July 31, 2017

Limerick man found guilty of murdering member of rival motorcycle club

A man has been found guilty of murdering a member of a rival motorcycle club in Limerick. Alan McNamara from Mountfune in Murroe, Co. Limerick shot Andrew O’Donoghue outside the Road Tramps' clubhouse in July 2015. He admitted shooting him but denied the murder charge, claiming he was acting in self-defence.

Mr McNamara is a member of the Caballeros Motorcycle Club and Mr O’Donoghue was a member of the Road Tramps. On July 19, 2015, McNamara was beaten up outside a pub in Doon, Co Limerick by some Road Tramps bikers as part of an apparent turf-war, it was heard during the trial.

His leather sleeveless jacket with club patches was taken off him – the ultimate insult to a biker, the court heard. He claimed he and his family were later threatened outside his home by three members of the Road Tramps, one of whom had a gun.

The next day, he drove up to their clubhouse where he met Andrew O’Donoghue at the gates and shot him in the head. He claimed he was acting in self-defence, but the jury disagreed and found him guilty of murder after deliberating for two hours and 43 minutes.

He will be sentenced in October alongside his stepson Robert Cusack, who admitted hiding the shotgun used to kill Mr O’Donoghue.

Ireland - BN.

Lyxbil sprängd i Malmö

En lyxbil av märket Maserati har exploderat i Rosengård i Malmö under söndagsnatten. Polisen misstänker någon form av sprängladdning eller något kraftigare fyrverkeri som har skadad bilen. Ingen person ska vara skadad i samband med sprängningen.
– Vi har spärrat av platsen och inväntar nationella bombskyddet, säger Hans Nilsson, vakthavande befäl region Skåne.

En bil har exploderat på Ramels väg i Malmö. Ingen person förmodas vara skadad i samband med explosionen. Enligt uppgifter från platsen ska det ha rykt från bilen men ingen eld ska ha uppstått.

Polis och räddningstjänst är på plats och har nu spärrat platsen.
– Vi har skickat bilder till nationella bombskyddet och inväntar besked från dem, säger Hans Nilsson, vakthavande befäl vid polisen region Skåne.

Under natten har det varit flera bilbränder runt om i Malmöområdet.

Sweden - AB.

The tragic tale of Kevin Kerfoot

CTV News is reporting that A British Columbia man convicted of leading a cocaine and ecstasy smuggling ring has been sentenced to 13 year in a U.S. prison. U.S. Attorney Annette Hayes says Kevin Kerfoot, 53, of Surrey organized an operation smuggle 41 kilograms of cocaine to Canada from Washington state in 2005.

The court decision states that they were bringing 20 pounds of ecstasy from Canada to the US and traded it for 41 kilos of cocaine to be brought back to Canada. His underlings got caught and named him as their leader. He doesn't look like a mastermind to me. He kinda looks like a dweeb.

The court decision states that he came from a good home and his brother is a wildly sucessful businessman. A coworker of mine that knew him said it's a rather sad tale. The guy's parents left him a fortune and he was set for life but he pissed it away on gambling and booze so he started drug trafficking for the Hells Angels to get out of debt. His brother Greg Kerfoot owns the Vancouver Whitecaps and has a Christy Clark connection.

His underlings named him but he certainly won't name who he was working for or else he'd be dead. They already tried to shoot a co accused in Kelowna but the shooter was on bicycle and the witness survived and ran him down in his truck.

Canada - GO/DW.

July 30, 2017

Shooting tied to biker gang prompts hospital lockdown

A member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club was shot by a rival motorcycle gang member near Franklin E. Miles Park late Saturday evening, the Santa Fe police on-duty commander said. Santa Fe police Capt. Robert Vasquez said officers were interviewing members of the local chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club as suspects in the shooting. Both the victim and the suspected shooter or shooters have claimed partnership to the motorcycle gangs, Vasquez said.

The unidentified victim was sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Vasquez said. The shooting occurred near Camino del Gusto and Alamosa Drive, he said. Visitors to the Vagos Motorcycle Club member who was shot came flooding into the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center emergency room Saturday evening.

The hospital imposed a lockdown for more than an hour, not allowing visitors inside.
Three state police vehicles were parked outside the emergency room after 9 p.m. Four hospital security guards referred requests for comment to a hospital spokesman. The security guards asked a reporter to leave the hospital’s property after providing the spokesman’s number.

Patients were being admitted and released from the hospital.
Arturo Delgado, a spokesman for the hospital, said in a text message late Saturday evening that patient flow was never stopped during the “brief lock-down” imposed for “precautionary measures. "He said in a message sent at 9:25 p.m. the lockdown had been lifted."
Generally, the hospital goes into “lockdown mode until the situation is resolved and it’s been determined that there is no danger to patients or visitors,” Delgado said. Such lockdowns are imposed when a patient admitted to the hospital “is brought in under certain circumstances that might pose a danger to others,” Delgado said.


Motorcycle accident

There have been several motorcycle accidents over the weekend. Castanet is reporting that there was a motorcycle accident on Highway 97 near Bailey Road on the way to Vernon from Kelowna yesterday afternoon. KISS-FM reported that a truck slammed on his breaks to avoid hititng a deer and the motorcycle crashed into the back of the truck.

Global reported that on a fatal motorcycle accident in West Kelowna. "The 37-year-old man died in hospital after his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck at the intersection of Highway 97 and Elk Road in West Kelowna Wednesday night." Witnesses claim speed may have been a factor.

Durham Radio News is reporting that Durham police say a collision between a vehicle and motorcycle in Oshawa sent the motorcycle rider to hospital. They say the driver of the vehicle tried to make a left hand turn just before 8 p.m. Saturday from the centre lane of Simcoe Street near John Street, resulting in the crash. The driver of the vehicle has been charged with careless driving, while the motorcycle rider is in stable condition.

One blog reader who witnesses the accident in Ontario claims the motorcyclist was wearing HA colors with an Ontario rocker. Shortly after a bunch of guys showed up that were wearing "Redline" patches with a "Durham" rockers. 

Canada - GO/DW.

The Violent Gangs Leading New Zealand Community Projects

Double Bandidos shootings sparks fears for Melbourne bikie war

(video) (link is external)--There are dangerous signs a Melbourne bikie war is escalating after two Bandidos outlaw motorcycle club members were shot in the chest, during a drive-by attack.

It is believed a rival gang carried out last night's shoot-out and there are fears innocent people could soon be caught up in the feud. The Bandidos convoy was heading south along the Bolte Bridge around 8.30am, when a station wagon sped up alongside them and a gunman fired multiple shots.

Two Bandidos outlaw motorcycle club members were shot in the chest, during a drive-by attack. Picture: 7 News

The station wagon sped off as the convoy tried to give chase.
One rider, a 40-year-old Sunbury man, was hit was hit in the chest, causing him to fall off his bike and slide into a barrier. He was taken to hospital and remains in a stable condition, suffering a number of broken bones as well as the gunshot wound to his chest.

The Bandidos convoy was heading south along the Bolte Bridge when a station wagon sped up alongside them and a gunman opened fire. Picture: 7 News

A second rider also attended hospital later in the evening with suspected gunshot wounds.
The vehicle believed to be used in the shooting was found burnt out in Keysbourgh, south of the city, just a few hours later. Police say it is possible the parties are known to each other and this was a targeted attack.

The vehicle believed to be used in the shooting was found burnt out in Keysbourgh, a few hours later. Picture: 7 News

Victoria Police's anti-bikie Echo taskforce detectives are ramping up their patrols around enemy club houses, in fear of revenge attacks. Investigators are calling on anyone who may have dashcam footage of the incident or was in the area to come forward.

Australia - BN.

July 29, 2017

Satans Choice MC back in Canada?

Rumors are saying, that an old known Canadian MC Club have been re-boosted. The Satans Choice MC is back on the roads in Canada, and have been seen in Ottawa. Rumors are saying, that the NEW Satans Choice MC contains members, WHO have a history with the Hells Angels MC and Rock Machine MC.

Satan's Choice MC was a Canadian outlaw motorcycle club that was once the dominant outlaw club in Ontario, and at the peak of its power in 1977, had 12 chapters based in Ontario, with one in Montreal, Quebec. However, its power began to diminish during the 1970s, with some of the clubs chapters "patching over" to the Outlaws MC in 1977. The remaining chapters would eventually become members of the Hell's Angels along with most of the other major outlaw clubs in Ontario.

Early history

The founding chapter of the first iteration of Satan's Choice was established during the late 1950s in Toronto, usually hanging around "Aida's", a downtown restaurant. This version of Satan's Choice was small in size, only numbering about 45 members, and had a very casual, non-criminal focus at the time. This club would disband in 1963, but went on to serve as the namesake for a group of four other motorcycle clubs which came together as the new Satan's Choice in 1965, namely the Phantom Riders, the Canadian Lancers, the Throttle Twisters, and the Wild Ones. Former Phantom Riders president Bernie Guindon would become the president of this newer, larger version of Satan's Choice, and would later become their national president as the group expanded. The group regulated itself somewhat differently from most motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels, using a series of bylaws instead of a single written constitution or charter.

Criminalization and expansion

This new Satan's Choice started out much the same as the original, a group of young men simply wishing to escape from society and its rigid norms and expectations. Satan's Choice members were not serious criminals, if they committed any crimes at all. However, towards the end of the 1960s and into the 1970s, the group slowly developed into an outlaw motorcycle club as a result of the large potential profits from criminal activities. While they were involved in a number of criminal activities that were typical for biker gangs, such as robbery, theft, assault, and running prostitution rings, they were notably deeply involved in drug production and trafficking. The club operated a number of drug labs out of remote cabins in Northern Ontario, with production focusing especially on PCP and methamphetamines, better known in the area as "Canadian Blue". This success emboldened elements of Satan's Choice, in particular their Toronto chapter, into sparking a gang war with two rival Toronto biker gangs, the Black Diamond Riders MC and the Vagabonds MC. However, the rest of the group's chapters met and ended the war, making peace with the two rival groups and disciplining the leaders of the Toronto chapter. During this time period the Satan's choice had grown rapidly, reaching their peak strength in 1977, with about 200 members across 13 chapters in Ontario and Quebec.

Alliance with the Outlaws MC

In 1975, Satan's Choice began an alliance with the Outlaws MC, one of the largest international outlaw motorcycle clubs. The benefits of such a relationship worked to the advantage of both groups. Satan's Choice gained access to a larger support network of clubs throughout the United States and beyond, opening the club to new business opportunities and possibly even reinforcements in the event of another club war. Meanwhile, the Outlaws gained a strong presence in Ontario, precluding any expansion by the Hells Angels into the region. Furthermore, the Outlaws gained a way to challenge the supremacy of the Hells Angels in Quebec through access to the Montreal chapter of Satan's Choice. This led the Montreal chapter and their Outlaw allies into open conflict with the Hells Angels-backed Popeyes MC, resulting in a number of casualties on both sides. Not long after this, in 1976, the club's leader Bernie Guindon would be incarcerated on drug charges, further diminishing the gang's power. This would soon lead to the fracturing of newly weakened Satan's Choice, when in July 1977, the Ottawa, St. Catherines, Windsor, and Montreal chapters fully abandoned Satan's Choice in favour of the much larger Outlaws.

Increasing pressure on Satan's Choice

In the decades following the alignment of Satan's Choice with the Outlaws, particularly the late 1980s and 1990s, the club would eventually find itself falling into a steady decline in both numbers and influence. One of the reasons for this was a renewed effort by law enforcement, particularly in Ontario, to prosecute the club for their criminal activities. An early example of this was a series of police raids in 1984 that seized two small-caliber handguns, marijuana & marijuana oil, and a small amount of cocaine from 4 private residences in Scarborough. Rival gangs would also begin to target the club, as evidenced by the bombing of the Satan's Choice clubhouse on Kintyre Avenue in Toronto in 1995. Making matters worse, the club was in just the next year targeted by a major police operation dubbed Project Dismantle, which involved almost 300 officers from the Ontario Provincial Police, as well as the municipal police forces of Halton, Durham, Hamilton-Wentworth, Waterloo, Sudbury, and Metropolitan Toronto. The result of the raids included the seizure of marijuana plants and hydroponic equipment valued at 11 million dollars, as well as more than $125 000 cash and over $265 000 worth of other drugs including Cocaine. The police forces also seized a variety of firearms, including 12 handguns, 5 non-restricted rifles, and 7 restricted weapons such as automatic pistols, sawed-off shotguns, and even machine guns such as a World War 2-era Bren gun and tripod. In Sudbury the operation specifically targeted the local chapter of Satan's Choice and members of the Hamilton chapter, which all but wiped these chapters out. This specific part of the operation involved a police surveillance operation that caught the members of the club discussing the bombing of a strip club who had disrespected several members of the club.[ Many of the members of these chapters found themselves in prison or otherwise leaving the club, with the Sudbury chapter being reduced to just 3 full members from the peak of 8 members and 2 "hangarounds". Unfortunately for those involved with Project Dismantle, no convictions were ever given as a result of the charges and arrests stemming from this operation. This was partly as a result of most of the wiretap evidence being excluded after Justice John McDonald of the Ontario Superior Court found that a senior OPP detective lied to five different Superior Court justices to get the wiretaps approved in addition to destroying other evidence.

Alliance and merger with the Hells Angels
The arrangement with the Outlaws also resulted in Satan's Choice becoming a target of the Hell's Angels, who happened to be the Outlaws' main rivals. The Hells Angels had for decades been prevented from expanding into Ontario by the Outlaws and their Satan's Choice allies. However, after the chapters in Ottawa, St. Catherines, Windsor, and Montreal abandoned Satan's Choice for the Outlaws, the two groups drifted apart. The Outlaws would later find their Ontario operations crippled by "Project Retire", an undertaking by Ontario police targeting the club. As a result of this, Satan's Choice, under their new club president Andre Wattel, decided to join the Hells Angels and abandon their own clubs identity and autonomy because it would mutually benefit their criminal enterprises.

Satan's Choice, along with most of the other major Ontario biker gangs, including the Loners, Lobos, and Para-Dice Riders, "patched over" to the Hells Angels on December 29, 2000. This overnight placed the Hells Angels in a position of dominance in Ontario, and in effect put an end to any independent existence of the Satan's Choice Motorcycle Club. However, many former member of Satan's Choice would remain active criminals after the club was dismantled, such as the former president of the Hamilton chapter Ion Croitoru, who would be charged but not convicted of the murder of Lynn & Fred Gilbank in January 2005.

MC & Gjengkriminalitet
Stockholm - Copenhagen

Source: TBM Canada/Wikipedia

Things Die-Hard Fans Don't Know About American Chopper

Hells Angels member get killed in front of his children by 4 Bandidos MC...

4 Bandidos MC members who killing an Hells Angels member with a Sniper Rifle in front of his children because he was attempting to launch a Texas chapter of the Hells Angels in Austin get arrested in 2017. The Bandidos MC members are President Jeffrey Fay Pike, Vice President John Xavier Portillo, Johnny Romo and Robert Romo.

Words on the street are saying he was NOT an 81, he had NO authorization from the 81's to do anything at all, he was NOT even a hangaround. he bought his patches on line and started wearing them.

True or False?



MC & Gjengkriminalitet

Facebook video purported to lead to gang murder shown to jurors

MUSKEGON, MI - Jurors on Friday viewed the video that allegedly got a teenager murdered because it showed him and others on a rival gang's turf. The shaky video that included a moment's "selfie" of DeQuaries "DeeDee" Love, 17, inside the Wood Street Market in the city of Muskegon was Love's undoing, said Matt Roberts, chief trial attorney for the Muskegon County Prosecutor.

It was that video posted on Facebook that drove Maurtice Poole-Knight to gun Love down on a Muskegon Heights street six days later, on Aug. 20, 2014, Roberts said. The shot that killed Love was fired from a vehicle at the corner of Peck and Hume streets, a vehicle whose occupants included two men from Detroit and a fourth unidentified man.

The Detroit men, one of whom was the driver, are really responsible for Love's death, the defense claims.

Murder retrial is underway in alleged gang-related slaying of teen

Maurtice Poole-Knight is on trial for the death of DeQuaries Love.
During Friday testimony for the prosecution, Michigan State Police Trooper Det. Jason Hartman explained the rivalry between Love's gang, GMB SB of Muskegon Heights, and the Muskegon gang GMB PN that he said Poole-Knight belonged to.

When Love and other GMB SB members took the video inside the Wood Street Market and taunted the rival gang, it was a sign of extreme disrespect to GMB PN, Hartman said.
"They entered the store and say 'We're in here, we're in the Wood Street store and they make reference to Baker Street," Hartman said, adding that one of them can be seen making the gang sing for the GMB SB. Baker Street is a street in Muskegon Heights.

GMB SB stands for Glendale Money Boys South Bound, Hartman said. Glendale is a street in Muskegon Heights and "south bound" refers to the fact the city is south of Muskegon, he said.

GMB PN is the Muskegon gang, and stands for Get Money Boys Paid -----, Hartman said. Roberts also played four rap videos made by Poole-Knight and other members of GMB PN. The videos were posted before Love's killing, and reference the desire to shoot opponents and keeping a "strap," slang for gun, for their rivals.

Hartman said one rap's chorus is "about keeping a strap for bitch ------ and talking about rats and people being rats and true ------ will never fold ... never talk, keeping the code of the streets and keeping silent."

Two guns, one alleged shooter prompts juror query in homicide trial

The drive-by shooting occurred in Muskegon Heights.
Hartman also testified about his role on a task force that investigates violent crime in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights. He executed search warrants for Knight-Poole's Facebook account, Instagram account and cell phone.

On Thursday, defense attorney John R. Beason questioned Muskegon Heights Police Det. Steven Winston about phone records, but Winston said he did not know about them. That's because it wasn't his role in the investigation, he said.

Hartman explained that cell phone technology was not reliable in determining a person's exact location at a particular time. Hartman also testified about investigating an earlier shooting that the Detroit men had said Poole-Knight committed earlier on the same night Love died. The men said that someone in the group Poole-Knight shot at from the vehicle had shot back, grazing one of the men in the vehicle.

Hartman said he believes that shooting occurred at the corner of Eighth Street and Columbia Avenue in Muskegon Heights. No one called 911 to report it, and Hartman said he learned about it from another source. He recovered a bullet fragment from an apartment at that location, but no shell casings, he said.

The fragment was from a larger gun such as a .40 caliber, Hartman said. Shell casings recovered at the scene of Love's fatal shooting were .40 caliber, earlier testimony indicated.

USA - MLive.

Chosen Few biker gang members face drug charges in Monroe

A tip submitted to the Metro Narcotics Unit led to the arrest of multiple members of the Chosen Few biker gang near the University of Louisiana Monroe. According to a statement released by the MPD, the unit was dispatched to the 1700 block of University Avenue regarding a tip about large amounts of drugs being taken into an apartment.

The caller said multiple bikers at the location were breaking down the drugs for distribution. He said the drugs were being stored and sold from that apartment and a residence in the 200 block of Filhiol Avenue. Agents started a surveillance operation and saw multiple men going and coming from the two locations. The men all wore what appeared to be identifiers consistent with an outlaw motorcycle gang that operates in several states, per the department.

During the stakeout, a traffic stop was conducted on one of the vehicles leaving the home on Filhiol. The driver, Donyell Williamson, California, and passenger Brian Koch, Washington, were arrested for marijuana possession and possession of a stolen firearm. Both were booked into the Ouachita Parish Correctional Center.

Subsequent search warrants were obtained for both residence. Monroe Police SWAT assisted Metro Narcotics in serving the search warrants. During the search warrant search, seven more persons were arrested: Joseph D. Hodges, Monroe, Stacey Laturco, Monroe, Eric Haynes, Monroe, Johnny Thomas, California, Kerry Storm, Oklahoma, Pernelle Watkins, Nevada and Latisha Williamson, California.

The search warrant yielded crack cocaine, pain pills, including Lortab and Xanax, high grade marijuana and seven firearms, including two reported stolen. It was discovered that the group belonged to the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang known as the Chosen Few.

All of the men arrested had black leather vests depicting the gang’s patches and logos representing their rank and the chapter they represented. Investigation revealed that Joseph Hodges is the local member of the outlaw biker gang.

Both residences searched belonged to Holmes. A total of nine motorcycles were seized for asset forfeiture as a result of this investigation.

Charges filed in connection with the case:
  • Donyell Williamson, 40, possession of marijuana, possession of a stolen firearm; bond, $50,750
  • Brian Koch, 47, possession of marijuana, possession of a stolen firearm; bond, $50,750
  • Joseph Hodges, 42, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, illegal carrying of a firearm; bond, $49,000
  • Eric Haynes, 27, possession with intent to distribute marijuana; bond, $20,000
  • Kerry Storm, 25, possession with intent to distribute marijuana; bond, $15,000
  • Latisha Williamson, 38, possession with intent to distribute marijuana; bond, $50,000
  • Stacey Laturco, 34, possession of Lortab; bond, $10,000
  • Johnny Thomas, 37, possession with intent to distribute marijuana; bond, $15,000
  • Pernelle Watkins, 32, possession with intent to distribute marijuana; bond, $15,000
This investigation was conducted by Metro Narcotics with the help of Louisiana State Police, Ouachita Parish Sheriff Office SCAT, Monroe Police SWAT, West Monroe Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration.


July 28, 2017


Hells Angels klagen gegen Land Baden-Württemberg

Die Hells Angels MC machen ihre Ankündigung wahr, gegen das Rockern auferlegte Waffenverbot gerichtlich vorzugehen. Jetzt reichen sie beim Verwaltungsgericht Stuttgart Klage ein.

Stuttgart – Früher waren die Rollen meistens klar verteilt, wenn Rocker ein Gerichtsgebäude betreten haben: Üblicherweise befanden sich die Kuttenträger auf der Anklagebank. Heute begegnen sich zumindest alteingesessenen Rockerclubs und der Staat immer öfter auf Augenhöhe. An diesem Freitag reichen die Hells Angels MC Heilbronn wegen des geltenden Waffenverbots für Rocker am Stuttgarter Verwaltungsgericht eine Klage gegen das Land Baden-Württemberg ein. Sie wollen einen Präzedenzfall schaffen.

Die Rocker fühlen sich durch das Gesetz, das neben ihnen auch die Gruppen Bandidos MC, Gremium MC und Outlaws MC betrifft, diskriminiert und in ihren Grundrechten verletzt. „Die politisch motivierte Verfolgung und Kriminalisierung von sich rechtstreu verhaltenden Rockern muss endlich ein Ende finden“, sagt Peter Pink vom Charter der Hells Angels MC Heilbronn, wie Ortsgruppen im Rockerjargon heißen.

Die Hells Angels Stuttgart unterstützen den Vorstoß ihrer Kollegen. „Wir sind sicher, dass mit dem Verfahren ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Aufdeckung politischen Versagens, unnötiger Kriminalisierung und verfassungswidriger Stigmatisierung von Rockern geleistet werden kann“, sagt Lutz Schelhorn, der Präsident des Hells Angels Stuttgart Charter.

Strukturbericht sei „peinliches Konstrukt“
Das 2015 vom damaligen Innenminister Reinhold Gall (SPD) erlassene Gesetz besagt, dass Personen wegen ihrer Zugehörigkeit zu einer Rockergruppierung „jeglicher Waffenbesitz“ verboten werden könne und gilt heute auch in allen anderen Bundesländern. Die Rocker bemängeln, dass das Gesetz „selbst den Umgang mit Luftdruckwaffen auf einem Rummelplatz“ unter Strafe stelle. Es diene nicht der Gefahrenabwehr, sondern allein der Kriminalisierung und Stigmatisierung „rechtschaffener und rechtstreuer Bürger.“

Dem Innenministerium wirft Lutz Schelhorn vor, mit „der willkürlichen Verhängung von Waffenverboten“ von den wirklichen Gefahren für Rechtsstaat und Sicherheit in Baden-Württemberg abzulenken und Handlungsfähigkeit der Sicherheitsbehörden vorzutäuschen. Einen Strukturbericht des Landeskriminalamt Baden-Württemberg zur Rockerthematik, auf den sich das Waffenverbot beziehe, nennt der Rockerchef „ein peinliches Konstrukt.“

So sind laut Klageschrift die Behauptungen unwahr, dass Rockerclubs pauschal „streng hierarchisch aufgebaut“ seien, eine „geringe Bereitschaft zur Kooperation mit der Polizei“ bestehe und „die kriminelle Betätigung im Bereich des Rotlichtmilieus sowie des Drogen- und des Waffenhandels“ liege. Im Fall der Hells Angels Stuttgart treffen diese Vorwürfe nach allem, was öffentlich bekannt ist, so tatsächlich nicht zu.

Embleme von Clubhäusern entfernt
Laut Statuten werden die Hells Angels Präsidenten der Ortsgruppen von den Mitgliedern gewählt, Drogenhandel ist verboten. Polizeibeamten wie Willi Pietsch, der lange das Dezernat Jugendkriminalität bei der Stuttgarter Polizei leitete, lobte die Zusammenarbeit mit den Rockern mehrfach. Etwa, wenn es um die Sicherung von Hells Angels Veranstaltungen durch die Polizei ging.
Zuletzt mussten die Rocker eine empfindliche Niederlage gegen den Staat hinnehmen. Nachdem ihnen aufgrund einer Änderung des Vereinsgesetzes auf Bundesebene das Tragen ihrer Abzeichen verboten wurde, ist der geflügelte Totenkopf aus dem öffentlichen Raum verschwunden. Die Kutten bleiben im Schrank, Vereinsembleme wurden von Clubhäusern entfernt. Was immer von den Hells Angels zu halten ist: Hier halten sich die Rocker an die Gesetzgebung.

Germanya - SN.

Outlaw bikie shot on Bolte Bridge

Police media spokeswoman Natalie Savino said emergency services responded to the incident about 8.55pm to find a “rider with non-life threatening injuries consistent to a gunshot wound”

The Herald Sun understands the man — who has been taken to The Alfred hospital — is linked to the Bandidos motorcycle club.

A motorcycle remains at the scene. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

A motorcycle remains at the scene. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

The bridge is closed inbound as police swoop on the scene of the shooting. A number of motorcyclists had been riding in a convoy when they came under fire. It’s understood at least one bikie was hurt.

At least two Bandidos members can be seen on the bridge, almost two hours after the shooting occurred.

A police officer next to the bike and a Holden Commodore. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

Detective are scouring the scene, which includes a badly damaged motorcycle and yellow Holden Commodore Ute. Police have set up a second crime scene on the corner of Flinders and William streets.

A motorcycle and black Commodore stationwagon are being inspected by police, who have blocked off William St near the river bend. Police are questioning a group of men dressed in hoodies — with one also wearing a jumper emblazoned with the Bandidos logo and name — next to the crime scene.

A group of men dressed in hoodies next to the crime scene. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

A crime scene has been set up near the corner of Flinders and William streets. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

Police near the corner of Flinders and William streets. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

A crime scene has been set up near the corner of Flinders and William streets. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

Up to half a dozen bikies were also seen at the on-ramp to the Bolte Bridge in an Officeworks car park about 10pm. Several police cars are blocking the Bolte Bridge, which remains closed southbound from Footscray Rd.

VicRoads is advising motorists to seek an alternate route.
The shooting follows police raids on homes of men linked to the Bandidos (link is external), where officers allegedly seized a number of weapons and fireworks.

A 43-year-old Thornbury man was charged with possessing and unregistered handgun, possess ammunition and drug offences.

He was bailed to face Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on November 27.

Australia - BN.

Australian Government don´t care about human right´s for Bikers

What should have been a pleasant trip to Australia for No Surrender MC member Jean Pierre Kafoe ended up being a bad experience with the Australian authorities and a really unpleasant staying in The Land DOWN UNDER.

Jean Pierre Kafoe had planned a trip to Australia visiting good old friends, and was looking forward seing them all, but that never happend.

When he arrived and was on his way through customs he was stopped, and was showned what the Australian authorities thinks about bikers.

3 hours of questioning by the Australian authorities, 4 body search, drug tested, baggage swaped several times, 3 hours locked up in an airport office, transported to Jail and ocked up for 42 hours - no phone, or other personal items or allowed to call a laywer, but only stripped from all human rights, and then deported by Border Security to Malaysia.


He was a threat to the Australian National Security, because of pictures the authorities had seen on his Facebook. Pictures of him and his bike, and because he was a member of No Surrender MC ( Motor Club ) an Outlaw Motor Gang (OMG) !!!

While Jean Pierre Kafoe was in detention in Perth he met a couple of bikers. He met Andrew WHO is a member of The Mongols MC in Adelaide and Lee from The Rebels MC in Perth. Both of them have been locked up for more than 18 months without any charge made.

Andrew have been in court several times and they still haven´t told him why he is locked up. The judges are having no idea why he is locked up, and just ready to deport him back to England.

Andrew have been living in Australia for more than twenty years and have his own business in Australia. He have paid his taxes in all his years in Australia. Maybe he is a Mongol MC member, but he is a human being, WHO should have the very same rights as everyone else.

Now Andrew´s case have been taken to the NEXT LEVEL -  Higher Court and the Federal Judges have asked the responsible minister to forward an explanation WHY Andrew is locked up.

Read also this link: Correctional Services figures show more than half of SA’s bikies behind bars as crackdown bites

The Minister refuse to share that information with the Higher Court because it's a classified secret, and therefor will no answers be given about Andrew´s lock up. All this happend a few months ago and until now, there is still no answer from the Minister or Higher Court DOWN UNDER.

Same Higher Court have another case like Andrew´s.
Another MC Member Jean Pierre Kafoe met under his short staying in Australia was Lee from the Rebels MC in Perth. He have the same experienc as Andrew from Mongols MC. He have also been locked up for many months without charges or even an explaination.

He is also just sitting and waiting for some answers, and waiting to be released, but have no idea about when that will actual happen - because the Australian authorieties don´t give a F*** about Bikers and their rights as Lee told Jean Pierre Kafoe.

What about Biker´s HUMAN RIGHTS in Australia?
The story about Andrew from The Mongols MC and Lee from The Rebels MC are just two stories
out of so many. Members from MC Club´s such as The Bandidos, Finks, Rebels, Outlaws, Mongols and many more known as well as unknown Mc Club´s are locked up in Australia without any reasons - NON SO EVER. 

Something have to be done in a land Down Under called Australia. You can NOT treat people like this - BIKER OR NOT BIKER.

Biker´s are human beings with children, families and jobs, and they have the same needs and rights like all other HUMAN BEINGS, that´s for sure -THEY ARE NOT BLOODY TERRORIST´S.

So listen up AUSTRALIA? ??????? STOP acting like Biker´s are TERRORIST´s, and go along so we all can get along, and be fair to your people - even if they are a BIKER.

MC & Gjengkriminalitet


Correctional Services figures show more than half of SA’s bikies behind bars as crackdown bites

THE tide has turned in the war on bikies, with more than 60 per cent of South Australia’s outlaw gang members now behind bars. A combination of unrelenting police pressure and new anti-gang laws has put 156 members in jail, an increase of 66 from five years ago.

Correctional Services figures released for the first time reveal that as of July 1 this year, 62 per cent of the 251 patched gang members in South Australia are behind bars. These 156 gang members are serving sentences ranging from a few months for minor offences such as assault, while others are serving significant sentences of up to 15 years for serious drug trafficking and organised crime matters.

One is serving a sentence for manslaughter of a drug dealer.
They include 25 members of the Mongols, compared with just seven members on July 1, 2012 — a 257 per cent increase.

Police believe there are now fewer than a dozen members in the community.
Recent police operations have also smashed the Nomads in SA. Eight members are now in prison — the entire South Australian contingent. The number of Hells Angels members in custody has more than doubled from 13 in 2012 to 31 members in jail this year — a 138 per cent increase.

Police Minister Peter Malinauskas said he made “no apology’’ for the fact SA’s anti-gang laws were the most stringent in the nation.
“SAPOL has made great progress in disabling gangs and reducing the damage they cause to the community,’’ he said. “This has included keeping drugs off the streets, and seizing firearms to prevent violent crimes.’’ While police activity has been intense, legislative tools such as the Serious and Organised Crime Act that came into effect in 2015 have had a significant impact.

It resulted in 10 bikie gangs being declared criminal organisations, with a string of measures — such as anti-association for gang members — flowing from it. Since the legislation was introduced, gang membership has dropped considerably. In August 2015 there were 306 members, in March last year there were 275 and there are now around 250 members spread across a dozen gangs.

Police believe the largest benefit has been the increase in public safety through the elimination of patched gang members in public places, considerably reducing violence and confrontation between rival members.

High-profile bikies now serving lengthy prison sentences include Nomads president Honar Pishdari (link is external), who was convicted this year of participating in a criminal organisation, aggravated kidnapping and blackmail, and Corey Dettmann and Mostyn Neimann (link is external), convicted of the brutal bashing of then fellow Finks member Charlie Bonnici in 2013.

Crime Gangs operations Inspector Scott Fitzgerald said the violent confrontations and incidents that were relatively common five years ago were “no longer prevalent”. “People with an affiliation with gangs and that lifestyle have shown a propensity for extreme violence,’’ he said.

He said policing gang members was “a constant’’ despite the significant number who were now incarcerated.
“Like all organised crime, they adapt and as they change, we need to constantly adapt to meet that challenge,’’ he said.

Bikies jailed over Andrews Farm kidnapping — Lunchtime Newsbyte May 31
The surging number of gang members in prison has resulted in carefully managed regimes and measures to both prevent clashes and ensure their activities are not maintained while in custody.
While there have been some violent incidents, targeted placement of key individuals and ensuring rival gang members are not housed in proximity to one another had minimised incidents.

Once sentenced, individual gang members are assessed to ascertain their security rating and then housed in an appropriate facility. Depending on the severity of the offence they have been convicted of, the prisoner may also be managed by the Serious Offender Committee and also classified as a Protective Security Prisoner — subject to an extremely tight management and observation regimen during their sentence.

While in custody activities are closely monitored to prevent clashes and prevent recruitment of young criminals.

Australia - BN.

Onkel von Ex Hells Angels Nomads Member ermordet

Seit rund drei Wochen ist Ex Hells Angels Nomads Turkey Rocker Rezan Cakici (29) aus Oldenburg verschwunden. Jetzt gab es einen grausamen Mord, der im Zusammenhang mit dem Verschwinden des früheren Hells Angels Member stehen soll.

Am Donnerstagabend wurde in Oldenburg um 18 Uhr ein 67-Jähriger in einem Geschäftsgebäude erschossen. Ein 60-jähriger Mann musste schwer verletzt ins Krankenhaus.  Nach BILD-Informationen handelt es sich bei dem Toten um Rezans Onkel, beim Verletzten um seinen Vater.

Der Täter (38) wurde von den Beamten direkt am Tatort festgenommen. Er soll aus dem direkten Umfeld von Rezans Cousin stammen. Finden die Ermittler über ihn den Vermissten?

Die Polizei geht beim Verschwinden nach BILD-Informationen von einem Verbrechen aus. Erst vor sechs Tagen veröffentlichten die Ermittler einen Fahndungsaufruf inklusive Foto von Rezan Cakici. Zuletzt wurde er am 3. Juli am Abend in Oldenburg in einer Shisha-Bar gesehen.

Der Ex Hells Angels Nomads Turkey Rocker hat sich im Milieu eine Menge Feinde gemacht, weil er sich laut eigener Aussage für die Kurden und gegen ISIS ausgesprochen hat. Diese politische Aussage des damaligen Klubchefs war nicht gewünscht. Nach BILD-Informationen steckt aber noch mehr dahinter!

Denn die Hells Angels Nomads Turkey behaupten, dass Rezan C. Geld abgezweigt haben soll, angeblich eine sechsstellige Summe. Im August 2014 hatte der Klub Hells Angels Nomads Turkey Bielefeld Rezan rausgeworfen – und für vogelfrei („Out in Bad Standing“) erklärt. Das bedeutet im Rocker-Kodex: Jeder Hells Angel darf Rezan jederzeit und überall angreifen, verletzen oder töten. Seine Familie wurde bedroht. Seinem Vater sollen sogar Patronenhülsen als Warnung nach Hause geschickt worden sein.

Und wie reagierte Rezan? Er pöbelte in einem „YouTube“-Video gegen Türkische Hells Angels – und wurde dadurch über die Rocker-Szene hinaus bekannt.

„Meine Familie ist zehnmal so groß wie Hells Angels Türkei und meine Kurden stehen auch hinter mir. Ich brauche den Klub nicht. Ich habe auch so Eier aus Stahl“, tönte er. „Und an euch. Ich lass mich nicht von euch ficken … Wer von euch meint, meine Familie oder mich zu bedrohen, der wird sehen. Wer sich meiner Haustür nähert, der wird ganz genau noch sehen, was er davon hat. Ich kämpfe bis zum letzten Tropfen. Ich werde auf jeden Fall ein paar von euch mitnehmen.“

Kurz nach der Veröffentlichung des Videos stellte der Bielefelder eine Entschuldigung ins Netz. Rezan schrieb: „Nach einem klärenden Gespräch mit der Türkei, welches keine offenen Fragen lässt, möchte ich mich hiermit bei den HAMC Nomads Türkei entschuldigen. Ich habe mich ungerecht behandelt gefühlt und überreagiert!“

Nach BILD-Informationen führt die Spur der Ermittler aktuell aber nicht ins Rocker-Milieu. Denn: Zuletzt hatte er sich wieder häufiger mit Hells Angels Mitgliedern öffentlich gezeigt. Sein Cousin wechselte sogar zuletzt von den Bandidos MC zu den Hells Angels MC.

Germany - Bild.

July 27, 2017

En person skadet etter ny skyteepisode på Etterstad

Vedkommende er på vei til sykehus med uvisst skadeomfang, opplyser politiet. Politiet opplyser til VG at det har vært en skyteepisode ved en bensinstasjon på Etterstad i Oslo. En person er funnet skutt, og er ifølge politiet på vei til sykehus med ukjent skadeomfang.
– Vi sendte ut flere enheter og fant en person som var skutt. Personen ble umiddelbart sendt til sykehus. Det er uvisst skadeomfang og uvisst hva hendelseforløpet er, sier operasjonsleder Marita Aune ved Oslo politidistrikt til VG.

Ingen pågrepet

Aune sier politiet nå arbeider med å finne ut hva som har skjedd.  Så langt er ingen pågrepet.
Et vitne forteller til VG at det er omtrent 20 væpnede politifolk på stedet og at de har tatt seg inn i en leilighet, men at de nå har trukket ut igjen. Folk på stedet blir bedt om å trekke unna.

Utelukker ikke sammenheng

Hendelsen fant sted kort tid etter en annen skyteepisode på Majorstua i Oslo, men det er så langt ingen informasjon som tilsier at de to episodene har sammenheng, ifølge operasjonslederen.
– Vi kan ikke utelukke at de to hendelsene har tilknytning til hverandre, skriver politiet på Twitter.
Politiet fikk melding om den andre skyteepisoden klokken 09.22.

Norway - VG.

Person skutt i Oslo - jakter gjerningsperson etter «målrettet angrep»

En person skal være skutt ved Majorstua i Oslo. Politiet har foreløpig ikke kontroll over gjerningspersonen.

Politiet jakter fortsatt på en eller flere gjerningspersoner etter at en person skal være skutt.
– Vi har kontroll på en person som nå har status som mistenkt i saken. Vi kan ikke utelukke at det er andre involverte, skriver politiet på Twitter.

Døde: Jente (17) ble knivstukket av jente (15) i Kristiansand

Operasjonsleder Marita Aune sier til VG at de fikk melding kl. 08:15 torsdag morgen om at en person skal være skutt i Sørkedalsveien nær Majorstuekrysset.
– Vi fikk raskt kontroll på den skadede, som var ved bevissthet og er nå fraktet til sykehuset, sier hun.

Politiets innsatsleder på stedet, Christian Bortne, sier til VG at de jobber utifra at det var et «målrettet angrep» på en person.

Roger Hjertø ved krimvakten i Oslo forteller TV 2 at en person ringte inn og sa han var skutt.
– Han er skutt i armen og skal ikke være alvorlig skadd, sier Hjertø til TV 2.

24-åring siktet for drapsforsøk: Fire personer skutt ved utested i Oslo

Innsatsleder Christian Bortne bekrefter at hendelsen skjedde i trappeoppgangen. Den skadede er brakt til Ullevål sykehus.

Et vitne i nærheten av åstedet hørte kraftige smell.
– Jeg var på parkeringsplassen borte med Colosseum da jeg hørte tre kraftige smell. Smellene kom rett etter hverandre, sier Torbjørn Hogstad (30) til VG.

Et annet vitne forteller VG at to personer ha forlatt stedet i en drosje etter skytingen. Enda et vitne forteller at væpnet politi stoppet en taxi nær Ullevål Stadion på ring 3. Det er ikke bekreftet om dette er i forbindelse med skytingen på Majorstua.

Operasjonsleder Marita Aune forteller til VG at de jobber med å kartlegge om taxien hadde med skytingen å gjøre. Hun forteller også at de kartlegger miljøet rundt den fornærmede.

Kort tid etter skytingen på Majorstua, ble det meldt om skyting på Etterstad. Politiet utelukker ikke at det er en sammenheng mellom hendelsene.

Norway - VG.

Outlaws chapter president and former Hillsborough firefighter was shot

Several residents heard gun shots about 10:30 PM Tuesday night.
"I heard 2 gunshots and then there was a pause then 3 or 4 more gunshots" one resident tells us.

Residents in the trailer park at hwy 41 and Valroy were stunned when a bleeding man came running through the park pleading for help.
"He was bleeding on the side he said he was shot and to call 911 and that's what I did," a resident tells us.
"He said he thought he'd been targeted," says a resident who wants to remain anonymous.

The I-Team has confirmed the man shot was James Costa a retired Hillsborough Firefighter and President of the Outlaws motorcycle club, an organization law enforcement classify as a "criminal gang". Costa was taken to a nearby hospital. Hillsborough county deputies are still investigating the case.

The shooting comes just two days after the I-Team uncovered a rise in local violence between motorcycle clubs.
"We believe that it's primarily associated with the Outlaws attempting to establish dominance or maintain dominance," said Capt. Mike Jenkins from the Pasco Sheriff's Office.

Back at the scene of the Costa shooting, sources tell us Clint Walker, a Hillsborough county firefighter and paramedic, responded to the scene after Costa was shot.

Walker was a known Outlaws member before Hillsborough county passed an anti gang policy following our previous investigations. Sources say when deputies tried to take Costa's leather Outlaws vest, he refused to give it to them, and instead gave it to Walker.

Walker has told us he's no longer an Outlaws member and Costa is like family to him. He wouldn't comment further.

Hillsborough Fire Rescue spokespeople refused to comment.
Only saying, once they receive the full sheriff's report they will review if Walker broke any policies by taking the Outlaws vest.

Deputies are investigating whether Costa was targeted in the shooting.


Hells Angels associate shot dead in Chilliwack

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "The man shot Friday morning in Chilliwack has been identified. Police say Yee Hung (Roland) Chin, 33, died in hospital after being shot in the 43900 block of Progress Way. His death is being treated as a homicide and the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is now investigating. Chin had most recently lived in Chilliwack and was known to police. Chin had an extensive criminal history in Calgary. He was a member of the FOB gang in Calgary; his brother Roger was killed in 2008. More than two dozen deaths were connected to a long-running gang war with their rivals, the FOB Killers."

As we know, the FOB (Fresh off the Boat) in Calgary sold drugs for the BC Hells Angels through the Independent Soldiers. The FK in Calgary sold drugs for the UN.

CBC is reporting that "Police say a Dodge Caravan was set on fire shortly after the shooting and two other vehicles - described as a white sedan and a dark sedan - were spotted fleeing the site of the burning van."

The Abby News is reporting that: "For the past year Chin has lived in Chilliwack, according to some who knew him. He went by Jason, rode a motorcycle, was a personal trainer and apparently went to church."

Canada - GO/DW.

July 26, 2017

It's a MC (Motorcycle Club) and not a MG (Motorcycle Gang)

23 Most Intense Biker Gang Fights in Recent History

Sixth person arrested in shooting outside Diablos' clubhouse

A sixth person has been arrested in connection with a March 30 shooting outside the Diablos motorcycle clubhouse at 27th Street and Eighth Avenue.

Wesley E. Charlton Jr., 48, of Terre Haute, appeared Tuesday in Vigo Superior Court 5 where he received a trial date of Oct. 24 and another hearing date of Sept. 28.

Charlton had been wanted on a warrant issued July 6 for criminal organization activity, a Level 5 felony; assisting a criminal and obstruction of justice, both Level 6 felonies.

Information filed with the court in the case alleges Charlton picked up shell casings fired outside the motorcycle club so they could not be used as evidence in an investigation of the shooting.

A Terre Haute man was shot as he was driving past the club on March 30, and other people were injured by flying glass from the shots. Police initially arrested five club members. Charlton is accused of helping one of those men involved in the incident.

Judge Michael Rader set bond at $10,000, 10 percent allowed, and pretrial home detention allowed if appropriate.

Others charged in connection with the gunfire incident are:
• Brian W. Gosnell, 45, of Terre Haute, on charges of aggravated battery, a Level 3 felony; criminal gang activity, criminal recklessness, criminal organization activity, possession of a handgun without license, unlawful possession of firearm by domestic batterer and possession of handgun by convicted felon. He was released from jail to the work release program on July 5, and has a Sept. 19 trial date.
• Corrie E. Robinson, 32, of Terre Haute on charges of criminal gang activity, obstruction of justice and assisting a criminal. He was released April 19, and has an Aug. 22 trial date.
• Those same charges have been filed against Jack W. Schultz II, 57, of Terre Haute; Vernon Cheesman, 52, of Brazil; and Jeremy M. Yates, 40, of Clinton.
Yates was released from jail June 7 to in-home detention and has Sept. 19 trial date.
Schultz was released July 20 to in-home detention, while Cheesman remains in jail. Both have Oct. 3 trial dates.


Polizist verriet Interna an Osmanen Germania

Der Mann soll seinem Schwager, einem Mitglied der Rockergruppe Osmanen Germania Boxclub, polizeiintere Informationen weitergegeben haben. Vor dem Wiener Straflandesgericht wurde am heutigen Dienstag einem Polizisten mit Verbindung zur Rockergruppe Osmanen Germania Boxclub der Prozess gemacht.

Er soll seinem Schwager, einem 30 Jahre alten Glaser aus Wien, Polizei-interne Informationen zu laufenden Ermittlungen weitergegeben haben. Der Schwager soll der zweithöchste Kopf des Österreich Ableger der Osmanen Germania Boxclub gewesen sein, welche seit letztem Jahr ein Vereinshaus in Favoriten betreibt. Das berichtet der „Kurier“.

Dabei dürfte die Anklage weitaus dramatischer gewesen sein, als sich während des Prozesses herauskristallisierte. „Der erste Eindruck, dass er der große Maulwurf für diese Rockergruppe ist, das hat das Beweisverfahren nicht gebracht“, so der urteilende Richter Philipp Schnabel.

Der derzeit suspendierte Polizist wurde zu einer bedingten Freiheitsstrafe von 9 Monaten verurteilt. Ab einer Freiheitsstrafe von einem Jahr würde der Mann sein Amt als Exekutivbeamter verlieren. Er bleibt weiterhin Polizist, muss sich aber der Disziplinarbehörde stellen, welche entscheidet, ob die Sache für ihn weitere Konsequenzen haben wird. Der 30-jährige Schwager war ebenfalls angeklagt, wurde aber von den Vorwürfen rechtskräftig freigesprochen, weil es keine sicheren Beweismittel gegeben habe.

Die Familie machte sich Sorgen
Seiner Familie gegenüber hatte er immer wieder beteuert, dass es sich bloß um freundschaftliche Zusammenkünfte und gemeinsame Box-Treff handle. Doch nachdem seine 35-jährige Ehefrau und frischgebackene Mutter des gemeinsamen Sohnes das Internet nach Informationen über die Osmanen Germania Boxclub durchsucht hatte, alarmierte sie ihre Schwester (31), die mit dem angeklagten Polizisten verheiratet ist.

Der 30-jährigen Glaser war in der Vergangenheit schon mehrmals auf Tuchfühlung mit dem Gesetz gegangen. Laut dem Bericht wurde gegen ihn wegen Körperverletzung und gefährlicher Drohung ermittelt. Daraufhin studierte der Polizist in der internen Datenbank den Akt seines Schwagers, weil er dessen Worten, nach eigenen Aussagen, keinen Glauben mehr schenken konnte.

Einer der Vorwürfe vor Gericht: Er habe seinen Schwager vor der laufenden Telefonüberwachung gewarnt. Der Exekutivbeamte versicherte dem Richter, von einer tatsächlichen Spitzelaktion gegen seinen Verwandten nichts gewusst zu haben. Er habe dem 30-Jährigen nur „Angst machen“ wollen, nachdem er in den Medien gelesen hatte, dass die Rockerbande flächendeckend abgehört wurde.

Mittlerweile soll der Glaser bei den Osmanen Germania ausgetreten sein. Er selbst sei während seiner längeren Mitgliedschaft von selbst dahintergekommen, „was für Leute das sind“. Vor Gericht betonte er allerdings wiederholt, dass der Österreich Ableger keinerlei kriminellen Hintergrund habe.

Der Polizist ließ allerdings bereits mehrfach Verschwiegenheit missen. So soll er eine Freundin vor einem Planquadrat gewarnt haben und einer Tante (51) Auskunft über laufende Ermittlungen zu Bekannten gegeben haben. Die 51-Jährige wurde zu einem Bußgeld in Höhe 1.560 Euro wegen versuchter Anstiftung zum Amtsmissbrauchs verurteilt.

Ähnliche Themen:

Germany - H

Hells Angels schweigen im Rocker Prozess Köln

Es zeichnet sich schon seit einiger Zeit ab: Im Rocker Prozess Köln gegen acht mutmaßliche Mitglieder der Rocker Hells Angels MC C-Town wegen Gründung, Mitgliedschaft oder Unterstützung einer kriminellen Vereinigung sowie Drogenhandels, Erpressung und versuchten Mordes hat die Staatsanwaltschaft nicht die besten Karten. Spätestens seitdem das Gericht nun sechs von acht Angeklagten aus der U-Haft entlassen hat, scheint eine Verurteilung eher unwahrscheinlich.

Gestern beantragte dann auch noch Verteidigerin Ulrike Tasic für ihren Mandanten (28) ebenfalls Haftentlassung. Der 28-Jährige soll eine illegale Marihuana-Plantage mit rund 700 Pflanzen im Kölner Umland für die Gruppe betrieben haben. Die Vorsitzende, Ulrike Grave-Herkenrath, ließ durchblicken, dass sie sich bei Beantwortung von Detailfragen zum Drogenanbau eine Haftverschonung durchaus vorstellen könne.

Vormachtsstellung erkämpft
Sollte es so kommen, säße nur noch der Türkische Hells Angels Hauptangeklagte Serkan Akyol (33) im Gefängnis. Gemeinsam mit seinem Bruder Erkan (30) soll er das Charter Hells Angels MC C-Town gegründet haben. Der 30-Jährige sitzt aber nicht auf der Anklagebank. Nach einer Schießerei mit einem Todesopfer in der Nippeser Kneipe „No Name“ im November 2015 soll er sich in die Türkei abgesetzt haben. Wiederholt sollen ihn dort seither Kölner Hells Angels besucht und mit Bargeld versorgt haben.

Im Verlauf des Jahres 2015 soll sich das Charter Hells Angels MC C-Town „unter Begehung zum Teil erheblicher Straftaten“ eine Vormachtstellung in Köln erkämpft haben. Konkurrenten, die ihnen bei ihren illegalen Geschäften in die Quere kamen, sollen bedroht oder attackiert worden sein. Dabei schreckten die Rocker auch vor dem Gebrauch von Schusswaffen nicht zurück.

Kamerabilder zu schlecht
So sollen Mitglieder der Gruppe am 16. Juni 2015 den Sohn (44) eines Büdchenbesitzers am Kölnberg, dessen Bruder (35) und die Mutter (65) mit Schüssen schwer verletzt haben. Laut Anklage soll sich der 44-Jährige in den Drogenhandel in der Hochhaussiedlung eingemischt haben, der von den Hells Angels kontrolliert wurde. Mit ihrer Tat hätten die Rocker klarstellen wollen, so die Anklage, „dass sich niemand an ihnen vorbei am Kölnberg betätigen durfte“.

Vor Gericht schwiegen die Geschädigten aber – ein erster herber Rückschlag für die Anklage, der nur durch die spätere Aussage einer Ermittlerin der Mordkommission abgemildert wurde. Gegenüber der Beamtin hatte die 65-jährige Geschädigte in einer Vernehmung eingeräumt, dass sie nach dem Angriff Besuch vom Hauptangeklagten Serkan A. und dessen abgetauchten Bruder erhalten habe.

Beide hätten sich für die Schüsse entschuldigt und um Verzeihung gebeten – angeblich sogar mit Handkuss. Dennoch folgte Ende Juni ein zweiter Rückschlag für die Anklage. Ein anthropologisches Gutachten, in dem Bilder der Angeklagten mit Aufnahmen einer Überwachungskamera verglichen wurden, blieb ohne Ergebnis – die Kameraaufnahmen hatten sich als zu schlecht erwiesen.

Es bleibt spannend in einem komplizierten Verfahren, das bisher zwar Indizien, aber fast keine Beweise für eine Verurteilung der Angeklagten geliefert hat.

Germany - RO.

July 25, 2017

Rising violence between local motorcycle groups

The I-Team found there's been a recent string of violence amongst local motorcycle clubs. Law enforcement classify some of those clubs as "criminal gangs" and "criminal enterprises". Florida law enforcement agencies including right here in Tampa Bay are on high alert.

Belinda Donovan's husband for 22 years, David from Homosassa, was murdered execution style in Leesburg.
"It's kind of a nightmare.  Seeing him in the hospital was tough" Belinda tells us.

Police say David, the Vice President of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club Chapter in Lake County, was getting cigarettes at a gas station, when a large group of the Outlaws Motorcycle "gang" demanded he take off his club's leather vest.
David and his two other friends refused. Shortly after, outside of the store, investigators say one of the outlaws put a knife to his throat and forced him to his knees. Then someone shot David in the back.

A witness whose identity we are protecting because he was the other Kingsmen member at the scene, says the Outlaws have been trying to find out who he is.
"I locked eyes with him right before they shot him", he recalls.
Reporter: "You know who did this?"
Witness:  "I do."
Reporter: "What was it like for you, what was going on in your mind when you did lock eyes at that moment?"
Witness:  "Just fear for my brother, he was my best friend, I literally talk to him everyday."

In the store surveillance video, you can see the witness shooting back after the gunfire started.  State Attorneys confirm he shot back in self defense.

One of the Outlaws was hit while trying to get away. Police found his bike surrounded by blood at the scene. You can clearly see the outlaws symbol on the gas tank.

Reporter: "How many of them were there?"
Witness: "Rough count somewhere between 23 to 25?"
Reporter: "How many of you were there?"
Witness: "Three."

You can see a large group of Outlaws on surveillance video outside. Gun shells were found all over the parking lot. Police found a gun, a knife, and the vest David was killed for. David was shot right under the surveillance camera.
Police arrested the owner of the bloody Outlaws bike, Marc Knotts, at the Outlaws clubhouse in Ocala. They also arrested Jesus Marrero, Miguel Torres, and Gregory Umphress.

Reporter: "What can you tell us about the outlaws?"
Witness: "They try to say their image has changed. Nothings changed.. they're just bullies, they're thugs, nothing less."

There's been a recent spike in violence involving the Outlaws MC and other motorcycle "gangs."
 "We have received information that in the Tampa Bay area that there have been incidents between the Outlaws between the 69ers and between other 1 percent motorcycle club groups" says Pasco Sheriff's Captain Mike Jenkins who's actively investigating local cases of violence.
"And we believe that it's primarily associated with the Outlaws attempting to establish dominance or maintain dominance" he says.

Less than 2 weeks before the Leesburg murder, Pinellas County deputies responded to a "large motorcycle gang fight" at Local Brewing Company in Palm Harbor.
Deputies report up to 10 outlaws rolled up and jumped 2 members of the 69ers, another motorcycle "gang".
During the fight, one of the 69ers reports his gun was stolen.  The case remains open.

Two weeks before that in Daytona, someone stabbed confirmed Outlaw Christopher Keating to death in a fight outside the Crooks Den.
Police say the Pagans motorcycle "gang" was responsible, and those Pagans weren't from Daytona. That case is still open.
These criminal motorcycle gangs are in the Tampa Bay area. The I-Team previously exposed some of the gangs leaders were in local fire departments.
Although currently not directly associated with the recent murders, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue had at least 2 confirmed Outlaws.
Pasco Fire Rescue still has a fire captain who's a known president of his Pagans MC chapter.
Captain Jenkins tells us, "We are aware these individuals are operating in our jurisdiction.  We are aware that there's information suggesting that violence is increasing amongst these individuals.  Our message is very simple: we will hold those individuals accountable."
As for Belinda's husband David, police expect to arrest more Outlaws connected to his murder.

Belinda says, "They cut his life short.  He had plans and he had hopes and dreams and thoughts for the future that wont get to be lived out."