May 30, 2018

Paul Sr Sued ! AGAIN 2018

Blaze Meth head sentencing hearing

Today is the final day of Blaze's three day sentencing hearing for being caught with half a kilo of crystal meth and a coupe of Joey's long guns when he was banned from possessing firearms after his domestic assault conviction. He was caught with the guns in the trunk after coming back from a trip to Vancouver where he loaded up with crystal meth from Hells Angel associates in Maple Ridge. The same trip he tried to set up a meeting with his Guildford meth head and I trying to pretend the troll that was spamming my bog wasn't him it was another meth head he met in Surrey Pretrial. You're gonna need more than a .22 to take out me flysh*t.

The heat bag claims he is no longer criminally active any more but we have heard that song before. He must means after the police started paying him to lie in court about drug dealing rivals. That's probably the shotgun he used to shoot Britney Irving in the back when they took her to shoot guns in the bush. That's not going to work on me weasel. Joey's letter to Blaze from prison.

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Dutch prosecutors ask judge to outlaw Hells Angels

Dutch prosecutors have asked a judge to ban the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in the Netherlands, arguing that its members are part of "a subculture of lawlessness."

The appeal is not the first time Dutch authorities have gone after the gang. An earlier attempt to outlaw a local branch of the Hells Angels was rejected by Dutch courts, including by the country's Supreme Court in 2009.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that they handed to a court in the central Netherlands a dossier including hundreds of pages outlining the Hells Angels' activities. They said in a statement that the gang's members are involved in crimes such as extortion and intimidation.

Dutch prosecutors have in recent years gone after other motorcycle gangs, saying that they form a threat to civil order.

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Bandidos bikie who bludgeoned ex-girlfriend to death with fire hydrant handed second life sentence

A former Bandidos sergeant-at-arms who bludgeoned his girlfriend to death  with a fire hydrant has been sentenced to life behind bars for another murder. Lionel John Patea, 25, admitted beating Gold Coast father-of-two Greg Dufty to death in July 2015 over a $32,000 marijuana debt – laughing in court alongside his brother Nelson Andrae Patea mere moments before making the admission.He will be forced to serve at least 30 years, eligible for parole in May 2048.

Nelson Andrae Patea and Aaron James Crawford pleaded guilty to manslaughter, while Crawford – who orchestrated the attack on Mr Dufty, his best friend – also pleaded guilty to interfering with a corpse.

They were sentenced to eight and 10 years, respectively.
Mr Dufty, 37, was picked up in a Mack truck and taken to a remote part of the Gold Coast hinterland where he was bashed unconscious, Gold Coast Bulletin reported. Liam Rawhiti Bliss and Clinton Lee Earl Stockman also pleaded guilty in February to manslaughter over Mr Dufty’s death.
Bliss was given a five year jail sentence, suspended immediately, while Stockman was sentenced to six years, with immediate eligibility for parole. The Brisbane Supreme Court heard Mr Dufty was beaten to death with a shifting spanner and a tyre iron over an alleged cannabis theft.

The body, which has never been found, was then burned by Crawford and Stockman while they were high on ice at a property near Casino, in northern New South Wales. Mr Dufty was targeted after $32,000 worth of marijuana allegedly grown by him and Crawford went missing, and Crawford enlisted Patea and Stockman to question him.

Patea, who was unaware Mr Dufty had died, called a co-accused the next day to ask whether the father-of-two had admitted stealing the drugs. The Patea brothers were seen laughing in the courtroom, and Lionel Patea smiled as he gave his guilty plea.

Sentencing was set for Tuesday morning to allow a relative of Mr Dufty to attend court.
Lionel Patea is already serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of his girlfriend Tara Brown just two months after Mr Dufty was killed.The former bikie enforcer bashed Ms Brown, 24, to death with a fire hydrant cover as she lay trapped in her car which Patea had rammed off the road with his vehicle. Ms Brown suffered ‘non-survivable’ brain injuries after being bludgeoned repeatedly with the 7.8kg metal slab Patea took from the side of the road.

Patea had been in a relationship with Ms Brown for four years when he murdered her. They had a daughter together in 2012.

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May 29, 2018

2018 Daytona Beach Bike Week, V-Twin Super Cycle Show and More!

Alleged Hells Angels leader Salvatore Cazzetta sues Quebec for $2 million

The alleged biker gang leader claims prosecutors and cops held back key information during his bail hearing. An alleged leader among the Hells Angels in Quebec has filed a lawsuit against the attorney general of Quebec, seeking more than $2 million while alleging he was detained without cause following his arrest in a major drug-trafficking case. He alleges prosecutors and police held back key evidence during his bail hearing.

The lawsuit filed at the Montreal courthouse by Salvatore Cazzetta, 63, an alleged member of the Hells Angels since roughly 2004, involves a case in which he and 20 other people were charged in November 2015 with a series of criminal offences related to drug trafficking in the Mercier—Hochelaga—Maisonneuve borough. Besides being an alleged Hells Angels leader, Cazzetta has been observed meeting with several people tied to the Montreal Mafia in recent years.
Two police investigators and three prosecutors are also named in the lawsuit.

At least 15 people have since pleaded guilty to some of the charges in the drug-trafficking case, but Cazzetta challenged the case brought against him. Two charges were tossed out following his preliminary inquiry and, on Dec. 6, the prosecution announced it would no longer prosecute him on the last remaining charge — that he was in possession of the proceeds of crime by having collected “a tax” from the drug-trafficking ring.

In the lawsuit, prepared by Montreal lawyer David Summerside, Cazzetta argues he was denied bail and detained — between November 2015 and August 2017 — without cause because the police investigators and prosecutors did not reveal evidence that was dropped in their laps shortly after Cazzetta and the other men were arrested.

The leader of the drug-trafficking network was arrested on Nov. 19, 2015, and decided to co-operate with the police immediately. Within hours of his arrest, he provided a sworn statement, recorded on videotape, and eventually was given a contract to work as a witness for the prosecution. According to the lawsuit, the witness told the police that Cazzetta “had nothing to do with Hochelaga—Maisonneuve” and that Cazzetta had nothing to do with his drug-trafficking network.

Four days later, a Quebec Court judge began hearing evidence in Cazzetta’s bail hearing, but the statement the witness gave to police was not mentioned.

One of the investigators named in the lawsuit was present when the leader of the drug-trafficking network provided his sworn statement to police. She participated in the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation used during the bail hearing and testified during it, but made no mention of what she had heard a few days earlier.

Because of this, Cazzetta argues, the investigators and prosecutors “did not act in good faith, rigour and the honesty required” by people involved in the justice system. By being detained for more than a year, he alleges, he was “exposed to a high level of stress anguish, anxiety and insecurity.” As part of that same argument, Cazzetta notes that, as was revealed during his bail hearing, shortly before his arrest he had undergone surgery on his heart and was supposed to be convalescing.

People who have been convicted in the same case have received sentences that range from a 43-month prison term to sentences that could be served in the community. At least four of the 21 men who have pleaded guilty still await their sentence. That includes François Langlois, 43, a man who pleaded guilty, on June 20, to conspiracy and drug-trafficking charges, but according to court records, he has failed to show up in court for the sentencing stage of his case since January.

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May 28, 2018

Motorcyclist shot in Richmond

The Peacearch News is reporting that "Reports say that a motorcycle rider crashed in Richmond after being shot at early Sunday morning. The man was reportedly riding along Saunders Avenue near No. 4 Road at about 2:30 a.m. Police remained at the scene throughout the day."

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May 27, 2018

CRAZY FIGHTING GIRLS (Martial Arts Edition)

Gang president enters ring to raise meth awareness

A fight night in Kaitaia saw a Mongrel Mob President face off with a former heavyweight boxer in an effort to raise funds for the development of a community park and help raise awareness around ridding the community of meth. Former heavyweight boxer Jason Reti taking on the President of the New Zealand Chapter of the Mongrel Mob Shane Hamera.

May 26, 2018

Police raid Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang clubhouse in Brisbane

POLICE have used tough new anti-gang powers for the first time against a Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang clubhouse in Brisbane. At around 7.4pm on Friday, officers from Taskforce Maxima raided the property on Gympie Rd, Lawnton, to search for prohibited items that relate to “disorderly activities” as defined in the Peace and Good Behaviour Act.

Prohibited items include things such as liquor, drugs, firearms, drinking glasses and entertainment systems.

This is the first time these search powers have been used.

Inside the Rebels Outdoor Motorcycle Gang clubhouse on Gympie Rd in Lawnton.

During the search, police were able to establish that the premises was being used as a club house for the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

Items seized included a pool table, Rebels paraphernalia such as flags, vests and belts, an entertainment system, lighting system, band equipment, a cash register, a large quantity of liquor and drinks price list.

Police will now provide this evidence as part of a restricted premises application to the Brisbane Magistrates Court to have the location declared a restricted premises.
Alcohol seized during the raid on the clubhouse.

A “Banned by the Queensland Government” sticker.

Ten people were detained including nine patched members of the Rebels Brisbane chapter. Two members were wearing Rebels vests which were seized.

Nine consorting notices were issued to the nine Rebels members. The nine members were also served Public Safety Orders under the Peace and Good Behaviour Act.

An order is issued by a commissioned officer who is satisfied that the presence of a person poses a serious risk to public safety and security. The PSO means the nine members are prevented from remaining or entering the premises until May 28.

A pool table and other entertainment equipment was seized.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said it was the first time police had invoked new powers under laws passed by the Palaszczuk Government last year to target organised crime gangs operating in Queensland.
“Officers from Taskforce Maxima established Operation Quebec Nebulous to investigate intelligence that the Brisbane Rebels OMCG chapter was operating a club house in a shed at a location that was supposed to have been an industrial premises used for car repairs,” Minister Ryan said in a statement.

Mobile phones, cash and other items.

“Last night they were able to establish that the premises was indeed operating as a club house thanks to new search powers granted to police by the Palaszczuk Government.
“New powers to issue public safety orders were also used by officers for the first time. Each of the nine patched members of the Rebels OMCG who were in the shed at the time police arrived were issued with one.”

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Rockere fra hele verden samlet i Randers: Præst bisatte sin HA-bror

Nok var han en lille fyr, men den 45-årige Randers-rocker Stefan Ranjith Pedersen alias Stella, som døde forleden efter en batalje med politiet, ragede højt op i hierakiet hos Hells Angels i Danmark.

Det gjorde han også i sin civile adoptivfamilie, hvor lillesøster og sognepræst, Eva Pedersen, fredag iførte sig præstekjolen og sendte sin afdøde storebror den lige vej fra helvedes engle op til Vorherre.
Der var en stort fremmøde til bisættelsen. Foto: Claus Bonnerup
Der var en stort fremmøde til bisættelsen. Foto: Claus Bonnerup

Det var en sælsom blanding af sørgende venner og familiemedlemmer og hærdebrede, svært tatoverede HA'ere fra hele verden med rygmærker, der fyldte Sct. Andreas Kirken i Randers. De fleste bar sørgebind med inskriptionen R.I.P Stella 1973-2018.

På et podie midt i kirken stod afdødes kiste, hvid og helt enkel med en opsats af store røde roser og palmeblade. Rundt om kisten lå et bredt bælte af blomster og kranse domineret af en stor firkantet dekoration i hvide og røde blomster, der dannede bogstaverne  'AFFA' - angels forever forever angels.

Bank-bank på kistelåget
Forud for den kirkelige handling gik adskillige HA'ere op til kisten og hilste på den afdøde med to bank på låget. De kom alle vegne fra. Både lokale Randers HA'ere og 'brødre' fra Tyskland, Schweiz, Holland, Tyrkiet, Canada, Rusland og Brasilien.
Der var rygmærker fra flere lande. Foto: Claus Bonnerup
Der var rygmærker fra flere lande. Foto: Claus Bonnerup

De, der ikke fik en plads i kirken, tog opstilling udenfor med deres Harley-Davidson motorcykler.
Indenfor gik Eva Pedersen rundt og gav knus til de pårørende inden den vanskelige opgave. En præstekollega i fuld ornat tog plads i menigheden, klar til at træde til, hvis det skulle blive påkrævet.

Blændende prædiken
Men midt i sin egen sorg magtede Eva Pedersen at holde en blændende prædiken over sin elskede storebror med de srilankanske rødder, som trods sit valg af omgangskreds og mange kriminelle venner, altid var et midtpunkt i sin egen familie.
Rene Nøddeskov Ludvigsen også kaldet
Rene Nøddeskov Ludvigsen også kaldet "Ludvig" hilser på folk fra Bandidos ved Hells Angels rocker Stefan "Stella" Ranjith Pedersen begravelse. Foto: Claus Bonnerup

- Vores verden blev en anden, da Stefan forlod den, sagde hun og henvendte sig i første omgang med trøstende ord til Stefan Pedersens ældste søn, der blev konfirmeret for nylig.

Til sine egne og den afdødes fælles forældre rettede hun også stærkt personlige ord:
- Ingen forældre skal bære deres børn til graven, sagde hun og gentog gang på gang ordene 'min elskede storebror'.
- I alle familier er der en skør onkel. I vores familie var det Stefan. Altid fuld af sjove påfund.
- Han var umulig ikke at elske, sagde præsten om sin bror.

HAere kneb en tåre
Hendes ord var på en gang meget personlige og følelsesfulde, men uden at være sentimentale. Hele vejen igennem den kirkelige handling holdt præsten bogstaveligt talt tungen lige i munden. Kun da hun kastede jord på kisten, skælvede stemmen.
Der var fremstillet særlige mærker i dagens anledning. Foto: Claus Bonnerup
Der var fremstillet særlige mærker i dagens anledning. Foto: Claus Bonnerup

Præstens ord gik rent ind hos følget af HA-rockere. Flere af Stellas nære venner kneb en tåre og gjorde intet for at skjule det. Inden kisten blev båret ud til den ventende rustvogn, sang menigheden 'Dejlig er Jorden'.

Præsten tog selv det forreste bærehåndtag på kistens sidste færd. Men da rustvognen langsomt forlod kirkepladsen, kunne hun ikke mere. Nu var hun en lillesøster, der havde brug for et knus.

Døde efter fire døgn
Stefan Ranjith Pedersen døde natten til torsdag i sidste uge efter fire dage forinden at have fået hjertestop under en politiopgave i hans hjem i Spentrup ved Randers.
Eva Pedersen efter det sidste farvel til sin storebror. Foto: Claus Bonnerup
Eva Pedersen efter det sidste farvel til sin storebror. Foto: Claus Bonnerup

Selv om han nåede at blive genoplivet og overført til Skejby Sygehus intensive afdeling, var han så medtaget, at han sov ind fire døgn senere med de nærmeste pårørende omkring sig.

Som HA-rocker var Stella kendt på grund af sin beskedne højde og uforbeholdne loyalitet overfor klubben. Han tilhørte langt fra den tunge del af HA'ernes kriminelle medlemmer, men fandt sit ståsted hos englene under rolige former.

Stefan 'Stella' Pedersen havde børn fra to forhold. Hans ældste søn og yngste datter var med til at sige et sidste farvel til deres far.
Stefan Ranjith Pedersen fik hjertestop under en politiopgave i HA-rockerens hjem. Foto: Privat
Stefan Ranjith Pedersen fik hjertestop under en politiopgave i HA-rockerens hjem. Foto: Privat

Denmark - EB.

2018 Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show, Amazing Super Bikes & More

Choppers, Mega Trikes, Baggers, Tribute Bikes, stunt riders, beautiful women and lots more at this years Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show during Leesburg Bike Fest. Catch all the action. You will want to watch again and again.

2 bikers charged with murder in Twin Peaks shootout get Jan. 15 trial date

Two defendants in the Twin Peaks biker shootout who were re-indicted earlier this month on murder and riot charges might be tried together and had a priority trial date set Friday for Jan. 15.

Jeff Battey, 53, of Ponder, and Ray Arnold Allen, 48, of Crum, both members of the Bandidos motorcycle group, were joined in Waco's 19th State District Court on Friday by four other bikers who were re-indicted May 9 on new charges that will replace the original engaging in organized criminal activity charges.

Judge Ralph Strother called the hearing to get updates on the pending cases. Of the initial 155 Twin Peaks bikers indicted in the May 17, 2015, shootout that left nine dead and 20 injured, 27 cases remain pending after mass dismissals of the cases by McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna in recent months. Three of those cases are being handled by special prosecutors from Houston, appointed after Reyna recused his office in those cases.

First Assistant District Attorney Robert Moody told Strother on Friday that his office is considering consolidating the trials of Battey and Allen but wanted to discuss the joint trial with their attorneys.

Seth Sutton, who represents Battey, and Brian Walker, who represents Allen, told the judge they were not opposed to a joint trial, but said they need to consider the request and talk it through with their clients before agreeing to it.
"I think right now, we are just excited to have a trial date," Sutton said after the hearing. "We are excited to have our day in court. We can't wait until Jan. 15."
Sutton said he thinks his client has a "pretty obvious self-defense case."
"Our strategy from day one is to have a chance to tell our story, and our story hasn't changed," Sutton said. "Our story will acquit us of any charges."

Asked about the story, Sutton smiled and said, "January 15th you will get to hear it."
The Jan. 15 trial date is two weeks after Reyna's successor will take office. Barry Johnson soundly defeated Reyna in the Republican primary. Daniel Hare, a Baylor University law school employee, intended to run as an independent candidate and be on the November ballot. That is still possible, however, a filing glitch might relegate his candidacy to write-in status.

Sutton filed as a Democratic candidate for DA but suspended his campaign. He has said the probability of reinstating his candidacy is slim. Johnson's campaign centered on his charge that Reyna botched the Twin Peaks cases from the first day when he decided to arrest 177 bikers associated with the Bandidos or Cossacks groups on identical charges. A total of 192 people were eventually arrested on the charges. Johnson has said his first job in office would be to assemble a team to re-evaluate the Twin Peaks cases.

Reyna and a new Twin Peaks trial team have done that, resulting in the mass dismissals of cases and the re-indictments against two dozen bikers on different charges.

ReadBandidos MC Racketeering Trial 5-18-18 "Jeff Pike Gets Life"
Glenn Allen Walker, who also is charged with murder and riot under a new indictment, also was at the hearing and asked Strother if Dallas attorney Clint Broden could substitute in for his former attorney, Michael Magana.

Strother agreed to allow Broden to take over the case. Walker, 46, of Copperas Cove, is charged in the death of Richard Kirschner, 47, of Wylie. Other bikers at the hearing Friday, most of whom waived arraignments on the new charges, were John Guerrero, Tom Mendez and Jerry Pierson.

Battey and Allen are charged in the shooting death of Matthew Smith.
According to court records, Smith, 27, of Keller, was shot twice — once in the upper back and once in the abdomen. The bullet in his back was described as a “medium-caliber jacketed projectile.” The bullet through his abdomen hit his right kidney and aorta before exiting.

A Waco police officer reported that as he approached the Twin Peaks shootout scene he saw Battey and Allen standing behind the restaurant “in a triangulated position” in relation to Smith, who was lying on the ground about five yards away and “gasping for air,” according to court documents.

An officer noticed Allen had a silver handgun in his hand and said Battey had been shot in his upper right shoulder, according to the documents.


May 25, 2018

Bandidos MC Racketeering Trial 5-18-18 "Jeff Pike Gets Life"

Gas station shootout kills 2 in Detroit

Detroit — A 25-year-old man and a 39-year old man are both dead after the two exchanged gunfire Thursday morning at a gas station on the city’s west side. The close-range gun battle took place about 5:30 a.m. Thursday outside of a Clark gas station on the 15900 block of Schaefer, at Puritan, police said.

Authorities said the conflict started when the 39-year-old and his 25-year-old girlfriend pulled up at the station to meet the woman’s ex-boyfriend, 25. But both men were armed and the meeting quickly turned into a violent confrontation. The 25-year-old man was shot in the head. The 39-year-old man was shot in his chest.  Both died at the scene.

Thursday morning, investigators appeared to give special attention to three vehicles at the scene: a black motorcycle, a gray Ram minivan with Ohio license plates, and a dark-gray Montana minivan with Ohio plates.

Ameka Coleman identified the 25-year-old as her cousin, Martez Fenderson.
Coleman said she witnessed Fenderson's birth 25 years ago. Thursday, the two had planned to get together on Fenderson’s day off, and she was going to make eggrolls for him. Instead she was at the scene where he was fatally gunned down, hugging family members and sharing memories.

Fenderson is a father of two boys, Coleman said. He was a member of the Soul Devils motorcycle club, but Captain John Serda, of the Detroit Police 2nd precinct, said police don’t believe that affiliation played a role in the double shooting.

The two vehicles from Ohio belong to Fenderson and the woman, Serda said. The motorcycle belongs to the 39-year-old victim, who has not yet been identified. Police continue to investigate.


Florida motorcycle gang members charged in death of rival

Five members of a Florida west coast motorcycle gang Friday were indicted in multiple crimes, including murder.

The Department of Justice's U.S. Attorney Office in Tampa announced the charges against five members of the 69'ers Motorcycle Club. Indicted were Christopher Brian Cosimano, aka "Durty," 30 of Gibstonton; Michael Dominick Mencher,  aka “Pumpkin,” 51, of Tarpon Springs; Allan Burt Guinto, aka “Big Beefy,” 27, Brandon; Erick Richard Robinson, aka “Big E,” 45, of Zephyrhills; and Cody James Wesling, aka “Little Savage,” 27, of Riverview. They were indicted on multiple violent crimes in aid of racketeering activity, including conspiracy, murder, and assault with a dangerous weapon. They have also been charged with firearms offenses and narcotics trafficking.

Cosimano, Mencher, Guinto, Wesling, and Robinson were members of the 69’ers Motorcycle Club, a criminal organization whose members and associates engaged in acts of violence and narcotics distribution, the indictment stated.

On Dec. 21, Cosimano, Mencher, Guinto, and Wesling shot and killed Paul Anderson, the president of the Cross Bayou Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Cosimano also shot and wounded James Costa, the president of the St. Petersburg Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, on July 25.

If convicted of all charges, Cosimano, Mencher, Guinto, and Wesling each face a maximum penalty of life in federal prison. If convicted of all charges, Robinson faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison. Robinson and Wesling were arrested yesterday and will make their initial appearances today at 2:00 p.m. before United States Magistrate Judge Anthony Porcelli. Cosimano, Mencher, and Guinto are currently in state custody and will make their initial appearances on a later date.

An indictment is merely a formal charge that a defendant has committed one or more violations of federal criminal law, and every defendant is presumed innocent unless, and until, proven guilty.

This case was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the Tampa Police Department, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the St. Petersburg Police Department, and the State Attorney’s Office for the Sixth Judicial Circuit. It will be prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Carlton C. Gammons and Natalie Hirt Adams.


R.I. seen as key crossroads for biker gangs

The popularity of motorcycle clubs exploded in the 1940s when thousands of World War II veterans, who had shared the adrenaline of combat and a brotherhood unmatched, found themselves on the tranquil thresholds of middle-class America — and bored.

Looking to share again in dangerous thrills, some turned to motorcycles. In 1947 thousands of bikers streamed into Hollister, California, for races and a rally where drinking and club rivalries brought havoc to the small town.

The resulting outcry prompted the American Motorcyclist Association to declare that 99 percent of motorcycle clubs were law-abiding and harmless.

Seventy years later, the nefarious few — like the two clubs Rhode Island law enforcement literally blew the doors off Wednesday — still proudly call themselves “1 percenters.” And for the last few years some violent biker gangs have been feuding over Rhode Island turf, says State Police Lt. Col. Joseph Philbin.
“In the last three or four years, we’ve had the Outlaws come here, now the Pagans, the Thugriders, the James Gang, the Lost Horsemen, the Kryptmen,” Philbin said. “They just pop up. Some of them don’t last. Some of them stick around for a while.”
“Unfortunately,” says Philbin, “Rhode Island is a pivotal state, with Massachusetts and Connecticut right above us and beside us.”

Rhode Island isn’t new ground for some older motorcycle Clubs.
This year, the Rhode Island chapter of the Hells Angels, headquartered on Messer Street, in Providence, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Members probably hope their silver anniversary goes better than the 20th.

In 2013 the state police put a damper on the party of when they arrested a “prospect” from the motorcycle gang’s Virginia Beach chapter on drug charges. Troopers stopped a van on Route 10 after the driver allegedly made several lane changes without using his turn signal. The troopers noticed that several passengers inside were not wearing seat belts.

It turned out they included the president of the Hells Angels Virginia Beach Side chapter as well as several other “full patch,” or initiated members of the gang. None was charged with any crime and they were allowed to go free.

But police charged the van driver with possession of cocaine and amphetamines.
The bikers said they were traveling to the Hells Angels clubhouse at 161 Messer St., for the anniversary party, which drew members from chapters as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, California, Arizona, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York and Ohio. Since at least August 2016, Philbin said, state police detectives have had increased monitoring of biker clubs in Rhode Island.

That summer tensions rose between the Outlaws and the Hells Angels after the Outlaws showed interest in establishing a Rhode Island presence. Investigators wanted to prevent the kind of violence that erupted in May 2015 in Waco, Texas, when members of the Bandidos and Cossacks biker gangs engaged in a shootout that left nine dead and 20 injured.

Philbin said the monitoring in 2016 helped the state police cultivate information that led to this week’s crackdown on the Pagans and the Kryptmen. Normally the clubs go about their business without attracting much attention, he says.
“They’re smart. They don’t get in the public eye a lot. For the most part they keep to themselves.
“But when it’s a small state like Rhode Island,” and more clubs start popping up, with some members shifting allegiances, it causes internal fighting. And in this case that led to information reaching law enforcement.

In the predawn hours of Wednesday more than 150 state, local and federal investigators swarmed across northern Rhode Island, carrying out 29 coordinated raids, seizing guns and drugs and arresting 50 people. Seven suspects were members of the Pagans, said Philbin, and four were members of the Kryptmen.

Many of the others arrested were suspected drug users or suppliers doing illicit business with the gangs, Philbin said.

For instance, Christine Despain, 47, was manufacturing handguns for both gangs with parts she ordered online, he said.
“She was pushing out 10 or 12 guns a week,” he said, “and if the demand was more, she’d work more. If she couldn’t make one, they [gang members] would get their hands on it by any other means possible. We were amazed the ease they got their hands on guns and sold them. It was amazing.”
Both the Pagans and the Kryptmen operated out of Woonsocket.

The Pagans club headquarters occupied the back of a convenience store at 481 Second Ave. Members of the state fire marshal’s office detonated a three-inch-thick steel door early Wednesday allowing state police detectives to gain entrance.

The gang had a 12-camera surveillance system guarding the property, Philbin said.
When the owner of the building arrived to complain about the damage, a state police detective recognized him as one of the suspects they had an arrest warrant for. He was handcuffed and taken into custody.

The Kryptmen club occupied an old industrial building in an overgrown lot, surrounded by chain link. The building had nine doors and FBI explosive experts blew each door open with a synchronized detonation.

Agents and detectives recovered a dozen guns inside — including seven pistols hidden inside a tire — and found nine people sleeping inside, Philbin said. Most of them appeared to be drug users because “they all looked pretty strung out.”

Dozens of those arrested appeared in District Court on Thursday for arraignment.
“One thing we learned from this investigation,” said Philbin, “is the incredible loyalty these guys have to their brothers in the club. They won’t sway normally. That’s why this was a kind of rare occurrence.”


May 23, 2018

Pair charged with conspiracy to murder as Rebels bikie investigation continues

INVESTIGATORS have charged two men, one in Newcastle, with a conspiracy to murder as part of an ongoing investigation into a chapter of Rebels bikies.

Homicide Squad detectives arrested two men, aged 25 and 29, at corrections centres in Newcastle and Goulburn on Tuesday. The pair were both charged with conspire and agree to murder. The charges stem from an investigation by Strike Force Raptor into the Burwood chapter of the Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang and their associates that began in November 2015.

A man, now 29, had previously been charged over the alleged conspiracy to murder Ricky Ciano, who died in Oberon in 2017. The latest arrests came following further investigations.

The two men charged on Tuesday will remain in custody until they face court in June. 
Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Scott Cook said the investigation was ongoing.
“The Homicide Squad is working side-by-side with Strike Force Raptor and pursuing a number of lines of inquiry relating to the chapter’s activities,” Detective Superintendent Cook said.
“This includes a strong focus on the links between groups, as well as those who associate with – and between – the groups.”

Police said a separate investigation specifically into Mr Ciano’s death is also continuing. 
“We are continuing to piece together his movements over the weekend, but based on the information we have gathered, the conspiracy is not related to his death,” Detective Superintendent Cook said.

Australia - BN.

May 22, 2018

Fatal shooting in Toronto

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Police say a 28-year-old man is dead after a reported shooting in downtown Toronto on Sunday night. Investigators say they believe Jaiden Jackson left a downtown core restaurant with a woman at about 9 p.m. They say a black Honda Civic drove towards the pair and two suspects with firearms shot at Jackson. Police say the two suspects and the car's driver then got out of the car and chased the victim down an underground parking ramp where they continued to shoot at him. The suspects then reportedly drove away. Jackson was taken to hospital,
where he was later pronounced dead."

Canada - GO/DW.

British career criminal shot in head and left for dead in Amsterdam

A British career criminal was shot in the head and left for dead on the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Saturday night. 55-year-old Allan P. (his last name has not been released by Dutch authorities) was seriously injured and is currently in the hospital.

The attempted hit occurred around 23:30 p.m. While P. was walking on the Stromarkt, an unknown assassin wearing a dark sweater with a hoody aimed a gun at his head and fired one bullet. P. then crumpled to the ground where he was found in a pool of his own blood by passersby.

Though a British citizen, P. has resided in the Netherlands since 1979 and has had frequent run ins with law enforcement. He was convicted of several drug and gun offenses and spent two months in prison after showing a fake South African passport to a Dutch police officer.
Contact us for more information:

In 2015, he was charged in the notorious case targeting One2Spy, a shop in Amsterdam where one could buy hidden cameras, bugs, GPS-tracers, encrypted mobile phones and the like. In this case “the like” also meant guns. P. was charged with showing a firearm to two British undercover agents who were investigating the spy shop. He was acquitted in court after prosecutors were unable to prove the gun functioned properly.

It is unknown why he was the target of a hit and police are still searching for the gunman.

Holland - GI.

Mongols Florida 2018

May 20, 2018

Prosecutors: Kingsmen members were 'vicious'

PROSECUTORS: Kingsmen trio tried to steer motorcycle club in bad direction.

Prosecutors described the trio of defendants as members of a larger network who took steps to turn a local motorcycle club into a “vicious gang” bent on “terrorizing” the Western New York area.

On Friday, they celebrated a victory in court against three members of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club who were found guilty by a federal court jury in Buffalo following a four-month trial.
“(Friday)’s verdict demonstrates that the rule of law, as enforced by the dedicated men and women of this office together with our partners in federal, state, and local law enforcement, is more powerful than even the murderous leaders of an outlaw biker gang,” said James P. Kennedy Jr., the U.S. Attorney for the Western District whose office helped prosecute the case.

David Pirk, 67, a Lockport native who was the national president of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, and Andre Jenkins, a 39-year-old club member also known as “Little Bear,” were convicted on a host of charges, including RICO conspiracy, possession of firearms in furtherance of crime of violence, murder in aid of racketeering, possession and discharge of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, using and maintaining premises for drug dealing and possession of firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Jenkins was also convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

In addition, 58-year-old Timothy Enix, known in the motorcycle gang’s circle as “Blaze,” who was the club’s Florida and Tennessee regional president, was convicted of RICO conspiracy, possession of firearms in furtherance of a crime of violence, using and maintaining premises for drug dealing and possession of firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

At the center of the prosecution’s case was the Sept. 6, 2014 murders of Kingsmen motorcycle club members Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski who were shot behind the North Tonawanda KMC Chapter clubhouse.

Pirk was convicted of orchestrating the execution-style killing of Maue and Szymanski.
Jenkins was previously found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole for carrying out the murders.
“The ringleaders of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club have been exposed as the murderous, drug-dealing, gun-toting, misogynistic thugs that they are, and all of those responsible for the senseless murders of Paul Maue and Daniel ‘DJ’ Szymanski have been finally brought to justice,” Kennedy said following the announcement about the jury’s decision on Friday.

Pirk, Jenkins and Enix, along with 17 other regional officers and members of the motorcycle club were hit with a pair of grand jury indictments that charged them with numerous crimes.

In court documents and evidence presented at trial, prosecutors maintained that, beginning in 2013, certain motorcycle gang members, including Pirk, wanted to establish the Kingsmen as a “1 percent” club.

The 1 percent refers to a previous statement by a representative of the American Motorcycle Association that 99 percent of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens with the remaining 1 percent engaged in certain activities such as drug and firearm trafficking, and acts of violence. The defendants, and others, participated in, directly and indirectly, acts of murder, assault, robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering, prosecutors argued during trial.

In addition to the murders in North Tonawanda, prosecutors outlined other acts of violence committed by Kingsmen members, including:

• On June 7, 2013, the Kingsmen forcibly shut down the Springville Chapter and strip members of their colors because they were non-compliant members. Brandishing firearms, KMC members struck a victim in the head with a blunt object and stole items from the Springville clubhouse. They then used bleach to clean areas where the victim bled and cut and removed portions of the rug, which contained blood and
• On Sept. 12, 2009, a female victim was punched repeatedly in the face by a KMC member and then held against her will for three days to conceal her facial injuries from police.
“The defendants and their associates transformed the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club into a vicious gang that terrorized the Buffalo area, engaging in senseless murders, brutal violence, robberies, and drug trafficking,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan. “But after today’s verdict, the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club’s reign of terror is coming to an end. The U.S. Department of Justice and our partners will aggressively pursue violent gangs wherever they are found and bring them to justice.”

Sentencing is set for Sept. 25 before U.S. District Court Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford, who presided over the trial of the case.


Two men charged in St. John's with conspiracy to murder Hells Angels associate

This one is from Newfoundland. The Telgram is reporting that Two men have recently been charged in St. John's with conspiracy to murder Hells Angels associate Bradley Summers. Brad was arrested June 2013 for uttering threats and wore Hells Angel gear to court. He lived in a house with his coaccused that was firebombed the month before his arrest. Bad luck.

Canada - GO/DW.

May 18, 2018

Auftragskiller im Hamburger Kiez

Ein seit Jahren ungelöster Fall im Rotlichtmilieu Hamburg und der mysteriöse Mord an einem jungen Hamburger Boxer. Möglicherweise gibt es da eine Verbindung, vermutet die Polizei und veröffentlicht nun ein Video.

Der Schütze hatte bereits auf sein Opfer gewartet: Im November 2013 wird ein damals 24 Jahre altes Hamburger Hells Angels Mitglied an der Rennbahnstraße in Horn mit mehreren Schüssen niedergestreckt. Drei Kugeln treffen Tim B. Trotz der Schusswunden kann er sich in seine nahe Wohnung schleppen. Er überlebt. Der Täter konnte bislang nicht ermittelt werden.

Doch möglicherweise gibt es eine heiße Spur. Und die könnte nach Informationen von WELT zu einer anderen spektakulären Gewalttat führen, die derzeit von der Itzehoer Polizei ermittelt wird.

Mehr als vier Jahre nach dem Anschlag auf das Mitglied der Hells Angels Hamburg hat die Polizei ein Video der Tat im Internet veröffentlicht. Die Qualität der Aufnahmen ist schlecht. Doch die entscheidenden Details sind gut zu erkennen: der Schütze und seine Flucht in einem Auto mit Pinneberger Kennzeichen.

Ein Machtkampf zwischen den Hells Angels MC und anderen Rockergruppen schlossen die Ermittler damals schnell aus. Vielmehr vermuteten sie einen Streit im Rotlichtmilieu, in dem Tim B. aktiv war.

Mehrere Frauen ließ er für sich anschaffen, darunter auch seine damalige Verlobte, die ihn begleitete, als die Schüsse fielen. Möglicherweise ging es um einen Streit um Prostituierte. In Hamm sollen die Hells Angels Hamburg damals in einen Erotikklub investiert haben, der dann pleiteging. Die Polizei begann wegen versuchter Tötung zu ermitteln – bislang ohne Erfolg.

Doch das könnte sich ändern. Florian Abbenseth, Sprecher der Hamburger Polizei, erklärte am Donnerstag: „Im Zusammenhang mit den Ermittlungen der Kriminalpolizei Itzehoe zum Mord am Boxer Tunahan K. im Sommer 2017 haben sich zwischenzeitlich neue Ermittlungsansätze in Bezug auf das versuchte Tötungsdelikt vom 4.11.2013 ergeben.“

Die Kommissare der Polizei Itzehoe bearbeiten derzeit einen Fall, der sie an die Grenzen bringt und für den sie eigens eine Sonderkommission eingerichtet haben: den Mord an dem jungen Hamburger Boxer Tunahan K. Er war im Juni vergangenen Jahres verschwunden, seine Leiche wurde später in einem Waldstück in der Nähe der A7-Raststätte Holmmoor gefunden.

Die Itzehoer Polizei geht davon aus, dass Tunahan K. vom Hamburger Berufsverbrecher Frank Lindner getötet wurde. „Franky“ – der zuletzt eine Rentnerin in Appen umgebracht hatte, und sich dann Anfang dieses Jahres in seiner Zelle in Itzehoe tötete – galt als Mann fürs Grobe auf dem Kiez. Er erpresste, schüchterte ein und schoss auch gegen Honorar. Auf seinem Grundstück ganz in der Nähe des Fundorts der Leiche entdeckten die Beamten Munition und Waffen, die zum Fall Tunahan K. passen.

Wie WELT erfuhr, könnte Lindner auch im Fall der Schüsse auf Tim B. eine entscheidende Rolle gespielt haben. Welche, ist unklar. Vielleicht hatte er selbst geschossen, möglicherweise war er aber auch der Drahtzieher hinter dem Anschlag auf den Hells Angels Member.

Germany -WR.

Razzia wegen Poker-Betrug

Poker Betrug
Im Zusammenhang mit Ermittlungen wegen eines groß angelegten Betrugs bei Pokerspielen hat die Polizei bundesweit mehrere Tatverdächtige vorläufig festgenommen.

Einsatzkräfte des Landeskriminalamt Sachsen durchsuchten am Dienstag außerdem 23 Wohnungen und andere Objekte in Sachsen, Berlin, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz und Brandenburg.

Bereits seit Oktober 2017 ermittelt die Staatsanwaltschaft Dresden wegen des Verdachts auf Verbrechen des banden- und gewerbsmäßigen Betrugs gegen derzeit 15 Beschuldigte. Bei mehreren Tatverdächtigen handelt es sich demnach um Mitglieder des Rockerklub Hells Angels MC Berlin Central, so ein Sprecher des LKA Sachsen.

Seit mindestens April 2014 sollen die Tatverdächtigen regelmäßig Pokerrunden organisiert haben, zu denen sie „vorrangig liquide, teils auch prominente oder besonders in der Öffentlichkeit stehende Personen“ anwarben. Bei den Spielen sollen sie mit manipuliertem technischem Spezialequipment „bewusst und gewollt betrogen“ haben.

Der Gewinn der Gruppierung bewegte sich demnach pro Spieltag im vier- bis fünfstelligen Eurobereich und wurde untereinander aufgeteilt. Seit 2014 wurde nach bisherigen Erkenntnissen auf diese Weise ein Gesamtgewinn von mindestens 660.000 Euro erzielt, wobei die Ermittlungen noch andauern. Solche Pokerrunden fanden unter anderem in Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig und auf Mallorca statt.

Am Dienstag wurden nach LKA-Angaben sechs Haftbefehle vollstreckt. Die Tatverdächtigen sollte im Laufe des Tages den Haftrichtern vorgeführt werden. Bei den Durchsuchungen wurden zudem zahlreiche Beweismittel gefunden, darunter manipulierte Ausrüstung und Datenträger, ferner eine Schusswaffe und Betäubungsmittel. Insgesamt waren rund 300 Beamte im Einsatz.

Germany - Bild.


A Real Fight - Van Damme vs Steven Seagal

Verdict reached in racketeering trial of top ex-Bandidos leaders

On the three-year anniversary of Texas’ deadliest biker shootout, jurors in San Antonio found the two top former Bandidos leaders guilty of all charges they faced in a racketeering indictment.

After two days of deliberations, the eight men, four women jury returned a unanimous verdict against former Bandidos national president Jeffrey Fay Pike, 62, of Conroe, and ex-vice president John Xavier Portillo, 58, of San Antonio, on all counts each faced in a 13-count indictment.

The crimes include racketeering conspiracy, murder, extortion and drug dealing (or aiding and abetting the crimes). Some involved the killings of rival bikers by other Bandidos members.

Pike and Portillo were arrested in separate raids on Jan. 6, 2016, over allegations that they oversaw years of mayhem by members of the biker club that once reached overseas.

The pair are charged in an indictment that was modified at least four times and contains 13 counts, though none of the charges were in relation to the May 17, 2015, shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco involving Bandidos, members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and police. That incident resulted in nine bikers being killed, 20 being injured and nearly 200 being arrested on state charges that later crumbled under the direction of the state prosecutor, McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna.

The San Antonio case did not involve Reyna’s office, but was prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Antonio and was part of an investigation that had already been ongoing before the Twin Peaks shootout. In a trial lasting nearly three months in federal court in San Antonio, the two leaders challenged the government’s contention that they were the crime bosses of what the feds called “the mafia on two wheels.”

Pike was national president of the Bandidos from mid-2005 until he stepped down in January 2016 after his arrest, and has been out on bond ever since. Pike picked Portillo as his national vice president in 2013, and he had been in that position until he was arrested. Portillo was denied bond and has been in jail since his arrest.

The judge ordered Pike into custody after the verdict, and set his sentencing for October. The judge set sentencing for Portillo in September.


Wisconsin man imprisoned for deadly motorcycle shop standoff

OSHKOSH, Wis. — A Wisconsin man has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for his role in a standoff at a motorcycle shop that led to the death of one of his hostages.

A jury in March found Brian Flatoff guilty of 14 felonies, including attempted homicide. Jurors rejected his insanity defense, determining he did not suffer from a mental disease or defect during the December 2015 standoff with police at Eagle Nation Cycles in Neenah.

Authorities say Flatoff shot at officers and initiated the sequence of events that led to the death of 60-year-old hostage Michael Funk. Police mistakenly shot Funk during the standoff. Officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

A judge sentenced the 48-year-old Flatoff Wednesday to a 100-year term. Flatoff said he'll appeal his conviction.


May 16, 2018

Leden Motorclub No Rules collectief opgestapt

Oprichter Gerrit S. had incestueuze verhouding met zijn dochter.
President, Nomad, National, Founder.

Gerrit S. Perverse pedofiel of verkeerd begrepen? Op een mooie dag trouwt Gerrit S. Uit het huwelijk word Natascha geboren. Vader Gerrit weet het kind als ze ouder wordt wijs te maken dat ze niet zijn dochter is en begint een pedofiele verhouding met haar. Die duurt lang. Er worden 3 kinderen zelfs uit geboren. Een jongen en twee meisjes.  Op een moment ontdekt Natasja dat Gerrit wel haar vader is. En in haar woede probeert ze hem dood te schieten. Ze raakt hem wel maar niet dodelijk en ze gaat voor een paar jaar de cel in. In die tijd dat ze binnen zit probeert Gerrit het met een van zijn (klein)dochters. Hij wordt opgepakt en na verhoor weer vrijgelaten.

Gerrit begint een motorclub. Uit het niets is daar ineens No Rules MTC (Motor Trike Club, later MC) Het rommelt nogal binnen de club. Een mede oprichter word eruit gegooid (BS) en van verschillende kanten komt bij de members het misbruik en incest verhaal binnen. Deze week is Gerrit S ermee geconfronteerd door zijn members. Na aanvankelijke ontkenning gaf hij toch het geheel toe. Dat de kinderen van hem waren en dat hij de verhouding had gehad. Collectief zijn alle mensen binnen No Rules MC opgestapt. De naam is besmet vanwege de incestueuze oprichter Gerrit S.

Dit nam Gerrit S. letterlijk (Van zijn facebook afgehaald)

Hij heeft levens vernietigd en binnen de motorwereld de naam van zijn club naar de kloten geholpen. Verschillende clubs hebben hem al verwijderd uit hun kringen.

No Rules. Dat nam Gerrit S. letterlijk dus. Geen regels, pak je dochter en misbruik haar waar en wanneer je kunt. No Rules?  Dan ook No Mercy. We hopen dat hij een stevige lange straf zal krijgen voor zijn incest en misbruik.

Vragen hierover?

Holland - DB.

HELLS ANGELS 'Real Deal' 'Hell Ride' No Retakes HAMC- Support 81

Councilman stepping down after he said White Settlement honored Bandidos motorcycle gang

Councilman Dave Mann abruptly resigned Tuesday night, a week after the city, he said, recognized local Bandidos motorcycle gang members during a proclamation for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Mann, who was elected two years ago, is also a Tarrant County sheriff’s deputy. Mann read a written statement before Tuesday’s council meeting, saying that he could no longer serve on a council that did not value and protect its citizens. Members from the local Bandidos motorcycle gang attended the council meeting May 8, he said.

A White Settlement city councilman resigned Tuesday night after he said members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang were among those recognized by the city council during a proclamation for Motorcycle Safety Month. Handout
The Texas Department of Public Safety (link is external) lists the Bandidos among the most significant gangs in the state, along with the Bloods, Crips and Texas Mexican Mafia. The group was involved in the May 17, 2015, shootout (link is external) with the Cossacks in Waco that left nine people dead and at least 20 injured.
“It is a sad day when city officials invite violent criminal street gangs into our city who thrive on selling heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and other narcotics and promote prostitution, human trafficking, gun trafficking, murder and other criminal activities,” Mann wrote in his letter.

Mayor Ronald White said in an interview that he was not all that surprised by Mann’s resignation. White said Mann called him earlier in the week to say that he wasn’t happy that motorcycle gangs were recognized at the council meeting.

But White said he was not aware of any Bandidos at the meeting.
“I really don’t understand anything about motorcycle clubs or gangs as I am not around that so I don’t really know,” White said.

White said the city issues proclamations for many things, and people request proclamations from the city secretary’s office.
“I just read them. I don’t know anything about Bandidos,” he said. “I see people wearing leather jackets and all kinds of patches; I can’t tell one from the other.”

White added that councilmember Danny Anderson rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket with patches.
“He didn’t seem to have a problem with it,” White said, referring to the May 8 council meeting.

After Mann spoke and left the council chamber, Councilwoman Evelyn Spurlock said, “There were three groups there, and I don’t recall seeing the Bandidos.” Other councilmembers said there were motorcycle groups at the meeting who were representing the military.

Mann’s letter also stated that White Settlement has “serious moral issues and that the city is “riddled with narcotics” and that the motels in the city have substantial prostitution problems that police are trying to clean up.

Mann shared an email from his supervisor with the Star-Telegram.
“I commend you for taking the higher road,” Capt. B Hardin wrote. “Not just as a City Councilman but as a Texas Peace Officer. We really have to watch who we associate with and it’s obvious there are some people on your City Council who prefer to associate with the wrong people.”

Mann said he repeatedly asked that the city recognize motorcycle clubs associated with first responders, the military and family-oriented activities. The letter also stated that when the motorcycle gang members were leaving the city hall, a city official “openly” invited them to the Fourth of July parade, a family friendly activity.
“I cannot be a part of a council who openly honors criminals and their illicit activities. Council members are sworn to protect our citizens!”


Convicted Devil's Diciples members argue for lower sentences

The activities of each Devil’s Diciples Motorcycle Club member occurred in a vacuum, not as a concerted, organized effort of the entire club.

That is the argument presented by attorneys for eight men convicted of various charges for their roles in the former Clinton Township-based national club following two trials in U.S. District Court in Detroit.
The 36-page brief portrays DDMC as not very organized and contends members should not be held accountable merely because they knew the club’s bylaws.

The Devil’s Diciples logo
The Devil’s Diciples logo

“It is no small or harmless irony that it is the government which has, by argument, given the DDMC more structure than it actually had,” the attorneys say. “The government’s one-size-fits-all argument is an unfair effort to extract as much time as possible out of those defendants who went to trial.”
The attorneys note that witness Jeffrey Arnold testified the club was “no brotherhood, like a bunch of wolves snapping at a carcass all the time.”

The defense attorneys are attempting to combat U.S. Attorneys’ contention (link is external) that the men should face up to life in prison for the distribution of methamphetamine by club members and harsh sentences for other activities committed in name of the club. Racketeering, which was the most serious charge of which the men were convicted, carries a 20-year penalty. The government’s allegations could heighten the sentencing guideline range from its lowest possible level of eight to 10 years behind bars to a range of 16 to 20 years, or higher.
Five were convicted of racketeering after an 18-week trial (link is external) in late 2014 and early 2015 and one month of jury deliberations. They were DDMC president Jeff “Fat Dog” Smith of Mount Clemens, vice president Paul “Pauli” Darrah of Macomb Township, Dale “Gun Control” Vandiver of Alabama, Vincent “Holiday” Witort of California and Patrick “Magoo” Mckeoun of Alabama. They are all in their 50s or 60s.

Following a second trial in late 2015 (link is external), Victor “Vic” Castano of Warren, Michael “Tatu” Rich, of Anniston, Ala., and David “D” Drozdowski of Fair Haven, who also participated in the first trial, were also convicted of racketeering.
Some of the defendants were also convicted of other charges.
More than two dozen co-defendants received plea deals in exchange for agreeing to testify at the trials. The men from the first trial have been in federal custody since their indictment in July 2012.
The sentencings have been delayed many times as attorneys and the judge sorted out how each defendant’s punishment will be considered.

Attorney Patricia Maceroni, attorney for Darrah, filed the legal brief April 30 in advance of a June 11 hearing at which oral arguments will be made in front of Judge Robert Cleland.

The defendants in the brief also request a “matrix listing all defendants, the amounts for which each is being held responsible, the calculation and the methodology for calculation.”
In addition to meth sales, the government wants to hold many of the defendants accountable for the beating of five members in Box Canyon near Florence, Arizona and leaving them to die there; a 1995 murder; two incidents of alleged witness retaliation; one alleged incident of conspiracy to commit witness tampering; and an assault at a Chesterfield Township bar.

Several witnesses testified about the individual nature of the methamphetamine use. 
Witness John Pizzuti testified meth “was never put out for public use at parties” by the DDMC, and witness Anthony Clark testified that “meth transactions were with individual people, not with the DDMC.”

Karen Casey, whose husband was a club member and who was involved in meth production in Ohio, testified, “There was not a single production method used by DDMC members,” the brief says.

Drozdowski was a meth addict who “was more out of step with the DDMC, did whatever he wanted, did not listen to others and did not take the advise of others,” according to witness Lori Maday, who worked with Drozdowski at Cleme’s Pour House in Warren.
 “The DDMC was a dysfunctional club in which people argued and didn’t get along,” according to Maday, the attorneys said. “They were not cohesive.”

Drozdowski at one point learned how to make meth but “made the meth that he used, and had no steady supply of it until he began making it, despite his association with DDMC members, witness Jesse Williams testified, documents say. Of Drozdowski and other meth makers, “each did his own thing,” the attorneys contend.

In the Box Canyon incident, the government argues six defendants –- Smith, Darrah, Van Diver, Witort, Rich and McKeoun –- should be held accountable.

Witort, a California chapter member, in 2003 participated in the severe beating of five fellow club members at the Tucson, Ariz., clubhouse because the five men assaulted and tortured a woman who was the “property” of the Hell’s Angels, a rival club. The Hell’s Angels threatened war unless the Devil’s severely punished the assailants.

The beaten men were driven to Box Canyon, dumped and left for dead but were rescued. Assistant U.S. Attorney Saima Mohsin presented an email to several chapters from the local group that congratulated the members for a “good job.”
But the attorneys argue that the beatings “shocked” members. Witness John Altman testified he was “shocked” because “the five were to have their colors and patches taken and they might be beaten a little bit.”
“It was an unexpected escalation,” the attorneys argue. “It shocked other members there as well.”

The attorneys assert the email, which was sent to 20 addresses, fails to show a plan to commit a severe beating.
 “The government touts a post-event email which contained no specifics of what had actually occurred,” the attorneys say. “Any alleged post-event congratulation is not sufficient to provide an order or directive to do all of that which shocked and surprised and far exceed (Doug) Smith’s expectations.”
The federal attorneys also want to hold Smith, Darrah, McKeoun, Witort and Rich responsible for the murder of William Bausch in 1995 in Indiana by another member. But the attorneys note the defendants are not being held responsible for other murders committed by members. The defense attorneys argue “mere knowledge” does not constitute responsibility.
The government also wants to hold the defendants responsible for a supposed murder-for-hire plot in which they allegedly attempted to tamper with a female witness, the mother of two brothers in the DDMC.

The allegation was not raised during the trials “and was never subject to cross-examination,” attorneys wrote.
“This allegation was determined to be ‘unfounded,’” after the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office and FBI Special Agent William Fleming interviewed a confidential informant, attorneys say.
Maday was told by Drozdowski to tell “Chico” to get the woman “to get the boys to stop talking.”
 “Ms. Maday did not believe this was a murder plot and did not indicate to the government that it was,” the attorneys say.

 Regarding alleged witness intimidation by Castano against Clark, the defense attorneys point out it allegedly occurred in 2014-15 around the time of the first trial, after the time period of the criminal enterprise.
In addition, a quote by Castano that he wrote a statement telling someone to tell his former lover to “shut the f--- up and die” was made not because she was a witness but because “he was mad she was insulting his mother.”
“It is personal and has absolutely nothing to do with the DDMC,” the attorneys wrote.

Attorneys didn’t address a beating at the New York New York bar in Chesterfield Township by Drozdowski and at least one other member.


May 15, 2018

– Vi burde fått krisehjelp, men vi er jo bare «barnevernsforeldre»

Da Vibeke Morrissey og Ken Joar Olsen mistet omsorgen for den første datteren sin, var oppfølgingen en telefon fra jordmor om hvordan Vibeke kunne pumpe seg tom for melk.
– Datteren vår ble tatt fra oss uten at vi forstod det. Det har overskygget hele tilværelsen, sier paret.
I slutten av april fikk de datteren tilbake etter tre års kamp. Dette er deres historie om hvordan de ble behandlet i de vondeste årene av sitt liv:
FØDSELSBEVIS: Vibeke Morrissey og Ken Joar Olsen fikk en datter 13. januar 2015. Hun ble født på Akershus universitetssykehus.
FØDSELSBEVIS: Vibeke Morrissey og Ken Joar Olsen fikk en datter 13. januar 2015. Hun ble født på Akershus universitetssykehus.
Nadia Frantsen

13. januar 2015 får Vibeke Morrissey (31) og Ken Joar Olsen (43) en datter. Den dagen ringes det inn en bekymringsmelding til barnevernet i Lørenskog om at paret er blitt foreldre. Barnevernstjenesten har dem også i radaren: Ken har vært med i motorsykkelklubben Bandidos og har sonet en fengselsdom fem år tidligere, Vibeke har vært i kontakt med psykisk helsevern i kommunen.

Barnevernet mistenker at hun lever med en farlig mann.
På sykehuset koser de med babyen, stryker små fingre. De vet ingen ting om at barnevernet planlegger å overta omsorgen for barnet. De har ikke hatt hjemmebesøk eller samtaler og forstår siden ikke det som skjer. De opplever å bli etterlatt i den største livskrisen uten oppfølging. Dette til tross for at barnevernloven slår fast at foreldre skal følges opp etter en omsorgsovertakelse.
– Vi burde hatt hjelp fra et kriseteam, men vi er jo bare barnevernsforeldre, sier Ken.

Dette er saken:

En forbudt sorg
– Det er dårlig barnevernsarbeid å ikke ta vare på foreldrene, sier psykolog Ragnhild Pettersen.

Hun har vært sakkyndig eller meddommer i flere hundre barnevernssaker og mener det er unntaket at foreldre får støtte og veiledning når kommunen overtar barna. Mange sitter alene igjen, med lite nettverk.
SAKKYNDIG: Ragnhild Pettersen er psykolog og har vært sakkyndig og meddommer i flere hundre barnevernssaker. Hun ser at oppfølging av foreldre i forbindelse med  omsorgsovertakelser forsømmes.
SAKKYNDIG: Ragnhild Pettersen er psykolog og har vært sakkyndig og meddommer i flere hundre barnevernssaker. Hun ser at oppfølging av foreldre i forbindelse med omsorgsovertakelser forsømmes.
Nadia Frantsen

Samme år som Vibeke og Ken mistet jenta si, ble 1 545 barn satt under offentlig omsorg.
– Uavhengig av hva som er årsaken til en omsorgsovertakelse, må man gi krisehjelp til foreldre. Det er et moralsk ansvar, sier psykologen.

Barnevernloven & 4-16

Hun sier at tap av barn gir førhøyet risiko for rus og depresjon, skyld og skam og at foreldre må få hjelp til å leve med det, og til å forstå det.
– Mange er ikke i stand til å ta vare på et barn, men jeg har til gode å se de foreldrene som ikke sørger. Men denne sorgen blir så lite anerkjent av det offentlige. Ingen kommer med blomster eller mat på døren. Det er en forbudt sorg. Man tenker vel at det er deres egen skyld, sier psykologen.
Hun ble oppnevnt som sakkyndig psykolog da Vibeke og Ken anket vedtaket om omsorgsovertakelse fra fylkesnemnda. Hun har fulgt dem tett og ble etter hvert psykologen deres, som de har betalt for selv. Behandlingen Vibeke og Ken har fått, omtaler hun som skrekkelig. Hun har blant annet skrevet kronikken Når kommunen er overgriper i Romerikets blad, om manglende oppfølging og slett arbeid.
– Holdningen jeg ofte ser er en fiendtliggjøring av foreldre, her skal man ut og berge barna. Jeg har lest avisinnlegg der barnevernspedagoger skriver om seg selv at «Jeg går i krigen for barna hver dag». Det er barna det handler om, men oppi dette glemmer man at de er del av en større helhet, sier hun.

Fraktes til hemmelig sted
Kvelden før de skal hjem fra sykehuset, bader Vibeke og Ken babyen. Barnepleieren gir tips og skryter av at Ken stiller relevante spørsmål. Så drar han hjem. Han skal komme tilbake dagen etter for å hente mor og barn, men tidlig på morgenen overrumples de. Vibeke husker muntre stemmer: «Hei, hei, vi er fra kommunen». Inn i rommet kommer barnevernsleder, nestleder og to politibetjenter. De er sivilt kledd, men har utstyr som batong, pepperspray og samband med seg. Vibeke får et brev i hånda, og må levere fra seg mobilen så hun ikke skal kunne ringe Ken. Vibeke tenker på babyen og prøver å være rolig. Hun får valget om å bli med eller la dem ta med seg barnet. Først i bilen får hun vite hvor de skal.
KJEMPER: Ken Joar Olsen sier at han har drømt om å hente datteren, men at han aldri hadde konkrete planer om å kidnappe henne.
KJEMPER: Ken Joar Olsen sier at han har drømt om å hente datteren, men at han aldri hadde konkrete planer om å kidnappe henne.
Nadia Frantsen

Mens hun og babyen kjøres til Borg barne- og familiesenter, avdeling Moringen, blir Ken oppringt av barnevernsleder. Beskjeden er knapp: «Jeg vil orientere deg om at vi har hentet samboeren og barnet ditt og anbefaler deg å skaffe advokat». Ken står tilbake i sjokk uten mer informasjon. Bagen med babytøy står pakket klar. Han har ingen å ringe og blir alene med alle tankene: Hvor er barnet mitt?

Hvordan har Vibeke det? Har hun fått fødselsdepresjon? En eller annen fødsels-psykose? Hvorfor er hun på hemmelig sted? Hva foregår egentlig? Ingen kommer innom. Han griner. På vei til Moringen stopper bilen med Vibeke og babyen ved et kjøpesenter. Mor og barn blir sittende i en kald bil i januar, mens damene fra barnevernet skal handle litt utstyr til dem.
– De var blide da de kom tilbake i bilen. De sa det var så koselig å shoppe til baby, sier Vibeke.

Har fått en ny datter
Vibeke føler seg tvunget til å være på familiesenteret. Til de ansatte sier hun at hun er lei seg over at far går glipp av så mye og at ingen skjønner at de har det best hjemme. De ansatte ser at Vibeke beundrer datteren, de hører at hun snakker om henne som den vakreste prinsesse. Det står i rapporten, som Fontene har lest.
– I inntakssamtalen på senteret fikk jeg masse papirer, straffeattesten til Ken, hele sulamitten, det var så surrealistisk. «Jammen, jeg forstår det ser ille ut, men tingene er egentlig sånn og sånn». Men de brydde seg ikke om hva jeg sa, jeg følte at jeg snakka til veggen, sier Vibeke.
Vanlig opphold på familiesentereret er fire måneder. Men ting er i gjære. Barnevernet vurderer at samtykket til å være på senteret ikke er frivillig. De er ikke redde for at hun skal stikke av med barnet. Likevel forbereder de et akuttvedtak om å plassere jenta i beredskapshjem. I et lydopptak fra fylkesnemnda noen måneder senere går det fram av vitneforklaringer at barneverntjenesten opererer i en etisk gråsone når de holder mor og barn mot sin vilje på familiesenteret.
– Vibeke trakk aldri noe samtykke og skrev aldri under på noe, sier Ken.
VARME FORELDRE: I dag beskrives paret som varme og sensitive foreldre. I januar i år, tre år etter at den første datteren ble født, ble de foreldre på nytt.
VARME FORELDRE: I dag beskrives paret som varme og sensitive foreldre. I januar i år, tre år etter at den første datteren ble født, ble de foreldre på nytt.
Nadia Frantsen

Paret bor nå i en blokkleilighet i Asker kommune. I januar i år, omtrent på dagen tre år etter at den første datteren ble født, fikk de en ny datter. Ingen er lenger bekymret for at paret ikke kan være foreldre. De lever rusfritt, uten psykiske plager eller asosial atferd. Nye barnevernspedagoger og syv sakkyndige psykologer beskriver dem som sensitive og varme foreldre. Den nyfødte jenta ligger inntil Vibeke og får pupp, og Ken steller i stand på stuebordet med hjemmebakte kjeks og kaffe.
– Nå ser jeg tydelig hva mor og barn er for hverandre. Det gjør det enda mer vondt å tenke på at den eldste jenta vår ble tatt fra moren sin, ni dager og 2831 gram, sier han og biter skjelvende lepper sammen.

Babyen blir hentet
Torsdag 22. januar 2015 blir babyen hentet på familiesenteret. Vibeke hviler i senga på hybelen, babyen sover. Hun skjønner hva som skal skje når de ansatte fra barnevernet kommer inn døra. Hun ber dem gå ut, så hun kan stelle babyen og gjøre henne klar. Det eneste hun tenker er, «herregud, hva kan jeg gjøre!»
– Jeg tok opp den sovende babyen, og hun fra barnevernet sa, nå må jeg nesten ta henne, nå må jeg ha henne, hun strakk ut armene etter barnet, forteller Vibeke.

Politibetjentene kommer inn til henne etter at barnet er båret ut. Ingen fra Moringen er hos henne. Vibeke synker ned på gulvet, hulkende. Så får hun beskjed om at hun ikke kan være der lenger, hun må komme seg hjem, og politibetjentene tilbyr seg å kjøre henne. De vil vise henne omsorg.
– Barnevernet er bekymret for at Vibeke har dårlig psykisk helse, det er derfor de har tatt barnet, og så kjører politiet henne hjem til meg, til en påstått farlig mann. En mor i krise. Det er så sykt, sier Ken.
I politibilen hjem snakker Vibeke med samboeren hele veien, i to timer. Hun synes det er som å ha 113 på øret. Han prater for å holde henne oppe, sier at de skal finne ut av det, at hun skal få en god klem.

Hjemme i leiligheten ringer telefonen. Det er en jordmor fra sykehuset. Hun skal forklare Vibeke hvordan hun kan pumpe seg tom for ikke å få brystbetennelse. Men Vibeke har lest hvor viktig det er å amme. Hun pumper seg annenhver time i tre måneder.
– I tilfelle vi skulle få barnet vårt hjem, sier Ken stille.
AVTRYKK: Frem til behandlingen i fylkesnemnda fikk paret se datteren hver fjortende dag. Dette er fotavtrykket hennes som hun lagde på et samvær.
AVTRYKK: Frem til behandlingen i fylkesnemnda fikk paret se datteren hver fjortende dag. Dette er fotavtrykket hennes som hun lagde på et samvær.
Nadia Frantsen

Før saken kommer opp i fylkesnemnda i mai samme år, får Vibeke og Ken ha samvær med datteren en time hver fjortende dag. Og når babyen er sulten, gir Vibeke pupp. I en av samværsrapportene står det at for saksbehandler kan det se ut som mor ikke har noe annet å tilby sitt barn enn bryst.
– Det er kynisme og fornedrelse, det! Jeg trodde jeg var kynisk som torpedo. Jeg har sett tenner som dingler, knekte fingre, men det er her, mennesker i et hjelpeapparat som lukker av for følelser, det visste jeg ikke var mulig, sier Ken.

Den tomme barnevognen
Samværene det første året foregår på politistasjonen, ofte på et rom med møtebord og tavle der politiet vanligvis har brifing. Når jenta er syv måneder er psykolog Ragnhild Pettersen blitt oppnevnt som sakkyndig. Hun skal uttale seg for tingretten og er med på samvær for å observere foreldrene.
Etter et slikt samvær, kommer politibetjentene på at barnevognen deres står og opptar plass hos dem.

Den har stått der etter at Vibeke ble kjørt hjem fra familiesenteret. Nå ber de paret om å ta den med seg. Ken ser ned, før han svarer stille: «Det er bare det at det er så tungt å trille en tom vogn hjem på bussen». For sakkyndig psykolog Ragnhild Pettersen blir episoden symbol på hvor respektløst vi behandler foreldre i den største krisen. Hun lurer på hva som gjør at ellers empatiske mennesker glemmer den ferdigheten. Hun kjører barnevognen hjem til dem.
STØTTE: Ragnhild Pettersen er psykolog og har vært en viktig støtte for paret.
STØTTE: Ragnhild Pettersen er psykolog og har vært en viktig støtte for paret.
Nadia Frantsen

– Det var jo bare en bagatell i det hele, men etterpå tenkte jeg, hva er det vi påfører foreldre av smerte? Jeg synes det var så rått. Det vitnet om at deres sorg, den hadde ingen verdi, sier hun.
Før samværene sier Pettersen at foreldrene spør hva datteren er opptatt av, hvilke sanger hun liker, men at de ikke får informasjon av barnevernet. Og ofte er ulike tilsynsførere med på samvær.
– Tre uker etter fødselen fikk de saksfremlegget fra kommunen i posten. I dette brevet fikk de beskjeden om at kommunen planla adopsjon, sier hun og rister på hodet.
At paret skulle fratas foreldreansvaret ble formulert og begrunnet slik: «Far har tilkjennegitt at han aldri vil gi seg i spørsmålet om å ha den daglige omsorgen for jenta. Stadige søksmål vil skape uro. Fratakelse av søksmålskompetanse vil hindre stadige krav om tilbakeføring av omsorgen for henne».
– Hva har vi av tilbud til sårbare foreldre? Et kriseteam, en støtteperson, en som kan orientere om vedtak?

Hun mener oppfølgingsplikten må være noe mer enn å henvise til familievernet.
– Foreldre trenger noen som kommer hjem til dem, som er aktivt oppsøkende. Det er synd at Stortinget ikke vedtok å innføre en ordning med støtteperson da endringer i barnevernloven ble behandlet i februar, sier hun.

Skal følges opp kort tid etter
– Loven sier at foreldre skal få tilbud om veiledning og oppfølging, hva bør ligge i det?
– Oppfølgingen barnevernet skal gi foreldre er ment å være todelt: Ta vare på mennesker i krise, og samtidig hjelpe dem til å akseptere situasjonen og være gode foreldre for barnet som bor et annet sted.

Hun minner om at enhver omsorgsovertakelse i utgangspunktet er midlertidig, i alle fall juridisk.
– Hvis intensjonen er å tilbakeføre barn, må målet være å jobbe godt med foreldrene slik at man får et samarbeid. Da må vi jo hjelpe dem å se hva de kan endre på, så omsorgssituasjonen kan bli god.

Mange skal uansett ha samvær med barnet og trenger veiledning, sier hun.
I løpet av to år har barnevernstjenesten tre korte møter med paret. Først halvannet år etter at barnet er plassert, snakker de om veiledning og oppfølging, selv om det står i barnevernloven at dette skal skje «kort tid etter». Det er psykologen som har bedt om et slikt møte, og Ken spør hva som skal til for at barnevernet vurderer tilbakeføring av barnet. Psykologen husker at han avfeies: «Dere må komme over det og begynne å fungere normalt som en familie». Som en familie? Vi mangler jo barnet vårt, sier Ken. «Jeg kjenner mange som er en familie på bare to». Ken har tatt det opp.
– Dette kommer fra en tjeneste som påberoper seg å være ekspert på traumer og familier i krise. Dette er en krenkelse av foreldres tap, sier psykologen.

Drømte om å hente å barnet
Barneverntjenesten i Lørenskog melder henne for Psykologforeningens fagetiske råd, for å blande roller. Rådet finner ikke noe kritikkverdig.
– Det var oppfølgingen barnevernet ga oss, å ville ta fra oss den ene gode støttepersonen. Etter ett og et halvt år tilbød de seg å betale en psykolog, men da skulle det ikke være henne, sier Ken.

Han sier psykologen er en person de kan fortelle og lette på trykket til, uten å bli stigmatisert. At det er viktig at den som gir behandling kjenner fakta i saken, at det er en de har tillit til.
– Overfor barnevernet kan jeg ikke engang heve stemmen uten å være redd det blir brukt mot meg, sier han.

Datteren ble plassert på hemmelig adresse, men det tok ham ikke lang tid å finne ut hvor hun bodde.
FAMILIEBILDE: Bildet på Ipaden viser hele familien sammen en dag eldstedatteren er hjemme hos dem på samvær.
FAMILIEBILDE: Bildet på Ipaden viser hele familien sammen en dag eldstedatteren er hjemme hos dem på samvær.
Nadia Frantsen

Han har drømt om å hente henne, men har aldri hatt konkrete planer om kidnapping.
– Jeg har vært torpedo. Det har vært mitt kriminelle liv å oppsøke folk og presse dem for penger.

Selvfølgelig klarte jeg å finne ut hvor datteren min bor. Men jeg ønsker ikke å tilby henne et liv på flukt i et annet land, sier han.

Hjelp fra psykologen har dempet fortvilelsen. Han har møtt forståelse for de negative følelsene sine.
– Det å ivareta foreldre og forstå deres sorg og traumer kan forebygge hets og trusler mot barnevernsansatte, understreker psykologen.

Ny behandling i fylkesnemnda
I de første månedene etter at barnevernet overtok omsorgen for datteren, lever paret i desperasjon. Ken tar det ut på internett. Han henger ut barnevernleder med kone og barn og dømmes for trusler.

Samarbeidet er svært vanskelig, og våren 2017 blir saken overført til Skedsmo kommune.
– De to kommunene er som natt og dag, sier Vibeke.

Skedsmo kommune går inn for at paret skal få barnet tilbake og argumenterer for dette når saken er oppe i Fylkesnemnda i Oslo og Akershus i januar i år. Vibeke har født seks dager tidligere og sitter med en nyfødt baby. Hun forklarer seg og hører på forhandlingene. Hun orker bare være der en dag.
– Der sitter det en gråtende fostermor. Det blir sagt at hun har sånn ektefølt kjærlighet til barnet vårt. Jeg klarte ikke være der, sier Vibeke.
MINNER: Vibeke har spart på alt datteren har laget og har gjemt tingene hennes i en egen boks.
MINNER: Vibeke har spart på alt datteren har laget og har gjemt tingene hennes i en egen boks.
Nadia Frantsen

Men Ken er der alle tre dagene. Når fostermoren skal forklare seg, opplever han at nemnda uttrykker medfølelse, de sier at de skjønner at dette er emosjonelt og tøft for henne og spør om hun trenger pause.
– Vi måtte bare forklare oss. Vi opplevde ikke at det ble tatt samme hensyn til oss, sier Ken.

16. februar i år kom vedtaket i fylkesnemnda: Fosterhjemsplassering er til det beste for jenta. En tilbakeføring vil føre til en emosjonell krise for treåringen og hun vil kunne utvikle relasjonstraumer.

Nemnda mener samvær vil sikre kontakt med biologiske foreldre og lillesøster.
Paret anket til tingretten.
– Har dere fått hjelp til å forstå hvorfor dere mistet omsorgen for datteren deres?
– Nei. Og det forstår vi fremdeles ikke. Fortida vår ble brukt mot oss uten grundige undersøkelser.
– Har dere vært redde for å miste det nye barnet også?
– Ja, jeg har tenkt på det, men er blitt trygg på at det ikke skjer denne gangen. Vi har fått et bra samarbeid med Skedsmo kommune. Syv psykologer har gått god for oss, vi har fått gode skussmål etter å ha gjennomført foreldreveiledningskurs, sier Vibeke.

Støv på lekene
Ken bysser babyen, nusser henne på pannen og kaller henne lille prinsesse. Navnet hennes foreslo storesøster, da hun fikk kjenne på magen til Vibeke på samvær. Ettersom saken om tilbakeføring av eldstejenta er anket til tingretten, er det hyppige samvær frem til endelig avgjørelse der. Vibeke og Ken får ha jenta si på besøk hjemme, og fostermoren leverer og henter henne hos dem.
LEKEKROK: I parets leilighet har treåringen sin egen lekekrok.
LEKEKROK: I parets leilighet har treåringen sin egen lekekrok.
Nadia Frantsen

– Når hun kommer inn døra, hilser hun på lillesøster og så går hun bort til lekene sine. Vi gjør det beste vi kan for ikke å være for mye på henne, men vi har de to timene, til å få tillit og en relasjon, sier Ken.
Han viser frem bilder av henne på Ipaden, pludrer med babyen og sier de nydelige døtrene er bevis på at minus, minus blir pluss som i matematikken.
– Vi overlever på humor, ironi og sarkasme. Vi må holde ut. Vi kan ikke gi opp datteren vår. Det vil jeg hun skal vite når hun blir eldre, sier Vibeke.
I en glasshylle i stua ligger smykker og hilsener som de fikk da hun ble født. Hun har sin egen krok med leker hos dem, spilledåse, en rosa trillekoffert, tegnesaker og bøker. På en boks formet som et rødt hjerte er det støv. Ken skjelver i munnvikene, presser gråten tilbake.
– Jeg burde tørke støv. Men det gjør vondt å ta på tingene hennes, sier han.

Nedre Romerke tingrett opphevet vedtaket fra fylkesnemnda 19. mars, og i slutten av april flyttet jenta hjem til dem etter opptrapping av samvær.

Kilder: Akershus universistetssykehus, logg. Borg barne- og familiesenter, oppsummering av oppholdet. Politiet i Lørenskog, notat om transport hjem fra familiesenter. Bufetat, møtereferat om avklaringsmøte. Lydopptak fra Fylkesnemnda for barnevern og sosiale saker, Oslo og Akershus, lydopptak fra møte hos barneverntjenesten, vedtak fra Fylkesnemnda for barnevern og sosiale saker, Oslo og Akershus. Uttalese fra Lørenskog kommune, Forebyggende psykisk helsetjeneste om parets deltakelse i foreldreveiledningskurs.

Lørenskog barnevern avslår å uttale seg
Lørenskog barnevern har avslått å uttale seg, selv om paret ønsket å løse dem fra taushetsplikten.

Leder Arnfinn Heimstad viser til at saken er overført til en ny kommune. Akershus universitetssykehus bekrefter opplysninger i artikkelen. Fontene har gått gjennom opplysninger i artikkelen med politiet i Lørenskog og har vært i kontakt med Borg barne- og familiesenter.

Enhetsleder Marit Sahlin sier det kan oppleves dramatisk når barn blir akuttplassert. Hun ønsker imidlertid ikke å kommentere enkeltsaker og gi opplysninger utover det som er kjent gjennom rapporten fra oppholdet. På generelt grunnlag sier hun at de ansatte på familieavdelingen stiller seg til disposisjon og er tilgjengelig for samtale når foreldre ønsker det, og at psykologer ved senteret kan gi støttesamtaler når foreldre har det vanskelig.
– Familieavdelingen har ikke oppfølgingsansvar i sakene etter at familien er skrevet ut, men stiller seg positiv til å samtale med foreldre i etterkant av oppholdet om hvordan de har opplevd å være på familieavdelingen. Jeg beklager hvis en kvinne har opplevd at hun ikke har blitt ivaretatt hos oss, sier Sahlin.
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