November 17, 2018

Iron Order MC and the Biker Code of Sharia Law

Rechtszaak No Surrender-leiders pas volgend jaar zomer

De rechtszaak tegen vier leiders van motorclub No Surrender wordt op zijn vroegst pas in juni inhoudelijk behandeld. Dat bleek vanmorgen tijdens een regiezitting bij de rechtbank in Groningen.

De rechters bogen zich vandaag over de zaken van Theo ten V. uit Klazienaveen en Henk Kuipers uit Emmen. Klaas Otto uit Bergen op Zoom en Rico R. uit Hulst, de twee andere leiders, verschijnen komende maandag voor de rechter.

Kuipers ziek
Henk Kuipers was er, in tegenstelling tot de voorgaande zittingen, niet bij. "Hij is ziek", was alles wat zijn advocaat Roy van der Wal erover kwijt wilde. Hij pleitte vanmorgen voor de vijfde keer om zijn cliënt vrij te laten in afwachting van de inhoudelijke behandeling.

Verzet tegen vrijlating
Advocaat Umut Ural vroeg hetzelfde voor zijn cliënt Theo ten V. Het Openbaar Ministerie verzet zich tegen vrijlating. Op maandag 26 november beslist de rechtbank of Theo ten V. en Henk Kuipers op vrije voeten komen.

De Drentse No Surrender-leiders worden onder meer verdacht van afpersing en het leidinggeven aan een criminele organisatie.

Holland - RTV.

Biketoberfest 2018 Daytona Beach FL, Polaris Slingshot, CanAm, Boss Hoss, Harley-Davidson

November 16, 2018

Mayans M.C. Season 1: The Best Sons of Anarchy Easter Eggs

Devils Diciples leader sentenced to life for racketeering, drug trafficking

Detroit — The former national president of the Devils Diciples motorcycle club was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday on charges of racketeering and drug trafficking, officials announced.

Jeff Garvin Smith, known as “Fat Dog,” 64, of Mount Clemens was sentenced by Judge Robert H. Cleland in Detroit after a having been convicted of several offenses in a six-month jury trial in 2014-15 and a four-month trial that ended in February 2015 (link is external).

Evidence showed that at Smith’s direction, individuals, including members and associates of the gang, were beaten and robbed, attorney general's office stated.

According to the attorney general's office, in late 1998, Smith shot a Devils Diciples member who failed to abide by the gang’s rules and, in August 2008, he brutally assaulted the girlfriend of another Devils Diciples member because he believed she disrespected him and the gang.
“The life sentence imposed on this defendant is a clear indication of the seriousness of the violence he engaged in and how committed the law enforcement community is to stop this kind of organized violence,” said Special Agent in Charge Timothy R. Slater of the Detroit division of the FBI.
“The FBI, our state and local partners and the U.S. Attorney’s offices across the region will not rest until all who would harm the peace and safety of our residents are brought to justice, regardless of where those threats originate.“

In total, eight members of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club were convicted during the two trials, including Smith and Cary Dale Vandiver, known as “Gun Control,” 59, of Sand Mountain, Alabama.

Vandiver, the vice president and national warlord, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Nov. 1.
Methamphetamine cook Patrick Michael McKeoun, known as “Magoo,” 59, of Birmingham, Alabama, was sentenced to 372 months on Nov. 8. Alabama leader, Michael Rich, known as “Tatu,” 62, of Anniston, Alabama was sentenced to 360 months imprisonment on October 26, 2018.

The club members were charged with various criminal acts including racketeering, violent crimes in aid of racketeering, methamphetamine production and trafficking, illegal firearms offenses, obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury and other federal offenses, U.S. States Attorney Matthew Schneider said.
The case has been notable for the size and scope of crimes allegedly committed by more than 50 gang members charged in federal court — some of whom face up to life in prison for convicted of crimes dating to the early 1990s. It also is notable for the contrast between the government's violent portrait of bikers who after 20 years of alleged criminal activity and cooking methamphetamine, appear paunchy, feeble, or, deathly ill.

More: Aging biker club's trial rolls toward (link is external)finish (link is external)

Schneider said the gang avoided prosecution over the years through witness intimidation and obstruction of justice.
“This brings to a close, in part, the years’ long effort of the federal government to bring down the leadership of a dangerous organized crime biker gang that terrorized innocent victims throughout the United States,"

Schneider said in a statement. "For over three decades, the Devils Diciples spread fear, violence and their poisonous drugs throughout Michigan and the country."

Four who were found guilty by a jury of engaging in a racketeering conspiracy, methamphetamine trafficking conspiracy, conspiracy to obstruct justice, violent crimes in aid of racketeering are awaiting sentencing.

Those individuals include: National Vice President Paul Anthony Darrah, known as “Pauli,” 54, of Macomb Township and Vincent John Witort, known as “Holiday,” 68, of Fontana, California. Victor Castano, 46, of St. Clair Shores and David Randy Drozdowski, 42, of Fair Haven, Michigan, were also found guilty in the second trial in late 2015 of racketeering conspiracy and methamphetamine trafficking conspiracy.

Prosecutors say 50 members and associates of the Devil’s Diciples have pleaded guilty to various crimes as result of the federal investigation. Authorities also seized more than 60 firearms and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition and the dismantling of eight methamphetamine manufacturing laboratories across the country.

The case was investigated by the FBI, the Michigan State Police, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office and the County of Macomb Enforcement Team, with assistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office.


November 15, 2018

‘Deze jongens hebben ongelimiteerd geld’

FLAMEDUP HHMC 2018 - Head Hunters MC New Zealand

Allegheny Co. DA Withdraws Charges Against Motorcycle Gang Members In Bar Brawl

(video (link is external)) --- PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office has withdrawn charges filed against members of a motorcycle club in the wake of a bar brawl on the South Side last month.

The brawl, which was caught on surveillance video on Oct. 12 at Kopy’s Bar, involved members of the Pagan Motorcycle Gang and undercover officers.
“The video posed problems for law enforcement, as a result of the actions that occurred there. I think that… I was looking forward for an opportunity to start cross-examining the officers,” said defense attorney Lee Rothman.
kopys bar fight Allegheny Co. DA Withdraws Charges Against Motorcycle Gang Members In Bar Brawl
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Following the fight, Rothman’s client, Frank DeLuca, a known member of the Pagan Motorcycle Gang, and three other members were charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy and riot.

But the Allegheny County DA’s Office released a statement Wednesday, saying those charges have been withdrawn based on evidence.

The full statement goes on to say they reserve the option to re-file the charges, and acknowledged the uniformed officers who responded to the incident:
“This afternoon our office withdrew all charges filed against 4 individuals in the wake of an altercation inside of Kopy’s Bar on Oct. 12, 2018. The withdrawal of the charges was based on evidentiary reasons and issues and our office reserves the option of refiling. Our office wishes to acknowledge the actions of the uniformed officers who responded to the altercation, doing so in a calm and professional manor despite being faced with a chaotic situation.”
Last month, defense attorneys said it was the undercover officers who should be charged in the incident. The attorneys say the officers were allegedly drunk, brandished firearms and provoked the entire confrontation.

DeLuca was seen in the video being pinned in place against the bar while an unidentified undercover officer repeatedly punched him in the head.

DeLuca’s attorney said Wednesday that his client never should have been charged.
“Those undercover officers acted in a manner that, I believe, was excessive, and that caused injuries to my client,” said Rothman.

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police issued this statement Wednesday night in response to the charges being withdrawn:
“We respect the District Attorney’s decision to withdraw the charges, with an option to refile later.
“The PBP takes all incidents that involve the use of force seriously, which is why we always conduct full reviews when such force is required. These internal investigations are a part of our protocol.
“We also prioritize transparency, which is why we asked OMI and the FBI to further investigate this matter. If it is determined that internal discipline or administrative actions should be taken, such actions will be taken.
“The public and our officers deserve an impartial examination of the facts. There are three separate independent investigations regarding this incident, and we continue to cooperate with each of them.”
District Attorney Zappala and U.S. Attorney Scott Brady met last month about opening a possible federal probe into the incident.


November 14, 2018

Fort McMurray drug scam

August 2017 the Edmonton journal reported that "A Fort McMurray man will spend more than five years in prison after an investigation into a drug trafficking network ended with police seizing more than $1 million worth of drugs in 2015. During a Wednesday morning court appearance, Justice Kevin Feehan sentenced Paul Ohelo to serve three years and six months for trafficking cocaine and five years and six months for trafficking fentanyl. The sentence is to be served concurrently, minus a day in custody in lieu of time served."

"According to an agreed statement of facts, which Ohelo accepted, an undercover police officer and civilian agent bought thousands of dollars worth of fentanyl and cocaine from the trafficking ring during five separate occasions in 2015. Ohelo delivered the drugs to the undercover individuals and also collected their payments during the transactions. The same court documents indicate two other individuals — Patrick Felix and Spencer Brown — negotiated quantity, delivery terms and pricing with the undercover duo."

The question is, how did Patrick Felix and Spencer Brown, the ring leaders of the operation get off Scott free? Something smells pretty fishy about this one. “Felix and Mulley are accused of being the central figures in cocaine and fentanyl distribution networks that was based in Fort McMurray, but also had connections to Edmonton, Calgary, and British Columbia.”

Canada - GO/DW.

Perth man Luke Joshua Cook has been sentenced to death in Thailand on drug smuggling charges

(video (link is external) --- A Perth man and his Thai wife have been sentenced to death after a failed bid to smuggle $300 million worth of crystal meth into Australia.

A Perth man and his Thai wife have been sentenced to death in Thailand on drug smuggling charges.

Father-of-two Luke Joshua Cook, 35, and his wife Kanyarat Wechapitak, 40, were arrested at Bangkok International Airport in December last year following a tip-off from local police, The Daily Telegraph (link is external)reported.

The pair were sentenced to death after they attempted to smuggle half a ton of crystal methamphetamine — valued at $300 million — into the country.

Their sentences are expected to be commuted to life, the paper says.
Assets linked to the pair worth $800,000 will be forfeited, and include cars, cash and property.
Police said that in 2015, Cook took a yacht into international waters off the Thai coast where he collected 500kg of meth from a Chinese trawler.

He dumped the illicit content overboard after he was spotted by a Thai patrol guard, and escaped in the early morning light.

Authorities later found four sacks containing around 50kg of meth washed ashore on Mae Ramphueng Beach in Rayong province.
Officials also said Cook was given $15 million by Hells Angels boss Wayne Schneider to store and ship the drugs to Australia.
Officials also said Cook was given $15 million by Hells Angels boss Wayne Schneider to store and ship the drugs to Australia.Source:News Corp Australia

At the time of their arrest, Police Lieutenant General Sommai Kongwisaisuk of the Thai Narcotics Suppression Bureau said Cook was a Hells Angels member in Pattaya, a city 150km from Bangkok, according to Fairfax Media (link is external).

Cook was born in Duncraig, a northern suburb of Perth, and lived in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea as a child before returning to Western Australia as a teenager.

Cook moved to Pattaya and bought a bar in the beach resort town, which he named the Piss Stop Bar, and subsequently joined the Hells Angels.

Officials also said Cook was given $15 million by gang boss Wayne Schneider to store and ship the drugs to Australia.

Schneider demanded his money back after the operation failed, but he was then brutally murdered by gang members, with his naked body later found in a shallow Pattaya grave.

Cook was later convicted over his involvement in the murder, after trying to help former Sydney gangster Antonio Bagnato, 28, escape to Cambodia.

Bagnato was found guilty and sentenced to death by a Thai court for his role in the 2015 abduction and murder of Hells Angels gang member Wayne Schneider (pictured).
Bagnato was found guilty and sentenced to death by a Thai court for his role in the 2015 abduction and murder of Hells Angels gang member Wayne Schneider (pictured).Source:Supplied
Bagnato’s sentence was later commuted to life in prison.
Bagnato’s sentence was later commuted to life in prison.Source:AAP

Bagnato was found guilty and sentenced to death over the murder but the sentence was commuted to life in prison.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance to an Australian in Thailand. has contacted the Australian Federal Police for comment.
The arrest is part of a wider operation in Thailand seeking to crack down on Australian-led bikie gangs in Thailand.

Several Australians have been arrested and deported in a series of raids conducted by Thai police, on criminal charges including drugs, extortion, weapons, and human trafficking.

The crackdown has a particular focus on tourist resort cities like Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai, as well as the capital, Bangkok.

Raids are also being conducted in other South-East Asian countries including Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore.

Thailand - BN.

November 13, 2018

Pagans MC 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Club Documentary.

Mongols MC Utah

Polizei stellt 1 Tonne Koks sicher

hells angels hamburg
Dieser Schlag gegen die Organisierte Kriminalität hat gesessen: Gratulation, Polizei Hamburg zu diesem beeindruckenden Erfolg!“

Innensenator Andy Grote (50, SPD) auf Twitter.

Am Freitag wurde klar, was für dicke Fische den Rauschgift-Fahndern ins Netz gegangen sind: Sie beschlagnahmten mehr als eine Tonne Kokain aus Brasilien im Wert von bis zu 200 Millionen Euro, ein Kilo Marihuana und 170 000 Euro in bar!

Der Schnee-Fall der Hamburger Polizei
Donnerstagnachmittag. Fahnder beobachten am Billhorner Röhrendamm im Hamburger Stadtteil Rothenburgsort nahe der Elbbrücken drei Deutsche (40, 40, 49), einen Italiener (28) und einen Polen (43) beim Entladen eines Containers. Als gut 1000 Pakete mit jeweils einem Kilo Kokain raus sind, schlagen schwer bewaffnete SEK-Beamte zu.

Wer ist die Drogen-Bande?
Im Mittelpunkt steht nach Ermittlungen der Polizei Martin P. (39) aus der Hafen-City, ein führendes Mitglied der Hells Angels Hamburg Harbor City. Er wurde am Donnerstag ebenso festgenommen wie seine mutmaßlichen Komplizen aus Rothenburgsort, hinzu kamen ein Pole (45) und ein Deutscher (25).

Gegen P. hatte die Polizei bereits im Februar ermittelt. Doch damals floppte eine Razzia. Es wurden nur 20 Gramm Marihuana sichergestellt. Die Ermittler blieben jedoch dran. Nun der Riesen-Erfolg!

Wie läuft der Drogenschmuggel?
Zoll-Sprecher Stephan Meyns: „Wir verzeichnen in den vergangenen Jahren einen deutlichen Anstieg der Kokain-Sicherstellungen in Norddeutschland. Das meiste kommt aus Süd- und Mittelamerika, die großen Mengen werden hauptsächlich im Seeverkehr nach Europa transportiert.“

Erst Anfang dieses Monats hatten Zöllner rund 200 Kilo Koks im Hafen sichergestellt, es war zwischen Kaffee versteckt. Der Hafen ist seit Jahren die Drehscheibe der Drogen-Mafia! Steckt sie auch hinter den jüngsten Schießereien in Hamburg?

Fakt ist: Um den lukrativen Drogenhandel tobt seit Monaten ein blutiger Krieg. Jüngste Höhepunkte:
Beim Einkaufszentrum Wandsbek Quarree wurde am 10. Oktober ein Albaner (39) niedergeschossen, drei Männer flüchteten. Polizeisprecherin Heike Uhde: „Nach den ersten Erkenntnissen könnten Streitigkeiten im Zusammenhang mit Betäubungsmitteln Hintergrund der Tat sein.“

Am 2. November fiel dann auf der Wandsbeker Chaussee ein Aserbaidschaner (42) mit einem Bauchschuss aus einem Jeep. Das Opfer und seine beiden Begleiter äußern sich nicht zu den Hintergründen.

Denn Schweigen gilt im Rockermilieu als eiserne Regel.

Germany - Bild.

November 12, 2018

There is many motorcycle clubs already. Why do people want to start their own?

November 11, 2018

Head Hunter stabs two men in unprovoked attack in Tauranga

November 10, 2018

Hard Time S2 E8: Worst of the Worst

Another Suspect In Deadly Tulsa Bar Fight Arrested

(video (link is external) --- Four of the seven suspects are now in jail, after a gang fight over a vest, turns deadly. Police say members of the Hells Lovers one percent and the Thunder Guards one percent were involved in the fight.

Police say the fight happened in June when the two victims, who belong to the Thunder Guards told a prospect for Hells Lovers they didn't like him wearing his vest and they tried to take it from him.

According to police, the guy with the vest called the president of the Oklahoma chapter of the Hells Lovers and he showed up the next day with 10 to 15 guys to fight it out with the victims, who were at Torchy's bar in Tulsa. Police say the fight got out of hand and one victim was beaten unconscious and the other shot in the leg, that victim later died.
"I'm sure you have plenty of up and comers on the motorcycle club that say I'm going to make a name for myself right now and impress the boss and that's kinda what happened," said Sgt. Brian Hill of the TPD Gangs Unit.
To some, fighting over a vest might seem ridiculous, but, police say in the motorcycle gang world, their vest is sacred, and they have specific by-laws about protecting it and if anyone disrespects it.

Seven people are now charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault Ken Walters, aka Dallas, Kevin Fields, aka Black Superman, Mark Alexander, aka Dirty, Dwayne Arceneaux, aka D-Train, Troy Stinnett, aka Amp, Leon Harris, and Eddie Veal.

Police say both gangs call themselves one percenters.
“The one percenters, they're saying they are the most extreme, most serious and the one percent top of all motorcycle clubs in the entire United States," said Sgt. Hill. "Each club is different but the one unifying trait as far as the one percent motorcycle clubs is their complete hatred of law enforcement."

Which makes working a case like this, that much tougher. Not all seven suspects are yet in custody.


Grand jury indicts 41 people connected to R.I. motorcycle gangs

(video (link is external)) --- PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A statewide grand jury has indicted 41 of 61 people arrested this spring in a state police undercover investigation into alleged assaults, drug-dealing and gun-running by Rhode Island motorcycle gang members or their associates.

The state attorney general’s office released the 171-page indictment on Thursday that listed 424 counts of alleged crimes.

Sixteen others have already waived their right to have their cases presented to the grand jury and pleaded guilty, said Amy Kempe, spokeswoman for Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin.

Four others had their cases referred to the state’s Drug Court or to the attorney general’s Adult Diversion Unit, which serves as an alternative to prosecution for first-time nonviolent felony offenders.

Arraignments for those indicted are scheduled to begin Dec. 5 before Superior Court Judge Robert D. Krause.

In the predawn hours of May 23, more than 150 state and federal investigators swarmed through northern Rhode Island, carrying out at least 29 separate raids of homes, businesses and at least one motorcycle club headquarters.

For almost a year beforehand, authorities have said, they had been gathering information through at least one confidential informant and wiretaps on several cell phones used by a Burrillville man about the Pagans biker gang trying to establish a Rhode Island chapter and that biker rivalries were spawning violence.

Those recorded conversations between Deric “Tuna” McGuire and his associates also led them to believe McGuire was not just a motorcycle gang leader but the head of a Woonsocket-based drug enterprise.

McGuire, who is named in the indictment, faces more than 220 counts of narcotics and weapons charges.

The raids produced a stash of weapons and drugs — even one rocket launcher. And they came just weeks after a member of the Massachusetts Pagans was shot on Route 95 in Connecticut. State police officials said at the time they decided to move in when they did to prevent any further violence.


November 09, 2018

Bandidos-ledare gripen i Stockholm – kopplas till jättebeslag av vapen

En ledare för mc-gänget Bandidos har gripits vid en insats på onsdagskvällen.

Gripandet kopplas till ett jättebeslag av vapen och sprängmedel som polisen gjorde i april.
– Nu är vi där i utredningen att det var dags att plocka in honom, säger Daniel Löfgren, polisinsatschef vid Grova brott polisområde Syd.

Det var en söndag i april i år som polisen hittade stora mängder automatvapen, sprängmedel och knark gömda i bilar i ett parkeringsgarage i Skärholmen i södra Stockholm.

Man påträffade bland annat 37 vapen varav 13 stycken av dessa var automatvapen.
Expressen skrev då om att vapengömman tillhörde mc-gänget Bandidos och även Bredängsnätverket, två gäng som samarbetar i den kriminella miljön i Stockholm.
– Vissa av de här vapnen är tänkta att använda i krig, sade utredningsledare Jonas Lindberg på grova brottsektionen vid polisen i Stockholm syd till Expressen då.

 Nu har utredningen lett fram till ett gripande av en Bandidos-ledare.

Greps i Bandidos lokaler 

På onsdagskvällen har polisen utfört husrannsakningar på ett flertal adresser i södra Stockholm, vilket Aftonbladet var först att rapportera om.
– Gripandet har skett i Bandidos lokal i Brandbergen i södra Stockholm, säger Daniel Löfgren, polisinsatschef vid Grova brott polisområde Syd.

 Bandidos-ledaren är nu anhållen av åklagare och är på sannolika skäl misstänkt för synnerligen grovt vapenbrott och grovt narkotikabrott.
– Den här utredningen har pågått rätt länge, sedan i april. Och nu är vi där i utredningen att det är dags att plocka in honom. Nu är han misstänkt och det är ett så pass grovt brott när vi inte kan ha dem ute, då ska de gripas, anhållas och häktas. Det är därför han är anhållen.

Daniel Löfgren kan inte säga exakt hur gripandet gick till, men arbetet var ett samarbete mellan enheten för grova brott i polisområde Syd med den regionala insatsstyrkan i Stockholm och lokala polisen.

Polisen om knarkkriget

Tillslaget är en del av polisens arbete i den särskilda insatsen som kallas för Max.  Genom den bedriver polisen ett riktat arbete för att bryta våldsutvecklingen.
”Kriminella nätverk och en kamp om narkotikamarknaderna är en del av problematiken och därmed också det som polisen jobbar emot”, skriver polisen på sin hemsida.

De skriver också att från årsskiftet till den 7 november i år har cirka 89 skjutningar skett i Stockholms län, siffran har inte slutreviderats än. Under samma period 2017 skedde 114 skjutningar, enligt polisen.

Bandidosledare häktad efter tillslag

En 31-årig man har häktats efter polisens tillslag mot mc-gänget Bandidos i Stockholmsområdet tidigare i veckan. Mannen, som är en ledarfigur inom Bandidos, är häktad misstänkt för synnerligen grovt vapenbrott och grovt narkotikabrott, rapporterar SVT Nyheter Stockholm.

Mannen kopplas till ett stort vapen- och narkotikabeslag i våras. Då hittades två bilar i ett garage i Skärholmen i södra Stockholm. I bilarna fanns 37 vapen, varav 13 automatvapen. Det fanns även ammunition, sprängmedel och omkring 13 kilo narkotika.

I onsdags kväll genomförde polisen ett antal husrannsakningar i södra delarna av Stockholms län, bland annat mot Bandidos lokaler i Brandbergen i Haninge.

Sweden - AB.

Stop de hetze tegen onschuldige burgers

Stop de hetze tegen onschuldige burgers

Bijvoorbeeld Henk Kuipers wordt onderdrukt door onrechtvaardigheid en onredelijkheid door het wettelijke gezag en de media die klakkeloos alles overneemt.



Alle burgers van Nederland, die niet alleen Henk Kuipers steunen, maar ook bang zijn de volgende te kunnen zijn die kapot wordt gemaakt door onnodige hetze door het Openbaar Ministerie.


Dat steeds meer onschuldigen in Nederland onnodig in gevangenschap zitten.

en verzoeken

  • Henk Kuipers en 1000-en anderen burgers die onschuldig vast zitten met rust te laten.
  • Tevens een onafhankelijk onderzoek in te stellen naar deze wantoestanden.
Holland - MC & Gjengkriminalitet

Twin Peaks suspect loses round in court

WACO, Texas - One of the men indicted on riot charges connected to the deadly Twin Peaks shootings lost another round in court on Thursday.

Nine people died in the 2015 shooting, which started as a fight between two rival motorcycle gangs.

Marcus Pilkington wanted the 10th Court of Appeals to throw out his indictment, saying the judge made a mistake in the case - but the court said he failed to prove his argument.

Pilkington is already in prison on drug and Tampering with Evidence charges.


What if the Mongols Motorcycle Club loose their case against the patch grab by the Government?

As many in the biker and motorcycle club scene already know. The Mongols Motorcycle Club is in a tough fight in Federal court. A fight in which the United States Government is trying to use Trademark Law to strip the Mongols Motorcycle Club of it’s colors.

I’ve talked about this subject extensively on the Biker Angle over on Insane Throttles YouTube Channel. First off, I find it funny just how many people who truly ignorant. What do I mean? We’ve been seeing and receiving messages from people who have been making comments such as.

“The Mongols and 1%er are receiving a taste of what they do to other smaller clubs by not letting them wear their patches.”

“The Mongols is a bunch of thugs and gang members.”

I say this to those kinds of people. “You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, nor do you understand what is at stake in this case.”

These are the kinds of problems the motorcycle club scene and biker lifestyle have been facing in recent years. Ignorant People who think they know what this lifestyle is about. For example, one of the biggest ignorance displayed has been support for LEOS. This support for LEOS have opened up our lifestyle to an unprecedented amount of scrutiny by the Federal Government and Mainstream Media.

What do I mean when I say support for LEOS? It’s simple. You have many motorcycle clubs claiming to be traditional clubs; meantime they accept cops as members. This is the biggest farce I’ve ever heard and seen. Traditional Clubs NEVER had cops as members. An example of this  comes to mind with Iron Legacy. Headed up by out bad Iron Order founder Ray Lubeski. Lollipop is a guy who never once prospected for a motorcycle club.

He is also a guy that made sure cops were involved in his organization in order to have built in protection. After being thrown out of his old club Iron Order, he started his revenge club and decided to testify in a case that could’ve effected all motorcycle clubs. He did it willingly, without regards to the possibility of the government infringing on the rights of all motorcycle clubs, riding clubs, social clubs.

Here’s the deal. Rubs have started destroying the scene from the inside out. They carry this mindset they are entitled to do what they want. They have no respect for tradition. It was that very tradition which kept people in motorcycle clubs from going out in public and causing all kinds of problems for the scene as a whole. Here’s a news bulletin for all you RUBS and popup up clubs. This isn’t a game!

Not everyone is entitled to a trophy you Jack nuts. Put clearly, you’re a bunch of cowards who didn’t want to accomplish shit the right way. You didn’t want to prospect. By contrast, you started up some fly by night bullshit and sell your shit online. You then wonder why your shit clubs fall to pieces within a year.

With the idiots aside and the mature adults in the room who can comprehend what is at stake. The case right now facing the Mongols could reverberate throughout society as a whole. Check out this story from Pasadena Star News. It explains exactly whats going on.

Trademark vs. First Amendment

At its heart, the case poses some interesting legal questions, said Rebecca Tushnet, a Georgetown law professor who specializes in trademark and intellectual property law.
“I’ve never heard of anything like this in terms of trademark law,” Tushnet said. “There’s no barrier to the government seeking this kind of remedy, but there are some prohibitions.”

Tushnet said taking the trademark — for example — wouldn’t give the government the right to rip jackets off the backs of Mongols any more than it has the right to rip counterfeit Louis Vuittons from the clutches of random women shopping on Rodeo Drive.

And the point where trademark law overlaps with protections for free speech outlined in the First Amendment is “simply a mess,” Tushnet said.

It is likely the government will argue that the Mongols are a “clear and present danger,” and they will likely conclude that on that basis Mongols members should forfeit their patch.

Yes, this is happening in the United States. Prosecutors Seek to Strip Mongols Motorcycle Club of its Logo. Video Enclosed

“But, it’s hard to imagine that a symbol worn on someone’s back as they are riding down the highway meets that standard,” she said. “What the government is trying to do — if I understand correctly — it’s trying to do a little slight of hand in terms of seizing that trademark.”

Which is exactly what Santillan hopes to prove, and he says he has backing in the cause from traditional rivals who belong to other groups.
“A lot of clubs are taking the same stance and want to band together to fight this thing,” he said. “It’s about everybody that wears a patch from Christian bikers to one-percenters. This is going to be a big thing. There’s a lot of constitutional issues involved in this.”

Former federal agent testifies about his years undercover with the Mongols Motorcycle Club in Gov attempt to strip Mongols of their patch. Video Enclosed

This is extremely scary shit for all American Citizens. One of the biggest quotes that stood out was “I’ve never heard of anything like this in terms of trademark law,” Tushnet said. Essentially, the Government wants to make law and hope it sticks on appeals. Let’s talk about appeals by the way. This case is back on because the 9th Circus Court as many designate it reversed the case being thrown out. Take a look at what the judge said in 2013.

By Frank C. Girardot |
PUBLISHED: October 26, 2013
Original Stance of the Judge

The key legal requirement for RICO prosecutions involves identifying an individual and an organization. The Government charged, as the person, “Mongol Nation” alleging that it participated in the affairs of the enterprise “the Mongols Gang.” Judge Carter concluded, “There is no meaningful distinction between the association Mongol Nation and the enterprise of the Mongols Gang. The indictment therefore fails.” So at the end of the day there was a failure by the Government to meet the RICO requirement to identify a person and an enterprise.

The judge in this case knew what the government was up too. At the opening of the current trial the judge even said to the jurors that no one is on trial to go to jail. It’s about the government taking the patch of the Mongols. Let that sink in, especially those who support the right of motorcycle clubs to wear what they want.

In my opinion, I think this issue is one everyone needs to take seriously. This goes out to the supporters and people who have no skin in the game. Before you go out slamming on a club you might not like, remember if they loose this case, it will be the club you support NEXT.

Notorious Mongols Motorcycle Club fighting U.S. government to keep its vest patch . How is this even possible in the United States?

USA - IT/By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 10 Review & After Show

November 08, 2018

Top 10 Best Cruiser Motorcycles in the World 2018.

Amazing compilation of top ten best cruiser motorcycles of all time in the world 2018.

3 Bacchus Motorcycle Club members sentenced for extortion

Convictions mark first time 'criminal organization' designation has been used in Nova Scotia

Three Nova Scotia members of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club have been sentenced to jail terms ranging from 18 months to three years on charges of extortion and extortion as members of a criminal organization.

Patrick Michael James, 51, received the longest sentence Wednesday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court: two years on a charge of extortion and an additional year on the charge related to a criminal organization.

Justice Peter Rosinski ordered that James must serve half his sentence before he can begin applying for parole. Typically, inmates can apply for parole after serving a third of their sentence.

Duayne Jamie Howe, 49, received a total of two years for the same two charges. He must also serve three years probation when he completes his jail term. David John Pearce, 44, received an 18-month jail sentence and three years probation.

Their convictions in July marked the first time the designation "criminal organization" has been applied by a judge to an outlaw motorcycle gang in Nova Scotia. (link is external)

A man wears Bacchus patches at a gathering in January 2017 in Charlottetown. (Mathieu Bernier/Radio-Canada)
Last month, a Crown prosecutor argued for sentences ranging from 4½ years to six years. Defence lawyers sought jail time in the range of six months to two years. In sentencing the trio Wednesday, Rosinski noted "intimidation, extortion, harassment, threatening behaviour and physical violence are the stock in trade of such criminal organizations.
"They represent an elevated threat to civil society."

The convictions stem from incidents in 2012 when a man, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, sought to bring a chapter of the Gentlemen's Motorcycle Club to Nova Scotia.

That club has no criminal affiliation but uses vests and patches similar to those worn by members of Bacchus, the Hells Angels and other outlaw motorcycle gangs. When James found out what the man was doing, he ordered him to destroy all the patches and stop any plans to open his own club chapter.

When Pearce and Howe subsequently ran into the man at a motorcycle event, they threatened him.

He became so afraid, the court heard during this trial, that he and his wife installed a panic alarm in their home and sold their motorcycles.

As a condition of their sentences, the three Bacchus members are to have no contact with the man, his wife or five other people. All seven have their identities protected by a court order.
Rosinski noted the men have not renounced their past association with Bacchus and have not accepted responsibility or shown remorse for the crimes they've committed. Given that, he said their chances for rehabilitation are poor.

In addition to jail and probation, the men face a 10-year weapons ban and they must give DNA samples. They are also forbidden from associating with any members of Bacchus, the Darksiders, the Hells Angels or any other outlaw motorcycle club.

Gang paraphernalia that was seized when police raided homes and the Bacchus clubhouse have also been forfeited.

Canada - BN.

November 07, 2018

Mighty Mongols MC Nation Faces the Feds!

A racketeering trial began in Santa Ana, California, last week — opening arguments were Wednesday — in which prosecutors accused the Mongol MC Nation of operating as an organized criminal enterprise involved in unspeakable offenses against humanity.

If prosecutors are successful they will force the organization to forfeit "any and all marks" that include the organization's logo — the word "Mongols" and a drawing of a Genghis Khan-styled rider on a chopper styled motorcycle. In 2005 the Mongols MC Nation became vulnerable to this legal line of attack when they registered their name and image as a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Unknown to the club at the time, four undercover agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had infiltrated their MC.

In 2008 the U.S. Attorney's Office for California's Central District and then-U.S. Attorney Thomas O'Brien issued between 79 and 110 arrest warrants in four states, accusing the club members of a myriad of crimes. And Thomas O’Brein went a step further and formally sought to take possession of the club's trademarked name and logo. This was an unusual and novel legal tactic using trademark law to strike at the heart of what prosecutors called a notorious outlaw motorcycle group, and federal civil asset forfeiture laws to take their colors. Civil asset forfeiture laws empower the government to seize assets from convicted criminals.

O’Brein said at the time, “If the court grants our request ... then if any law enforcement officer sees a Mongol wearing his patch, he will be authorized to stop that biker and literally take the jacket right off his back," according to a McClatchy report.
"It not just stripping them of their identity, or robbing them of a recruiting tool, it's taking the star off their helmet," said a law enforcement source in Los Angeles. "The logo itself furthers a criminal enterprise."

Prosecutors eventually won convictions against all but two of the club’s indicted members and as part of a plea deal, the club forfeited rights to the Mongols MC Nation’s trademarks to the Department of Justice, Federal Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled that, upon presentation of the court's order by police, "defendants and all their agents, servants, employees, family members, and other persons in active participation with the MC, must surrender all products, clothing, vehicles, motorcycles, books, posters, merchandise, stationery, or other materials bearing the Mongols trademark."

At the time, only Uncle Sam was legally entitled to wear the Mongols' colors, or leather vest -- known as a "cut" which is a sleeveless jean jacket worn as a vest. Later another judge partially lifted that injunction a few years later, and the initial trademark forfeiture effort was eventually rejected. The court found that the government couldn’t seize the MC's name and insignia just because some members had been convicted of crimes, because the club, itself, hadn't been charged with criminal conduct. The Justice Department was ordered to pay $253,206 in lawyer’s fees to the attorneys who challenged the charges and the Mongols MC Nation was handed a major victory. But in an attempt to sidestep that argument and confiscate the logo, federal prosecutors in 2013 then indicted the entire Mongols MC Nation, charging the club with a racketeering conspiracy.

November 06, 2018

What led to brawl?: Zappala is right to criticize police obfuscation

Serious questions have been raised about the official police account surrounding a recent brawl
What were members of the Pittsburgh police doing drinking in a South Side bar before fighting four men, all allegedly members of the Pagans motorcycle club, earlier last month? And why are the police stonewalling the district attorney’s office as the city attempts to figure out what led to that drunken melee?

These are the questions that must be answered as serious questions have been raised about the official police account surrounding the recent brawl.

The Oct. 13 dust up was ostensibly the result of a drug dealing sting gone awry. According to the police, the undercover officers had their covers blown before a Pagan allegedly started pushing and throwing punches. The officers claimed the use of force was necessary for bringing down the unruly men.

All told, four alleged Pagans were arrested and charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy and causing a riot.

Video from the incident and testimony from others have revealed discrepancies in the official account.

Surveillance cameras inside the bar captured officers drinking heavily for about five hours before the confrontation. Attorney Martin A. Dietz, who represents 28-year-old Erik Heitzenrater, estimated that some of the detectives had as many as 15 drinks, usually doubles and triples on the rocks.

The officers then verbally sparred with the alleged Pagans. One detective raised his shirt to display his firearm. More words were exchanged, then pushing, then fisticuffs.

After the fight broke out, video captured one defendant, 36-year-old Frank Deluca, being pinned against the bar by one officer as another struck Mr. Deluca in the head 19 times. Mr. Deluca was hospitalized with two black eyes, one of which was swollen shut, and bruising on his forehead.

Another alleged Pagan can be seen getting punched by an officer despite standing away from the scuffle. The officer then kicks that same man on the ground.

It is clear there are significant questions to be answered about this operation. But the police have not seemed too eager to answer them.

On Oct. 25, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. publicly questioned why the police have not been forthcoming with evidence and statements about the brawl. Mr. Zappala said that, as of this writing, he does not have enough evidence to prosecute any of the accused Pagans. He also stated that the police have not informed if the officers were actually undercover or on an assignment in the bar.

Are officers permitted to drink on the job? What latitude is afforded to undercover officers on assignment? What is the evidence supporting the charges facing the four alleged Pagans?

Mr. Zappala is right to criticize the department for its obfuscation, an approach he has effectively used in the past. The people of Pittsburgh need to know that their police officers are comporting themselves in a respectful manner and that the department will provide transparency and accountability. They deserve answers.


En förolämpning. Det kan vara orsaken till helgens skottlossning i Mölnlycke.

Enligt uppgifter till SVT Nyheter Väst arbetar polisen efter teorin att masskjutningen var en hämnd i en pågående dispyt mellan en lokal kriminell gruppering och Hells Angels.

Två dagar efter den mycket våldsamma skottlossningen där minst åtta personer skadades – flera med kopplingar till Hells Angels – arbetar polisen intensivt med olika spår i utredningen.

Ett av de viktigaste uppdragen är att förstå varför skjutningen ägde rum. Tidigare har polisen uttalat sig sparsamt om eventuella motiv, och talat om ”konflikter” mellan personer i gängkriminella grupperingar. På måndagsförmiddagen bekräftade också polisen att det rör sig om en trolig konflikt mellan Hells Angels och en lokal gruppering i Mölnlycke som kommit att kallas för 435-gänget, efter postkoden i Mölnlycke.

”Var tvungna att markera”

Nu uppger en källa för SVT Nyheter Väst att ett av spåren som polisen arbetar efter är att det hela rör sig om en konflikt som startade när personer ur 435-gänget uppträtt kaxigt mot personer ur Hells Angels. När Hells Angels därefter misshandlade en eller flera personer ur 435-gänget, så var konflikten ett faktum.

– De var tvungna att markera, och då plockade de på sig vapen och åkte till festen, säger källan till SVT.

Uppgifterna har inte bekräftats av polisen och den nya åklagaren i fallet, Håkan Johansson har avböjt att uttala sig innan han hunnit läsa in sig på det redan omfattande fallet.

HA-ledare skjuten med 14 skott

I nuläget sitter elva personer anhållna misstänkta för mordförsök och grov misshandel. Ytterligare en person är frihetsberövad men har inte kunnat höras ännu. Enligt uppgifter till SVT Nyheter Väst rör det sig om en högt uppsatt Hells Angels-medlem som skjutits med ett tiotal skott. Uppgifter till Göteborgs-posten gör också gällande att åtminstone två av de frihetsberövade personerna är representanter för en Hells Angels-förening i ett annat europeiskt land.

SVT Nyheter Väst har sökt ansvarig utredare vid polisen, men inte lyckats nå honom.
Händelsen i Mölnlycke riskerar att leda till en allvarlig våldsspiral, befarar polisen enligt källan.

Bland annat finns uppgifter om att personer med kopplingar till Hells Angels från andra delar av Sverige och Europa är på väg mot Göteborg.

– Det ska vara ett 20-tal personer på väg, säger en källa till SVT Nyheter Väst. 

När svenska och utländska gäster förfestade i en klubb anknuten till Hells Angels lokaler i Mölnlycke misstänks personer kopplade till det lokala gänget 435 ha kommit dit.

I skottlossningen som uppstod skadades sex personer och ytterligare två fick andra typer av skador.
Enligt SVT Nyheter Väst är ett av polisens spår att skottlossningen kan bero på en konflikt – som startades av en förolämpning.
– Det finns skäl att fundera över om det kan bli en fortsättning på det här, säger Erik Nord, polischef i Storgöteborg, till GT.

I lördags kväll arrangerades en fest i Hells Angels Goth Towns klubbhus i det gamla gästgiveriet i Skepplanda i Ale kommun. Innan den förfestades det i en HA-anknuten klubbs lokaler i Mölnlycke i Härryda kommun utanför Göteborg. På festen fanns både svenska gäster och dem från utlandet, bland annat från Polen vilket Göteborgs-Posten var först med att rapportera.

Strax före halv tio-tiden larmades polisen dit. Sex män hade blivit skjutna och ytterligare två hade kniv- och/eller misshandelsskador. Enligt uppgift till GT blev minst en man skjuten i magen och övriga skottskadade har träffats i underkroppen.

För en av de skadade personerna var tillståndet så allvarligt att han fick sövas ner. Bland de skadade finns män som har officiell status inom Hells Angels såväl som andra personer.

Lokalt knutet gäng

Exakt vad som har hänt är oklart, men åklagaren Karl-Erik Esbo har sagt om de personer som tros kommit till platsen och legat bakom skottlossningen:
– Det är ett lokalt knutet mindre gäng, eller snarare en konstellation.

 Det lokala gänget kallar sig för 435, efter postnumret i Mölnlycke. Personer med kopplingar till det har under en längre period skapat oro i området, uppger polisen.
– Gänget består i grunden av en handfull killar som drog i gång för många år sedan. I dag är de i 25-årsåldern men har alltid svansar av ungdomar efter sig, säger kommunpolisen Niklas Svensson.
– Till en början ställde de till med en del oreda här ute. Nu har de utvecklat det till en kriminell verksamhet.

Polisen har alltså inte gått ut med om det finns någon teori om motivet, men enligt uppgifter till SVT Nyheter Väst ska det människor med kopplingar till 435 ha "uppträtt kaxigt" och kommit med förolämpningar mot personer från HA – varpå Hells Angels-personer ska ha svarat med att misshandla flera.

SVT uppger att det lokala gänget då ska ha åkt till festen och skottlossningen sedan ägt rum.
Efter det inträffade är det totalt elva personer som har anhållit. Misstankarna gäller försök till mord och grov misshandel. De anhållna är alla i 25-50-årsåldern och ytterligare en är frihetsberövad.

Lokalt gäng angrep

Polisen utesluter inte att det finns en risk för hämnd.
– Det finns skäl att fundera över om det kan bli en fortsättning på det här. Vi kan föreställa oss en rad olika händelseutvecklingar och vi följer utvecklingen noggrant, säger Erik Nord, chef över polisområde Storgöteborg.

– Hur vi gör eller vad vi gör kan jag inte kommentera. Men vi har höjd beredskap om det kan komma att hända saker vi inte vill ska hända, fortsätter han.

 Åklagare Håkan Johansson har precis tagit över fallet och avböjer att kommentera ärendet i nuläget.

Sweden - Exp.

November 05, 2018

The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Kurt Angle

Do you have to be in a Motorcycle club to be considered a 1%er ? Keith Ball on Legends Segment

Hells Angels 'Surprised by Cameras'!!! Production Crew was In-Jeapardy

13 arrested after suspected gang violence wounds 8

Eight people were wounded when shots were fired outside an entertainment venue in Sweden and the violence is thought to be linked to a feud between rival motorcycle gangs, authorities said Sunday.

Police said officers found "several injured people" outside the venue in the small industrial town of Molnlycke that hosted a party on Saturday. One remained in serious condition with gunshot injuries Sunday.

How many weapons were fired was unclear, and 13 people were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and aggravated assault, police said.

News agency TT reported that Swedish prosecutors suspect the shooting was connected to a clash between two biker gangs, one of them connected to the Hells Angels.

Swedish authorities say the country has seen a rise in organized crime activity several gang-related shootings have taken place in its three major cities: Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo.

Sweden - BN.

Både 38-åringen och 36-åringen anses ha koppling till den kriminella mc-klubben No Surrender.

Så blev domen mot gängledaren

Östergötland Två män med koppling till det kriminella gänget No Surrender döms för försök till grov utpressning. Hovrätten går därmed på tingsrättens linje.

Den 15 juni i år befann sig en 38-årig man från Linköping och en 36-årig bekant till honom på en restaurang i Norrköping. 38-åringen har av poliskällor tidigare pekats ut som en ledargestalt i det kriminella gänget Black Cobra.

38-åringen började uttala sig nedsättande om en man som befann sig på samma krog och kommenterade bland annat dennes utseende. Mannen blev upprörd och under den dispyt som följde blev han knuffad av 36-åringen.

Händelsen på Norrköpingskrogen tog snart en allvarlig vändning. 38-åringen och 36-åringen krävde först att mannen skulle "bötfällas" på 40 000 kronor. Senare höjde de kravet till 100 000 kronor. Det hotfulla i situationen underströks av att 38-åringen och 36-åringen gjorde klart att de har kopplingar till det kriminella mc-gänget No Surrender.

Den utpressade mannen valde att ta ett lån på 100 000 kronor för att kunna betala. Till slut bestämde han sig dock för att kontakta polisen istället för att överlämna pengarna. Den 25 juni i år blev både 38-åringen och 36-åringen anhållna. De häktades ett par dagar senare.

Norrköpings tingsrätt valde den 31 augusti att döma både 38-åringen och 36-åringen för försök till grov utpressning. 38-åringen dömdes till fängelse i två år medan 36-åringen dömdes till fängelse i ett år och sex månader. Tingsrätten skev i domen att 38-åringen har ”en klar koppling” till No Surrender och benämnde i domen klubben som en ”kriminell mc-organisation”. 38-åringen har förnekat att han skulle vara medlem i No Surrender. Tingsrätten noterade dock att han har haft en klubbväst med titeln "Sergeant at arms" och en svensk flagga.

Både 38-åringen och 36-åringen överklagade domen till Göta hovrätt och krävde att bli frikända. Även åklagaren överklagade domen – och krävde straffskärpning.

Hovrätten skriver i domen att brottsoffret gett "ett mycket trovärdigt intryck och har lämnat uppgifter som får starkt stöd av den skriftliga bevisningen." Hovrätten skriver vidare att de bägge utpressarna anspelade på sitt våldskapital. Att 38-åringen och 36-åringen gav sig på en man som för dem var "i princip tidigare helt okänd" lyfts fram som en försvårande omständighet. Brottet innebar ett allvarligt angrepp på brottsoffrets trygghet.

Straffet på två års fängelse för 38-åringen står fast. 36-åringen får sitt straff skärpt från fängelse i ett år och sex månader till fängelse i två år.

Sweden - NT.SE

November 04, 2018

Tolv pågrepet etter skyting utenfor festlokale i Göteborg

Tolv personer er pågrepet etter skyting utenfor et festlokale i Mölnlycke i Göteborg lørdag kveld. Åtte personer, blant dem Hells Angels-medlemmer, ble skadd.
– Det kan komme til å bli flere pågripelser, sier politiets pressetalsmann Stefan Gustafsson til TT.

Sju personer ble sendt til sykehus i Göteborg etter skuddløsningen lørdag kveld. En av dem er nå utskrevet. En annen er alvorlig skadd, og de øvrige fems tilstander omtales som stabile.

En åttende person som antas å ha vært involvert i hendelsen, har fått legebehandling i Skaraborg.
Det kan finnes ytterligere skadde som enten ikke har oppsøkt medisinsk hjelp eller som har oppsøkt legehjelp uten å angi at de befant seg nær de øvrige skadde, ifølge politiet.
Skuddløsningen skjedde utenfor et festlokale i Mölnlycke utenfor Göteborg. Motivet og hendelsesforløpet er ukjent, og politiet er tilbakeholden med detaljer i saken. Men ifølge Göteborgs-Posten har en støtteklubb til motorsykkelklubben Hells Angels lokaler i industriområdet der lokalet ligger. På spørsmål om noen av de skadde har koblinger til Hells Angels, svarer kriminalkommissær Sven Lindgren, som er ekspert på kriminelle MC-gjenger i politiets region Väst:
– Svaret er ja, blant de skadde finnes det personer som tilhører Hells Angels.

Sweden - NTB.

Skottlossning i Hagsätra – två skadade

Två personer har skjutits i Hagsätra i södra Stockholm. Enligt uppgifter till Aftonbladet blev en av dem träffad i ansiktet och är allvarligt skadad. Polisen utreder skjutningen som försök till mord.
– Det är det värsta jag varit med om, säger ett vittne på platsen till Aftonbladet.

Polisen larmades om skottlossningen i Hagsätra strax efter 17 på söndagen.
– Det är en bekräftad skottlossning, säger Towe Hägg, presstalesperson vid polisen.
Enligt polisens initiala uppgifter var gärningspersonerna minst två stycken och minst en av dem var beväpnad med ett pistolliknande föremål. 
– Vi är på plats och försöker ta reda på vad som hänt, säger Towe Hägg, presstalesperson vid polisen i Stockholm.

Två personer är skottskadade och polisen har inlett en förundersökning om försök till mord.
– Vi kommer att prata med de skadade personerna när det är möjligt, säger Towe Hägg.

Nära tunnelbanestation

Skjutningen har skett utomhus på Olshammarsgatan, nära Hagsätra tunnelbanestation. Polisen har spärrat av den misstänkta brottsplatsen och kommer att undersöka tunnelbanestationen.

Polishelikopter deltar också i insatsen men polisen hade vid 18.30-tiden inte gripit någon misstänkt gärningsperson.

Enligt uppgifter till Aftonbladet blev en av de skottskadade träffad i ansiktet. Skadeläget är allvarligt för en av de skadade medan den andra är lindrigare skadad, uppger källan.

Vittne: Blodiga män ryckte i förardörren

En man som körde förbi brottsplatsen med sin familj precis efter skjutningen berättar för Aftonbladet att två skadade män kom fram och ryckte i förardörren till bilen.
En av dem blödde ur buken och den andre var blodig i ansiktet.
– Min familj är hemma nu och de är livrädda, säger vittnet till Aftonbladet.

Mannen stannade inte bilen utan fortsatte att köra framåt en bit. Han såg då en tredje man med skador på överkroppen springa ned i tunnelbanan.
– Det är det värsta jag varit med om, säger vittnet till Aftonbladet.

Gärningsmän flydde på moped

Polisen uppger på sin hemsida att de fått ”uppgifter att ett tvåhjuligt motorfordon har lämnat platsen vid tidpunkten för skottlossningen”.
– Det är uppgifter som kommit fram i pågående arbetet, säger Towe Hägg vid polisen.

Enligt uppgift till Aftonbladet har de två misstänkta gärningsmännen setts fly brottsplatsen på en moped. Det började kort därefter brinna i Örby. Polisen har hittat en bensindunk och en hjälm på brandplatsen – men ingen moped, enligt Aftonbladet källor.

Polisen bekräftade på söndag kväll att de spärrat av en plats vid en idrottsplats i Örby där det har varit en mindre brand.
– Det pågår en hel del utredningsåtgärder som jag inte kan svara på frågor om just nu. Vi är på plats och samlar in information, säger Towe Hägg.

Sweden - AP.

Former federal agent testifies about his years undercover with the Mongols Motorcycle Club in Gov attempt to strip Mongols of their patch.

A veteran federal agent who spent years undercover after infiltrating the notorious Mongols Motorcycle Club offered his first-hand account Thursday of a secretive culture of violence and intimidation during testimony in an ongoing federal racketeering trial.

The three years that Darrin Kozlowski and three other U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Officers spent embedded in the outlaw motorcycle club already has led to guilty pleas from 77 members of the Mongols. Now, the since-retired special agents’ efforts are at the center of the government’s attempts to seize legal control over the Mongols’ trademark name, a move that would bar the bikers from wearing the patches that now adorn their vests.

During a federal trial in Santa Ana this week, prosecutors have portrayed the Mongols as a criminal organization that encourages and rewards members who take part in violent, at-times deadly assaults, including riots in Laughlin, Nev. and a melee at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon near Palm Springs in 2002, and violent attacks in bars or restaurants in more recent years in Hollywood, Pasadena, Merced, La Mirada, Wilmington and Riverside.

Kozlowski, who previously infiltrated a Hollywood chapter of the Vagos motorcycle club and an East Coast chapter of the Warlocks motorcycle club, worked his way up the ranks of the Cypress Park chapter of the Mongols between 2005 and 2008, adopting the persona of “Dirty Dan” and telling other members of the club that he had Mafia ties fostered while growing up in Chicago.

It was a risky move, Kozlowski acknowledged during his testimony, particularly since he had already infiltrated one outlaw motorcycle club in Southern California. A photo of Kozlowski had also been printed in a book written by William Queen, a since-retired ATF agent who had infiltrated the Mongols years earlier, and whose work was well known throughout the motorcycle gang.

Kozlowski testified to buying crystal methamphetamine from several members of the Mongols, to being present for several brawls in clubs or parking lots, to helping members legally barred from having firearms hide their guns and to being told that other members of the club that they had killed members of the Hells Angels, whose bloody rivalry with the Mongols dates back to the 1970s.
“Members would often talk about doing things to elevate themselves within the Mongols by doing these acts of violence,” Kozlowski said. “It was talked about as a badge of honor.”

Kozlowski said some members of the motorcycle club were initially suspicious of him and the other undercover agents, forcing them to take polygraph tests before being allowed to join. He described for jurors the inner workings of the club, including detailing the various patches members can acquire for a variety of actions, from assaults and even murders of rivals to explicit sexual conquests.

To bolster his false identity, Kozlowski said he once offered to fly his chapter president to Chicago for a tour of what he claimed were his childhood neighborhoods. The chapter president unexpectedly accepted the invitation, Kozlowski testified, and law enforcement officials were forced to set up a dinner in Chicago with other agents posing as Italian organized crime bosses who told the Mongols leader they had worked with Kozlowski on past criminal endeavors.

There were several times Kozlowski said he believed the other Mongols were on the verge of realizing he was a law enforcement officer. He recalled once entering the home of Mongols leadership to see several members holding Queen’s book and looking at the photographs, and immediately believing he had been set up before realizing it was simply a coincidence. The president of his chapter eventually saw the photo of Kozlowski in the book, and had to be convinced it wasn’t him.
“Why would a member of the ATF who infiltrated the Vagos in this area come back and be a member of the Mongols?” Kozlowski testified about telling his chapter president.

Attorney Joseph Yanny, who is representing the Mongols, has acknowledged that members of the club broke the law, but told jurors that those individuals had been kicked out for their actions. On other occasions, Yanny told jurors, the club members acted in self-defense or were induced into drug deals by undercover agents.

Kozlowski testified that during his time with the motorcycle club he never saw anyone kicked out for illegal behavior, including individuals convicted of felonies.
Prosecutors have previously indicated that if they are successful in their efforts to gain legal control over the Mongols’ trademark, they could literally take the jacket off the bikers backs anywhere in the country. The club traces its roots to Montebello in the 1970s.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, who is presiding over the trial, was angered late Thursday morning when four bikers, including one wearing sunglasses, appeared in the courtroom. The judge initially believed that it was a violation of an agreement the club had made to only have two of its members in the courtroom at a time, but learned that two of the visitors were from other motorcycle clubs.

Carter, who noted that 40 to 50 Mongol members attended some pretrial hearings, said anyone has a right to watch the trial. But he also made clear that for every member of the Mongol’s who attends, he will have an equal number of U.S. Marshal’s in the courtroom.
“You can have 50 people in here, but I’ll match them,” Carter warned the clubs leaders. “My jury is not going to be intimidated.”



When Your Wife Burns the Club's Cut

When I watched a wife burn the club's cut on Facebook I was horrified. I wondered what can be done to prevent such public embarrassment? What are the steps the MC should take to prevent them from having to witness a wife burning their colors on Facebook in the first place? I also wondered what a club might do after a wife burns the club cut?

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Husband and wife filmed themselves raping eight month-old baby and uploaded sick video to Facebook.  Christopher and Sarah Almaguer now face 15 to 30 years in a federal prison after abusing up to 25 children.
A husband and wife have been arrested after they recorded videos of themselves raping young children and uploaded the vile clips to the internet.  Christopher Almaguer, 26, and 27-year-old wife Sarah have pleaded guilty in Texas to one count of count of sexual exploitation a...nd one count of production of child pornography.The pair admitted to uploading sexually explicit videos on December 2017 that showed them sexually assaulting children as young as eight-months old.

The Almaguers, from Waco, Texas, were arrested on Friday and now face 15 to 30 years in a federal prison.  According to reports, the US Secret Service began their investigation on February 21 following a tip-off provided by Facebook." reported a user for uploading suspected images and videos containing child pornography," the complaint said.Investigators think the husband and wife may have abused up to 25 potential victims, all of whom are from the central Texas area.They range from fourteen years of age to 14 months.The Almaguers have been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on January 29.

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