February 28, 2018

Bandidos bikie John Fahey 'court' out by Instagram selfie

A former top bikie boss and wannabe social media star has been busted by cops after posting a clip in court captioned 'F*** court.#eatad**k'.Ex-Bandidos national sergeant-at-arms John Fahey, 41, has more than 13,000 followers on Instagram for his buff selfies, criminal tales and pictures of his party lifestyle.But the self-described 'menice2society' became a menace to himself when he filmed a four second iPhone video at Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court.Fahey was charged by officers associated with gang-busting squad Strike Force Raptor after posting a clip from the inside of a magistrate's court on May 9.He was captured on CCTV striding into a courtroom on the fifth floor of the complex with his father and pulling a black Apple iPhone from his pocket.'The accused commenced to record proceedings on his phone in a 'selfie' style until his father tapped him on the leg to stop him recording,' court documents revealed.The post said 'F*** court #downingcentre#court#taxs#eatad**k'.By the end of the month, he had been charged with using a recording device in court premises.Detectives were no doubt keeping a close eye on Fahey given he regularly updates his Instagram with posts about his brushes with the law.On April 24, the gym junkie posted a picture outside Surry Hills Police Station: 'Time to hand myself in to tha Po Po.#surryhills#police#warrant#naughtyboy'.It wasn't clear which matter he was referring to.On May 16, he posted a picture of a court statement of facts for a previous case involving how he chased a man around Parramatta Westfield with a baseball bat.'About 4.30pm on Saturday 18 July 2015, the accused.was at Westfield shopping centre, Parramatta with his partner.At this time the accused has a verbal altercation with the victim.The accused shortly afterwards attended 'Rebel sports', a sporting goods store inside Westfields and purchased an aluminium baseball bat.' Fahey captioned the image: 'My parole officer gave me a part of the police facts of one of my last charges and asked my thoughts about if something like this was to arise again.ILAUGHED you'd get the same result.' Back at the Downing Centre on Tuesday, Fahey avoided jail for both the recording device offence and for breaching a good behaviour bond for a prior affray charge.Police facts said he beat a man at The Family Inn in Rydalmere and became involved in a brawl there late one night.Magistrate Robert Williams handed him an Intensive Corrections Order for both charges.In 2014, Fahey said he was 'turning his life around' and had left the Bandidos.He has also been tied to the Hells Angels.Another picture posted by the former bikie boss - this time following a court case March 17, 2016: Instagram update - 'Spent the whole day in parramatta district court listening to other people's cases and 6 cases were rape cases half them on minors I felt like punching the scum bags out anyways I'm still a free man for a few more months' January 23: Posts a new picture of himself shirtless as

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Bikies issue warning to gangsters on Mick Hawi's execution

Kinley Kelm charged with Scorpions Motorcycle Club HQ break in

A man charged with breaking into the Scorpions Motorcycle Club headquarters in Lyon Township is undergoing a competency exam as club members are still waiting to rebuild after a fire that heavily damaged (link is external) their building.

Kinley Rae-John Kelm, 39, has been arraigned in 52-1 District Court in Novi on charges of breaking and entering with intent; two counts of larceny of firearms; one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm; and felony firearm.

At this time, no one has been charged with setting the fire that heavily damaged the Scorpions' headquarters, located on Milford Road north of 10 Mile, at the same time as the break-in during the early hours of Sept. 22.  The fire was ruled arson after the police investigation.

A Bobcat belonging to a fence company working a project at the nearby War Dog Memorial was apparently stolen, driven to the motorcycle club and used to crash through the the clubhouse wall and move a large safe.

A not guilty plea was entered for Kelm, who was referred to the forensic center for a competency evaluation. The competency hearing has been scheduled for April 11 before Judge Travis Reeds.
The Scorpions Motorcycle Club house after a fire last fall.
The Scorpions Motorcycle Club house after a fire last fall. (Photo: Lyon Township Fire Department)

Kelm, who was paroled in July 2016 and to remain under supervision of the Michigan Department of Corrections until September 2018, was also being held for a possible parole violation. According to the Department of Corrections, Kelm had been sentenced to prison for larceny, breaking and entering and vehicle theft. There was a delay in his being charged in the motorcycle club case while he was in the custody of the Ohio Department of Corrections.

Meanwhile, the Scorpions have been unable to rebuild their clubhouse due to problems in getting their insurance payment, club president Chris Page said, despite the police investigation finding no one from the club had any involvement with the arson.

"The building is just like it was when it burned. We were cleared by the cops and fire department. We had nothing to do with it (the fire). We've got attorneys involved," Page said. "We fixed up the garage — we went old-school — for meetings and to hang out. We'll start rebuilding in the spring."

Club members located a suspect in the break-in, identified him and contacted police, Page said.
"He was wearing one of the shirts from a locker (inside the clubhouse) walking around in downtown South Lyon at a cancer run," Page said. "He was asked where he had gotten the shirt and said he was a club member from Texas who had just moved here."

It was unclear why the motorcycle club was targeted, although there was a large safe inside. Page had estimated that there was only about $150 in the safe.
"We had a big party (pig roast) three weeks earlier. There were lawn chairs, camping gear and coolers stolen," he said.


Judge stays first-degree murder charge in 17-year-old Hells Angels killing

HALIFAX -- A Nova Scotia judge has stayed murder charges against an Ottawa man in a Hells Angels-ordered killing, saying a third trial for Steven Gareau would undermine the integrity of the judicial process.

Gareau was twice found guilty in the 2000 death of Sean Simmons -- who was targeted because he'd had an affair with a girlfriend of a member of the outlaw gang -- but each of his convictions were overturned on appeal and new trials were ordered.

In a written decision released by the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia Tuesday, Justice Jamie Campbell stayed charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder against Gareau, noting he has served 17 years in prison and endured "two fatally flawed trials."
Hells Angels
Members of the Hells Angels ride outside the Hells Angels Nomads compound during the group's Canada Run event in Carlsbad Springs, Ont., near Ottawa, on Saturday, July 23, 2016. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

Campbell said it would be an abuse of process to try the 61-year-old man for a third time, as he is confined to a wheelchair and in failing health.

He also noted witnesses would be recalling 17-year-old memories, and public confidence in such testimony would be so low it would bring into question the integrity of the justice system.

In December, another man convicted in the killing -- Dean Kelsie -- was granted a new trial by the province's Court of Appeal, saying the trial judge erred in his instructions to the jury.

Kelsie and Gareau were two of four men convicted in the crime, but testimony at the trials indicated that it was Kelsie who pulled the trigger. Gareau has claimed he had no idea Kelsie was planning to shoot Simmons when they went to the Halifax-area apartment building on Oct. 3, 2000.

Canada - BN.

Tidigare Solidosledaren skjuten till döds i Sandviken – misstänkt mördare på fri fot: "Vi jagar en gärningsperson"

Den ihjälskjutne mannen på Nya bruket var tidigare ledare för det kriminella mc-nätverket Solidos. Så sent som i december blev 40-åringen från Hofors frigiven efter att ha dömts till skyddstillsyn för grovt vapenbrott.

Polisen jagar fortfarande hans mördare.

Enligt flera källor till Gefle Dagblad är det den tidigare Solidosledaren, en 40-årig man från Hofors, som skjutits till döds på Nya Bruket. Han har under åren avtjänat flera längre fängelsestraff för våldsbrott.

Anhöriga till mannen underrättades på tisdagsmorgonen.

Senast dömdes mannen till skyddstillsyn med behandlingsplan efter att ha burit en skarpladdad pistol på en krog i Gävle. Enligt behandlingshemmet i västra Sverige svarade 40-åringen svarade bra på behandlingen.

Så sent som december lämnade han hemmet för gott.
– Jag kan inte bekräfta någonting, och åklagaren kommer inte att säga något förrän tidigast i morgon, säger Mikael Hedström, presstalesperson vid Gävleborgspolisen.

Sweden - GD.

February 27, 2018

Fortsatt varetekt for «La Familia»

De seks ble pågrepet i byen etter at en mann lørdag 27. januar ble ranet, kidnappet og utsatt for grov vold. Nå har Haugaland tingrett har besluttet å forlenge varetektsperioden. For to av mennene blir det fengsel helt fram til saken kommer opp for retten den 16. april.

Ifølge etterforskningsleder Torbjørn Nervik ved Haugesund politistasjon skal de seks ha tilknytning til en kriminell MC-gjeng, den svenske enprosentklubben «La Familia», skriver Haugesunds avis.

Politiet hevder blant annet å ha pågrepet lederen for den lokale forgreiningen av «La Familia». Mannen er i begynnelsen av 40-årene.
– Det er opplest og vedtatt at disse er deltakende i organisert kriminalitet. Vi vet at de blant annet driver torpedovirksomhet, narkotikaomsetning og annen lovløs aktivitet, sier Nervik til avisa.

Norge - RH.

Sådan skulle uskyldig Hells Angels-rocker fældes for heroin-handel

Heroin er forbudt i Hells Angels, og hvis en rocker bliver taget i besiddelse af heroin betyder det, at rockeren bliver smidt ud af klubben i ’bad standing’.

Derfor var det en udspekuleret fælde, som fjender af en 32-årig fuldgyldig HA´er planlagde. De ville købe 200 gram heroin, plante det hos HA´eren og give politiet et anonymt tip fra en mobiltelefon med et taletidskort, så han ville blive anholdt og dømt for heroinen. Dermed ville den 32-årige være ’ryddet af vejen’ med et falsk bevis.

To tiltalte medlemmer af den hash-organisation fra Christiania, som ifølge tiltalen blev styret af HA-veteranen Jørgen ’Fehår’ Rinke, er også tiltalt for komplottet mod den 32-årige HA´er - men ’Fehår’ har vel at mærke intet med denne del af tiltalen at gøre.

Se også: HA-rockeren 'Fehår' tiltalt i stor hash-sag: Risikerer livstid igen

To brødre på 22 og 23 stod, ifølge tiltalen, bag komplottet mod den 32-årige HA´er, men politiet ved ikke, hvem de agerede for eller hvad motivet var til, at de forsøgte at få sendt rockeren bag tremmer i årevis for heroin-handel.

Den 32-årige har tidligere været involveret i en joint-fabrik på Christiania.

Ville tippe politiet anonymtIfølge tiltalen blev komplottet aftalt med ukendte medgerningsmænd og de 200 gram heroin blev bestilt hos en ukendt sælger. En tredje mand fik også besked på at købe et taletidskort, så de kunne tippe politiet anonymt.

Men operationen blev afblæst, da brødrene fik instruks fra en ukendt ordregiver om at droppe komplottet. Samtidigt havde den 32-årige HA´er, ifølge tiltalen, ’selv skadet sine forhold betydeligt’, så det ikke længere var nødvendigt at få ham sendt uskyldigt i fængsel.

Politiet ønsker ikke inden retssagen at uddybe baggrunden for komplottet, som bliver belyst i retten. Her er brødrene - foruden handel med mindst 364 kilo hash - tiltalt for forsøg på at købe 200 gram heroin og for forsøg på falsk anklage ved at få sigtet og dømt en uskyldig.

Retssagen starter den 1. marts i Københavns Byret, hvor otte mænd er tiltalt for organiseret hash-handel på Christiania.

Ifølge tiltalen stod gruppen bag salget af mindst to kilo hash-produkter om dagen i perioden fra oktober 2016 til april 2017 eller samlet mindst 364 kilo hash.

Jørgen 'Fehår' Rinke var Ifølge tiltalen bagmand i hash-organisationen og han arbejdede tæt sammen med blandt andre en anden fuldgyldig HA-rocker.

I et tillægsanklageskrift er de to brødre på 22 og 23 år tiltalt for komplottet mod HA-rockeren.

Denmark - EB.

Beschwerde gegen Kuttenverbot

Es muss wohl sehr viel passieren, bis die beiden Rockergruppen Hells Angels und Bandidos an einem Strang ziehen. Ein Gesetz, dass es ihnen verbietet, ihre berüchtigten Symbole zu tragen, hat es geschafft. Es geht vor Gericht.

Regionale Vertreter der Rockergruppen Bandidos MC und Hells Angels MC wenden sich wegen des Kuttenverbot ihrer symbolträchtigen Clubzeichen an das höchste deutsche Gericht. Sie reichten am Montag beim Bundesverfassungsgericht in Karlsruhe Beschwerde gegen das neue Vereinsgesetz ein, das ihnen verbietet, diese Symbole öffentlich zu tragen. So dürfen die Hells Angels nicht mehr mit dem geflügelten Totenkopf auf der Jacke herumlaufen, und den Bandidos ist es untersagt, die Abbildung eines Sombrero tragenden und bewaffneten Mexikaners auf ihren Lederwesten zu zeigen.

Das Symbolverbot treffe flächendeckend alle regionalen Untervereine (Chapter) der Hells Angels und Bandidos – obwohl die meisten sich nichts hätten zuschulden kommen lassen, sagte Reinhard Peters, der die Bandidos MC Gelsenkirchen vertritt. „Das Ganze ist ein Unding“, sagte Lutz Schelhorn von den Hells Angels MC Stuttgart.

„Wir trugen das Zeichen 37 Jahre und mussten jetzt alle Klamotten austauschen und unsere Clubräume umdekorieren.“ Streng genommen müssten sogar Tattoos in der Öffentlichkeit abgeklebt werden, ergänzte Sönke Gerhold, Rechtsbeistand der Stuttgarter Hells Angels.

Statt Kutte kamen sie im Daunenanorak
Die Beschwerde der Rocker, die am Montag bei klirrender Kälte ohne Motorrad und statt Kutten mit Daunenanorak aufliefen, richtet sich gegen das 2017 verschärfte Vereinsgesetz. Dieses stellt klar, dass Symbole eines verbotenen regionalen Rockervereins nicht einfach von einem anderen, nicht verbotenen Verein weitergenutzt werden können. Die Rocker sehen darin „Sippenhaft, Diskriminierung und Willkür“, da damit auch unbescholtene Mitglieder unbescholtener Vereine kriminalisiert und stigmatisiert würden.

Germany - Welt.

Trial for Bandidos leaders may last three months

As state authorities struggle to successfully prosecute more than 150 people indicted in the aftermath of the 2015 deadly biker clash in Waco, the feds are pushing forward here with a racketeering trial of two former leaders of the Bandidos for 16 years of alleged criminal conduct.

An anonymous jury of eight men and four women, and four alternates has been picked for the trial in San Antonio of former Bandidos president Jeffrey Fay Pike, 61, of Conroe and then-vice president John Xavier Portillo, 57, of San Antonio. Opening statements are scheduled for Tuesday morning in front of Senior U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra for the trial that may last up to three months.
Assistant U.S. Attorneys Eric Fuchs and John Gibson submitted a sealed list of 100 witnesses (not all may testify) that include former Bandidos, rival bikers, police officers, federal agents and gang experts, as the prosecutors try to prove that between January 2000 and up until their arrests in January 2016, Pike and Portillo were involved — directly or indirectly — in a host of racketeering crimes. The feds allege Portillo, who was vice president from 2013 until his arrest, and Pike directed or sanctioned extortions, beatings, even killings, of rivals in order to keep control of the Bandidos’ territory and profits.

The Bandidos were formed in the Houston area in the 1960s and earned an outlaw reputation, using the motto: “we are the people our parents warned us about.” Law officers consider the Bandidos to be Texas’ ruling biker gang.
But its current and former members say they just like motorcycles, particularly Harleys, and the biker lifestyle. Many pride themselves in the “one percenter” credo, a phrase coined by the former president of the American Motorcyclist Association who once stated that 99 percent of bikers are law-abiding citizens and 1 percent “outlaws.”
“It’s not a gang,” Royce Showalter,one of the Bandidos’ last surviving founders, told the Express-News in 2015. “It’s a motorcycle club. (The police) they’ve always tried to say there’s crime involved. … But you can say that about any group. You get so many people in a group and there may be a few who might be bad eggs.”

Pike was national president of the group from February 2006 until he gave up the post when he, Portillo and then national sergeant-at-arms Justin Cole Forster, 32, were indicted and arrested in January 2016. Portillo and Forster have been jailed since, and others have moved into their posts within the Bandidos.

The Bandidos have been in national headlines in recent years largely over the deadly 2015 confrontation in Waco, though the incident may only be briefly mentioned in the federal trial, Fuchs told Ezra last week.

The May 2015 shootout involving members of the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco left nine bikers dead — including Jesse Delgado Rodriguez, 65, of New Braunfels — and 20 injured. Local police there arrested 177 bikers after the mayhem, and more than 150 people were eventually indicted on felony charges of engaging in organized criminal activity resulting in the deaths and injuries.

Ballistics evidence showed that police bullets struck four bikers, killing at least two of them. The three officers involved in the shooting were no-billed by a grand jury (not indicted) after being cleared by an internal investigation.

Of the bikers indicted in Waco, only the president of the Bandidos’ Dallas chapter has gone to trial, and it ended with a hung jury. And in early February, McClennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna dismissed 13 other Twin Peaks cases and recused himself from two others, the Associated Press reported.
“We are not going to try the Waco case in here,” Ezra said last week during a pre-trial motions hearing. “They’re having a hard time having it tried in Waco, let alone here. I’m not going to spend valuable trial time on it. ...It’s not part of this indictment. ”

During last week’s hearing, Ezra ruled on other numerous pre-trial motions that included anything from objections by prosecutors to defense lawyers introducing evidence that the Bandidos are now a nonprofit organization to objections by the defense over the Bandidos being referred to as the “Bandidos Motorcycle Organization.”

The Bandidos in May 2017 filed as USARG Inc. to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with 123 licensed chapters in the United States, court records said. The judge denied motions to sever the defendants’ cases or to delay the trial despite objections from Dick DeGuerin, Pike’s lead lawyer, and Mark Stevens, Portillo’s lead attorney.

The latest indictment alleges Portillo declared war on rivals after becoming vice president in 2013 and outlines several clashes between the Bandidos and rival clubs. The indictment also accuses Bandidos bikers of harassing and attacking bikers across Texas, as part of the war that Portillo had declared, and lists the killings of three men in separate incidents: Robert Lara in Atascosa County in January 2002, Anthony W. Benesh III in Austin in March 2006 and Geoffrey Brady in Fort Worth in December 2014.

Pike and Portillo’s defense lawyers have argued that the feds are wrongly holding Pike and Portillo accountable for conduct limited to within respective Bandidos chapters or to individual members.
“They’re autonomous,” DeGuerin argued about the chapters at a pre-trial conference in January.

In October 2016, Forster pleaded guilty to federal racketeering, drug trafficking and extortion charges as part of a plea deal. That same month, Bandidos member Frederick “Fast Fred” Cortez, 49, pleaded guilty to murder in aid of racketeering for Lara’s killing. This past September, San Antonio Centro Chapter members Robert Romo, 45, and his brother, Johnny “Downtown Johnny” Romo, 47, Norberto “Hammer” Serna Jr., 36, and Jesse James “Kronic” Benavidez, 40, pleaded guilty to murder in aid of racketeering and discharging a firearm during murder in aid of racketeering. They admitted participating in the killing of Benesh, the Hell’s Angels rival.

Howard Wayne Baker, 62, was convicted at a trial in Tarrant County of Brady’s murder, the Dallas Morning News reported. Baker was the president of the Fort Worth chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle gang, according to the Morning News.

It’s not clear if any of them will testify. The feds’ witness list is sealed. If convicted, Pike and Portillo face up to life in prison.


February 25, 2018

The untold story of the Comanchero: How slain boss Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi seized control of Australia's most notorious bikie gang at just 21 by BASHING its old-school founder and turning it into a high-tech Middle Eastern crime empire

The Comanchero bikie gang was founded by former soldier Jock Ross in 1966 
  • The gang was involved in a fatal gun battle with the Bandidos at Milperra in 1984
  • In the late 1990s Middle Eastern members began to fill the Comanchero ranks 
  • Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi took over the Comanchero after viciously assaulting Ross 
  • Hawi was involved in a fatal 2009 brawl with Hells Angels at Sydney Airport 
  • The 37-year-old father-of-two was shot dead outside at Rockdale gym last week

  • The history of the Comanchero motorcycle club covers half a century but can be told through the stories of just two violent men: Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi and Jock Ross.

    Ross was the gruff Glasgow-born former soldier who founded the club on the New South Wales Central Coast with four other motorcycle enthusiasts on April 15, 1966. Hawi was the Beirut-born onetime show pony shot dead aged 37 in his Mercedes SUV after leaving a gym at Rockdale, in southern Sydney, on February 15.

    Ross, the Comanchero's self-styled 'supreme commander', led the gang into the 1984 Milperra Massacre, in which four of his men as well as two Bandidos and a 14-year-old girl died.
    Scroll down for video
    Comanchero bikies make their annual run from Milperra to Palmdale Cemetery to visit graves of their brothers killed in the Father's Day massacre of 1984
    Comanchero bikies make their annual run from Milperra to Palmdale Cemetery to visit graves of their brothers killed in the Father's Day massacre of 1984
    Mahmoud 'Mick' Mawi took over the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang when he was just 22
    Mahmoud 'Mick' Mawi took over the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang when he was just 22
    Jock Ross founded the Comanchero on the principles of brotherhood, respect and loyalty
    Jock Ross founded the Comanchero on the principles of brotherhood, respect and loyalty
    The Comanchero bikie gang was founded by former soldier Jock Ross on a paramilitary model 
    The Comanchero bikie gang was founded by former soldier Jock Ross on a paramilitary model 
    Mourners lift an empty coffin above their heads at the burial of Mick Hawi on Thursday 
    Mourners lift an empty coffin above their heads at the burial of Mick Hawi on Thursday 
    Hawi, as the gang's 'national president', was in control when the Comanchero bashed a Hells Angels associate to death inside Sydney Airport in 2009.

    Ross and Hawi were responsible for two of the most horrifying bikie incidents in the nation's history and brought more police attention on outlaw motorcycle gangs than anyone else. The point the Comanchero moved from being bike-riding white yobbos to a multicultural organised criminal group can be traced to when Ross and Hawi violently crossed paths.
    much more with pics here (link is external)

    Australia - BN.

    February 24, 2018

    Sons of Anarchy Cast Real Age 2018

    Gryningsräd vid Hells Angels lokal i Bromma

    Här slår polisen till mot mc-gänget. Tidigt på onsdagen genomfördes gryningsräder – bland annat vid Hells Angels lokal i Bromma.
    – Ett antal personer har frihetsberövats, säger Lars Byström, presstalesperson.

    En förbipasserande blev vittne till en del av insatsen vid 06.30-tiden på onsdagsmorgonen. Trots den arla timmen var det full fart ute vid mc-gänget Hells Angels ökända lokal i Ulvsunda, Bromma

    – Det såg ut som ett jäkla tillslag. Man hade åkt fram med en bil med stege på taket för att kunna klättra över staketet. När jag åkte förbi såg jag en handfull poliser i full mundering, säger personen som också tog en bild. 

    Enligt polisen slog man till mot flera adresser i Stockholms län under morgonen, kopplade till grovt organiserad brottslighet.

    – Vi har gjort en del utredningsåtgärder på ett antal adresser där vi genomfört personell och reell husrannsakan. Ett antal personer har frihetsberövats, säger Lars Byström, polisens presstalesperson. 

    Vad är det för brottsrubricering?
    – Det är bland annat grov utpressning och grovt penningtvättsbrott, säger Byström.
    Polisen meddelade senare att totalt sex personer greps. De var sedan tidigare anhållna i sin frånvaro. 

    Polisinsats mot organiserad brottslighet

    Polisen gjorde i morse tillslag på flera adresser i Stockholmsområdet och grep flera personer. Insatsen riktade sig mot organiserad brottslighet och brottsmisstanken gällde bland annat grov utpressning och grovt penningtvättsbrott, skriver polisen på sin hemsida. Enligt Aftonbladet gjorde polisen bland annat husrannsakan i mc-klubben Hells Angels lokal i Bromma.

    – Ett antal personer har frihetsberövats, säger polisens presstalesperson Lars Byström till tidningen.
    Polisen skriver på sin hemsida att sammanlagt sex personer greps under morgonens tillslag. Dessa personer var anhållna i sin frånvaro sedan en tid tillbaka. Polisen har också gjort beslag på platserna där man slog till.

    Sweden - AB.

    Så växer Hells Angels och Bandidos i Sverige

    Hells Angels har flyttat till Ale och Bandidos har hittat ett nytt hem i Kungälv.
    Nu tror polisen att mc-gängen kommer fortsätta sin expandering i Västsverige.
    – Efter hand kommer de etablera sig på mer eller mindre stora orter, säger Sven Lindgren, polisens mc-expert i region Väst.

    I Karlstad pågår just nu en intensiv mordutredning. Offret är en mångårig medlem i Hells Angels, de två misstänkta mördarna har kopplingar till samma mc-klubb och dådet inträffade på den nya HA-gården inte alls långt ifrån centrum.

    I Karlstad huserar också Bandidos och den värmländska staden är bara en av flera i Västsverige där någon av, eller båda, mc-klubbarna har klubbhus.
    Under de senaste åren har de slagit sig ner på helt nya orter där de inte tidigare haft fullvärdiga avdelningar.
    – De växer i sin takt, säger Sven Lindgren, polisens mc-expert i region Väst.

    LÄS MER: Nya MC-hotet - bloddrickande Satudarah mot Västsverige

    HA flyttade till Ale

    De två senaste kommunerna dit HA och Bandidos kommit är Ale och Kungälv.
    I mellandagarna för ett drygt år sedan såldes ett gammalt gästgiveri i Skepplanda och nu är det Hells Angels skyltar som sitter på fastigheten. Kommunledningen har försökt förhandla med HA för att köpa ut dem, men när mc-gänget krävde flera miljoner kronor gick affären i stöpet.

    LÄS MER: Här är Bandidos nya högkvarter i Sverige
    – Jag vet att det fördes sådana samtal, att det inte var uteslutet och att vi ville se om det var en möjlig väg fram för oss att köpa fastigheten. Men vi kom aldrig vidare. De hade inte intresse i någon sådan lösning, har Mikael Berglund, M, oppositionsråd och förste vice ordförande i Ales kommunstyrelse, berättat.

    I Kungälv är det en tidigare industrilokal som blivit nytt mc-näste. Att Bandidos flyttat in är enligt lokalpolisområdeschefen Teodor Smedius en av anledningarna till att narkotikaanvändningen bland unga ökat i Kungälv.

    Sven Lindgren:
    – Jag har ingen avvikande uppfattning än det som lokalpolisområdeschefen säger och det är naturligt. När synlig brottslighet kommer till orter så ökar vissa av de här sakerna, mer eller mindre. Tyvärr kommer också ungdomar in i det.

    LÄS MER: Hells Angels-mannens 50 miljonerdeal med Göteborgs kommun

    Polisen: "Växer i sin takt"

    Sven Lindgren tror inte att mc-gängens nyetableringar i Västsverige slutar med Ale och Kungälv.
    De kommer hitta nya ställen, menar han.
    – Det kan vi inte bortse från. De växer i sin takt och då är det naturligt att de kommer till andra orter än storstäderna, säger Sven Lindgren.

    Vad beror det på?
    – Först har det att göra med att de utvecklas och att nya personer kommer in i organisationerna. Hells Angels i Skepplanda är ett utmärkt exempel. Det är ett antal av dem som är födda, uppvuxna och har goda kontakter i Göta älvdalen. Då är det naturligt för dem att de, när de blivit etablerade, vill ha en avdelning där.

    Polischefen: "Är mest gubbar"

    Bandidos i Kungälv höll tidigare till på Hisingen – men i Göteborg har mc-gängens inflytande i den kriminella världen minskat de senare åren. De har i fått backa för de yngre gängen från förorterna.
    Det har Erik Nord, polischef i Storgöteborg, nyligen förklarat.

    – Jag tror att de börjar bli till åren komna. Det händer ju något med oss när vi blir äldre och det här är ju mest gubbar, även om de också har högt våldskapital. Det är inte de som står för tillväxten och när det blir konfrontationer emellanåt mellan kriminella nätverk och de etablerade gängen så får Bandidos- och Hells Angels-varianterna vika ner sig. De förmår inte att stå upp. Det har man upplevt både i Sverige och i Danmark, säger Erik Nord.

    Hells Angels etablerar sig

    Sven Lindgren förklarar att tillvaron för mc-gängen kan vara enklare utanför storstäderna.
    – Egentligen ska det inte vara det, men det säger sig själv. Av naturliga skäl är polistätheten inte lika stor i Kungälv och Ale som den är i Göteborg. Sedan har vi en nationell polis som man kan dimensionera därefter, men i den vanliga verksamheten är det så, säger han.

    LÄS MER: Kommunernas kamp mot Hells Angels och Bandidos

    Däremot ska det inte finnas några indikationer på att Hells Angels eller Bandidos är på väg till någon ny kommun just nu.
    – Det finns det inte. Men som sagt så växer de i sin takt och man kan inte ha hur många Hells Angels- och Bandidos-avdelningar som helst i storstäderna. Efterhand kommer de etablera sig på mer eller mindre stora orter, säger Sven Lindgren.

    Sweden - Exp.

    Battle of the bikies: Paramedics helping man injured in crash locked themselves inside an ambulance and called the police after senior Finks outlaw 'arrived and bashed his friend' because he crashed his motorcycle

    Senior Finks bikie allegedly attacked another gang member for crashing his bike
  • Jacob Nyrhinen crashed the motorcycle on the NSW south coast in August
  • As he was being treated Troy Fornaciari allegedly punched him in the head

  •   A senior Finks bikie allegedly attacked another gang member in retaliation for crashing his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In August, bikie associate Jacob Nyrhinen crashed the motorcycle at Princes Highway on the NSW south coast before the bike's owner, heavily tattooed senior Finks member Troy Fornaciari, allegedly arrived and attacked him.

    Paramedics were attending to Nyrhinen before Fornaciari reportedly hit him repeatedly in the head, the Daily Telegraph (link is external) reported.

    Bikie associate Jacob Nyrhinen crashed the motorcycle before its owner, heavily tattooed senior Finks member Troy Fornaciari (pictured), allegedly arrived and attacked him
    Bikie associate Jacob Nyrhinen crashed the motorcycle before its owner, heavily tattooed senior Finks member Troy Fornaciari (pictured), allegedly arrived and attacked him

    A paramedic told Fornaciari 'let's worry about your mate's injuries before we worry about the bike', to which the 34-year-old bikie replied: 'F**k up c**ts, it's my f**king bike, it cost me 60 grand,' according to court documents.

    The medical officers then locked themselves inside the ambulance rather than treat Nyrhinen, who was left sprawled on the road after the crash in August.

    They pressed the duress button and waited for police to arrive.
    According to court documents, Fornaciari then punched Nyrhinen two more times with 'considerable force'. Police claim they arrived to find Fornaciari 'agitated' and 'clenching his fists' while 'pacing back and forth'.

    One of the police officers told Fornaciari to leave the area, to which the bikie allegedly responded: 'Go f**k yourself you piece of s**t'.
    'Talk down to me, you c**t, if you think I have any fear of you you're f**king dreaming,' he allegedly said.
    A paramedic told Fornaciari 'let's worry about your mate's injuries before we worry about the bike', to which the 34-year-old bikie replied: 'F**k up c**ts, it's my f**king bike, it cost me 60 grand', court documents said
    A paramedic told Fornaciari 'let's worry about your mate's injuries before we worry about the bike', to which the 34-year-old bikie replied: 'F**k up c**ts, it's my f**king bike, it cost me 60 grand', court documents said

    He then allegedly threatened the officer saying: 'It's all good and well 'til you get seen in the shopping centre or something'.' Detectives raided a unit in North Wollongong on Thursday morning following an investigation into the fight.

    They found the unit was being used as a bikie clubhouse, and seized weapons, ammunition, a stolen car and gang paraphernalia. Fornaciari and Jake William Smith, 20, were arrested. Smith has been charged with participating in a criminal group and two counts of driving while disqualified.
    Police claim they arrived to find Fornaciari 'agitated' and 'clenching his fists' while 'pacing back and forth'
    Police claim they arrived to find Fornaciari 'agitated' and 'clenching his fists' while 'pacing back and forth'

    Fornaciari has been accused of a string of offences including possessing an unauthorised pistol, intimidating police, knowingly directing the activities of criminal group, recruiting another to assist in carrying out criminal activity and supplying a prohibited drug.

    Neither man applied for bail and it was formally refused in Wollongong Local Court on Thursday.
    Fornaciari is due to reappear in the same court on March 21 while Smith will do likewise on March 13.
    Fornaciari has been accused of a string of offences including possessing an unauthorised pistol, intimidating police, and knowingly directing the activities of criminal group
    Fornaciari has been accused of a string of offences including possessing an unauthorised pistol, intimidating police, and knowingly directing the activities of criminal Group.

    Australia - BN.

    Avslørte frykta MC-klubb etter kidnapping og grov vold

    MC-klubben har hovedbase i Hässleholm i Sør-Sverige, og er en frykta MC-klubb i landet på bakgrunn av voldsepisoder. Én-prosent-klubber definerer seg ofte ut av både det etablerte samfunnet og de lovlige motorsykkelklubbene. De følger i hovedsak egne lover og regler.

    For noen uker siden ble det avdekka en underavdeling i Norge. Dette skjedde etter at politiet måtte håndtere en sak om kidnapping og vold i Haugesund. Saken viste seg å være et gjengoppgjør.

    Det var helga for tre uker siden at en mann kontakta politiet i Haugesund og fortalte at han var kidnappet, ranet og skadet. Seks menn ble siktet i saken og framstilt for varetektsfengsling.

    Mannen skal ha blitt flyttet fra sted til sted, og blitt utsatt for vold. Han ble kjørt til sykehuset med kuttskader som måtte sys.

    Internt gjengoppgjør avslørte klubben

    Politiet har tidligere vært svært sparsomme med opplysninger om kidnappingssaken, men bekrefter nå at både de seks siktede og offeret tilhører MC-klubben La Familia.
    Seksjonsleder Torbjørn Nervik
    – Vi følger utviklingen nå med argusøyne og vil ta i bruk alle mulige virkemiddel for å hindre La Familia MC å få fotfeste, sier seksjonsleder Torbjørn Nervik i Sør-Vest politidistrikt.
    Foto: Gisle Jørgensen
    – Episoden for drøye tre uker var et internt oppgjør i La Familia MC. Klubben er ny for oss og vi ønsker å bekjempe etableringen av denne avdelingen i Haugesund med nebb og klør, sier Nervik.
    – Hvorfor det?
    – Fordi en-prosent-klubber har vist seg å være tett tilknyttet organisert kriminalitet, og slik virksomhet ønsker vi ikke her, sier Nervik.

    I 2010 avslørte NRK at Outlaws var i ferd med å etablere seg i Haugesund med underavdelingen Black Pistons. Samtidig markerte erkerivalen Hells Angels seg i byen. Politiet og Haugesund kommune iverksatte da en rekke tiltak for å hindre etableringen.

    I de siste årene har det ikke vært noen én-prosent-klubb i byen. I Rogaland har den lignende MC-klubben Satudarah fått fotfeste.
    Innrømmer medlemskap
    Advokat Thor Arne Reitan representerer en av de seks mennene som er siktet for kidnapping og grov vold.
    – Min klient innrømmer at han er medlem av underavdelingen, men sier at han ønsker å komme seg ut av klubben. Han var sammen med flere andre lokale medlemmer på besøk i den svenske klubben i høst.
    Thor Arne Reitan
    Advokat Thor Arne Reitan sier hans klient ønsker å komme seg ut av La Familia MC.
    Foto: Gisle Jørgensen
    – Hva har han forklart om episoden som førte til fengslingen?
    – Han har forklart politiet at han var til stede, men at han ikke visste hva som skjedde. Da han ble klar over hendelsen, prøvde han å avverge dette, sier Reitan.

    Uten motorsykkel og MC-lappen

    Etter det NRK kjenner til skal ingen av medlemmene i Haugesund foreløpig verken ha motorsykkel eller førerkort for MC. Det kan være en av grunnene til at etableringen av klubben har gått under radaren for politiet inntil de ble varslet om mishandlingen av fornærmede i saken.

    Alle de seks siktede er varetektsfengslet og politiet kommer til å be om forlengelse av varetekten i neste uke. Hovedforhandlingene i Haugaland tingrett er berammet til midten av april i Haugaland tingrett.
    – Dette er en sak vi ser alvorlig på og ønsker å holde de siktede i varetekt til rettssaken starter, sier Nervik.

    Norge - NRK.

    February 23, 2018

    60 cops involved in Hells Angels-linked raids north of Montreal

    A third wave of raids aimed at breaking what police contend is a drug trafficking network linked to the Hells Angels was carried out Thursday morning, with 60 police officers executing warrants in five municipalities north of Montreal. Eight raids were carried out in residences, warehouses and in one commercial establishment. As was the case with similar operations carried out on Tuesday (link is external) and on Jan. 24 (link is external), no arrests were made.

    Thursday’s operation, overseen by an anti-organized crime task force spearheaded by the Sûreté du Québec, saw raids carried out in Mirabel, Saint-Colomban, Saint-André-d’Argenteuil, Ascension and Prévost. The task force includes members of the Montreal and Laval police departments as well as the RCMP.
    A Quebec Hells Angels member in Montreal in 2016.
    A Quebec Hells Angels member in Montreal in 2016. Dario Ayala / Montreal Gazette

    Canada - BN.