

Drecic was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2009.
He was one of 31 people caught up in an Ontario Provincial Police sting in 2007 following an investigation into the sale of cocaine and the club drug known as GHB.

Canada - BN.

Anti-gang police monitor Veterans MC ride in Lower Mainland

Police say the the group, a ‘three-piece’ patched club has ties to the Hells Angels. Anti-organized crime police were in Aldergrove Saturday keeping an eye on a ride by a B.C. motorcycle club.

Sgt. Brenda Winpenny of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. said in a video posted to Twitter that the unit would be monitoring the ride by the Veterans Motorcycle Club.

The Veterans MC is a motorcycle club of Harley-Davidson riders, including Canadian armed forces and NATO-member nation veterans. The Veterans website says they are not what is often referred to as an “outlaw” or “one percenter” motorcycle club.
“We are not a 1% club, nor do we have the intention of becoming one,” their main page says.

The Veterans MC club wears a 3 piece patch which means they had to seek permission approved by the Hells Angels. They are subservient to and support the Hells Angels
But Winpenny said in a tweet that the group has gang links. Motorcycle clubs that wear “three-piece” patches are either subservient to or in conflict with the Hells Angels, the dominant motorcycle gang in Western Canada, Winpenny said.

Members of the Jesters, Shadow Club, and Iron Workers Motorcycle Clubs were turning up for the event, which started at the Aldergrove Royal Canadian Legion hall. Winpenny noted that a number of the members of those clubs were seen at Hells Angels events in the past, including the invite-only Hells Angel 35th anniversary party held on Vancouver Island last weekend.

View image on Twitter

Typical displays of support for the Hells Angels are prominently displayed on some motorcycles arriving for the ride.

Canada - BN.

July 27, 2018

Arizona Hells Angel charged in the brutal murder of Cynthia Garcia

The Washington Post is reporting that Paul Eischeid, a suspect in the brutal murder of Cynthia Garcia returned to Arizona last week in handcuffs to face charges related to her death after being extradited from Argentina. Hells Angle Kevin Augustiniak, already plead guilty to second degree murder for his role in her death back in 2011. Cynthia was badly beaten and stabbed 27 times before being dumped in the desert. Eischeid was a stock broker by day ad a Hells Angel by night.

Canada - GO.

July 26, 2018

Violent New Zealand street gang rapidly growing on Gold Coast declared ‘identified organisation’

A NOTORIOUS New Zealand gang which is rapidly growing on the northern Gold Coast has been declared an “identified organisation” in Queensland.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath announced in Parliamentary estimates committee this morning that the Mongrel Mob — an organised street gang based in New Zealand that has a network of more than 30 chapters throughout the country — would be declared.


The Mongrel Mob has been growing rapidly on the northern Gold Coast with a clubhouse set up in Coomera recently.

The Mongrel Mob has been rapidly growing on the Gold Coast. Photo: Supplied

It is an organisation with the attributes of an outlaw motorcycle gang with violent initiation processes, Nazi insignia and motto and members who outside Queensland have been involved in murder, armed robberies, extortion, home invasion, firearms and drug offences.

Inside the Gold Coast Mongrel Mob clubhouse.

Gold Coast chapter members have been actively posting photos on social media wearing Mongrel Mob vests surrounded by club paraphernalia.

The gang also has a strong presence in Eagleby but as late as yesterday, the Police Minister’s office told the Gold Coast Bulletin it was not aware of plans to declare the gang an “identified organisation”.

However, just hours later, Ms D’Ath revealed the plan in estimates committee.
Ms D’Ath said the declaration, to be approved by Governor in Council today, targeted a gang widely described as one of the most fearsome in the World.
“Today’s declaration is further proof that Queensland’s regime to combat the threat posed by criminal gangs and organised crime is the toughest and most effective in Australia,” Mrs D’Ath said.
The Mongrel Mob in their Gold Coast clubhouse.
“The Police Commissioner has advised there is evidence of Mongrel Mob activity in Queensland and we are acting to prevent it from establishing a foothold in the state.
“QPS has advised Mongrel Mob members have recently displayed their colours in public in Brisbane, Logan, Rockhampton and the Gold Coast.”

Mrs D’Ath said the declaration meant Mongrel Mob and its participants were now subject to the tightest laws in Australia to restrict the ability to intimidate and recruit. The gang claims it offers a surrogate “family” for young men, most of whom are often alienated from their Family.

A majority of members are from New Zealand’s Māori, European or other Polynesian ethnic groups.
The Mongrel Mob Gold Coast chapter
New Zealand police have been attempting to crackdown on the gang for decades with members previously clashing with bikie gangs including the Hells Angels in large gang-related brawls.

The Mongrol Mob has also been targeted in investigations into organised methamphetamine supply and distribution operating across New Zealand.

LNP Shadow Police Minister Trevor Watts is stunned by Labor’s slowness about acting on bikie gangs.
“Staggering it has taken Labor so long to act,” Mr Watts told the Gold Coast Bulletin.
“This is another demonstration of Labor being soft on crime and failing to keep Queenslanders safe.”
“This along with today’s QONs revelations, clearly show the bikies are back better than ever under Labor.”

Leading criminal lawyer Bill Potts said making a gang an identified organisation meant they couldn’t wear colours in public.
“The theory is it effectively de-fangs the club’s capacity to associate, to organise and to project both intimidation and to recruit other people into the organisations,” he said.

Mr Potts said the “jury was still out” on the effectiveness of the new laws.
“And I would look be looking forward to seeing a review of the effectiveness of the legislation, not just anecdotally but using hard statistics to demonstrate that in fact this works,” he said.
“It’s a balance between individual rights and the rights of the community to feel safe.
“Making announcements, even arresting people from time to time is not a true measure of either the problem or its effectiveness.”

Mr Potts said the Crime and Corruption Commission quietly and efficiently gathered significant evidence and they made recommendations which he believed the government was responding to.
But he said he still had considerable concerns whether members of these organisations “in fact represent a significant and ongoing threat to our society”.
“They are involved in criminal activity — there is no doubt about it — but the statistics around that level of criminality are in fact quite opaque and I don’t think thoroughly explained,” Mr Potts said.
Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate also weighed in saying criminal gangs were not welcome in the city.
‘We have zero tolerance (for outlaw gangs) so I’d say to them move on, we don’t want you,” he said.

New Zealand - GC.

No Surrender-baas Henk Kuipers komt niet vrij

3 Nova Scotia Bacchus biker gang members convicted of threats, intimidation

Victim was member of another motorcycle club and feared for his life, Nova Scotia court told

Three members of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club in Nova Scotia have been convicted of threatening, harassing, intimidating and extorting a man who tried to bring a chapter of the Montreal-based Brotherhood Motorcycle Club to the province.

In a recent written decision, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski also agreed with a police outlaw biker gang expert that Bacchus is a criminal organization and concluded the men committed the crimes to benefit the gang.

The group, which has links to the Hells Angels, is the largest motorcycle gang in the province.
Patrick Michael James and David John Pearce, both of Dartmouth, N.S., and Duayne Jamie Howe, of Grand Desert, N.S., will be sentenced Oct. 22.

The trio were charged in September 2012 after RCMP searched four locations, including the Bacchus clubhouse on Hogan Road in Nine Mile River, N.S. They seized vests displaying the "1%" patch, a designation the openly boasts it is an outlaw biker gang. During the subsequent trial, the court heard that the victim, identified in the court decision only by the initials R.M., and two of his friends were seen on Facebook in the summer of 2012 wearing one-piece Brotherhood patches on the backs of their vests.

James, the court decision said, was furious and told the man he couldn't wear them in their territory.
James ordered R.M. to provide destroyed Brotherhood patches to him the next day and post on Facebook that no Brotherhood chapter was coming to Nova Scotia. R.M. and the Brotherhood complied.

James, Howe and Pearce continued to feel disrespected. On Sept. 14, 2012, they violently confronted R.M. when he showed up at a fundraiser for the Bikers Down Society in Lower Sackville, N.S., riding his motorcycle. R.M. was threatened with serious bodily harm and told to leave, according to the court decision. He was also ordered never to ride motorcycle or attend motorcycle events again in Nova Scotia. R.M. and his wife sold their motorcycles and never rode again. They also had a panic alarm installed in their home. Staff Sgt. Len Isnor, of the Ontario Provincial Police Biker Enforcement Unit, testified at trial that Bacchus condoned and encouraged serious criminality by its members in order to maintain its reputation as the dominant 1% motorcycle club in the Atlantic provinces, and to reap material benefits for its members, Rosinski said.
"He was of the opinion that the BMC has several intertwined main purposes or activities: most importantly is the protection of its reputation the 'power of their patch'; others include, the commission of serious criminal offences, and protection of the organization's survival, and taking any steps necessary to ensure that the BMC not only survives, but flourishes," Rosinski wrote.

There were approximately 80 members of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club in 2012. Almost 60 per cent of its membership had criminal records.

At trial, Isnor told the court that plans to have the Bacchus Motorcycle Club in Moncton promoted to a Hells Angels prospect club in 2001 did not materialize. Just months before, police raided the Hells Angels Halifax clubhouse and arrested most of its members. The Hells Angels club lost its charter when its membership dropped below six people.
"We never really knew what happened to the Bacchus chapter because there's really no minutes that we were able to intercept to advise what happened with the vote," Isnor said.
"We suspect one of two things — they either voted against the Bacchus becoming a Hells Angels prospect chapter or the Bacchus withdrew — they decided this is not what they wanted and withdrew."

Canada - BN.

July 25, 2018

Fugitive stockbroker turned Hell's Angel accused of murdering and partially decapitating woman is extradited back to the US after seven years in an Argentinian jail

* Paul Eischeid was arrested in 2003 on for murder, kidnapping and trafficking
* Along with three others he was accused of killing Cynthia Garcia back in 2001
* Because of his career as a stockbroker he was then placed under house arrest 
* Eischeid managed to escape and was eventually caught in Argentina in 2011
* He has been languishing in Argentinian jail for seven since he was arrested
* The former Hell's Angel was flown back to Arizona this week to face charges

A Hell's Angels member accused of murdering and attempting to decapitate a woman in the desert has arrived back in the US from Argentina. Paul Eischeid was extradited back to the United States from Argentina and is now in the Maricopa County Jail after spending 15 years on the run.

Eischeid, a successful stockbroker at the time of his arrest, was indicted on drug trafficking, kidnapping, and murder charges in 2003, but fled the country after being placed under house arrest.

In 2007 US Marshals added him to their '15 Most Wanted' list.
He was eventually arrested in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2011 following a massive joint operation between Interpol, U.S. law enforcement officers and Argentine police. He has been in the custody of Argentinean authorities since his arrest there.

Eischeid is charged with kidnapping and homicide in connection to the brutal 2001 murder of Cynthia Garcia.

Garcia was attacked and severely beaten while attending a party at the Hell's Angels clubhouse in Mesa, Arizona. Bundled into the trunk of a car, she was driven to the desert, stabbed and left for dead.

According to court records three men took part in the killings, including one man who was an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. He later pleaded guilty to manslaughter and did not serve time in prison. The third man is awaiting trial.

All three were arrested as part of Operation Black Biscuit, an investigation into the Hell's Angels, which ended when the case collapsed in court because of problems with informers and evidence, the Republic said.

Although Eischeid was arrested in 2003, his career as a Charles Schwab stockbroker and relatively clean criminal record meant that he was considered a low flight risk and he was put on house arrest.

But Eischeid removed his monitoring device and fled Arizona.
According to U.S. Marshals, Eischeid had been fighting extradition for the past seven years. In June, U.S. Marshals learned from the Argentinian government that Eischeid had 'exhausted all of his appeals in the Argentinian government legal system.'

Eischeid returned to Arizona Tuesday and was booking for first-degree murder and kidnapping.

USA - BN. 

July 24, 2018

Jeg fik stress

Hells Angels bikie 'violently' resisting arrest captured in body camera footage by NT Police

A high-ranking Hells Angels bikie has been found guilty of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer following a dramatic takedown in Darwin, which one officer said was the most violent resistance he'd seen in 30 years of policing.

Body camera footage shows Phillip O'Shea, who police say is a sergeant-at-arms for the Northern Territory chapter of the Hells Angels, being tasered multiple times by members of the NT Police Territory Response Group (TRG) in his Palmerston home in October 2017.

Police raided the property after gaining evidence of O'Shea obtaining drugs.
The 44-year-old can be heard groaning and swearing at officers as he is apprehended in the video footage, and after being instructed by officers to extend his arms, exclaimed "I can't mate… I can't breathe".

O'Shea faced the Darwin Local Court on Monday morning for a hearing, charged with possessing a trafficable quantity of drugs, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer. His lawyer John Lawrence SC told the court his client had been "badly mistreated" by police, and described the matter as a question of "conduct and behaviour".

"If the body-cam footage was to be played on television, they would have to put a warning before it," he told the Court."

However, those claims were rejected by senior crown prosecutor David Morters, who said police had "good reason" to believe O'Shea would have responded violently in the raid, and therefore acted reasonably.
Phillip O'Shea 

Under cross-examination, at least two police officers told the court O'Shea advanced towards them in a threatening manner. One of them, NT Police Sergeant Scott Rose, later testified that he had not witnessed "such a violent level of resistance" in his 30 years of policing.

Another officer, known only as "Hoskings", admitted to punching O'Shea in the side of the face because he feared for another officer's safety. Judge Tanya Fong Lim determined the admission should be taken seriously, as "Hoskings" would have been unlikely to have made the claim if he had not felt it was necessary.
"The defendant has, by attempting to get past [Sergeant] Rose, threatened an application of force by the momentum of his body towards Rose's body, and clearly had the ability to apply that force," Judge Fong Lim told the court.

The body camera footage also shows TRG officers armed with guns and tasers entering O'Shea's bedroom, where they discovered what was later determined to be 11.5 grams of methamphetamine.

Mr Lawrence claimed police admitted to "reconstructing" the discovery of the drugs for the body camera footage, and said there were inconsistent reports from police about how much methamphetamine had been located, with one officer initially reporting that five grams was found.

However, this defence was dismissed by Judge Fong Lim, who found O'Shea guilty of possessing a trafficable quantity of drugs, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.

He will be sentenced on July 31.

Australia - BN.

A'typisk - Sammen Er Vi ft. Kaka

R.I. police pull over 100 motorcycle club members, but issue no citations

What happens when police officers from three departments pull over about 100 members of a motorcycle club on an interstate highway? Well, sometimes nothing.

Such was the case Saturday afternoon when Rhode Island State Police, assisted by officers from Hopkinton and Connecticut, pulled over about 100 members of the Pagans motorcycle club on Route 95 shortly after they had crossed into Rhode Island.

Laura Meade Kirk, spokeswoman for the Rhode Island State Police, said the motorcyclists were pulled over about 1:30 p.m. Saturday as part of an “investigatory stop.”

But the stop turned up not a single violation nor culminated in a single arrest, she said, and the bikers continued on their way to a club rally in Fall River.

The stop came on the heels of a major state police investigation into rival biker activity. In May more than 50 people affiliated with various biker clubs were arrested on drugs and weapons charges after state and federal agents staged a series of early morning raids in northern Rhode Island.


July 22, 2018


Quebec police investigating Hells Angels death threats against hockey legend Guy Lapointe

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Quebec police say they are investigating after hockey legend Guy Lapointe was threatened by Quebec Hells Angels amid a national rise in tensions in the outlaw biker world. According to Quebec media reports, the Hells Angels motorcycle gang threatened the lives of Insp. Guy Lapointe of the Sûreté du Québec, a provincial police spokesperson on outlaw bikers, and his father, Guy Lapointe Sr., 70, earlier this week."

"The senior Lapointe is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame starred for the Montreal Canadiens in the 1970s as a defenceman, winning six Stanley Cups. The junior Lapointe has cut a high profile in the Quebec media as a spokesperson on biker issues." "Insp. Lapointe in April told a news conference that police had “dismantled three of the biggest drug trafficking networks in Quebec,” referring to the Hells Angels’ Montreal, South and Trois-Rivières charters."

In Quebec the police instigate the Hells Angels connection to drug trafficking. In BC they don't. In BC the police just send out press releases and do photo ops at Hells Angels parties. After the Kelowna Summer Jam in 2012 the BC Gang Task Force stopped investigating the Hells Angels. That's when Rich Coleman and the BC Liberals disbanded the OMGU.

The New York Model was made possible by the Mollen Commission in 1992 which investigated police corruption and found Michael Dowd. Police Corruption Documentary: The Seven Five

Canada - GO.

Two people shot, stabbed during Bandidos-involved fight at Southtown bar

Two people are in the hospital after a fight involving alleged Bandidos members broke out at a Southtown bar early Sunday morning.

It happened in the 100 block of Pereida Street at about 2:20 a.m. Police said some members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club were hanging out at Southtown 101 when a few of them became angry with a woman. At some point, guns were pulled on her. Two other Bandidos members tried to protect the woman and a fight broke out. Guns and knives were pulled out during the fight, injuring two people. The victims were transported to the hospital in serious condition.

One person was taken into custody, but three others remain at large. Descriptions of the suspects were not immediately made available.


Rival biker gang threats at Port Dover concern police

Members of the Hells Angels and rival Outlaws came head to head in two separate incidents in Port Dover at last week's Friday the 13th bike event.

Police gave few details Friday except to say that in both incidents "there were threats of violence and intimidation between Hells Angels and Outlaw members."

The OPP want the public's help in finding out more information.
"There were rival gangs there and that was very concerning to us," said Det. Staff Sgt. Anthony Renton, head of the OPP biker enforcement unit.

Renton said Friday the 13th attracted more than 200,000 bike enthusiasts, most of them law-abiding. Police wouldn't say where the bikers came from. In Waterloo Region, there is long-standing Hells Angels chapter and its support club, the Stolen Souls of Cambridge.
"At this time, there is no Outlaw chapter in Waterloo Region," Renton said. But Outlaw members could live locally and be part of another club elsewhere, he said.

The Port Dover event is a street party which is historically well attended by Hells Angels, police say.

This year also saw Outlaws, lots of them.
"They have not attended for several years," Renton said.

Police wouldn't say how many gang members were in the beach town but there was a "significant" presence. Renton said the bike event at Dover is a boon for people selling biker swag. Many in the crowd buy T-shirts and other souvenirs highlighting the day but police remind buyers to think twice about purchasing biker clothing and supporting criminals.
"There is a clear difference between what they (motorcycle enthusiasts) are selling and what the outlaw motorcycle clubs are selling," he said.

Hells Angels biker clothing will say "Support 81" which refers to the Hells Angels, the letter H being the eighth letter of the alphabet while the A is the first letter.
"You are putting yourself at risk by a rival gang member," he said.
"Many people see the items and don't appreciate what it exactly means by purchasing it," he said. "They don't realize they are supporting a criminal organization."
"It just looks like a fun piece of clothing," he said.

Renton said there have been incidents in the past when people have been intimidated and ordered to remove the clothing.

Officers from 20 different police services who are part of the provincial OPP biker enforcement unit were on duty in Port Dover, including Waterloo Regional Police officers.
"This is a huge event and we have our hands full to make sure people are safe," Renton said.
"It comes with tense moments when you have rival gangs in the same area and you are surrounded by that many members of the public," he said.

Anyone with information bla bla bla.....

Canada - BN.

The changing face of Australian bikies: From beer-swilling bearded blokes with mullet haircuts to tattooed young gym junkies who pose with bikini-clad Instagram stars

Australia's first 'one percenter' motorcycle gangs were formed in the mid 1960s
  • Early clubs were more interested in riding bikes and rebelling against society
  • Law enforcement paid little attention to the clubs until 1984's Milperra Massacre
  • Outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) have become organised crime syndicates
  • The new breed of Australian bikie doesn't necessarily own or ride a motorcycle
  • Modern bikies pose on Instagram and engage in social media wars with rivals

  • The image of the hairy, beer-swilling bikie cruising back roads in a formation of Harley-Davidsons is as dated as the notion they are all harmless social rebels.

    Today's outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members are more likely to be found posing on Instagram (link is external) with bikini-clad babes than playing pool in clubhouses with their mates.

    Where once alcohol (link is external) and cannabis were the drugs most associated with bikies the gangs are now major distributors - and sometimes users - of substances such as methylamphetamine, or ice.

    OMCGs still outwardly insist they are 'clubs', 'family' and 'brotherhoods' rather than 'gangs' but many are considered sophisticated international crime syndicates.

    In an era when OMCG members in some Australian jurisdictions are no longer allowed to be seen together in their club colours, bikies are perhaps more visible than ever.

    One senior bikie who found himself blocked from re-entering the country even turned to crowd-funding - offering PayPal to supporters who wanted to buy T-shirts and keyrings - to help pay for his legal fees.
    Long hair and beards were the order of the day for Australia's early bikies. Pictured are members of the Gypsy Jokers, including leader Brownie (in T-shirt), at Stroud, NSW, in 1981
    Long hair and beards were the order of the day for Australia's early bikies. Pictured are members of the Gypsy Jokers, including leader Brownie (in T-shirt), at Stroud, NSW, in 1981

    Australia - BN.

    July 21, 2018

    Cyrus full speech 1979 - Watch and learn suckers in 2018

    The Predator - Trailer 2 - Redband

    Bad To The Bone


    It is him who has an egoistic motive - for example, be fear of others, gain of power, money and recognition. It is solely his own personal interest, that associates him with a NEW Brotherhood.

    World - MC & Gjengkriminalitet

    Roadside Teaser Breakdown | Jax's Impact On Mayans MC Season 1

    Hells Angel accused watched Hastings attack in 'horror'

    A Hells Angel accused of attacking a biker outside a pub told a court he watched in "shock horror" as the victim's head "ricocheted" off a wall. Oliver Wilkinson from St Leonards and Matthew Barnes from Hastings deny grievous bodily harm with intent.

    Taking the stand, Mr Wilkinson said it was Sussex chapter president Mr Barnes who "laid into" Christopher Harrison. When questioned why he did not stop the attack he said: "Nobody tells the president of the chapter what to do."

    During the beginning of Mr Wilkinson's defence it emerged that he told police during an interview that he was the one who had headbutted Mr Harrison, a statement which he now denies.

    'Safer in prison'

    During the hearing at the Old Bailey on Thursday his barrister, Andrew Selby, asked why he made the admission. He replied: "I was so low at the time and I wanted to end my life. I thought I would be safer in prison than on the streets... I'm going to be a target after this."

    Mr Wilkinson said he had gone to the Carlisle Pub in Hastings that night in February 2016 to watch a band with his wife. He was wearing his 'Support Crew' jacket, a club run by the Hells Angels, and asked Mr Harrison, known as 'Swaggers', to join the crew but he declined.

    Mr Wilkinson said he was "fine with it", but then involved Mr Barnes, to see if he could interest Mr Harrison.

    He said words were exchanged and then "Barnes laid into Swaggers head first, followed by left and right punches to the face."

    If he intervened, Mr Wilkinson said, he "would have been beaten up myself there and then, I couldn't do anything about it".

    Regarding his previous convictions raised earlier in the trial (link is external), he said he has a history of depression and bipolar and his crimes had "never been violent, always just verbal".

    Both men deny the charges against them. The trial continues.

    United Kingdom - BN.

    Hells Angels still expanding after 35 years in B.C.

    As the Hells Angels mark their 35th anniversary with a party in Nanaimo this weekend, police say the group continues to expand in B.C. despite a series of high-profile arrests and convictions over the last decade.

    More than 300 bikers from across Canada are expected to attend the Vancouver Island bash to celebrate the day the first three B.C. chapters were formed, July 23, 1983.

    Since the 25th anniversary party in Langley a decade ago, members of B.C.’s most notorious gang have been murdered, shot, charged with murder and convicted of international drug smuggling, extortion, manslaughter and more.

    The B.C. Hells Angels started with branches in Nanaimo, Vancouver and White Rock, but have now expanded to 10 chapters and 114 members, entry-level prospects and hang-arounds — the term used for men hoping to join the HA.

    Police will be in Nanaimo this weekend to gather information (link is external) and make sure the biker festivities don’t get out of hand.

    Sgt. Brenda Winpenny, of B.C.’s anti-gang Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, said “it’s well-documented that many of the participants of these events are individuals and members of clubs associated to and who participate in criminal activities.”

    CFSEU Staff Sgt. Lindsey Houghton noted the many high-profile cases in recent years that link the Hells Angels to violence, drug trafficking and other crimes.

    • In 2013, Kelowna Hells Angels Norm Cocks and Robert Thomas pleaded guilty to manslaughter for beating Kelowna grandfather Dain Phillips to death as he attempted to resolve a dispute his sons had with some HA associates. They were sentenced to 15 years.
    • In September 2016, two other Kelowna Hells Angels were convicted for their roles in an international cocaine importing scheme that had been cooked up by police as part of an undercover operation.
    • A month later, prominent Mission Hells Angel Bob Green was shot to death at an all-night booze and drug party in Langley.
    • Early this year, West Point Hells Angel Larry Amero was charged with conspiracy to commit murder for plots that left two rivals dead in 2012. And B.C. Hells Angels Jason Arkinstall and Chad Wilson were convicted in Spain of importing cocaine.
    “I think it is fair to say that there’s a portion of the public who sees through their lies and sees through this free-living, charity-riding mystique that they want to portray and see them for what they are, a significant international criminal organization,” Houghton said.

    Members of the Hells Angels ride to Oceanview Cemetery in Burnaby during their annual Screwy Ride to honour the murdered Dave “Screwy” Schwartz in Vancouver on April, 8, 2017. RICHARD LAM / PNG

    “They are still expanding, they are still looking to shore up their power base and ensure that they maintain the highest levels of influence and intimidation within the criminal landscape, the organized crime landscape.”

    Nanaimo Mayor Bill McKay said Thursday that he doesn’t expect any problems at this year’s party.
    “To be honest with you, they used to come to the city every year and have a big party out at Angel Acres. I don’t believe they were ever much of a problem,” he said of the bikers and their large property, which the B.C. government is trying to seize through a civil forfeiture case. “I don’t expect that they will cause the community any challenges.”

    He said the provincial government would be covering the costs of the extra police in town for the weekend. Asked if he considers the HA an organized crime group, McKay said: “Police would know better than myself, but I believe there are connections there, yes.”
    “Police are doing their job to ensure the safety of our community and we thank them for that,” he said.

    Hells Angels spokesman Rick Ciarniello did not respond to requests for an interview about the anniversary. Ciarniello has been a fixture in the courtroom during the civil forfeiture trial over the fate of three clubhouses which the government agency says would be used to commit future crimes if the Hells Angels were allowed to keep them.

    The trial began in April, but has been adjourned until the fall.

    The front entrance outside the Hells Angels clubhouse on Victoria Avenue in Nanaimo in 2004. Bruce Stotesbury / Times Colonist

    Houghton said that despite the efforts of the police, some in the public still support the Hells Angels and “think they are OK people.”
    “We still see when they do these rides, that people come out to watch them because they are interested,” he said.

    Seventy-one per cent of B.C.’s Hells Angels have criminal records for violence offences, Houghton said. And the Hells Angels have links to other gangs, like the Red Scorpions, Independent Soldiers and Wolf Pack that have been directly involved in a violent gang war over the last decade, centred in Metro Vancouver.
    “We know as the province’s gang agency that we have a lot of work to do to educate the public about what these people and the groups and what their reputations really are,” he said.

    Timeline of some events related to the Hells Angels in B.C. over the past decade:
    July 13, 2009 – Four Hells Angels were convicted on a series of charges stemming from the E-Pandora investigation targeting the East End Hells Angels in Vancouver.

    Aug. 14, 2011 – Hells Angel Larry Amero was seriously wounded in a targeted Kelowna shooting that left Red Scorpion Jonathan Bacon dead and two others wounded.

    Hells Angel Larry Ronald Amero in file photo Vancouver Sun

    Nov. 1, 2012 – Amero charged in Montreal with associates in the Wolf Pack with leading international cocaine smuggling ring.

    Jan. 30, 2013 – Two Kelowna Hells Angels, Norman Cocks and Robert Thomas, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for beating Kelowna grandfather Dain Phillips to death as he attempted to resolve a dispute his sons had with some HA associates. They were sentenced to 15 years in jail.

    Dec. 16, 2014 – Longtime Hells Angel Robert “Fred” Widdifield, a founding member of the Nanaimo chapter, was convicted of extortion and theft. He was later sentenced to five years.

    Sept. 30, 2016 – Kelowna Hells Angel Dave Giles convicted of one count of conspiracy to import cocaine, one count of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, and one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine; James Howard was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to traffic cocaine and one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine; and Bryan Oldham and Shawn Womacks were found guilty of one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine.

    Oct. 16, 2016 – High-profile Hells Angel Bob Green is found shot to death in Langley. A day later, his friend and gang associate Jason Wallace turned himself into police. He later pleaded guilty to manslaughter after telling the court his and his family’s lives were threatened after the drunken, drug-fuelled shooting.

    Senior B.C. Hells Angel Bob Green. PNG

    Oct. 26, 2016 – White Rock Hells Angels prospect Mohammed Rafiq, 43, was shot in the face while driving near his Burnaby home. He survived.

    March 19, 2017 – The body of Nanaimo Hells Angels prospect Michael Gregory Widner is found near Sooke, days after he was reported missing. He was murdered.

    Aug. 30, 2017 – Montreal conspiracy charges stayed against Hells Angel Larry Amero due to delays in the case.

    Jan. 25, 2018 – Hells Angel Larry Amero is charged with conspiracy to kill rivals Sandip Duhre and Sukh Dhak. Both were shot to death months apart in 2012. The murders are believed to have been retaliation for the 2011 Kelowna shooting.

    April 23, 2018 – Civil forfeiture case begins in B.C. Supreme Court, more than a decade after the case began. It has now been adjourned until fall 2018.

    Hells Angels chapters in B.C.
    Vancouver, opened in 1983.
    White Rock, opened in 1983.
    Nanaimo, opened in 1983.
    East End Vancouver, opened in 1983.
    Haney, opened in 1987.
    Nomads, opened in 1998.
    Mission City, opened in 1999.
    Kelowna, opened in 2007.
    West Point, opened in 2012.
    Hardside, opened in 2017.

    Canada - BN.

    July 20, 2018

    Barnevernet tapte i Høyesterett, men nekter å følge opp

    Høyesteretts ankeutvalg har stadfestet en dom om at en to år gammel gutt på Haugalandet skal hjem til sine foreldre. Men barnevernet gir seg ikke. De har nektet å levere gutten tilbake til foreldrene, og gått til omkamp, med støtte fra fylkesnemnda. Snart fire måneder etter at dommen om at gutten skulle hjem ble gjort rettskraftig, er gutten fortsatt i fosterhjem.

    Demokratenes politiske nestleder Vidar Kleppe er opprørt, men ikke overrasket. «Det er helt uakseptabelt at barnevernet legger prestisje i å holde barn vekke fra deres biologiske foreldre. Her har selv landets øverste domstol slått fast at en dom i en lavere rettsinnstans skal gjelde,» slår han fast.

    Vidar Kleppe synes det er uverdig at barnevernet på denne måten bruker statsbetalte advokater og skattebetalernes penger til å fortsette forfølgelsen av denne familien.

    Barnefamiliens advokat, Arnhild Skretting, er også opprørt. «Det er faktisk slik at det i Norge skal være likhet for loven. Dersom det er slik at offentlig myndighet en måned etter en rettskraftig avgjørelse bare kan velge å boikotte denne og få aksept for dette, må de samme regler gjelde for foreldre. Det sier seg jo selv at vi da får rettsløse tilstander her i landet», sier Skretting til avisen Norge I DAG.

    Vidar Kleppe har sett seg lei på at Barnevernet opptrer som «en stat i staten», og tar seg til rette på tvers av regelverket som tilsier at barn kun skal overføres til fosterfamilier dersom det foreligger grov omsorgssvikt, og bruker skattebetalte advokater og store pengebeløp på å forhindre at de taper i retten.

    «Barnevernet har i dag liten troverdighet og tillit. Eneste måten å få den tilbake på er en helt annen holdning fra de ansatte i systemet, og en forståelse av at barna i utgangspunktet har det best hos sine biologiske foreldre. Det er kun når det foreligger grov omsorgssvikt, alvorlige rusproblemer, eller seksuelt misbruk, at barna skal tas fra foreldre med tvang. Det er dessverre ikke slik i dag, og på toppen av det hele aksepterer barnevernet ikke å tape i retten og lar det gå prestisje i sakene. Det er uverdig,» slår han fast.
    Dette er saken, slik den fremstilles av Norge I DAG:
    «Siden kontakten med barnevernet begynte i 2013, har de to eldste barna, en gutt som når er seks år gammel og ei jente som er åtte år, vært akuttplassert i fosterhjem to ganger. Den første gangen gjaldt det mistanker om seksuelle overgrep, noe barnevernet i egne saksdokumenter kort tid senere kom frem til at det likevel ikke var grunnlag for. Den andre gangen gjaldt det anklager om at foreldrene drev vold mot barna, noe de begge har vært politianmeldt og satt under etterforskning for, uten at det er funnet noe hold i påstandene. En måned etter den andre akuttplasseringen, ble familiens tredje barn født. Da sto barnevernstjenesten klar ved fødestuen og hentet den nyfødte gutten en time etter fødselen.

    Foreldrene har gått rettens vei for å få barna tilbake. 15. mars 2017 fikk de medhold av Haugaland Tingrett, og i dommen ble det rettet knusende kritikk mot barnevernstjenesten i Haugesund for saksbehandlingen. Etterpå kom de to eldste barna hjem, men ikke den minste gutten. Barnevernet i Haugesund anket dommen, men anken ble avvist av Gulating Lagmannsrett 14. juni og av Høyesteretts ankeutvalg 28. september. Anken ble forkastet fordi utvalget fant det «enstemmig klart at anken ikke kan føre frem».

    På tross av klar tale fra rettsvesenet, stanset barnevernet i Haugesund alt samvær mellom gutten og foreldrene en måned etter den endelige avgjørelsen fra Høyesterett. Planen om gradvis tilbakeføring ble avsluttet uten forvarsel. I stedet for å etterkomme dommen, startet de en ny sak om omsorgsovertakelse, kun begrunnet med at gutten er blitt knyttet til fostermoren.»

    Norway - 247Avisen.

    Barnevernet er verstingen blant offentlige lovbrytere

    Gjennom flere tiår er det blitt skrevet atskillige spaltekilometer med artikler og innlegg som beskriver offentlige brudd på både norsk lov og norsk grunnlov, selv etter at begge lovverk er blitt revidert flere ganger, bl.a. som en konsekvens av nettopp avsløringer om statlige og andre myndigheters lovbrudd og ofte totalt manglende respekt for nettopp lover som Stortinget har vedtatt.

    Sfm.no tar igjen for seg det norske barnevernet, en statlig etat som fortsatt synes å få lov til å herje og regjere akkurat som den vil, og som i en rekke tilfeller har foretatt seg handlinger som ikke engang okkupasjonsmakten foretok seg da Norge var i krig i tiden 9.4.1940 til 8.5.1945. Vi starter med formålet til lov om barnevern. (Gjengitt i uthevet rød tekst).

    § 1-1. Lovens formål.Loven skal sikre at barn og unge som lever under forhold som kan skade deres helse og utvikling, får nødvendig hjelp, omsorg og beskyttelse til rett tid. Loven skal bidra til at barn og unge møtes med trygghet, kjærlighet og forståelse og at alle barn og unge får gode og trygge oppvekstvilkår.

    § 1-6. Barnets rett til medvirkningAlle barn som er i stand til å danne seg egne synspunkter, har rett til å medvirke i alle forhold som vedrører barnet etter denne loven. Barnet skal få tilstrekkelig og tilpasset informasjon og har rett til fritt å gi uttrykk for sine synspunkter. Barnet skal bli lyttet til, og barnets synspunkter skal vektlegges i samsvar med barnets alder og modenhet. Barn som barnevernet har overtatt omsorgen for, kan gis anledning til å ha med seg en person barnet har særlig tillit til. Departementet kan i forskrift gi nærmere regler om medvirkning og om tillitspersonens oppgaver og funksjon.

    § 1-7. Barnevernets plikt til å samarbeide med barn og foreldreBarnevernet skal utøve sin virksomhet med respekt for og så langt som mulig i samarbeid med barnet og barnets foreldre.

    Våre merknader: De som kan lese og skrive vanlig norsk, og som ikke er blitt utsatt for makt- og rent myndighetsmisbruk fra barnevernets side, vil sikkert si at formålet med lov om barnevern er god. Ja, det ville også sfm.no sagt dersom vi ikke satt på helt andre fakta som tilsier noe helt annet. For ingen annen norsk etat har fått holde på slik barnevernet har fått gjøre siden Vergerådsloven ble opphevet, og lov om barnevern ble erstatningen i 1953.

    Det hersker ingen tvil om at barnevernet bryter flere lover og selveste grunnloven. Vi har plukket ut en del paragrafer fra grunnloven og ikke uten grunn. Dem vi her tar med, vet vi med sikkerhet at barnevernet bryter svært ofte. Etatens lovbrudd har også medført tap av mange menneskeliv, grusomme fakta som også sfm.no har fått dokumentert og publisert.

    Dette sier norsk grunnlov
    La oss også se på hva vår grunnlov sier i en rekke tilfeller, loven som står over alle andre lover inkludert Norges Lover. (Paragrafene er gjengitt i uthevet rød tekst).

    § 75. Det tilkommer Stortinget
    I) å utnevne en person som ikke er medlem av Stortinget, til på en måte som er nærmere bestemt i lov, å føre kontroll med den offentlige forvaltning og alle som virker i dens tjeneste, for å søke å sikre at det ikke øves urett mot den enkelte borger.

    Vår merknad: Dette ansvaret ligger under Sivilombudsmannen.

    § 92. Statens myndigheter skal respektere og sikre menneskerettighetene slik de er nedfelt i denne grunnlov og i for Norge bindende traktater om menneskerettigheter.
    Vår merknad: Denne plikten innehar selvsagt også barnevernet, men etaten hever seg over alle og enhver og regner seg ikke omfattet av grunnloven.

    § 93. Ethvert menneske har rett til liv. Ingen kan dømmes til døden.
    Ingen må utsettes for tortur eller annen umenneskelig eller nedverdigende behandling eller straff.

    Ingen skal holdes i slaveri eller tvangsarbeid. Statens myndigheter skal beskytte retten til liv og bekjempe tortur, slaveri, tvangsarbeid og andre former for umenneskelig eller nedverdigende behandling.

    Vår merknad: En paragraf barnevernet i Norge daglig bryter.

    § 102. Enhver har rett til respekt for sitt privatliv og familieliv, sitt hjem og sin kommunikasjon. Husransakelse må ikke finne sted, unntatt i kriminelle tilfeller.
    Statens myndigheter skal sikre et vern om den personlige integritet.

    Vår merknad: Ytterligere en paragraf som barnevernet bryter til stadighet.

    § 104. Barn har krav på respekt for sitt menneskeverd. De har rett til å bli hørt i spørsmål som gjelder dem selv, og deres mening skal tillegges vekt i overensstemmelse med deres alder og utvikling.
    Ved handlinger og avgjørelser som berører barn, skal barnets beste være et grunnleggende hensyn.
    Barn har rett til vern om sin personlige integritet. Statens myndigheter skal legge forholdene til rette for barnets utvikling, herunder sikre at barnet får den nødvendige økonomiske, sosiale og helsemessige trygghet, fortrinnsvis i egen familie.

    Vår merknad: Hva er det denne paragrafen spesifikt sier helt på slutten, jo nettopp ”fortrinnsvis i egen familie”. Det er det siste i denne paragrafen barnevernet til stadighet totalt ignorerer. Hensynet til vern av egen arbeidsplass er åpenbart langt viktigere for ansatte i barnevernet enn hensynet ”til barnets beste”, for øvrig en utdatert norsk frase som og må sees på som verdiløs.

    § 110.
    Statens myndigheter skal legge forholdene til rette for at ethvert arbeidsdyktig menneske kan tjene til livets opphold ved arbeid eller næring. Den som ikke selv kan sørge for sitt livsopphold, har rett til støtte fra det offentlige.

    Vår merknad: Dette er en paragraf som barnevernet (også NAV) ofte bryter. I dag er det mange eneforeldre i Norge som sliter økonomisk. Årsaken er at de ikke har tilstrekkelig med midler til å leve av. Dermed får de ikke alltid dekket sine løpende utgifter. Da skal NAV, og etter norsk lov, trå til med støtte til både mor/far og barn.
    Ofte viser det seg at i stedet for å hjelpe slike foreldre, og slik at de klarer seg selv på egen hånd, så velger staten i stedet å dra inn barnevernet. Da fyker utgiftene til himmels. For da rekker det ikke med rundt kr. 5 000,- i måneden i ekstra stønad til en eneforelder. I stedet betales det da ut opp til svimlende kr. 65 000,- til fosterforeldre. Det er derfor på høy tid at landets skattebetalere nå ser denne sanseløse galskapen, og forteller de hovedansvarlige på Løvebakken at slikt svineri som dette må stanses en gang for alle. Det kan bare ikke få lov til å fortsette.

    Norway - Sfm.