August 31, 2018


Just been brought to our attention, that The Vikings Sussex MC have patched over to the Outlaws MC. Now Sussex and Surrey Chapters patched over South Coast.

Outlaws MC have never been at the South Coast so this must have been done to piss of The 81´s down SOUTH.

It will be interesting seeing what will happen in the future.

United Kingdom - MC & Gjengkriminalitet

Summer Beach Party Deep House Vibes Mix

Finally it´s weekend again, and why not begin the weekend with a cool Summer Beach Party Deep Vibes Mix. It´s been a busy week and many stories from Gangland around the World have been published - we try to get them all on MC & Gjengkriminalitet.

We wish you all a GREAT weekend, and keep in mind? Do you FUCK up we will know, and be damn sure we will write about it.

World - MC & Gjengkriminalitet/Monica

Waco Twin Peaks Shootout between Bandidos MC and Ugly Man Cossacks MC

Biker Music - Motorcycle Rock Songs - Motor Rock

Trio of Abilene Bandido bikers accused of violently robbing rival club member

A trio of Bandido bikers was arrested for allegedly violently robbing a rival club member who drove through their 'turf' while wearing the rival club's vest. 

Daniel Machado, Justin Aldava, and Jesse Trevino were all arrested Wednesday and charged with Aggravated Robbery in connection to the incident that took place in July of 2018. They have all been released from jail after posting a $150,000 bond each.

Court documents state the victim was riding near the Bandido Motorcycle clubhouse on the 1300 block of Butternut Street when he noticed three bikers - later identified as Machado, Alvada, and Trevino - leave the clubhouse and start to follow him.

He sped up, but the documents say the trio kept going, kicking him in the back when they reached him and eventually cutting him off and stopping his path, forcing him to turn into a small parking lot.

Once in the parking lot, the victim drew a gun in self-defense, but the documents state the trio began shouting, "There are 30 more people coming to get you", "You can't disrespect the Bandidos", "This is our turf", and "We're going to shut you up like we shut Dusty*** up."

The victim then holstered his gun and attempted to flee, but the trio tackled him and began kicking, punching, and stomping him in the back, hips, knees, shoulders, and head, according to the documents.

They ripped the rival vest off him and took his cell phone and gun before ramming into him with a motorcycle then fleeing, the documents reveal.

When police arrived on scene, the documents state they saw the victim, "had some cuts, scrapes, and bruises all over his body and had fresh blood pouring from his face, hands, and elbows."


Hamilton hitman sentenced for attempted murder of Hells Angel at Vancouver airport

Knowah Ferguson, 21, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison, minus time already served.
Given the credit for time already served, he’ll spend six more years behind bars. Ferguson pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Damion Ryan of the Hells Angels at Vancouver International Airport on April 10, 2015, and conspiracy to commit murder of a man who has not been identified.

In a statement, the Combined Forces and Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. said investigators believe the incident was a highly planned and targeted attempt that saw contracted hitmen travel to British Columbia from Ontario for the purpose of killing the intended target.

It added, the attempt was unsuccessful and the intended target was unhurt
In the summer of 2015, charges were obtained against two men, Knowah Truth Ferguson of Hamilton, Ont., and Gino Gavin McCall, also of Hamilton, Ont.

In November 2017, McCall was sentenced to seven years for conspiracy to commit murder. At the time of their arrests, Ferguson had no prior criminal convictions and McCall had a criminal record that included convictions for robbery, break-and-enter, and other property-related offences.

Canada - BN.

Edmonton Hells Angel busted for cocaine trafficking

ALERT, the uncompromised Alberta Gang Task Force is reporting that "A joint investigation between ALERT and RCMP’s Federal Serious and Organized Crime has dismantled an extensive cocaine distribution network linked to a member of the Hells Angels and support club members.

Project Entry was a year-long investigation that resulted in 10 people charged with 45 criminal offences. Those accused allegedly fulfilled various roles within a cocaine distribution network that impacted the communities of Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Cold Lake, Whitecourt, and Grande Prairie. Project Entry resulted in the seizure of five kilograms of cocaine, half a kilogram of the buffing agent Phenacetin, cannabis resin, and a handgun. Multiple vehicles and motorcycles were seized, along with $13,000 cash proceeds of crime."

 "At the centre of the investigation was Hells Angels Westridge (Edmonton) member William McCabe. The 47-year-old man from Spruce Grove allegedly oversaw cocaine trafficking operations and facilitated distribution through various communities. McCabe has been charged with instructing a criminal organization. Project Entry also implicated two support club members, Shane Daly and Pascal Jacques, who are members of the Dirty Few Lakeland chapter. Support clubs are typically utilized to carry out lower-level dirty work for the Hells Angels, such as drug trafficking and expanding territory to secondary markets." The Dirty Flu strikes again.

Evidently William McCabe took over the drug trafficking after Dominic DiPalma Jr. was busted. Too bad the BC Gang Task Force is compromised. Otherwise they'd be making real Hell Angel cocaine busts like all the other provinces instead of aiding and abetting them.

In 2016 two Edmonton HAs were busted for possession of $1 million in stolen property

Only rats steal. Ride hard, Die free but God dam the pusher man.

Canada - BN.

August 30, 2018

Unknown facts about Dog the Bounty Hunter and Duane Chapman

Lets Talk Mayans MC Spinoff to Sons of Anarchy

As gang informant sues government over Witness Protection Program treatment, authorities want case sealed from public view

His secret cooperation led to the fall of numerous gang members, but Noel Harder says the Witness Protection Program felt like a 'death sentence'

Noel Harder, who is suing the Crown and RCMP for allegedly failing to keep him safe after he turned on his gangland associates, is now trying to stop the Canadian government from hiding his lawsuit from public view.

Once a high ranking member of the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club, Harder was the star witness in Project Forseti, a police and RCMP operation against the Hells Angels, Fallen Saints and others in Saskatoon that saw more than 200 guns and $8 million in drugs seized in January 2015.

Harder and the Fallen Saints had long run huge amounts of drugs into Saskatoon from Vancouver, using his construction business as their base. He first agreed to cooperate with cops after being caught with guns in 2014, and he, his wife and two children began the process of entering the Witness Protection Program (WPP) when the Forseti raids were made.

And although his double-dealing led to the fall of numerous gang operatives, a claim filed at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Regina in March says RCMP failings after he fled town left Harder and his family financially crippled and in acute danger.

Among the agreements that Harder says were reneged upon was a $50,000 payment for ensuring one particular Hells Angel went to prison for eight years.
It’s just to stop the public from seeing the evidence of how bad the Witness Protection Program really is
Now, citing legal subsections dealing with “the means and methods by which protected persons are protected,” the government says Harder’s lawsuit should be heard without the press or public present.
Harder’s lawyer says authorities want to hide the case because it makes them look bad.
“This attempt to stop the media has nothing to do with the safety of anybody,” said Regina lawyer Tony Merchant, who represents the former gangster and his family. “It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with my clients because they’re not getting any protection.”
“It’s just to stop the public from seeing the evidence of how bad the Witness Protection Program really is. Once you give the government what they want, they have you in their control and they misuse that control. You don’t get the protection you think you’re getting.”

Saskatoon Police Service and the RCMP displayed some of the weapons seized during the execution of several arrests related to Project Forseti on Jan. 15, 2015 in Saskatoon. Richard Marjan/Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Among a catalogue of allegations, the 24-page statement of claim by Harder says the RCMP, which runs the witness protection program, badly mismanaged businesses, properties and vehicles he left behind in Saskatoon; endangered the family by failing to provide them with name changes on time; used handling methods that gave away their whereabouts; and left Harder unprotected in a Saskatoon hotel room for two days as he took the stand in a Forseti case.

Once he was gone from Saskatoon, the “Crown’s representatives allowed members of the Fallen (Saints) Motorcycle Club to go through (Harder’s) office unsupervised and remove what they wished,” the claim says. In hiding, the claim says the family was frequently threatened that their involvement in the program would be terminated, adding that it felt like a “death sentence.”
None of the allegations has been proven in court.
The claim says the entire family was eventually terminated, involuntarily, from the WPP. Merchant says that Harder is no longer receiving any protection. The protection status of the rest of the family, however, is unclear. A message left for Harder via Merchant’s office was not returned.

In the application to see the case held in private, the Canadian attorney general asks for an order “that names in the Statement if Claim by anonymized, that the Statement of Claim and all subsequent pleadings and documents in the within proceedings be sealed, and that any court proceedings related to this action be held in camera pursuant to the provisions of the Witness Protection Program Act (WPPA) … ”

The application says Harder’s claim, “contains information that is prohibited from disclosure under the WPPA,” and that in order to defend themselves, authorities, “will be required to include information in pleadings, documents and court proceedings which would also be prohibited from disclosure.”

Calls to the department of justice seeking comment on the sealing application were not returned. An RCMP spokesperson said they could not comment on the case as it is before the court.

The application is set to go before a judge at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Regina on Thursday.

Canada - BN.

August 29, 2018

Deep House (Oriental ) Vibes

Outlaw - Carnales MC

Schießerei auf St. Pauli: Hells-Angels-Boss von mehreren Kugeln getroffen

Waco Twin Peaks Bandido Trial Update. Should Informants be allowed in the court

'Riding with da boyzzzz': Nomads bikies gather in Canberra

Canberra has continued its reputation as a bikie holiday hotspot after a Nomads Outlaw Motorcycle Club gathering at the weekend. Convicted killer and Nomads life member Mouhammed 'Moudi' Tajjour posted an image to his Instagram account on Sunday of dozens of patched bikies posing arm-in-arm on Mount Ainslie.

Senior Canberra bikie Michael Clark – who is the Nomads ACT chapter president - can be seen with his arm around Mr Tajjour in the middle of the snap. A video, posted to the same account, shows Nomads members smiling and laughing at a Canberra cafe.
Nomads OMCG members pose for pictures on Mount Ainslie during a meeting in Canberra over the weekend.
Nomads OMCG members pose for pictures on Mount Ainslie during a meeting in Canberra over the weekend.
Photo: Instragram: Moudi Tajjour

The image, with a vista overlooking the Parliamentary Triangle, included a caption that said: “today was a beautiful day ... will say I still had a ball with the rest [sic] off the brothers".

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Mohammed Nchouki, 36, was arrested after police raided his Calwell house in June.
“only time I am at peace with life is when I am out riding with da boyzzzz NFFN MC WORLD WIDE.”

The Nomads first established a chapter in the territory after a group of senior southside Rebels patched over in 2016.

ACT Policing confirmed about 30 men wearing Nomads colours conducted a ride in the ACT on Saturday. However, ACT Policing refused to answer questions on whether its bikie-busting unit, Taskforce Nemesis, conducted any operations in response.

The Nomads visit appears to have been incident free as police also declined to provide information on disturbances or charges linked to the bikies' presence. The capital has hosted a number of OMCG national runs in recent years as a result of anti-consorting laws in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland. Bikies' behaviour in Canberra recently attracted national headlines after footage of a wild bikie brawl at a Fyshwick (link is external) strip club was caught on camera.

The ACT Opposition swooped on the Nomads recent visit, using it to renew calls to follow other jurisdictions in introducing anti-consorting laws (link is external) to target bikies in the territory.
Opposition Attorney-General Jeremy Hanson said: “The lack of anti-consorting laws in the ACT has led to a bikie safe haven; a four-fold increase in bikie gangs and a violent bikie war in our suburbs.”
“Without these laws, it is just a matter of time before someone is killed.”

The ACT government has repeatedly ruled out introducing anti-consorting laws (link is external) over concerns the measures could be incompatible with human rights legislation. The government has instead opted to introduce legislation that has given police greater search powers, as well as anti-fortification laws and laws relating to unexplained wealth.

A Canberra Liberals bill to create a new control order regime to limit activities between members of criminal organisations in the ACT was voted down in the ACT Legislative Assembly in November.

Australia - BN.

Hells Angels gang boss is fighting for his life after being gunned down in his white Bentley in a bloody drive-by shooting in Hamburg

Leader of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was shot five times at set of traffic lights
Dariusch F, 38, is in being guarded by police at hospital in Hamburg, Germany
Police have launched a hunt for the gunmen who sped away after the attack

A Hells Angels boss is fighting for his life after being shot at in a drive-by shooting at a set of traffic lights.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club member, identified only as Dariusch F, was reportedly shot in Hamburg, Germany (link is external).

The 38-year-old leader of the Hamburg branch of the notorious club was rushed to hospital and is being guarded by police following the horrific attack.
The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club leader, identified only as Dariusch F, was reportedly shot in Hamburg, Germany

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club leader, identified only as Dariusch F, was reportedly shot in Hamburg, Germany
The 38-year-old member of the notorious club was rushed to hospital and is being guarded by police following the horrific attack

The 38-year-old member of the notorious club was rushed to hospital and is being guarded by police following the horrific attack
Eyewitnesses said that he was in a white Bentley (pictured) when a car approached him and gunmen shot him five times before speeding away
Eyewitnesses said that he was in a white Bentley (pictured) when a car approached him and gunmen shot him five times before speeding away
Blood spattered on the car is pictured  following the drive by shooting with the Hells Angels leader
Blood spattered on the car is pictured  following the drive by shooting with the Hells Angels leader
Eyewitnesses said that he was in a white Bentley when a car approached him and gunmen shot him five times before speeding away.

One of the stray bullets hit the facade of a nearby pub, however only Dariusch has been reported as injured. A police spokesman said: 'Shots were fired shortly before midnight at Millerntor Square.'

Police launched a large-scale hunt for the gunmen, but they remain at large.
The Hells Angels boss was given emergency surgery following the shooting and will remain under police protection for safety. According to local media, Dariusch is officially the 'sergeant-at-arms' within the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, which is the third highest rank in their hierarchy, but is believed to be the leader of the Hamburg branch.

The spokesman did not confirm whether the shooting was related to a long-standing rivalry between the Hells Angels and the Mongols Motorcycle Club following reports that members clashed on August 18.

He was suspected of being involved in the shooting of Mongols Motorcycle Club members in a taxi back in December 2015.

Germany - BN.

August 28, 2018

Member of Hells Angels denied entry into Australia :— The 6th Annual Fallen Hero Poker Run was held Saturday morning to honor a local hero.

The 6th Annual Fallen Hero Poker Run was held Saturday morning to honor a local hero. The Ohio chapter of the U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club held a memorial ride in honor of Fairborn Grad and army specialist Jesse Snow, who hoped to become a Fairborn Firefighter. Snow was killed in Afghanistan almost eight years ago.
“Initially we were in a state of shock and that feeling never goes away, you always feel bad,” said John Snow, Jesse’s father.

Over 300 bikes departed from the clubhouse located at 717 W. Xenia Drive, and Jesse’s father was at N. Broad Street and Xenia Drive saluting each rider as they departed.
“The community has been truly outstanding from the day Jesse died they supported his return home,” said Snow.
“It’s kind people, loving people that really help us get through the bad days,” he said.
This gesture is one that doesn’t go unnoticed.
“I was in the military for 24 years, I couldn’t even do the salute in front of a mirror for that long let alone be able to stand and say thank you to every biker that rides out there,” said Keith Tickle, Ohio chapter President of the U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club.

 The goal of this ride was to raise money for a scholarship to put someone else through training to become a firefighter in Fairborn, something Jesse never got to do.
“Jesse had a dream and our mission is one of them is to stand by and never let Jesse’s dream die,” said Tickle.

French bikie member of Hells Angels denied entry into Australia
A man who has been identified as a French Hells Angels motorcycle gang member has been denied entry into Australia. The Australian Border Force (ABF) officers stopped the 44-year-old bikie at Perth Airport on Saturday.

The man, who has arrived on a flight from Singapore, has also been established to have had links to Australian gang members in Sydney. His 601 Visitor Visa was cancelled under s116(1)(e)(i) of the Migration Act for apparently “presenting a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community, or a segment of the community.”
“These gangs pose a significant threat to our community and are known to be involved in serious criminal activity including drug trafficking and violent crime,” ABF Regional Commander for WA, Rod O’Donnell, said in a statement. “Any non-citizen involved with a criminal organisation such as a bikie gang can expect to be identified and targeted by the ABF, have their Australian visa cancelled and then be removed from the country.”

The man was removed from Australia on Aug. 19, Sunday, after being held in the Perth Immigration Detention Centre.  Earlier this month, a bikie involved in the 2013 Broadbeach bikie brawl has been deported to New Zealand. Jim David Thacker, who was part of the Bandidos motorcycle club, was arrested by border force officers and then kicked out of the country. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said the government has discretionary powers to remove anyone considered as a “bad character” from the country. He had already cancelled the visas of 191 foreign-born bikies since last year.

In another bikie gang-related news, Former soldier Steven Utah has recently been granted a refugee status in Canada. Utah had been asked by the Australian Crime Commission to take part in a national operation against bikie gangs. He was recruited to pose as a Bandidos member, assisting authorities with their cases against the group. However, when he was outed as an informant in 2006, the ACC apparently failed to give him adequate protection despite him receiving death threats.

The Immigration and Refugee Board in Canada has agreed that Utah needed asylum from the gang.

USA - Insane Throttle

Stop talking.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and it should be the same way in any MC Club around the World.

What happens in THE CLUB, stays in THE CLUB.

Stockholm - MC Gjengkriminalitet

Tiltale: Sådan blev gigantisk mængde narko smuglet til Danmark

Det er en gigantisk narkosag herhjemme, som bliver foldet ud, når en 43-årig mand til oktober skal i retten for indsmugling af 13,8 tons hash og 1,3 tons amfetamin. Billedet her er fra en anden sag. Foto: Kenneth Meyer.
Det er en gigantisk narkosag herhjemme, som bliver foldet ud, når en 43-årig mand til oktober skal i retten for indsmugling af 13,8 tons hash og 1,3 tons amfetamin. Billedet her er fra en anden sag. Foto: Kenneth Meyer.

Politiet gjorde store øjne, da de reagerede på et tip og endte med at ransage forskellige steder i København og omegn. For da det samlede resultat blev gjort op, og efterforskningen var slut, kunne anklagemyndigheden rejse tiltale mod en 43-årig mand for at have indsmuglet ikke under 13,8 tons hash og 1,3 tons amfetamin til Danmark.

Sagen hedder 'Lucky Punch'
- Vi kalder jo vores sager alle mulige ting. Den her hedder 'Lucky Punch', for der var virkelig tale om et 'punch', siger politikommissær Steffen Th. Steffensen, Københavns Politi til Ekstra Bladet og tilføjer, at han aldrig har haft kendskab til en sag af den her kaliber.

Politiet vil ikke komme nærmere ind på tippet, som satte sagen i gang, men i 2017 førte det politiet frem til flere adresser, blandt andet nogle lagerhoteller, hvor politiet kunne beslaglægge 365 kilo amfetamin og 2,4 tons hash.

Det er altså ikke al narkoen, der indgår i sagen, som det er lykkedes politiet at finde frem til.
Anklageskriftet, som Ekstra Bladet har fået akindsigt i, er derimod særdeles omfattende.

Fordelt i ruller
Af det fremgår blandt andet, at manden er tiltalt for i perioden fra den 20. februar 2015 til den 21. juni 2017 i forening og efter forudgående aftale med flere uidentificerede medgerningsmænd med henblik på videreoverdragelse at have indsmuglet de store mængder hash og amfetamin.

Smuglermetoden er beskrevet i anklageskriftet og her kan man læse, at det er politiets opfattelse, at narkoen var fordelt og skjult i 3298 plasticruller i seks containere. Containerne var afsendt fra Libanon, fremgår det af anklageskriftet, og blev modtaget i København på to forskellige adresser.

Anklageskriftet nævner seks specifikke datoer, hvor containerne ankom med plasticrullerne. Sidste levering var i følge tiltalen den 21. juni 2017. Her ankom 708 kilo hash og 374.000 piller indeholdende i alt 63,5 kilo amfetamin fordelt i 169 plasticruller i en container. Efter modtagelsen videreoverdrog den nu 43-årige mand i følge tiltalen de enorme mængder hash og piller til et større antal ukendte personer, og narkoen blev distribueret videre til blandt andet Tyskland og Østrig.

Sagen, som blev efterforsket i et samarbejde mellem OC og OSA, afdelingerne for Organiseret Kriminalitet og Operativ Special Afdeling, var i begyndelsen totalt mørkelagt. Tre personer blev i første omgang anholdt og fængslet for såkaldt dobbeltlukkede døre.

De to blev dog løsladt igen, og nu er det altså alene den 43-årige, som skal for retten i den gigantiske narkosag. Sagens anklager Troels Jørgensen vil ikke udtale sig om, hvordan den anholdte forholder sig til tiltalen.
- Sagen kører fortsat for lukkede døre, siger han som begrundelse.

Retssagen begynder til oktober, og her kan den tiltalte se frem til en lang straf, hvis han bliver dømt efter anklageskriftet. Han er tiltalt efter en paragraf, der kan give op til dobbelt straf - dog maksimalt 20-års fængsel.

Denmark - EB.

Etterlyst i seks år: Tatt og siktet for tre drapsforsøk på Oslo-utested

 RASKT PÅ STEDET: Store politimannskaper rykket ut etter skyteepisoden på utestedet Crystal Club i Oslo.
RASKT PÅ STEDET: Store politimannskaper rykket ut etter skyteepisoden på utestedet Crystal Club i Oslo. Foto: Bjørnar Tommelstad

Natt til torsdag 5. juli 2012 ble to personer skutt og en person knivstukket på utestedet Crystal Club i Møllergata i Oslo sentrum. Mannen i 30-årene som er mistenkt for handlingen har vært internasjonalt etterlyst siden 2012.

Fredag ble han pågrepet på Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen, siktet for tre drapsforsøk. Mandag ble mannen i Oslo tingrett varetektsfengslet i fire uker med brev- og besøksforbud, skriver Oslo politidistrikt i en pressemelding.

Ifølge fengslingskjennelsen fra Oslo tingrett er mannen utpekt av de fornærmede i anmeldelse og avhør.

Fryktet de fornærmede

Mannen har oppholdt seg store deler av tiden etter hendelsen i Somalia, opplyser hans advokat Nils Jørgen Vordahl til VG.
– Sånn som jeg har forstått det dro han relativt raskt til Somalia etter at det skjedde, sier Vordahl.
Siktede har i lengre tid vært i kontakt med norske myndigheter fordi han selv har uttrykt at han har ønsket å komme tilbake.
– Noe av dialogen har gått på sikkerheten hans. Han har vært inneforstått med at han ville bli varetektfengslet og politiet har visst hvilket fly han ville komme med, forteller advokaten.
Vordahl forklarer at det var et oppløp til episoden på Crystal Club i 2012. Siktede har fryktet de fornærmede i saken.
– Han har vært forsøkt kontaktet i Somalia av noen som er i forbindelse med de fornærmede.
Vordahl ble oppnevnt som siktedes forsvarer i januar. Mannen skal avhøres torsdag og har ikke ennå tatt stilling til siktelsen.
– Jeg tror han er lettet over å være tilbake og for å få en dialog på dette her. Det har vært veldig kontruktivt så langt, sier advokaten.

– Trolig gjengrelatert

Politiadvokat Ingvild Myrold i Oslo politidistrikt sier at episoden ved Crystal Club trolig var gjengrelatert.
– Etterforskningen har etterlatt seg et inntrykk av at handlingen skjedde i forbindelse med et gjengmiljø. Den videre etterforskningen vil avdekke hans delaktighet og motiv for handlingen, og om andre kan ha vært involvert, sier Myrold.

Hun sier at det er blitt gjennomført omfattende etterforskning av saken etter voldshendelsen, det gjenstår dog noe før de eventuelt kan ta ut en tiltale.

Tidligere dømt

Før skytingen i 2012 er mannen straffedømt to ganger. En gang for bruk av narkotika og to tilfeller av ran på åpen gate ved bruk av grov vold. Mannen som nå er i 30-årene begikk ranene sammen med to andre personer.

Det ene offeret skal ifølge dommen fra 2009 ha blitt slått til han besvimte flere ganger, men ble ristet til bevissthet hver gang. Han ble fratatt mobiltelefon og lommebok med bankkort, og ble til slutt truet til å gi fra seg koden til bankkortet.

Norway - VG.

Best Skull Tattoos You Have To See Before You Die

For some, skull tattoos sound cool, while for others they are morbid since skulls are very often connected to death. However, the fun part about skull tattoos is that you can get very creative. You can add various symbols, and even colors to make your tattoo unique and distinctive. Skull tattoos do not necessarily need to be connected with bad, but can also sometimes be connected with good. Some people get skull tattoos to signify certain good things in your life. If you were thinking about getting a skull tattoo, then you must take a look at these best skull tattoo ideas.

Stockholm - MC & Gjengkriminalitet

How is Mayans MC lead different from Sons of Anarchy? EZ Reyes vs Jax T...

How is EZ Reyes different from Jax Teller?
After years of waiting, SOA universe is returning in the form of a spin-off, Mayans MC, set on the US-Mexico border, far away from SAMCRO. The show’s lead, Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (played by JD Pardo) is claimed to be different than Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam). As Sons of Anarchy finale saw the tragic demise of Jax Teller, we may get to see his sons in the upcoming season.

August 27, 2018


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MC & Gjengkriminalitet

Two Quebec Hells Angels arrested for Drug Traficking

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Police arrested two members of the Hells Angels on Wednesday, including one believed to be heading an important drug ring in the Saguenay—Lac-St-Jean region. Bernard Plourde, 55, a known member of the Hells Angels in Trois-Rivières, was arrested at his home in Laterrière and will face drug-trafficking and gangsterism charges. Police also raided his house and seized his vehicles. Three others were arrested, including Jean-François Bergeron, another Hells Angels member.

The Toronto Star refers to Bernard Plourde as the head of the drug network. "Last November, authorities made 24 arrests in the Saguenay region as well as Montreal and the Monteregie area in southwestern Quebec. Ahead of a gathering of Hells Angels last weekend, a police spokesman said the Angels control between 95 and 98 per cent of drug trafficking market in the province."

So all the other provinces are arresting Hells Angels for drug trafficking except BC. Things that make ya go hmmmmm. If the Hells Angles control 95 of the drug trade in Quebec, what makes them any different in BC? They're not. The only difference is that Quebec has a task force that investigates organized crime while BC doesn't. At least his bike doesn't look like a Goldwing.

 Canada - GO.

Rocker auf Reeperbahn niedergeschossen

Bei einer Schießerei auf St. Pauli wurde ein Mann schwer verletzt.Nach BILD-Informationen soll es sich um den Hamburger Hells-Angels-Boss Dariusch F. handeln.

An der Reeperbahn in Hamburg ist in der Nacht zu Montag ein Mann angeschossen und lebensgefährlich verletzt worden. „Die Schüsse fielen am Montag um kurz nach Mitternacht auf dem Millerntorplatz“, sagte ein Sprecher der Polizei am frühen Morgen.

In diesem weißen Bentley war der Mann unterwegs, als auf ihn geschossen wurde
In diesem weißen Bentley war der Mann unterwegs, als auf ihn
geschossen wurde Foto: Mücahid Güler / dpa
Sanitäter versorgten den Mann und brachten ihn ins Krankenhaus, wo er notoperiert wurde. Nach BILD-Informationen soll es sich bei dem verletzten Mann um den Hamburger Hells-Angels-Boss Dariusch F. (38) handeln.
Germany - Bild.

August 26, 2018

Vil fengsle de på ubestemt tid: – Det hadde jeg ikke forventet

Hva gjorde Bandidos-skikkelsen Lars Harnes i garasjen til Imran Saber seks ganger i løpet av sommeren 2015? Han var iført nylon fra topp til tå for ikke å legge igjen spor. Han hadde finlandshette og motorsykkelhjelm på hodet. I en bærepose hadde han et håndvåpen som var påsatt lyddemper. Han kjørte til og fra garasjen på en Vespa med stjålne skilter.

Harnes selv har forklart at han skulle få Saber til å slutte å plage en person. Hensikten var å skremme – ikke å drepe, forklarte Bandidos-toppen i vitneboksen.

Påtalemyndigheten er imidlertid ikke i tvil om at Harnes skulle drepe Saber. De mener også at det var Metkel Betew som bestilte drapet. Det ble aldri lagt frem et klart motiv for hvorfor Betew skulle ønske Imran Saber død.

Retten: Harnes var der for å drepe

Da dommen i saken falt i Oslo tingrett i mars, ble Betew og Harnes frifunnet. Om de hadde blitt dømt, ville de fått lange forvaringsdommer.Sistnevnte måtte imidlertid betale erstatning til Saber. I dommen heter det at de «ikke er i tvil om at Harnes var i garasjen for å drepe Saber», blant annet på grunn hans spesielle bekledning.

Men: ​Tingretten mener at det psykologisk sett gjenstod mye før et eventuelt drap kunne finne sted. De sier med andre ord at ugjerningen ikke hadde gått langt nok til å få ham dømt for drapsforsøk. I dagene da Harnes trafikkerte garasjen pågikk det et hemmelig spill for å holde Saber borte.

Påtalemyndigheten mener at Imran Saber ble forsøkt drept. (Foto: Privat)
Påtalemyndigheten mener at Imran Saber ble forsøkt drept. (Foto: Privat)

Betew ble renvasket ettersom han heller ikke ble dømt til å betale oppreisningserstatning.
Påtalemyndigheten er imidlertid uenig i rettens vurdering. De har anket frifinnelsene. Saken kommer opp for Borgarting lagmannsrett 4. desember, og det er satt av tre uker.

– Forventet ikke dette

Forsvareren til Metkel Betew, Marius Dietrichson, er forundret over at påtalemyndigheten har valgt å anke.
– Jeg hadde ikke forventet en anke ettersom frifinnelsen var så klar. Vi tar dette til etterretning, og vi beklager at den er anket, sier han til TV 2.
Advokaten viser til at tingretten flere ganger før behandlingen i tingretten påpekte at bevisbildet mot Betew var svakt.

Marius Dietrichson har vært Metkel Betews forsvarer i en årrekke.
Marius Dietrichson har vært Metkel Betews forsvarer i en årrekke. Foto: NTB Scanpix

– Han er å anse som renvasket ettersom han ikke engang ble dømt til å betale erstatningskravet, der beviskravet er mye lavere enn for domfellelse, sier Dietrichson.

Vil kjøre motorsykkel

Aktor i saken, statsadvokat Alvar Randa, sier at påtalemyndigheten har en annen oppfatning enn Dietrichson og tingretten.
– Vi ønsker en ny vurdering av bevisene. Derfor anket vi frifinnelsene av Betew og Harnes, sier Randa.

I tiltalen er det tatt forbehold om at påtalemyndigheten vil legge ned påstand forvaring, altså fengselsstraff på ubestemt tid.

Harnes har imidlertid innstilt seg på at han snart kan kjøre motorsykkel igjen.
– Harnes ser frem til at saken får sin endelige avslutning. Han håper lagmannsretten vil vurdere bevisene og jussen like samvittighetsfullt og objektivt som tingretten, slik at han kan kjøre motorsykkel igjen neste år, sier forsvarer Øyvind Bratlien.

Advokat Øyvind Bratlien forsvarer Lars Harnes.
Advokat Øyvind Bratlien forsvarer Lars Harnes. Foto: NTB Scanpix

Drapsforsøk-tiltalen mot Betew og Harnes inngikk i den såkalte «Sult-saken», som blant annet innbefattet ransplaner, narkotikainnførsel og våpenlovbrudd.

Var på perm – begikk ran

Mens Betew og Harnes ble frikjent for drapsforsøk, ble de dømt til fem år og fire års fengsel og fem års fengsel for henholdsvis narkotikalovbrudd og våpenlovbrudd.

Begge to er tidligere dømt til lange forvaringsdommer. Betew ble dømt til 16 års forvaring etter NOKAS-ranet. Årsaken var at han tidligere var dømt for to grove ran tidligere.

Lars Harnes har i en årrekke vært en lederskikkelse i Bandidos. I 2004 ble han tatt på fersken under et ran av en verditransport på Aker brygge. Ranet ble gjennomført mens han hadde 24 timers permisjon fra fengselet da han sonet en tortur-dom.

Etter ranet ble han dømt til åtte års forvaring.

Norge - TV2.

Gangland | Outlaws MC | Biker Wars

Outlaws MC members killing Vice President of Kingsmen MC after he refused to take off his Colours.
The Mongols Motorcycle Club, sometimes called the Mongol Nation or Mongol Brotherhood, is a one-percenter outlaw motorcycle club and alleged organized crime syndicate. The club is headquartered.
Outlaws MC Doc.
Outlaws MC Florida President survived being shot and other Outlaws MC news from Florida.
Paul Anderson. Anderson, forty-four years old, was the President of the Cross Bayou Chapter. View from Another location RIP Paul ☠️Outlaws☠️

August 25, 2018

Mayans Mc "First Look" Trailer [HD] : Sons of Anarchy Spinoff - On Fx

50 Beautiful Blackwork Tattoos That Will Take Your Breath Away

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy: RIP

The 32-year-old Canadian model, who went from the Quebec punk scene to catwalks around the world after his head-to-toe tattoos of bones, insects, and exposed brains made him famous, was found dead at his Montreal home and police sources tell the CBC he died by suicide. Genest, who got his first tattoo at 16, died six days before his 33rd birthday. He appeared in Gaga’s 2011 “Born This Way” video, was once the face of Jay-Z’s fashion label, and modeled for French designer Thierry Mugler, among others, the BBC reports.

Canada - MC & Gjengkriminalitet

August 24, 2018

2019 Harley-Davidson CVO Lineup First Look! FLHTKSE FLTRXSE FLHXSE Stree...

Fant tyvgods fra Vingrom-hytte hos MC-klubb

Det var i 17.30-tida vitner tipset Oppland Arbeiderblad om at politiet aksjonerte mot Coffin Cheaters i Bybrua. Det ble observert en rekke politibetjenter og politihund på stedet. Operasjonsleder Pål Andersen ved Innlandet politidistrikt opplyser klokka 21 at politiet har gjort en rekke beslag.

Det er beslaglagt tyvegods som trolig stammer fra ei hytte på Vingrom, og det er gjort funn av narkotika.
– Ingen er pågrepet i forbindelse med tyveri-saken, men en mann i 40-årene er pågrepet i forbindelse med funn av narkotika, sier Andersen.

Hvilket stoff og mengde, kan ikke Andersen opplyse om tirsdag kveld. Mannen i 40-årene sitter i arresten på Hamar. Andersen opplyser at ransakingen av lokalene til Coffin Cheaters gikk fint.
– Det gkk stille og rolig for seg. De som var på stedet, var samarbeidsvillige, sier Andersen.

Anmeldte tyveri fra hytte

Foranledningen til ransakingen var en anmeldelse politiet mottok tirsdag om tyveri fra ei hytte på Vingrom. Fra hytta skal det ha blitt stjålet en rekke gjenstander og inventar.
– Det meste av inventaret skal være stjålet. Vi har ikke helt oversikt, sier Andersen.

Det skal blant annet være snakk om hele kjøkkeninnredningen på hytta, og flere gjenstander skal være funnet i lokalene til Coffin Cheaters.

OAs fotograf på stedet opplyste i 18-tiden at det blant annet er blitt båret ut skap. En mann i 30-årene er mistenkt i saken. Mannen er ifølge Andersen påtruffet av politiet i lokalene.
– Mannen er leietaker på hytta, sier Andersen.

Mannen skal ha folkeregistrert adresse i Odnesvegen hvor MC-klubben holder til.
– Er mannen tidligere straffedømt?
– Ingen kommentar, sier Andersen.

Sees på som kriminell

Det er ikke første gang politiet ransaker lokalene til Coffin Cheaters. OA skrev i 2014 om en ransaking etter at to menn ble siktet for kjøp og bruk av narkotika. De to mennene var medlem av MC-klubben. Politiet fant ingenting av interesse for saken i lokalene den gang.

Coffin Cheaters MC er ifølge Wikipedia er en motorsykkelklubb som opprinnelig oppsto i Australia. Klubben presenterer seg som en 1 prosent-klubb, det vil si at 99 prosent av alle MC-førere skal være lovlydige. De har seks avdelinger i Norge.

Politiet i Norge har erklært klubben som en organisert kriminell MC-klubb.

Politiet etterlyser Young Guns-medlem (28) for drapsforsøk i Oslo: - Skjøt fra BMW X5

ETTERLYST: Oslo politidistrikt etterlyser Jaspinder Singh (28), etter skyting i Oslo.

Singh er norsk statsborger. Han er siktet for drapsforsøk. Skytinga fant sted på Haugenstua, søndag 19. august. Foto: PolitietETTERLYST: Oslo politidistrikt etterlyser Jaspinder Singh (28), etter skyting i Oslo. Singh er norsk statsborger. Han er siktet for drapsforsøk. Skytinga fant sted på Haugenstua, søndag 19. august. Foto: Politiet

Oslo politidistrikt etterlyser Jaspinder Singh (28), etter en skyteepisode i Oslo sist søndag. Singh er norsk statsborger, og er siktet for drapsforsøk.

Seksjonsleder Anne Alræk Solem sier til Dagbladet at Singh er godt kjent for politiet fra før.
- Siktede er definert til å tilhøre gjengen Young Guns i Oslo. Han er godt kjent for politiet fra før, sier hun.

Ifølge Solem hadde ikke de fornærmede personene i den andre bilen gjengtilknytning.
- Vi vet at de kjenner til siktede. De er alle norske borgere i 30-åra, sier hun.

Skjøt mot bil

Skytinga fant sted på Haugenstua, søndag 19. august. Omkring klokka 2115 ble en bil beskutt mens denne kjørte nordover på Østre Aker vei ved Haugenstua i Oslo.

Skuddene skal ha vært avfyrt fra en annen bil som kjørte parallelt med bilen som ble beskutt. Bilen som ble beskutt er en blå BMW 1-serie. Bilen det ble skutt fra skal være en mørk BMW X5.

Det skal ha vært flere personer til stede både i bilen som ble beskutt og i bilen det ble skutt fra. Ingen personer ble skadet i skytingen. Skytingen fremstår som målrettet, og ikke rettet mot tilfeldige personer. Politiet har grunn til å tro at Singh oppholder seg på Østlandsområdet. Han er internasjonalt etterlyst.

Politiet ber publikum om umiddelbart å ta kontakt med politiet dersom de har gjort observasjoner av Singh eller vet hvor han oppholder seg.

Stoppet tilfeldig

Ingen andre er pågrepet i saken nå. Ifølge Solem i politiet ble politiet først kjent med skytingen da bilen som var blitt skutt med ble stoppet i en tilfeldig politikontroll.
- Kort tid etter skytingen ble bilen med de fornærmede stoppet av en politibil på et annet oppdrag. Politiet fanget opp bilen, sier Solem til Dagbladet.
- Var det skuddskader på bilen?
- Det vil jeg ikke gå inn på. Siktede er siktet for drapsforsøk, sier hun.


Ifølge Solem har politiet gjennomført avhør av vitner og en rekke tekniske undersøkelser.
- Vi tok beslag samme natt. Etterforskningen har gått slag i slag siden da, sier hun til Dagbladet.
- Vi vet at det er kjennskap mellom han vi har siktet og de fornærmede. Vi har indikasjoner på hva som kan være foranledning, men vil ikke gå inn på det nå. Dette er ikke noen tilfeldig skyting sier hun.

Holdt hemmelig

Skyteepisoden har vært fullstendig ukjent for offentligheten før etterlysningen i dag.
- Vi tok raskt en vurdering om å avvente å informere ut til offentligheten. Det var taktiske hensyn som talte for det. Det var fordi slik informasjon også kunne tilfalle de impliserte, sier Solem til Dagbladet.
- Har ikke offentligheten rett til å vite når en bil i fart skyter mot en annen bil i fart på en vei i Oslo?
- Jo, offentligheten skal få vite det, men vi mente at informasjonen naturlig ville tilfalle de aktuelle impliserte om vi hadde gått ut. Det mener vi ville gitt mindre mulighet for oppklaring. Vi går derfor ut og informerer nå.

Norway - DB.

Rats show face in trial of Motorcycle Club.

The old white biker dudes were invited by Mr. Trump because it’s likely that none of the old white golfer dudes at his club ride hogs; they’re more Audi than Harley. Two more defendants in the murder case of April Kauffman have pleaded guilty in exchange for testimony during a trial expected to begin in September.

Newfoundland Hells Angel caught with handgun

The Newfoundland Advertiser is reporting that "Bradley Summers, an alleged member of the Hell’s Angels who was reportedly the target of a murder plot earlier this year was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possessing a dangerous weapon, and careless use of a weapon. The weapon in question is alleged to be a handgun, according to court documents."

Here's the deal. There already is a handgun ban in Canadian cities. Even if you have a firearm licence, you are not allowed to walk around with a handgun in your possession or in your car. This Hells Angel broke that ban. So what are the consequences? Disarming law biding citizens is not the answer and will do absolutely nothing to reduce gun and gang violence.

Canada - GO.

Finks motorcycle gang member charged over fires in driveway of Maryland home

A FINKS motorcycle gang member set fire to two vehicles parked in the driveway of a Maryland home as the occupants slept, police allege. The member of the outlaw motorcycle group was charged
this week over the fires that were lit in November last year, police said in a statement on Thursday.

About 1am on Thursday, November 2, two men were at their home on Berrico Avenue, Maryland, when they were woken by a man telling them two vehicles in the driveway were on fire. Fire & Rescue NSW were called and extinguished the fires but two Hi-Ace vans were destroyed, police said. Following inquiries, a 28-year-old man attended Newcastle City police station on Wednesday where he was charged with two counts of maliciously destroy property by fire, police said. He was refused bail and will face Newcastle Local Court.

Australia - BN.

August 23, 2018


Kinfolk MC National Run 2018

Will Charlie Hunnam Reprise his Sons of Anarchy Role in Mayans MC?

Charlie Hunnam won't reprise his role as Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy spinoff, Mayans MC
Charlie Hunnam appeared as the outlaw motorcyclist, Jax Teller, in the hit show, Sons of Anarchy from the very first season. One of the most-loved characters of SOA, Jax was killed off in the show's finale. But, with the news of SOA's spinoff, Mayans MC set to air on September 4, fans are excited to see Charlie reprising his role as Jax. That somehow doesn't seem to happen. So, why he won't reprise his role in Mayans MC? Watch the video to discover the reason.

2019 Harley-Davidson - FXDR, 114's & More!

August 22, 2018

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Hells Angels associate gunned down in Mexico

Guiseppe Bugge from West Vancouver has been gunned down in Mexico. The compromised Gang Task Force say he was a Hells Angels associate. The story made the Borderland Beat blog.

June 2005 Guiseppe was kidnapped and roughed up. May 2007 Hugo Filipe Amado, Paul Vaslot and Robert John Davis plead guilty to kidnapping him.

In August 2005, a young man employed by Guiseppe Bugge driving a company truck into Blaine Washington was caught bringing 283 kilos of pot into the US. That front company along with several others has since gone bankrupt.

Now he's shot dead in Mexico. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Does this mean the compromised BC Gang Task force is starting to arrest Hells Angels for drug trafficking? No it does not. They stopped doing that in 2012. Just say'n.

Canada - GO.

Motorcycle Club Shooting in broad daylight caught on camera

There’s a patch worn by supporters of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club that sums up the sentiment of biker gangs toward informants. “Snitches are a dying breed,” it says. These days, former Chicago Outlaws boss Orville “Orvie” Cochran, once one of Chicago’s most-wanted fugitives, is worried about informants turning on him. In a letter to a judge, he has expressed concern that someone might try to frame him as he sits in jail in Wisconsin awaiting trial in a racketeering case that accuses him and five of his onetime biker brothers of murder and mayhem.

August 21, 2018

They Don’t Care About Us

Well, we care about you and what´s going in Gangland around The World, and we will continue to update all our readers 24/7. Gang Business is our BUSINESS - so stay on the page MC & Gjengkriminalitet.

MC & Gjengkriminalitet